USA GENOCIDE 20212025 AD Trumps Iran War Gangstalking Disinfo PART 4

this is part 4 we're going to talk about gang stalking and we're going to talk about some of the disinfo psyops that's going on but I think the thing that's on everyone's mind right now is the Iran situation which is really escalating it's really fascinating what's happening so much of what's going on is exactly what David talked about you need to go back and listen to some of his videos on the Iran situation David talked a lot about the predictive programming and the lead-up to the war now there's multiple reasons why they're doing all this first of all people have become skeptical I mean they're tired of the war they can't do what they did with Iraq and 9/11 the same way they've got to lead us up to this they've got to GN us up for war they got to prep us for war and they got to do it in a way that doesn't look doesn't make Trump look like a war monger you understand I mean they're very smart they're very shifty and how they're doing this they even talk about it he taught me a lot about what's going on over there in the Middle East so we're going to kind of talk about Iran and then I'll get into the other things but but let's just walk through what happen here Trump blows up the top Iranian general a general who had a hand in saving Syria from the deep state and Isis in all the fake factions that are funded by the CIA so the general was in a way he was a good guy he was fighting against the bad guys and Trump blows him up my kids comes out on Twitter and says that this Soleimani guy he had a hit at 9/11 that he helped the hijackers get through our RAM from Afghanistan Mike Pence peddled a bunch of lies that are complete garbage that tells you right there these people are not acting in good faith the people in the Trump White House all right so my pants puddles a bunch of Lies Trump says that soleimani was threatening Americans and that he was a terrorist and killed a bunch of Americans no no no don't buy it not buying it Trump committed a war crime Trump murdered this guy this guy was at the Baghdad Airport a civilian Airport that would be like Iran blowing somebody up at LAX at Los Angeles International Airport that'd be like I read up a top US general at Los Angeles International Airport think about that that's an act of war that's absolute insanity I know measure earning account was this whole money a direct threat to anybody in the United States you wasn't doing anything he's at the public airport does that sound like to use some kind of covert operation to kill Americans come on but that's what happened on the surface again we got to consider every parcel possibility because the deception is so deep so money could be alive this could all be staged but my sense of it is yeah they did kill him so Trump comes out today and he says that he's trying to prevent a war he's trying to stop a war no he's not no he's not but what they're aware of is the anti-war sentiment out there so what they're having to do is a balancing act and David touched on this they're having to make Trump look anti-war well he does all these things that are provoking Iran and getting us into a quagmire or situation so the left hand is doing something while the right hand is doing something else if they're smart though they realize that they can't go with the bush-era jingoism anymore people are kind of woke on that people don't like the war they know that it's all fake so what they're having to do is walk a fine line here where they don't look to warmonger ish they don't look too aggressive Trump looks kind of anti-war it's very manipulative and now today they came out and they said that they're going to withdraw troops from Iraq this memo came out it was reported by Reuters and they said ok we're taking the troops out but then the Secretary of Defense Esper comes out and says oh no or not why would they do that because it's manipulative they're trying to kind of play with the narrative so it looks like well Trump a little bit anti-war Trump removing troops from the Middle East but he's really not you know Isis went down because of Russia because of Syria because of this general Soleimani Isis was taken out not because drop you just took credit for it so this is where I mean things are really wild right now and they're escalating and the psyops war the disinfo war is at a fever pitch we got trump doing something very provocative blowing up a general at the Baghdad Airport unprovoked total assassination and murder and then he's like well it's it's I'm trying to stop a war no way I also wanted to mention this this was something that Mossad wanted the chief of Mossad had been calling for a solo Mounties execution assassination for a very long time I'm going to have a link in the video I sent to the frigate David Goldberg you need to make that connection it looks like Trump took orders from Assad to do this that's treason so let that sink in so it's oh this is in the blog post you need to go read the blog posts on the friends David Goldberg I said yes look in 1953 the u.s. went in there and took over Iran and in 1979 they went in there and they instigated the Islamic Revolution you need to understand that the US has its fingers in the Iranian pie and they've had for a long time we don't know to the extent that they control I ran but I've said that this whole thing is scripted is the Ayatollah a asset of Israel aura or the United States that's something to think about it sounds insane the guy who calls for death of for America but we need to think about that the Iranian parliament Sajjad pyramid with 33 windows on it that is free free Masonic symbolism and they drove soul amantes body through the streets of Tehran in a Chevrolet truck a new Chevrolet