Truth About Smartwatches Real Functionality Differences

hi guys this is Ranjith an in this video let's talk about smart watches and if you have been following me you know that I actually use a smart what is quite a bit and I have a bunch of smart watches these are the various different kinds of smart watches that we have in the industry and there's a lot of confusion actually about this one so I'll try to actually justify that and guys let you know what is the real smart watch and are some of the watches that we see actually real smart watches or not and what's good about them what's bad about them talk about it and what is the hype about this so I'll try to be - because sadly in this tech industry everything is just being hyping up hyping up hyping up without the reality so I'll talk about the reality and first let's talk about the real smart watches I would say as you can see we have a bunch of smart watches here this is the Apple watch this is I mean it's red this is the honored magic - and this is the Samsung Galaxy watch and I would say for me the real smart watches are this Apple watch and this Samsung Galaxy watch you might be saying why the thing is that both of these have a cellular functionality so once it's paid to your or what do you say a smart watch a smart phone you can live without having that phone beside and that looks very well I would say and big difference is first let's talk about the Apple watch because this has been very very popular then we come back to the samsung galaxy watch the thing is that if you are having this Apple watch you obviously need an iPhone and why I say this is a real smart watch is that are constantly and lots lots itself and here as you can see this is the cellular model for that's why we have that so even if my Wi-Fi and my phone is not that this will be connected again that's not a big plus point because even this Samsung watch has that but what makes this a real Smart Watch is that you get a ton of notifications that's the big thing about smartwatches is that you should pull out your what do you say smartphone and I mean again and again and you see not notification with almost all the smart watches but what makes it a real smart watches how can you interact with those in our do you say notification let's say you get whatsapp can you reply to that whatsapp without picking up your phone and that's we have the differences and yes technically both these Apple watch and even this Samsung watch can do that for example you know Apple has Siri and the CD is actually integrated very well on this and this is not really it is modernized this is the series fourth series five has also come so this is not the latest model but still it works if you just press this you can talk to the SmartWatch for example let's see what's the time in New York notice how fast it reacted that is what it it doesn't have any delay so that is why I like the Apple watch for example you can ask stuff like weather what's the weather like as you can see it pulled it and it is so fast so it's a very seamless experience so in that way I would say Apple has done a great job and for example this works even for all you get of whatsapp and stuff you don't have to pull out your phone you just use the reply button with a voice and it works and again as you saw the speaker was also good so very fast and that makes it a big difference I would say when I was using the Apple watch I didn't have to pick up my smartphone that much because for most of the notifications small small whatsapp and stuff I could just reply directly from that now let's talk about this is the Samsung Galaxy watch and this also has to say leader option in it and I would say yes it's a traditional SmartWatch you get your notifications and all those things on this one I like how the dial is and this wasn't has big speed as the voice assistant and you guys know how bigsby is pretty slow and that's the downer of this one for example you can invoke will try the same thing what's the time in New York and as you can see it is taking that time that's the big problem that's here I think so it's going to feel again let's try it what's the time in New York no it does but but did you notice how much time did it take whereas the Apple watch was almost instantaneous this took about five seconds first I'm a drink to work so it does yes Bixby is there and you can do that function for example you can even reply to whatsapp messages but the accuracy is very bad and it is very slow but again this is the one that we have in Android that works we also have some Android wear watches that do slightly better but I've noticed that many of them exhibit lag and stuff the good thing is that on this Samsung Galaxy watch and even the Apple watch there is almost no lag with your jungle interaction so these were the smartwatches for me and the big thing is that you can reply to the notifications now let's talk about same smartwatches for example this is the unease fed that we have and this is the honor magic watch - that I had posted a video about two weeks ago and as you can see they look like a traditional circular watch and they have this touch screen and all the things that's fine but the problem is that these semi smart watch is what I call do not have any voice assistant so for example when you get a notification like this you can't reply the word so I feel that's the biggest downer of this when I was using I was using this one or even the me it's fair whenever I used to get a notification if it was important notification I have to go back to my pocket and pull out my smart phone so that is the big difference I would say between these properties Matt watches and these semi smart watches but the big advantage of these I would say semi squat versus is the battery life they can get in these smartwatches for example the Galaxy watch and even the Apple watch you can get about one and a half to a max of about two days worth of battery life whereas on this on a one I am getting about 10 or 12 days of battery life the same cases amis fit watch almost about easily about two weeks so that's the big advantage and I would say for fitness this might be better because because it has that 10 or 12 days of powerful life I could wear this one at night so does that sleep tracking and also your heart rate monitoring continuously at night also so that way in a sense I would say for help it is good and yes all these smart photos have for proper tracking GPS and stuff for air for fitness activities runnings that all of these will do when all our IP related but that's the big difference these I would say because it does not have any voice assistant built-in you can't do any interactions while replying and stops and you have to pick up your smartphone so these are these semi what do you say smartwatches advantage is that the battery life is actually really good compared to proper smartwatches like apple or the galaxy watch now I'll talk about some of the cons of this one first let's talk about the Apple watch I can super super expensive even a normal one I would say non-cellular will be about 40 to 45 40 mm or something I would say and a cellular one is generally about 10,000 more so about 50 50 to 50 mm and you actually need an iPhone to even actually set this up you really need an iPhone yes it won't work with an iPad so you really need an iPhone for an Apple watch so that actually limits its what do you say reach then obviously you have the galaxy watch and I would say in terms of pricing now the galaxy watches are good you get both in the cellular or the non cellular variant this non-cellular one's a half covering around 20,000 i watch a cellular one important bit so if you want a smart watch I would say for Android you can have a look at it but the big con as I've told you is that Bixby yes you have that voice interactions as you can see it works but again it's slow had a little bit lagging sometimes it takes about five to six seconds so it's not a very seamless experience but at least you can reply to some of the stuff and yes all these SmartWatch is half what do you say it's speaker and then and a microphone so you can take calls but I felt that the call quality was the best on the Apple watch second I would say these and third and fourth I would rate these ones battery life is actually pretty low on both of these about one and a half days realistically to max of about 10 days and again as I've told you these are not real smart watches for me because it does not have any voice intricate integration any assistant so again for any notification that you get you might have to pick up your smartphone really to reply to stuff yes you can do basic stuff at amis friends we have predefined okay yes no can but again for anything proper you have to pick up your smart phone but advantage is a battery life battery life is really good so for health and stuff actually they look good in fact between the main spirit and this one this one looks a lot more premium because it's completely made up of metal whereas this is mostly plastic so again you have to decide and I would say yes you can take calls with both of these what he says any smartwatches I would say but I would say if you just need the functionality of what these are doing apart from voice calling and you can just go with the smartband for example I had to reviewed this honor band earlier this cost about 2500 you have also other bands that cost about 2,000 they do almost the 95% of the functionality of what these semi smart watches - apart from what do you say voice calling so again that is what's something you have to decide do you really want a SmartWatch and you really want a real SmartWatch if you want that real SmartWatch are you willing to pay that much of a premium I have used a lot of smart shoppers I would say technically I would say the best experience that I had was with the Apple watch and that is because of the CD because I could reply to my messages it was saving me some time I had a lot of expectations with this galaxy watch but the Bigsby was a little bit slow these days I'm personally using this on a watch too just because the battery life is actually so good almost gives about 10 to 11 days of battery life so again neither of these month watches are perfect so you have to choose between what you want battery life or real functionality and that is something that you have to decide I hope you found this video helpful if you have any thoughts if you're using a SmartWatch would love to know your experience do share that in the comment section below and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button this is Ranjith and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys