Viruses and the germ theory

welcome to true out Tuesday and the truth will set you free [Music] the truth is really interesting we're gonna go into a discussion that happened over 150 years ago it's still going on today because science is never settled I know there's always a discussion now what's what's interesting a teen Darvin the the medical doctor virus mania is associate disease in our highly developed society to cure it will require conquering fear fear being the most deadly contagious virus most effective efficiently transmitted by the media to err is human but but to preserve it is diabolic this is now a Tina Harvin wrote in many many books ok and well one of them in particular was against aids that HIV doesn't cause AIDS and of course an AIDS denialists now in our culture is dangerous but these two guys I want your we're going to get into pastor ER is on the left and be shamp but Bishop is on the right now they had different theories about how diseases would occur in the body now figure in the 1800's they're just coming up with these these microscope and they can start to see certain diseases well it's interesting because looking at this past you err and and Beach him which one was right or were they both a little bit right okay so and that now now this is gonna challenge belief systems because has anyone in here ever taken microbiology okay yeah it was really fun you learn viruses you saw pictures of viruses everything else none of those pictures were right they were all composites okay they were ideas and what you're gonna find out and I did the same thing I'm looking you know in all the research that I do for this stuff we're looking at DNA viruses RNA viruses you know and then all this stuff that's written down and you think that this stuff it has has a scientific backing will prepare to have your belief system challenged now I'm gonna have a huge amount of comments that are going to want to crucify me because there is a religion to science for so let's look there is a religion to science okay yeah right okay it requires a belief system but you know I would call it a hypothesis and now a virus lacks the ability to replicate on its own a virus needs a host cell duplicating equipment barring enzymes and other moleculars to concoct more viruses it is not a living organism it's dentally a well organized molecular parasite a B or Mariel instead of human biology so it's not a living organism can't reproduce on itself and it's almost impossible to see with that an electron microscope an electron microscopes are or we're literally developed in 30s but have we do E's see a real viral isolate you know of course you know in the medical world you would say yes 45 percent of your DNA is viral viral okay so how does that work I love this the double-stranded DNA is a little virus hotel viruses are responsible for two critically important functions in the nature variation than adaptation yes the virus is behind much of what we termed evolution many viruses can change in response to alterations in their environment sort of like a chameleon so what's the purpose of this as though we have a virus coming into a cell okay now it's not alive but it does have a certain protein effect according to these experts now it's supposed to get into the cell communicating possibly from the outside world but it's literally changing how that cell works now cells have you know so wall bunch of organelles in there in the their job is to produce proteins now how they produce it is based on the stimulus of the environment so if that cell is stimulated by a pathogen it can produce proteins that will produce cancer if it's stimulated by something else it can stimulate proteins that reverse cancer so the job of a cell is just to take in nutrients and produce proteins based on the stimulus of the environment as though viruses are communicating to that cell forty-five percent of your DNA is viral now viruses are vital for our ecosystem they are able to move genetic information between different hosts but we still don't fully understand how this is influenced and continues to influence the evolution of our new species that means that if I sneeze on you or transfer a virus which I just did okay it's going to get on you and if it needs to reproduce or has the opportunity to reproduce we're not quite sure but it gets into the the DNA produces proteins and then you give it to you and then you give it to you and then you give it to you so it's utilizing your enzymes your material to reproduce itself maybe you think utilizing that material might change the constituents of it yeah so no viruses it does anyone ever hear about the cold or flu season oh okay great advertising great advertising okay there is no cold or flu season you have influenza on you all the time you get viruses on you all the time and it only has to do with the weakened immune system or does it now the presence of an organism doesn't mean it causes illness so so how does this work well let's look at at the science way back when because we're gonna do another talk like this hopefully next week I'll have a chance to do it but I want you to see how Pasteur was almost a kicked out of France okay for wiping out the silk industry and wiping out the dairy industry okay and then but we're gonna go over and how you can't criticize