truck and they had a bunch of m16s all around that is symbolism so there's something really weird going on where this could be staged I mean I think they did blow the guy up but we have to consider all possibilities what is the endgame though what are they really marching toward well they even talked about it there's probably going to be a false flag but they're so smart they know that we're aware of the pulse flags but they also have to join us up for war they've got the Islamic world inflamed they that's step one they killed the general now Iran is upset now they're all mad what's step two they already did the predictive programming on step two they're talking about how Iran's got pre planted nuclear devices how Iran's got sleeper cells all these stories come out right after this do you think those stores are an accident boom they're hitting the media with the stories about how Iran is going to retaliate that's part of the predicta program leading up to some kind of false flag but then again as I said and David talked about this we had conversations about this they're so smart now they know we smartened up so they smartened up they're not going to do anything real obvious and if they do it it's going to look like Iran did it and it's going to be bloody and it's going to be hellish but I think that's going to happen because they have to do something that gets the Americans riled up just like Pearl Harbor just locked on 11 does that make sense I think it's all in our minds like what are they going to do how are they going to execute this false flag gets into the war but they're smart they know we know that they know we wised up to 9/11 they know the American public has no appetite for this war so expect them to continue to be crafty now I mentioned this on vlog and David talked about this law he said that all the rabbi's want this though some over getting really all they want to live to see the day of the mosaic and the Messiah and World War 3 so it's coming it could be a year it could be two years but it's coming and it's going to be a hellish it's going to be bloody because they did world war lon they did world war two when World War three comes it's going to be worse than the first two they want it to be absolutely bath Purell a lot of people are going to die but they got to pull it off in a way that they can gin up the support of the Americans of Americans endorse the evil that's part of their spiritual beliefs get the Americans to endorse the evil and they do it every time they do it Pearl Harbor they did it with not 11 they did it with the Vietnam War they staged some stupid false flag they do something that anybody with the brain knows looks fishy way back at Pearl Harbor back in the 40s people thought it was fishy people thought Vietnam most patient people thought 9/11 was fishy but didn't people endorse it and they let it slide and then they get behind the war drums and that is the that is the American people endorsing evil so if you can send evil now they got your soul I hope this makes sense I hope this is all coming together for you before we get into this I wanted to mention I do have an email that I sent to the principal Goldberg that you can write me too I feel comfortable using it I've always going to access it from a way that they can't trace back to me so if you want advice if you want that guidance I do encourage you to write I am going to respond and I want to help people I feel like I got it two more I feel like these videos are helping but they're not enough for a lot of people out there so take a look at that I'm going to try to check that a few times a week and I found out a way to check it that it makes me feel comfortable they can't trace it back to my location so don't be on that there's other things that are happening behind the scenes so we are working on something that's pretty big that I think is going to make a big difference up you know the whole idea here the whole goal is get people aware and anybody who's watching this and shared it on Facebook sharing it on social media sharing it with your friends you are making a big difference I know the friends that David Gould burger told me that he looks like some people are sharing it on Facebook and it is making a difference and that's a big help I mean we're just not reaching it up people and it's not going to be enough we've got to make people aware of projects I for a project poco of the AR program I mean if you don't have the details of what the enemy is going to do to you you are going to be a sitting duck a lot of these Patriots have the right idea they have the right mentality in terms of fighting the evil cramping bugging out having guns I mean all of that is in the spirit in the right spirit but if you don't have the full details of what's happening you are going to be a victim and you're going to be a sitting talk because you don't have the whole picture they don't have the full picture period think about it the guns aren't the answer I mean I just saw this article by all-american gun sales of skyrocketed that has something to do with the Virginia issue where they're trying to suppress the guns guess what every time they do that gun sales go through the roof that's by design I've talked about that they don't care how many guns you've got they don't care if you've got a hundred guns in your house what they want is for you to believe that you're safe because of the guns a false sense of security alright the guns are no issue for them they don't care about the guns they don't care about the guns um and so people just seem really disbelieving of that they're not believing what I'm saying on this but you really really need to think about it what are your guns going to do to stop a military that has technology