Tribit XSound Go vs Tagg Sonic Angle 1ULTIMATE COMPARISONwith SOUND TEST

hey what's up guys welcome back to another ultimate comparison like your gas tank in today's episode the tribe with Exxon go goes head to head with the tag Sonic angle 1 now both of these are excellent speakers in their own right but there are some differences in terms of specs and sound quality and this will help you choose exactly the speaker that is perfect for you so I'll never delve deep into the difference in specs rather the chart you're seeing right now summarizes the main differences or similarities between these two speakers so if you want you can pause the screen have a good look at it got it all right so I'm going to go to the sound test I'm gonna play two tracks for both of these speakers they're gonna play at max volume you guys listen form your judgment and once you're done I'm going to come back and give you my verdict on how it sounds in person how in which frequency they outperformed one another or if they were equal ultimately which one you should get and why so let's get straight into the sound test [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] so there you have it guys that was the sound test between the hybrid exon go and attack sonic angle one this was pretty exciting and quite a surprising result as well now if you've seen my review of both of these speakers you know that tak sonic anyone has always stood for a very powerful speaker I mean for a 10 watt speaker it is still incredible powerful I've always maintained that and the tribal deck sound go be with 12 watt speaker it's not so much powerful as it is great quality sound so but that's all wrong so in this test which I just performed you know I just don't say it sounds good or bad I break it up into how each speaker produces the three frequencies that make up sound the highs the mids and the goals so in terms of the highs hands down if you did a blind test if you didn't know which speaker was playing and I split these two speakers you'd in general any average listener would choose the tag song again they won firstly it sounds much more powerful than the trypanosome go the highs are really sharp really really got a lot of clarity and you know that's the first thing that gets your attention but it is the tribal exon go that maintains beautiful quality throughout it does not over emphasize the highs it does not over sharpen them so prolong listening sessions would sound much more pleasant on the tribal exon go compared to the tax Ron you can go one but if sure sharpness and clarity is what you want even beyond what is originally there in the track it's the tax on angle one that you should choose quality being a factor it's the tripod X sound code now coming to the bits where the vocals are again you would gravitate towards the vocals of the tag and one but it's because of how much extra emphasis are over sharpened with the vocals are on the tag sonic angle one compared the tribe with X sound cool which sounds much more natural and pleasing to the ears and maintains excellent quality throughout now if always mentioned that the tag sonic angle one bites off more than YouTube so at full volume the highs do distort and the vocals of the bins also do tend to distort and you know after a point of time when you listen to it you can make out the distortion and it doesn't sound that good it's a compromise but sure power definitely it is the types on candle one with really extra clarity but quality being a factor once again it's the tribe of exon go that sounds much more natural pleasing and much much better now coming to the lows of the bass the punch is there on the tag sonic angle one you feel the punch it's got a lot of pace and it pushes out a lot of power the try with exon go on the other hand switching to that there is bass definitely but just an ample amount of bass or accurate bass not the really punchy type in comparison with the tag sonic angle one offers so in terms of bass I would give this category through the tag sonic angle one mainly because of how powerful and punchy it is in comparison to the tripod exon go so the one hand you have the tied sonic angle one which being a 10 watt speaker is far more powerful and loud and has got so much more of extra clarity in its sound but it does take a hit in quality now again for an average listener if I just played them behind the curtain and didn't know which speaker was playing you would choose the tag sonic angle one more powerful more clarity so give me that but for those of you out there who are after quality and nor that it's not just all about the power it's how it handles that power and how it renders those high instils mids and lows in a way that they have separation the loads on artificial or irritating after a point of time and maintain that quality at max volume as well if that is the case it is the tribe it x ound go that hands down has got the better quality so now you have to choose if your preference is power and loudness and more punchy bass go for the taxon Kangol one you will not be disappointed and I always suggest that because the taxon can be one is so powerful you don't need to create a 100% volume you can play that say 70% to 75% volume and those distortions will be much less or almost absent and will be a great experience but if you want to play it at max volume or any volume and you still want the best sound quality go for the try bit X sound code now both of these are more or less same and they're of the same price range so now it's just up to one preference you can't go wrong with either so take your pick and choose the right one with you anyway guys that was the ultimate comparison I hope you've enjoyed this and found his helpful links to both these speakers are in the description below if you do decide to buy either kindly use the link in the description if they help me run this channel and I can produce more content just for you guys thank you so much for stopping by hit like on the way out subscribe to our car sign and as always I'll catch you guys the next one Cheers [Music] [Music]