The word was GodThe Greatest Story Ever Told 1965

in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God the Word was God I am he he was in the beginning with God all things were made through him and without him made nothing that has been made in him was life and the life was the light of men and the light shines on in the darkness and the darkness asked it not the greatest story ever told you have been asking questions about a child we have your majesty we've come a great distance in search of him and who told you about such a child was to be born a king in my kingdom we saw the rising of his star and his star has been aligned you have followed a star from Asia to the center of the world Haven you know this child came they look for and prophecy is mentioned made of a messiah and where is this Messiah to be born the Prophet Hosea named Egypt is the place of birth the great Isaiah spoke of Nazareth and was 700 years ago Your Majesty if I may be so bold it prodded McKay's name Beth now I remember from you Bethlehem shall he come forth who wished to be ruler in all Israel I mean I do mean knowledge Udyr the priests in Judea Mapei and their temple the temple which I built they accuse me of implanted Geralyn Huntress the priests are envious of my father he knows the prophets better than they and has more faith in them everyone knows that I'm a pious man a mage i when you find this child how can you be certain that he is the one by the accuracy of this tile and it is only by the star that you can know what greater spokesman can a child have than a star the air is cold Your Majesty should rest if great Herod will give us leave we should be on our way tell them if you find this child bring me word that I too might worship Him I keep me informed he shall be great and called his son Most High and the Lord God in the Thrones ancestor David and his kingdom shall know no end we have come from our land to see your child your name I bring gold from the sovereignty of Arc and frankincense for the worship of God and now for preservation until time him elastic okay we need it once take the child flee the stars foretold that one day I would be king I am King truly if there is anything in prophecy surely it is not the Stars but God who has sent this china God where is God the child of God accepting man's most dangerous imagination the child of imagination is the child I fear and my son when you reign if you do remember that well sire we found them they went to Bethlehem badly in fulfillment of your prophecy prophecies have been scattered through history like seed sire I think you can disregard this find one more fitting remember her voice was heard in Bethlehem weeping and mourning a voice was heard in Ramah Bethlehem there was weeping and great mourning it was Rachel we're being for her children because they were no more let this be the prophecy fulfilled go to Bethlehem and kill this child to be sure every new pole pole away indefinitely him must die he said an escape