like tr3 beans anti-gravity ships that can fly around at unbelievable speeds technology lock the AR program I've talked about nano device technology technology that can imitate your your voice your likeness and create a completely separate version of you that is identical to you in a virtual world drone technology that's way beyond what civilians can get these aren't drones that you go by Walmart some guy was talking about how the drones can't do this drones can't do that yes they can not the ones you buy at Walmart for crying out loud I will talk about DARPA drones so people are really not getting it these Americans that are stockpiling the guns they are back in the 19th century on this they don't get it they think their guns are going to stop the UN troops that are going to come knock on their door that's not how it's going to go down you're not going to have a play out like that and I had something going on and on about how well they can't do that can't do this and I can't come through your window and then what if your house pet tries to attack the drone and instead all these moronic reasons why this can't work and I realized he really just in denial in Vatican were coming to technology that God is 20 30 40 years ahead all you got what you're even aware of so the technology is there for them to pull this off a project cipher you bet they can do it and they've got the merica Patriots to hold aleihsalaam to bring dead and bring damage right now following Trump the Pied Piper over the cliff into hell cue a non is a sob so they caught you believe in the trumps anti-war wrong is the opposite he's going to lead us into a scripted war just like the collapse is going to be scripted it controlled that's why I pointed you to that gentleman who has that website where he talked about how the Freemasons control the markets he figured out how they control the price of the markets it's all controlled these companies are you know we had his scripted and you're going to see a collapse that is controlled that they have control over they are going to control when it happens and how it happens it's reset so how it plays out I don't fully know I mean I've seen projects I'm focusing the documents I've seen the documents on project Pogo and I've talked to my military sources backed all that up but I don't have all the answers either I have a really strong picture what's happening and so did David when he did our best David did his best before his death to make people aware and I'm trying to carry that on I feel like have a duty to do it I would not be doing it but we were still in the u.s. though I had to give my event that we hadn't be safe that I do believe that we are safe now because of what David did for us and how you to something that I believe is very very special I know it's very special so I put up my email people want answers I talked about the NDA that I saw the non-disclosure agreement and I've gotten permission to to do a little bit more than what it allows you have to ask for permission on these things and I've gotten some permission to do things that I'm ready to do and I really pushed for this and they gave the green light on it so I emails up if you want to contact me on that so we're going to get into Kings talking here we're going to talk about the disinfo silence and how they control your room and manipulate you into believing all kinds of wild nonsense we'll get to that so we're going to talk about gang stalking and I wanted to get into that because I had a friend of mine who experienced as to a very severe degree it's very sad it's very it is a form of torture mental torture that these deep state goons conduct upon individuals who have truths who have spiritual truths to knowledge and they can target them and they can find them I'm not see I'm not a perfect guy I've done a lot of bad stuff in my life I met my wonderful wife and I turned the life around it became a Christian and I've been in the dark for a long time I voted for Trump for example I've been in the dark a long time and only in recent years without really really wake up and David really helped me wake up and the reason I mention that is I'm not a candidate for gang stalking they're not going to gang stalk me they're not going to waste your time on it they prevailed me they kind of had an idea what I was up to I was able to get out of the country before they really took action because I'm not one of the guy who was talking I've only been talking now recently with this channel and sharing some of my knowledge recently other than that I had I wasn't doing any of this a lot point is I'm not the guy that they're going to go after maybe now they will and maybe they're getting upset about the videos I don't know how it's a miracle the channels still up and I pray every day it stays up it could be gone tomorrow but the point I'm trying to make here is I'm not a great guy I haven't done the right things in my life only recently did I really really wake up to the truth and really really bring the whole full picture together I mean in past couple years I'm not the guy they're going to go after they're going to go after the people out there really have what's called a spiritual signature it's something they can detect but they see that person could really change things in this world and make a difference and we've got to stop them I'm talking about truth tellers I'm talking about people who can do real good in this world to really fight the bad guys what do they do well they take gangs stalk them what is gangs talking it's psychological and mental torture it's where they follow you they they make you paranoid they drop little weird messages they leave weird emails they weird messages on your phone they they start to destroy your relationships - they will interfere let's say you had a girlfriend and you liked her and things are going good they might step in and try to get her to cheat on you or introduce someone else to her and try to destroy that relationship and you won't really know what's going on and you'll think maybe she was on her but it wasn't really all on her and it was a damn influencing her or coming between both of you that's an example things they'll do to your life they'll make you lose your job they will give you what's called more Golan's disease where you have these weird fibrous things in your body that give you horrible pain and torture you and people connected to two chemtrails but they are able to you know go in and give it you know poison people basically with more Golan's disease and destroy them I mean it can kill you any way they want to they really don't like just killing people though they like torture people and that's why I talk about the underground bases a lot of people who that you you think died actually went to the underground bases so I don't want to get off track here my point is they're going to take these people who are a spiritual read to them they identified them they have entire teams out there looking for these people and these people are not typically loud-mouthed they're not big youtubers they're not people like Alex Jones for example they're more quiet people who have something within them that they know is a threat they could be future leaders they could do something as simple as changed the mind of one person and it could have a butterfly effect that it affects their plans I mean this is stuff but they try to identify and stop and they destroy these people gangs talking I'm trying to help you understand what this is and why it happens are you a target you can potentially be a target yes what I said they're not going after guys like me I've made a lot of mistakes in my life I don't love dumb things and I didn't fight for the truth for a very long time I met my wife I started to change then I became a Christian I met David and over past couple years I finally woke up but I voted for Trump very enthusiastically I was totally asleep when I did that I didn't fully get the picture I'm not a God that they're going to stop everything and go after because I'm not a big threat I'm kind of a bad dude most of my life and then I kind of turned good and only in the past couple months I'm actually trying to make a difference by following through on David's vision and providing some guidance to people now maybe they'll come after me maybe they'll come after my family now I don't think so I think we're pretty safe but guys like me aren't a big deal to them the people that are a big deal are the people that I mean my understanding is that they it's a spiritual there's a spiritual element to it they can tell who these people are I don't fully understand it but they can sense okay this person is here on earth and they can make a real difference that we got to stop them they could affect our plans they could impact the evil things that we're doing we need to stop them in one way they do it is gangs talking now they can't just go out and kill anybody I mean my understanding is that God allows certain things to happen in this world but there are limits and that is why you have something called white balance where they tell you the evil things they're going to do before they do it and then get your permission your consent and that's what they're going to do with Iran because they're going to get all these people believe in the Trump is the answer of the Messiah that he's anti-war and they're going to get them a rally round dropping out there's going to be a false flag and they're gonna say all Trump asked to attack Iran now total psychological manipulation to get the American people to endorse the evil this is what they do they're also showing you what the evil is I'll ricky gervais scream out the other day Oh at the Golden Globes and he really put the evil on display it's quite incredible what he did and I thought it was really interesting that NBC as the featured that video of him and his monologue where he calls out he says basically they all flew on Epstein's plane and Epstein didn't kill himself and they're all basically a bunch of pedophiles I thought that was really interesting because they're taking a step forward I mentioned this before they're taking some steps forward whether it be pretty bold with this they're not hiding it like they used to partly because I think they realize they were exposed a little bit so their next step here is to let you know yeah we're pedophiles yeah we're saying this yeah we'll experience you know we're part of the into Illuminati yet were pure evil yeah we manipulate you with our movies and we put subliminal messaging in the movies and we have agendas political agendas what are you gonna do about it you're just going to keep going and seeing our movies so I think that's kind of what we're seeing unfold now because they're getting a little more bold they're letting some things come out he's getting real obvious this epstein thing was wild because they're not suppressing it the way I thought they would it's caught out there that while his death looks pretty suspicious and look at all these high-profile people that he was involved in you might have seen five ten years ago he told cover-up it would be like Sandy Hook anybody talks about as crazy a Ricky Gervais just came out and talked about with Golden Globes and he was really you know back you should watch that so we need to ask why are they letting that come out why are they being so bold why aren't they pushing back against it more and my theory is they feel like the cats out of the bag to some extent they