The Pilgrims Long Journey to the New World Educational Film 1955


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[Applause] in England in the early 1600s there was a tiny band of people who call themselves separatists they wished only to worship in their own way master Brewster be warned that the king of England knows of your sins and we have his I warrant [Music] this will disperse to your homes you shall meet no more either secretly or in public to worship in this heretical way so you object to your so-called priest wearing clerical garb your objection eeling when receiving the Holy Sacrament you object to idolatrous care and trappings your objection objection you will know that we desire above all to have the Word of God freely preached that you shall not have master Brewster mark me well the King of England is the supreme authority in matters of religion as well as matters of State you shall conform to the King's religion if you do not he shall carry you out of the land but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also William we're ready we'll leave this burning as though we were still here though we did not have to leave our homes to live as strangers in a strangely no to live free in a free man live but how as we lived here its trains people artisans farmers as the Lord wills so shall we do come I just and so began our pilgrimage in the darkness of night like thieves some 200 of us took leave of our homeland and pursued freedom elsewhere making our way to the only friendly land we knew the low country behind the dikes Holland the Dutch were a goodly people and kind to us yet we were strangers among them and our life was not easy for 12 years we stood all willingly but in the end it was the suffering of our dearest children which so moved our hearts so oppressed were they by the heavy Labour's which are four conditions laid upon them and more than this we had fear they were becoming as strangers unto us their loving parents what we might do we did not know but do something we must for how shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land it's quite possible master Brewster it's quite possible the new world may well be the place for your people and so two of our elders journeyed to London there to consult with a certain mr. Weston you will understand gentlemen that our gracious King has granted our company a patent to settle the Virginia wilderness but we are merchants our interests in this new world is to make a profit for our stockholders have your people in a resources we're very poor in worldly goods Master Weston mmm yes I see well suppose we did this suppose a group of merchants including myself subscribers have of money say six or seven thousand pounds form a joint stock company between merchants and colonists to settle here providing the each share in the company of you pounds value the agreement to run service if you would a little slower please first yes of course well simply because it comes to this we finance your pilgrimage you work for us and we take the profit of your labor tre fishing farming whatever you find that to apply ourselves to for room seven years seven years your terms are hard master Western seven years what are they master Brewster does not the Bible tell us that Jacob labored twice seven years for the hand of Richmond we would of course have to discuss this with our people Oh naturally and I with nine mind you I'm not at all sure we can do this it's a risk we shall be risking a great deal of money very true must Western and we should be risking our lives and the lives of our children master Weston's conditions were hard but at length an agreement was reached and our people left Holland forever and embarked for Southampton England loser I am the ribbon booster tennis captain miles Standish must Brentford master karma I'm at your service gentlemen I doubt what service I can be do we have our doctor to that too captain Standish as well you may tinker's Weaver's preachers carpenters going to a desolate wilderness to a land of wild beasts and wilder savages you know where you're leading ourselves we know only where the Lord is leading us captain Standish and that is sufficient I know nothing of that I know only that tinker's and Weaver's know little of wilderness or danger or starvation or are fighting and any of you fire a musket in any of your kind fire a soul William captain Standish you are a soldier we as you say are tinker's weavers and preachers you have been companion to wilderness in danger we have not we need your help I'm not of your faith there we've been his strangers with us on this pilgrimage strangers there are only 35 of us from lightin to make up a sufficient number we have had to recruit others from London yes but why strangers we call all men strangers were not of our religion your group has the patent from the Virginia Company we have and thus the authority to command and may not these strangers as you call them stirred up trouble in this regard we must put our trust in God possible stuff I'll go with you if you'll still have me August the 5th departed Southampton in company with the Speedwell an ill-looking vessel at best he will neatly put back to Delft Arvin for repairs August the 17th set sail a second time the Speedwell is unseaworthy put back to Plymouth September the 6th ad sixteen hundred and twenty the Mayflower sails alone [Music] they had no friends to welcome them nor Inns to entertain or refresh their weather-beaten bodies no houses or much less tons to repair to to seek for succor as for the season it was winter and they that know the winters of the country know them to be sharp and violent besides what could they see but a hideous and desolate wilderness full of wild beasts and wild men and what multitudes they might be of them they knew not as for themselves they numbered 102 souls but only 35 true pilgrims the rest strangers to their faith and as captain Standish had foreseen this was to threaten the very purpose of the pilgrimage enter master cava these men have a grievance yes what is it rhasta kava when we came this voyage we understood that you group had a patent from the virginia company to settle in virginia so we have and command us now master cava what is your meaning pray Arminius simply this this ship was blown off course that land out there is not with you yet but New England and and so your patent is worthless you've no power to command we have the power to command this pilgrimage give must by God and give his strangers command us master cover what say you kept in Standish I say this our landfall is some 200 miles north of the limit of your patent of that there can be no doubt as for the other matter these men are strangers to your religion as am i but I would remind you of this in the land from which you fled you yourselves were considered strangers you were called heretics disbelievers and worse now we are lying off an unknown land a wilderness and unless we wish to leave our bones rotting on this Shore before the winter is over I say we'd better dwell together in unity we whose names are under written the loyal subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James the first having undertaken a voyage to plant the colony in the New World to solemnly combine ourselves together into a civil body politic for our better ordering and preservation by betta thereof to enact such just and equal laws I shall be thought most meat and convenient for the general good of the colony is this agreed by all present I agree I realize what can I say of the painful labors of those first terrible months to gain a foothold however precarious in that treacherous land to find a site for our colony to fashion simple rude shelters and how to describe that cruel first winter when we were plunged into that wilderness all unknowing and ignorant of savages we saw a few and except for the first skirmish in which our captain Standish acquitted himself bravely we suffered not from that source but from another source we suffered most grievously William where are you here Josiah idea William we should not have come we should wash my dear that's harsh we should not have let me conclude so many years ago so it was the Lord's will so many dead nearly half it is the Lord's punishment you should never have left stings it is the fever I fear sir and the others two more dead and one died my own wife Rose your wife out of the depths if I cried unto thee O Lord Lord hear my voice does he hear Standish does he master stranger tried a true believer for lack of faith do we bury our date tonight yes it's a dark night will not be seen and during that first terrible winter we buried more than half our number leveling the graves to conceal our losses from the Indians and in the spring sewing them with grain but the winter passed and spring came and life embraced us back and we few we very few who were spared found help from an unexpected quarter help from those various savages we had so feared from NASA site and the ever faithful Squanto from them we learned how to sew our crops how to work long hours where to fish for herring and alewives we worked in common men and women Ingram and stranger white man and Indian and at last the harvest time came and with it Thanksgiving for when we left our homes and our dear dear friends and even we embarked upon an uncertain pilgrimage we thought to find a hostile country and hardships and heartbreak and these we found we thought to find no friends here to aid us but in this we were wrong we did find friends here we did not think to lose half our number but they lie now in this earth in this newfound land but stranger and true believer alike they lie now as planted seed a precious seed from which will grow this colony we call new Clement for as one small candle may light a thousand so the light here Kindle shall shine unto minis yay in some sorts to a whole nation [Music] [Music] [Music]