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power begins from within if you're aware of who you are if you're aware of what you're good at what you're not good at if you're able to see how emotions kind of govern your life if you can learn what your weaknesses are and how to control them you can't ever get complete control but awareness is almost enough slowly through this process of knowing who you are and understanding other people and how they operate so you don't make stupid mistakes in life you can increase that little tiny March and more and more and more and you will be a person of power law number one in the 48 laws of power is called never outshine the master and almost every single person in the world has violated that law myself included basically how it works you're so eager to impress your boss or whomever in your new job that you try so hard that you make him or her feel insecure like maybe you're younger and better than they are and because of that you're fired or something bad happens to you and you never know why do you think meditation is allowing you to make more interesting connections because of the the quiet yes I mean I'm not gonna go too deeply into this it's a theory of creativity that's not my own but that I use a lot in mastery and basically the idea is that ideas are generated in the unconscious they're not generated consciously your conscious mind is very limited what you can hold in your memory but unconsciously in your subconscious when you're asleep when you're dreaming the mind is filled with thousands upon thousands of ideas and things that are there that are lingering there and connections are being made all of the time and if occasionally those connections float up to your conscious mind and you have an a brilliant idea about how to do something 1 out of 10 people are like great manipulators and there's just takes one person and they can ruin your life we were born with this natural talent every single person is born with this talent for getting inside the minds of other people it's it's something that you don't even you're not even aware of how do they mean to conceive of that how to what end are they using that skill to make their own dreams come true first thing is you're not aware of this power that you have you're walking a lot around in life I'm not critical because I'm the same sort of sleepwalking you're inside hearing your own thoughts day in day out like a continually you know circling loop in your head and you're not aware of the fact that if you stop that and you look at other people a world opens up to you so what's the first component in that world nonverbal communication 95% of what really matters in communication between people is not through words words are used to deceive you to disguise what people are really thinking what are what are just a step or two that they can take down that path starting today the first thing to understand is the most important and that it is a skill if you want to play the piano you can't just sit down and suddenly play you've got to practice and you've got to practice it every day and if you practice an hour a day you're gonna get better at it why are children able to learn and an adult can't the reason is children don't think that they're superior they don't think that they already understand the world they're the small they're weak they're defenseless they have to learn or they're gonna die they have to learn how to speak the language they have to learn how what's going on with their parents or they're literally gonna die do you have tricks that you use for ensuring that genius does not become a young man's game that your books truly get better and better over time basically every time I begin a book I'm deathly afraid of failing I feel like oh it's not gonna sell as well as the last book I'm losing it I got to go back to square one each project each thing that you do in life you have to kind of create that that feeling in the gut like oh I don't know if I'm gonna be able to pull it off I don't know if I can go 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather this time I don't know it the secret really to success in life I have to say is retaining III by the semester is retaining your child like qualities if you're completely a child that's not gonna work negative capability is rule number one for being a creative person and if you don't follow anything else in mastery that would be enough the ability to keep two ideas that contradict each other in your mind without feeling uncomfortable without having to come to a conclusion you can think about something without rushing to judgment a conclusion you can be in the moment you can say well it could be this it could be that it could be that and you don't have to decide whether it's a B or C you're open to adopting three or four different viewpoints if you love music don't quit your job and play guitar like you think you can have a hard time feeding your family but you have advice for them what is that advice yeah but people saying you know live your passion so these are cliches and nobody changes their life based on the cliche you know you've got to do hard work and to do hard work you have to have a road map somebody has to show you step to get there working for yourself starting your own company doing what you love should be everybody's goal this the process begins by first knowing what you really love and believe me I do a lot of consulting a lot of people have no self-awareness they don't even really know what it is that they were meant to do in life they loved music when they were a kid but then they got into law or whatever because of their parents and then they don't know who they are anymore what do I really like music you got to go through that process first of figuring out what it is that really connects to you in a deep visceral way what you loved when you were a kid what still excites you once you go through that and you understand it you've got some clarity about it okay how do I incorporate that in my life so if you're 23 years old it's a little easier I love music but I'm not a musician because I've not been practicing I just love music but I act I'm have a real good sense of business I've been studying business and I have an MBA etc okay I've got to now find a way to craft a career that combines my knowledge of business and my love of music and if I follow that and I do it smart and I plan it out eventually what starts out with more more business than music will end up becoming more creative as I get better and better at it how do you prepare somebody to survive that initial stage of your boredom and pain well pain is great you've got to embrace pain pain is pleasure you've got to make the connection between the physical and the mental well you know that when you're exercising when you're running or you're working out whatever it hurts but it leads to something pleasurable you have to be able to translate that to mental things and if you make that could that switch in your mind it is mind-blowing what can happen to you who are the most messed up people in the world spoiled kids kids who are given everything who have a rich father or mother and they don't have to work or try they are the most messed up people you'll ever meet each person I make this point in mastery is born unique and it's kind of a clip one of those cliches but there's science to it the science is your DNA will has never been will never be repeated the way your brain is wired will never be repeated your experiences in life you're one of a kind and it's amazing thought if you think about it of all of the billions of humans that have lived and will ever live there will never be anybody who is wired like you are wired and the problem in life is as you get older you can become more and more like other people other people you spend a lot of your time thinking about what other people like and you don't you're not aware of what you like you go into careers because you listen to other people if you look at all of the brilliant people who've succeeded in life if you look at a Steve Jobs you look at an Elon Musk etc there's nobody else out there like them you're never gonna be able to pinpoint one other person like them they are completely unique and doubt those are the people that end up having power in the world so if you're gonna able to create that website that blog that whatever it is that startup that is different that has its own niche and reflects you something good will happen control people's perceptions of reality and you control them it's a great military strategy comes from the great Colonel Boyd who invented the what's known as the OODA loops and he came up with the OODA loop which means orientation observation decision action you have to observe what is happening orient yourself into the context of it decide what you need to do and act we want to believe that there are shortcuts to success we want to believe we can take a drug or we can do something that'll make it quick and easy but the truth is it takes grit it takes persistence so it's hard to understand what could happen to you in ten years in a visceral gut way of what it means to failed in life and to me failure in life is not not having money it's not realizing your potential you're 60 years old and you said I could have been this and I never did it that's like the worst thought I think anybody can have and you don't think about it in the moment because your life is okay but you've got to wake up and understand that there's an urgency here and that if you're not practicing something now if you're not aware if you don't have a path towards something better you're rotting on the vine and and that day of reckoning will come at some point and it will be painful you're not gonna feel that suddenly it'll be slow but it'll come and it won't be good just being aware that you now have a plan is enough to lift you out of that depression okay I'm working at Burger King but I know I'm gonna get to this community college and get a degree here after I save enough money having a goal is like aa will change you completely from being depressed or not taking care of yourself to being energized and moving in the right direction