can't totally suppress it completely but they also feel our project cipher is lined up project pogo is lined up so they're getting cocky and I mentioned that the blog post they're getting cocky because they know what's common with the collapse with this world war three Iran thing they know what's common the pike and yeah they're kind of getting wild about coffee they don't mind let you know yeah we're evil you have one pedophiles here we have an agenda we're gonna do about it you're still going to see our movies you're still going to pay to go see this trash you're still going to sign up for Netflix and as ricky gervais saluted all these evil companies are sitting there lecturing people about politics but we're going to keep using their products so this is their way getting you to endorse the evil you may acknowledge it you may see out there evil be up there pedophiles yep it's Hollywood but they're going to get you to endorse it by continuing to bar taking it and not fight against it and I think they're getting lazy and a little bit cocky because they know project ciphers right around the corner and they're not too worried about it they know what's coming so I got off track a little bit there and duo people listen to what I just said I'm gonna have friends David Goldberg a book time-stamped there so I think you can go to that you can just hear what I said about that because I think it is important to do it kind of set people up to understand what's really happening right now they are getting cocky but is partly because they know what's coming and they're not worried they got projects i from they got this world war ii thing cooking is coming they're not worried about getting exposed and they know that americans are not going to do anything about it so let's just give back to just gangs talking I'm not my heart breaks for the people that uh that this happens to and I hope some of you share your experiences and comments I know you're listening I know you're gonna see this word it's going to bring some of these people out because they they required sufferers they suffer in silence they are ignored no one believes them I'm here to tell you I believe you and I know it's real the things they can do these people a psychologically torture them they can induce more is in their heads electronically they can follow you they destroy your life that take you they destroy your job they destroy your relationships little by little and you can never quite figure out whose bond and or how they're doing it and it makes you a little paranoid insane and no one believes you but it is a program under way to destroy your life by these Luciferians so that is my section on gang stalking we're going to go into this info next or you know one thing you got understand is that death is something that hangs on the heads of these morons who joined the Illuminati and give their souls to Satan who get blackmailed people like Hillary I mean I think somebody like Hillary is not as quite as powerful as she seems to be and I think that you know they probably gave her a memo and said okay scopes turned by don't make too big of a stink of it and if you do we'll kill you I don't think Hillary's top dog and I think somebody like Trump is definitely blackmailed I mean he's doing the bidding of Israel he's doing what they want him to do oh he's totally part and parcel of the whole thing I mean he falls gripped why well he is conman he is totally blackmailed we know he was with Epstein we know he had an association with Liza Maxwell and her father who was a head of Mossad Trump has too many connections to Israel to the Rothschilds to Mossad for you to ignore period if you ignore those connections and you bury your head in the sand you're in total denial there's just too much there he's too pro-israel he let his daughter convert and married that guy Kushner what does that say about him Trump comes out and says that he could go shoot somebody in the street his people would follow him you know I think he's just a master manipulator and conman and has been used as a vassal as a vehicle for the Zionist agenda here to totally destroy America and send it over the edge at some point I don't know when but it's coming I mean we're talking about a controlled collapse talking about this Iran thing that's going to escalate they're going to destroy the country wreck it to shreds and then rebuild it under the auspices of the New World Order and they want to do something to where they get the Conservatives the Republicans the Christians to go along with it instead of putting someone like Hillary and that forced them to go along with it they put some a lot Trump in to manipulate them a Pied Piper and send the country right over the edge with their vote and consent wow they're good you got to give them credit they're good at what they do but you cannot deny the connections that Trump has that are so disturbing and all the dumb things he's done to undermine this country 5g vaccines signing these executive orders to take away our free speech doing whatever Israel wants them to do that you know he's blackmailed or he's part and parcel going along right along with it but as I said these people are live under the specter of death if they don't obey their puppets Trump's a joke he's not branded and he swamp you got to remember Trump was against the term drained the swamp he didn't like it it's not his term he didn't come up with that phrase he was against it I don't like that I like that I remember when he came out and said well we're not going to rest Hillary we're not going to put her in prison but then he's retweeting the things about how he's going to put her in prison and he didn't do it it's all manipulation Trump doesn't really believe half the things that