Top 7 NEW Games of January 2020




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2020 is coming soon and with it another new month of games hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks the top seven new games of January 2020 starting off at number 7 it's Walking Dead saints and sinners which is a VR FPS apparently over 15 hours long and genuinely requires a VR headset so don't expect to play it unless you've got VR honestly the game looks pretty cool it does a good job of establishing an atmosphere it looks like Walking Dead obviously I haven't played it yet we're a little ways out from it being available to do so but looking at it I'm pretty optimistic that it will at least give you something the trailers have done a good job of sort of showing off this detailed world of zombies being killed being alive having resources you end up finding a zombie pilfering their backpacks things like that the game is set in New Orleans and we don't honestly get enough apocalyptic content set in New Orleans that's such a great place to even try we haven't really seen anybody give that ago the apocalypse but in New Orleans and it looks like you'll be getting an axe which is probably a lot of fun to use in VR against zombies I got my fingers crossed Walking Dead saints and sinners is hitting on January 23rd on PC moving on a number six it's Final Fantasy crystal Chronicles which I am really really excited to be seeing because this is a game I used to play on the Gamecube I love it it's fun as hell it's a four-player Final Fantasy action RPG that required a really extensive setup of for Game Boy advances in order to play for player link cables and all obviously that's an unlikely thing to have just lying around at the moment and it's also dated so the resolution is kind of bad so getting a remaster is something I'm actually really excited about I mean this is one of those really great co-op kind hack and slash kind of Final Fantasy light style games that there was never enough of at any point because it wasn't just something that Final Fantasy did we're talking about what's basically a type of game that just never really saw a lot of but it's particularly exciting because this is the one that had co-op and not only did it have co-op but it had a great story was it the most complex of the Final Fantasies absolutely not but it was certainly fun enjoyable intriguing I mean there were ultimately a few more crystal chronicles games but this was really the Final Fantasy crystal chronicles as far as I'm concerned and I'm really excited to get back to it because it's just a fun game I also think that people who are thinking of making games should pay attention to crystal chronicles it just does a lot of stuff that sets it apart and I think to reintroduce it at a time when it will actually be appreciated it's great the remaster of Final Fantasy crystal Chronicles will be hitting Nintendo Switch ps4 iOS and Android on January 23rd coming in at number 5 is Monster Hunter World ice-born which was a long-awaited and well-received expansion which debuted back in September on consoles it's hitting PC now I mean we've been talking about this one for a while I've checked in on it more than a couple of times here in videos I mean this is a $50 expansion to the game it's a very big expansion which isn't just going to be expanding where you're hunting I mean there is a very big new locale which is nice and densely packed if you've looked around monster hunter world of course was already pretty dense but there's a lot more to see now but there's also a lot of hunting mechanic overhaul going on and that's also great for the most part when you get an expansion and it's just a few new maps it's not enough for me especially at that price tag but in a lot of ways it works almost as a sequel to monster hunter world there's a lot of new content it updates pretty much every aspect of the game and I'm pretty excited for that on account hey it's Monster Hunter the new locale just looks really cool all the snow that you can see it just looks big and in some ways scary you have these huge fur covered monsters with massive horns and it's just really cool to see I'm super excited for PC people to get monster hunter world ice-born it hits January 9th moving on to number 4 journey to the savage planet is a co-op adventure game which is just overloaded in color it's a very bright very bold looking game in a lot of ways it looks like a survival game you might even mistake it for that but no this game is oriented very much towards the adventure elements of it where your goal is to figure out if a planet that you've landed on is suitable for human habitation I like that this is not really a typical goal you have in a game normally when you have especially games with dialog in them there's a clear bad-guy there's a clear thing to beat a win condition but that's not really what we're looking at in this game and gives us a sort of freeform storytelling or at least promises that it will that I'm pretty interested in seeing how it plays out it's also apparently not really a handhold II game so in my opinion the fact that it's a co-op and that combined is a good sign because it seems like it's designed to get some friends to play game together and learn explore make things happen these sound like good ideas to me I'm definitely going to be playing journey to the savage planet when it hits PlayStation 4 Xbox one and PC on January 28th and at number 3 is moons of madness a cosmic horror game a first-person narrative where the setting of Mars and the terrifying tentacle doom that is HP Lovecraft stories combined to create something that will undermine your sense of reality the longer you play it now it's been out on PC for a little while now and it's going to be hitting consoles now let me just go ahead and say the trailer itself is genuinely very creepy and you really don't know what is real there was an intelligent signal that people followed to Mars and upon landing basically things start going badly for anybody who's played the PC version of the game it is one that will definitely get you in multiple ways and you will dream about it it's that kind of a game it's very otherworldly and strange it does not pull punches and personally I think that experiencing it on a TV instead of a computer monitor is probably the better way I don't know if it's going to look as good as it does on PC it's actually beautiful on PC we'll see I think it's a game you got to try out if you're even vaguely interested in cosmic horror especially one set in a different maybe non-standard location we get a lot of earth-based cosmic horror but not a lot of Mars based moons of madness is hitting PlayStation 4 and Xbox one January 21st at number 2 is Kingdom Hearts 3 's remind DLC I'm not going to pretend that I am following the story anymore at this point I don't play Kingdom Hearts to understand what's going on I've played them all and I'm much more confused than I think if I hadn't played them all that being said I am making for more I'm always a conform or they just flat-out always get Kingdom Hearts right game play why is it very least remind is intended to be the quote-unquote other tale that unfolded during the climax of Kingdom Hearts 3 it sees Sora traveling to the Keyblade graveyard and will be putting us into the presence of several Final Fantasy characters including Erath yuffie and even Leon it's almost impossible to give a lot of context to the story but as far as gameplay goes Kingdom Hearts 3 was a powerhouse graphically it's beautiful as well giving us a ton of different styles and a more detailed look at the universe than we've ever seen before I'm excited I want more Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 3 the remind DLC is coming to the ps4 on January 23rd and finally at number 1 is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot this is an action RPG and a retelling of the Dragon Ball franchise and promises to give us a lot of the epic battles and less exciting moments like fishing and training given to us in perhaps the coolest looking version of the 3d Dragon Ball style that they've given thus far it is going to be a pretty detailed game with a nice expansive world I think that it seems to get what it wants to be possibly better than the other times they've tried to do this exact same and I'm personally quite excited to play it honestly the Dragon Ball games have been on a roll regardless of genre the last few so I expect it to be good Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is hitting PC ps4 and Xbox one January 17th a quick bonus game for you as pillars of eternity - Dead Fire which is a direct sequel to the original pillars of eternity it came out on PC back in May 2000 18 it's been a long time coming for consoles but it is in every way a big upgrade to the first game a lot more story told and really an enjoyable experience pillars of eternity two dead fire is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox one On January 28th and a quick bonus game for you Warcraft 3 reforged which is of course a remastered version of Warcraft 3 it also includes the expansion the Frozen Throne but the game itself has also undergone a lot of rebalancing especially in the multiplayer arena and hey that's not always a bad thing some of these older games weren't balanced very well and Warcraft 3 is frankly a classic I'll definitely be giving Warcraft 3 reforged to spin when it hits PC & Mac on January 28th next year what are you playing in January 2020 it's a new year I know you got something up your sleeve leave us a comment let us know what you think if you liked this video click like if you're not subscribed now's a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first is of course a subscription so click Subscribe and don't forget to click the notification bell as always we thank you very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at valve in the hero and we'll see you next time right here on game ranks