Volvo DSeries Crawler Excavators Walkaround video

[Music] Volvo proudly presents pure productivity at its best the new D Series excavator range these machines will do the work for you no matter what the challenge ensuring maximum productivity in the toughest applications and most demanding environments Volvo's no d-series machines are developed to boost your productivity in terms of comfort ease of operation fuel efficiency and profitability Volvo's engines deliver high torque an excellent hydraulic flow even at low rpm Volvo's excavators are known for their excellent fuel efficiency the d excavators come with new engines that meet the new emission legislation harmful emissions and external noise have been significantly reduced for greater environmental care to maximize productivity the regeneration system can be activated during operation the thermostatic controlled cooling reduces fuel consumption and noise and extends component life even further a world-class excavator has to have a world-class operator environment everything you need is right at your fingertips the Volvo car cab is mounted on viscous silicon rubber mounts greatly reducing whole body vibration and noise the rollover protective structure ROPS provides even greater protection for the operator the Volvo car cab is the place to do more vital machine diagnostics are always available thanks to the clear and easy-to-read color IEC you monitor The Devil's has a screen for the rear view camera booms and arms are made from high-strength tensile steel the new generation excavators have improved idlers and sprockets Volvo's well-known building quality ensures consistent long-term durability even in the toughest applications [Music] bolos d series is all about productivity five work modes help you select the right mode and efficiency for the application at hand brute digging power enables you to extract as much as possible as fast as possible especially in hard or compacted materials thanks to the new highly improved bucket in-and-out speeds and the two pumped bucket conflict system boom down speed there further increased on the new ICI 340 D EC 380 D and EC for a TD models thanks to the boom down army and system and the flow summation hydraulic flow is redirected in the most optimized way for significant boosts in productivity or even more momentum to the digging arm the boom float function can be activated gravity now lowers the boom and the unused hydraulic flow is redirected to the arm for even faster digging speeds in challenging terrain you'll appreciate increased traction force and precise travel control for faster and smoother rides over difficult ground and uphill grades [Music] Volvo's user-friendly attachment managing system allows storage for up to 18 different attachment presets it lets operators change attachments quickly without need for manual setup this saves downtime and increases productivity to maximize your production Volvo excavators are service friendly easy to reach compartments open quickly for any necessary checks replacements or services service points and filters are grouped at as close to ground level as possible for easy access making daily checks and change outs quicker for increased productivity Volvo's care track communicates with the machine and provides detailed information such as uptime productivity and service on a protected website [Music] Volvo's new generation of D Series excavators strengthens its position as a world leader in excavators at Volvo you get much more than a machine you get a partner you can rely on and something no other excavator can offer fewer productivity and the best profit per ton [Music] you