he says he likes playing the role he likes the script they gave him but if you look deep and you really listen to this guy there are inconsistencies in that narrative that he spews he didn't lock drain the swamp he came out after the election he said all we're not going to walk Hilary oh I didn't mean that you can't listen to those things you got to pay attention to those things because those are truthful moments where we saw it Trump's real character you know give crap about draining swamp or doing anything like that it is all manipulation hire john bolton they'd fire him so it looks like you're tired of john bolton you don't agree with the neo-cons this is our all just swirls around and plays out but nothing fundamentally really changes the deep swamp that deep state is still in power and look at the people in the key and his cabinet they're all dual citizens of israel that's all you need to know if by now you aren't convinced Trump's us you have a school bus sponge I cannot help you you're lost you are unsavable you're so wand if you still think the Trump is the guy that's the disinfo in the channels the YouTube channels are all bought and paid for they're all manipulated and they're all telling you one thing standing you and I stay in the u.s. stay in the u.s. buy more crap buy more prepper crap through our web sites that are controlled by Israel so they know where you are they know where the prepper materials went to what address they've all got you tracked intact tracked TT ID there's nothing wrong with prepping or the concept of it but it's all been co-opted a long time ago and you're going to be a sitting duck when this goes down when the collapse happens they're going to know where you are and they're going to come and get you if you don't take that microchip in the story and yeah they're got these people in the comments saying there aren't safer places on earth yeah there are yeah there are the United States is the number surveillance grid in them in the world they haven't committed those resources to a lot of these other countries you're going to have better shot at survival and not taking the microchip as you get out you've got to stop listening to the dense info channels stop believing in this better way to put it that doesn't mean you don't listen to a bomb and I listen to you because I want to know what the enemy is up to but you've got to show off some of that mind control that keeps you believing in Trump this is a long game sigh they figured out a long time ago they knew the Bush era was over and we're going to be able to pull anything like that off again with it what they did with 9/11 or going into Iraq to move to the country change people woke up they got wise so they came up with a new game plan and that's scientist puppet Donald Trump get him in there have him say everything they want to hear he says everything they want to hear but he's doing something else at the end of meantime got a look at his actions these guys compromised this guy is not a good dude he's gone man he's an actor and they're good what they do they know how to manipulate Stephen Miller to top scriptwriter he's a devout Zionist he knows what he's doing but you got to look at the details and the little things that Trump does and says that don't make sense that don't fit with his whole America first narrative he's doing things that are not America first they know how to manipulate the Patriots they know how to manipulate the Conservatives though they're really good at it so he better get wise to all this because you prepped it in getting guns and saying you want to fight for America is not going to get job done you know to be smarter you got to be smarter than them and right now the Patriots are getting played and ironically the Patriots lost football Patriots now I don't think there's any connection I don't because in a real symbolism to that maybe there is but wild things are happening right now and I hope you're listening to this and I hope you listen to this a couple of times I hope you play it a few times so it all sinks in and you'd share it on Facebook share it with other people they need this information on projects I for project pogo pogo T tid if you don't have that that means you're being outsmarted even if your hearts in the right place and you love American you want to defend it if you don't have the information you are going to be defeated and Alex Jones sure as hell isn't gonna tell you because Alex Jones is one of them Alex Jones covers for the Zionists if you don't know that you're way behind better get up to speed challenge Jones is not telling the truth about Israel he never has not once he's never told the truth about 9/11 not once now he has acknowledged Israel and the influence years ago but he won't talk about it yet and talked about for years and years he just won't go there because he's either threatened controlled or manipulated to where he will not say the truth so forget about him if you're not calling out the Jay and in Israel you're part of the problem now there's a gentleman in the comments saying that I wasn't doing that enough well his comments are still hot they have not been deleted but I have to be careful about what I say in the videos because we don't want them to get taken down there are certain terminology and words and things you can and can't say it'll get taken down so I've tried to be careful I hope he realizes that I've told the truth I've called out what's going on straight up if you listen to my videos and everything I've said I've been straight up about it we know who's behind this that's Israel that's Israel straight up anybody who's pro-israel in the American government and parroting these lies is an enemy of you and your family in this country period