them now but let's look at bacteriologist now we're looking in the mid-1800s and they're looking at these diseases that are caused and they just have this new invention of the microscope and they're looking for animals or people that have died of a certain disease and he developed a postulate to find out if these that the the bugs that he was finding the germs they did was find her microbes that you could find that and talked about were the causative factor now he discovered wound infections you know certain bacteria in there tuberculosis konjac IVIS cholera number of other diseases he developed certain postulates that have to be enacted to make sure that that pathogen was causing the disease and first you gotta find the same bug okay microbe in every case does that make sense okay it went to me too okay then you have to isolate that so first you've got to find the bug and then you have to make it separate now I just told you viruses can't be isolated they have to grow in and in in host tissue can't be isolated they have to grow in a host tissue but now for a bacteria you can isolate okay because these things grow in certain growth mediums so you can separate it out now once you identify a consistent pattern of disease because if everybody in the front row had a cold coughing sneezing is it all from the same pathogen could it be might not be maybe I don't know okay so you got to find out if if everybody walks through a swamp and we're all bitten by a mosquito containing malaria do we all get malaria no so it's not really the pathogen that causes this and so when we're looking at Robert Koch it has to be in every host and then you grow it you infect a host with it a healthy host you have to cause the disease okay and then when you cause the disease then you can isolate it again so we have a certain parameters for bacterial infections okay and that you can identify it the problem is a lot of these a lot of the things that you're looking at today like human papilloma virus causing cervical cancer that's never gone through coaches postulate you're you're looking at hepatitis that's never gone through conscious postulates so there's a lot of diseases today that have not gone through the old theory of identifying the pathogen infecting a healthy host and then causing the problem do you know why I just said healthy host so a lot of hosts can get infected so you have to weaken their immune system now Theobald Smith and again we're going back to the mid-1800s late 1800s he developed an idea now this is microbes because you just start and identify these they're just starting to find out that they're in certain diseases and he develops a formula for the germ theory now germ theory so that means it's not actual fact its hypothesis something that works now you get the virulence of the pathogen times the number of pathogens time the opening thighs over the resistance of host that resistance a host is the immune system and this is different because you can't really measure it you can't measure the actual immune system the greatest immunologist on the planet can't measure it there's no parameters so how would you measure an immune system a fever response possibly okay because if for every one degree increase in temperature to the speed of the immune system doubles but it's really the resistance of host this this immune system aspect now we can go way back to 1968 where they're saying look this germ theory has been used as Dogma it neglects many of the other factors that play a part to play in the host germ environment complex that's crazy because pastor ER was claiming that that it's the germ that causes the disease if you look at every medical doctor today or not not the the smart ones I'm talking the ones that are promoting the vaccines you know you know you've got to get that tetanus shot and in fact it's kind of fun because one of our patients I mean this guy is brilliant he's head Hari Krishna at a priest burb for all of Southern California he's a mixed martial artist this guy is one of the coolest guys you ever want to meet I mean he's just fun to hang out with okay so he's a vegetarian he's washing dishes he cuts his hands while he's washing dishes on a sharp knife okay now tetanus is the disease of sick farm animals it's an anaerobic bacterium it has to be buried in there and so he calls me up when he's at the emergency room and the doctor wants to give him a tetanus shot and I said buddy there's no way it's not possible to have any type of exposure in your environment in the sink right they're washing it not possible so he's a mixed martial artist he's head he's got I think six kids now okay do you think he's quiet or do you think he's a little on the bold side so he's got me on the cellphone he's got the medical doctor they're in the emergency room Hey hi chiropractors on the phone he said there's no way I could have deadness okay you know the doc said he's right it's just our protocol you could possibly have it we just have to give it to you okay so there's so we have to look at this so there are other factors than just being exposed to the germ okay now the British Medical Journal biomedical model of illness again this is working on the germ theory that germs cause disease do they cause disease or would you have to have a weakened immune system in order to accept it now this guy brilliant won it won the Nobel Prize and he's talking about because what is a virus it's going to be a little bit of a protein because that's incorporated into the DNA the DNA is just a collection amino acids in a really cool form we are so constituted that we can never receive other proteins into the blood than those have been modified by digestive juices every time an alien protein penetrates by a fractions the organization or organism suffers and becomes resistant now this was 1913 they had just a few vaccines back then but this is what he's talking about when you inject something or exposed to a foreign protein the body can mount a defense digestion does does temperate and here Rudolf Virchow and again these guys are looking at all of these they're just discovering and we've lost that discovery in science we have these people that are doing dogma they're repeating it over and over again this is safe and effective this causes a disease we're not going to look at the immune system response or the stressors of the person you know you have a common cold let's give you an antibiotic even though we have antibiotic resistant bacteria we must wipe down all of the hospitals at all of the schools with anteed infectious agents even though we're creating super bacteria why because we're practice and Dogma we don't know anything else to do I mean this psychosis and Virchow if I could live my life over again I would devote it to proving that germs think their natural habitat of disease tissue rather than being the cause of disease and and this was interesting because we would talk about this in in you know in between classes you're around with your professors yes you do have a Cuban cigar and you're discussing life and health and how physiology works which is like the greatest way to teach okay by the way okay it really is and so flies don't cause garbage and and you might say cuz the modern theory of disease if you see a dead animal with maggots growing out of it you can say whoo maggot infectious syndrome it was a maggots that killed that animal and you know that's not know these things developed afterwards okay so I'm reading this article and this is a pretty recent article out of the International Journal of vaccines and vaccination vaccines and vaccinations now this is they're probably Pro vaccine okay just guessing okay so who had their finger on the magic of life Antoine Beauchamp or pest or and and I've got to read this so it's with Beauchamp he had the profound voice of his silent Ono had the profound voice of his science not been silenced much of humankind may have been spared the worst aspects of infectious and vital stresses of the 20th century since the case can be made that the approved an improper dangerous treatment of infectious diseases over the last century has in large part be given right to the present epidemic wave of degenerate diseases including cancer aids a bola we might have been spared these miseries as well at least that we would have understood much more clearly why we have them fortunately however Beauchamp's work has been kept alive by a small stick successive bands of true seekers oh my gosh so if it's only the German we got to be concerned with we don't have to ask the person that's getting the vaccine how do you sleep how do you eat what kind of medications are you taking no dude it's just the germs just do the therapy ok and if you're doing a therapy that may have another effect on the immune system that they're not quite sure how the immune system works you're not gonna even look at those effects hell you're even gonna call them side effects okay so when we look at this the legend has it that that on pastor's deathbed he was wrong you made a noise and I thought it went out again on pastor's deathbed it's it's it may be urban legend or he really did it he said it's not that the microbe it's the terrain so it is and so this answers that question if we're all walking through a malaria filled swamp that if we all get bit by a mosquito are we all gonna get a disease no and now but Bo Shem was saying treat the patient not the infection so this means we can all have the same infection or the same exposure but the the the way the body is going to respond to it is going to be totally different so we have two great comparisons of the germ theory by Pasteur and really Beauchamp and disease arised from microorganisms within the cells of the body so this means that you have physical chemical or emotional stress or certain type of stressors or exposures that's going to weaken you and predispose you to disease and I love this number five every disease is associated with a particular microorganism whereas beauchamp is every disease is associated with a particular condition so symptoms symptoms now now it's interesting because this is med Krave online and the adoption okay wait wait oh I love this one there is no medical doctrine as potentially dangerous has partial truth implemented as the whole truth any medical profession bioscientists healthcare practitioner or a layperson for that matter who wishes to gain insight into the origins and nature of infectious and chronic disease in as' against the backdrop of a marvelous view of the life process must considered Beauchamp 60% of our adult population of a chronic critical illness in America that they will never recover from 40% have more than one 54% of our children have a chronic critical illness that they will never recover from this is over half of our population is thick with a chronic critical illness and we should look at not the pathogen but how the host is living uh now that Beauchamp explained now think of this this is 150 years ago the micro Zima is at the beginning and end of all organization is the fundamental anatomical element whereby the cells and the tissues the organs and the whole organism are constituted he referred to this micro Simon's has the builders and destroyers of cells he always found micro Simon's remaining after the complete decomposition of a dead organism and concluded that there were not only transitory and biological elements what they're looking at is they're saying there's there's some kind of micro thymus we could call it micro flora or normal flora or gut flora how important is that now at the cutting edge of science we're looking at fecal transplants that help dementia and autism we have such an intimate relationship with bacteria and viruses certain pathogens there's you can see ms corrected by certain parasitic infections there's there's a lot of doctors out there building certain parasites and we're talking porcine parasites and giving it to certain kids with with autism or brain damage and it's helping them so we're actually adding microbes into the body and just in the last few years we're starting to see antibiotic resisted this antibiotic resistant that and so what does stupid pest ourian's do okay they developed stronger and stronger antibiotics to kill it and the the nature continues to grow when we're living in actual harmony of this in addition they carry out vital functions of decomposition they're the precursors of beings bacteria yeast fungus which which do so thus he clearly presents the eye that the physical life of a higher biologic forms arise and is dependent upon and is recycled by microscopic beings simple immediate proof of dependence is the indispensable bacterial population of the human gut 150 years ago now when I'm watching this okay we're reading this stuff I'm getting goose bumps because I'm thinking god this is nerding out 101 okay so then I come across an biologist he is actually a VAX biologist so now he studies viruses he studies this and in fact he's the scud discoverer of a mega virus in the ocean so this guy is really sharp and he comes up and he's going on the beauchamp idea and and you know that viruses really aren't alive and they've never been proven to cause a disease so it picks on one he picks on measles okay measles is pretty popular right okay yeah why not because of good advertising okay so he offers a hundred thousand euros to anybody that can prove that measles and this is still open by the way that the measles virus exists and causes measles a hundred thousand okay and this is in the news this is everywhere you know our kids are getting two doses of the measles vaccine two to be three soon to be three because the first one didn't work and then they found out well you know we'll probably need a booster now the booster doesn't work so now they're getting a third one pretty soon they'll have them Han ually you know we'll do something weird but now he this guy wins in court he actually lost because this medical student presented six papers that supposedly had proved that measles virus existed except when you look at the details they didn't really prove anything the Federal Supreme Court ruled that the measles virus trial the first civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court has confirmed the judgment of the higher court rulings of Stuttgart blah blah blah which had offered as a reward of scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus does not have to be paid to the plaintiff the plaintiff also has to bear the procedural cost five experts involved in the case presented with the results of scientific studies all five experts including professor dr. andreas Polanski Hey look I've been working since 4:45 does anybody think you could pronounce this better or faster than I could there's got to be okay thank God oh man okay okay give me okay there yeah there we go puddle insky oh my god okay here let's try this again come on baby come on Papa needs a new pair of shoes good that's working okay pío DBE I Els ki put Alinsky okay that sounds pretty good appointed by the stuttgart court proceedings have consistently found that none of the six publications which have been introduced to the trial contains scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus none of the six publications now to recognize laboratories including the world's largest and genetic Institute arrived at exactly the same results independently the results prove that the authors of the six publications in the measles virus case were wrong and the direct result of all measles viral adjusts are still wrong today they have misinterpreted ordinary constituents of cells has a part of suspected measles viruses with the results of the genetic test all thisis of existence of the measles virus has been scientifically disproved why will this not be in the American media and not be in the court cases because it's hard to develop massive panic okay where nobody died okay and there used to be four million cases a year four million not twelve hundred and eight months we're talking four million cases a year okay out of that four hundred died and that's bad but in using Beauchamp's idea we would look at those four hundred and look at their terrain did they have a secondary problems that they have colds flus weakened immune system nutrient deficiency we're already know vitamin A can negatively affect your body's ability to mount an immune system response first it appeared that dr. Lanka lost but he took it to a higher court were more experts and two independent laboratories it turned out that the proof provided was a composite of several different electron microscopic images and the composite involved different components of damaged cells the composite could not be duplicated the German Federal Supreme Court confirmed that there was not enough evidence to prove the existence of the measles virus so now do you think that the medical world is going to take this lying down when the courts actually prove no so this is what they're doing okay so I just showed you the court documents of what happened this is what the media is putting out there disappointing outcome Barton's verse linking measles proven to exist but anti-vaxxer lenka keeps his money yeah he's an anti Baxter that string him up okay it seems after three years of struggle in the court is read standpoint extreme anti-vaxxer stefan lanka okay yeah right okay who denied the existence of harmful viruses i mean look at that one statement you know harmful viruses okay two labs couldn't even find it the young doctor Barden's provided lanka with so we had the evil aunty baxter and the young doctor oh god i'd love I mean I'm reading this other good god I've got to present this in a talk ok show the evidence denied the evidence met his criteria ok Lankin tonight he didn't personally say look I think it's bullet okay to labs confirmed it five doctors okay stone what really happened in court even though the existence of the Musil virus could be concluded from the summary of the six papers could be concluded none of the authors had conducted any controlled experiments in according with internationally defined rules and principles of good scientific practice professor bubble in ski considered the lack of controlled experiments explicitly has methodological weaknesses of these publications which are after all the relevant studies on the subject no other publications trying to attempt to prove the existence of the measles virus furthermore at the trial it was noted that contrary to the legal limit blah blah blah blah blah the Robert Koch Institute the highest german authority in the field of infectious diseases has failed to perform tests for the alleged measles virus and to publish these the rubber cuts instituted claims that it has made internal studies than the measles virus however refuses to hand them over or publish the results no of course we've looked at it it must be there I mean if so I told you this and this is this was challenging my belief system because I'm looking at the pro I'm looking at the anti I'm looking at the challenging stuff and I come across the the this ok now how is a virus identified okay the the CDC guesses which DNA fragments are associated with which type of virus so you're looking at this lecture in microscope you're seeing little shapes of protein and you say yeah that's probably it I don't know maybe however this key person got is corresponding conclusion and how exactly that person proved it even the experts don't really know hardly anyone questions it okay it's that's not a miracle because vaccination experts and virologists that question this they question their right of existence simultaneously in their career so currently you cannot even question how did they find it how did they look at it now what about AIDS this was an article in the British Medical Journal about a comment about two guys they're talking about a Stefan Lane cut virologist Stefan lenka believes that viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous do not in fact exist at all has the stores for his evidence I do not find it quite ironic than a mere public display of flagrant okay flag is is not a virologist lank it does not lazily accept our dominant fashionable very illogical paradigms has been in flag do they believe what they were told in textbooks so you've got an independent scientist a guy that's thinking for himself that says hey let's reproduce it if it's fine test let's look at it for a long time I studied virology from the beginning to the end and from the end of the beginning to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing has HIV it no such thing as HIV and it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that a whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong the retroviruses as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous do not in fact exist at all how can he say that everybody is talking about this how can they not do it okay so in December 2001 lenka in the case of influenza herpes vaccinia polio at denno Ebola each photo shows only a single particle nobody claims that their isolated particles let alone particles that have been isolated from humans in summary it must be said that these photos are an attempt of fraud committed by researchers and medical scientists involved as far as they assert that these structures are viruses or even isolated viruses to what extent sad the involved journalists and authors of text have contributed to this fraud knowingly or out of gross negligence I don't know everyone who starts a researcher in the medical literature will quickly encounter statements referring to conscious first postulates can't be fulfilled damn so that means that there not only is an entire conspiracy it's just fraud so we look at this and as well as other viruses claim to be exact a nurse but they don't exist this is one of the proofs that he has so when you look at this these pictures over here I've seen in my textbooks okay they're showing me smallpox they're showing me HIV they're showing me chickenpox on the bottom okay many of the photos are colored this is proof that they are the artwork of the designers because electron microscopic photos always appear in black and white the images of the so-called HIV smallpox clearly show that the image these cells were viruses can allegedly found so they're showing cells and they're saying yes sure enough the viruses are inside okay they're inside somewhere but they can't seen them never been identified the photo shows actual cells types typical of indigestible particles in them these structures are well known and they serve as intracellular transports I mean when you look at this these are are sold to doctors that these are viruses actually existing nobody claims that they're isolated particles little own particles that have been isolated from humans at teen to Harvin brilliant guy another AIDS denial is saying that HIV doesn't cause AIDS now he wrote a book the 10 lies about AIDS instead of looking at a virus he says attributing the disease to lifestyle and environmental factors a BuChE BuChE UMP idea that it's not the virus there that's causing it it's the weakened immune system finally electron micro was used to verify the presence of the HIV virus particles in samples that for 15 years were regarded has the pure virus to my greatest dismay these particles were shown there practically nothing else but cell debris they're presenting it and staying so let's look at this now now granted this is a real electron microscope vision okay no okay it's an artist's rendition okay but let's look at this okay so we know that 45 percent your DNA is viral we know that viruses are little bits of protein floating around that communicate to your DNA to help produce it now this is an idea because that's they've never identified those type of viruses okay that's an idea that it gets in there somehow and we don't know how this works yet diseases so our aim was to investigate the role of measles vaccination and measles infection to develop allergic disease in atopic sensitization so if you have this immune system response from a virus that's never been proven in court to even exist that doesn't cause the infection but you go through the whole process okay you develop the fever you develop the exudates the little red dots thought the whole thing that people call me zl-- okay that you're protected from allergic diseases and children now do we have an epidemic of lerczak diseases in America now yeah you can't even open a bag of peanuts on a plane okay frequent allergic diseases following the measles it allergic imma pop viral and bacterial infections and child had decreased the likelihood of allergic diseases later in life the results of the study find that allergic diseases are less frequent and children with a history of measles history of natural measles why because it's how your body a brain communicate to the outside world our retrospective studies shows significant association between febrile infectious childhood diseases and the risk of developing cancer the number of febrile infectious childhood diseases decrease the cancer risk in particularly for non breast cancers the relationship of the tumor site seems to be important but only be addressed by a larger study it turns out that you actually catch this stuff it can reduce cancer if you're actually catching the musical so then this is a viral particle that's not alive according to the experts it's not alive okay it's a well organized molecular parasite that's transferring information to you and then giving your immune system or workout to protect you to our environment so you get less than since I infected the Landon's who were two blocks two doors up according to my sister okay I did I did okay but at the time I think it was only like five or six I don't remember it so my older sister I mean my younger older sister told me about this I'm forced to say that she's my younger sister it makes sense if you knew my family okay okay non-hodgkins lymphoma atopic diseases hay fever eczema all of these things cardiovascular diseases all of these lessen if you have this communicating protein in your DNA that helps you adapt to the environment okay abnormal measles-mumps-rubella so you know the vaccines you're getting a false protein injected in there can damage the brain okay now immune system how does it work look at the experts Gary fathom professor of immunology and Rheumatology if a patient were to ask me how's my immune system doing today I would have no idea at how to answer that and I'm a named Nala just none of us can we're messing with something we're still going back to Beauchamp and Pastore and Beauchamp is now staying is is is now more honored because it's not just the pathogen but I mean just common sense for God's sake okay you don't do the same therapy to everyone you don't have the same medicine for everyone you don't have the same reaction why because we're individuals it is the terrain everybody here is different physical chemical or emotional stressors it's not the pathogen it's not the pathogen as chair Stanford at Davis it's a lawful lot of moving parts we don't know what the vast majority of them do or should be doing these are the greatest immunologist on the planet so what's caused genetics is your Jeanette just effective you know you're just gonna develop these diseases okay you're weakened or are you genetically designed to thrive on this planet that you got to take care of your terrain you take care of your terrain you take care of your body you'll live to the full hundred and twenty you don't need to have fear of bacteria fear of yeast fear of find us fear of your genetics its genetic by the way then can you name by people that don't have it because this I get this all the time Oh bunions run in my family hard bunions don't run okay Oh inflammatory bowel disease again you know it's really bad okay can you name anyone in your family that doesn't have it you know it's just it's just crazy we're at a crossroads and the crossroads are so great that your your choices are being made for you no longer do we have this open discussion between scientists and when to next week we're gonna go more into the past your Beauchamp at how there's if you were against past or you were against God okay I mean really really crazy stuff like it is today so we have to understand that science is always changing always evolving it's it the end result is more beautiful than you could have possibly imagined you're not being attacked you're designed to live on this planet you take these pathogens and if you have healthy stress healthy diet nutrition exercise healthy social environments you take care of your terrain and I mean the mental physical and emotional terrain of your body of your world your world you survive and thrive on this planet it's time to change the ala pathetic model is done with 60% of our adult population having a chronic illness or disease and the medical literature is saying my god it's not the disease it's the terrain 54% of our children have a chronic illness or disease is it the disease or is it the terrain you betcha anyone that doesn't agree with me I'll meet you in the parking lot okay I mean I you know if you're working on these kids wouldn't you want to fight for them too yeah and I say it all the time I mean every day let's change this world we're not going to change your terrain by giving you drugs we're not going to terrain and change it in the positive health is a full expression of life this means is paying a clue to a problem or should we just take a Tylenol to get over it you know you drop a brick on your foot it better frigging hurt okay if not you got syphilis or diabetes okay so pain is a real good thing for you and when you look at these diseases are these a DS if these diseases can be affected in the positive that's called reversing it by giving you fruits and vegetables that means cancer after a sclerosis heart attacks diabetes all of these can help with some of the factors in these disease processes it's not just eating vegetables and the cancer goes away but it is one contributing factor why because the plants change the terrain okay I'm gonna make whoever set this up I'm gonna meet them in the park of mine okay yeah let there be light okay yeah it's the 1970s okay so when we look at this uh-uh-uh-uh-uh you know ever have one of those health talks okay no I actually like the flickering I always wanted a disco ball coming down here cuz you know I played music all day long okay literally healthy fats and oils what does this do does this fight disease or change your terrine do we got to be afraid of the diseases or responsible for our terrine healthy plants and juiced vegetables probiotics I mean we're talking 150 years ago they're talking about the micros ahima we're just now understanding that gut brain connection we're understanding the beauty of bacteria on it okay this is hugely important when we put this up how to treat diseases Beauchamp would be big boo be a Beecham would be a hundred percent behind this why cuz this is affecting your design it's affecting how you respond to the environment does that make sense okay now we just got back from Puerto Vallarta and I gotta tell you I'm gonna put some pictures up but it was an absolute blast this one's coming up in April and and I just talked to dr. O'Shea it's gonna be me and dr. O'Shea teachin on it there is gonna be some continuing to IDI credits we're thinking it might be 8 to 12 hours so that only matters because you're gonna fly to Europe okay hang out in Greece Crete Israel have a lifetime experience and get credits for it and that also means it's deductible next week we're gonna expand on it better and hopefully I'll have the video stuff fixed by next week thank you very much [Applause] [Music] [Music]