Who controls the internet

I think the people control the internet the people who use it is really who controls the Internet and we are the ones who are putting in so much data into it we're the ones who are sharing our lives on it governments sort of limit what's out there what we can see what we can see what we search what we don't search but I also think definitely enterprises like Google Google decides that when you search something what comes up first what comes up last I think major corporations have a lot to say what's on the internet how its displayed how its marketed how its produced I think government has a lot to do with what maintains what stays on the internet and how that information is disseminated you know they say information is free but if you're surrounded by advertisements I consider that not free because it's you're being bombarded by efforts to make you spend money and affect your thinking and all that you could argue the cable companies on the Internet right because everybody gets their internet from cable I think who owns the whoever owns the pipe that delivers the internet kind of owns the Internet I think the nature of the Internet is very much that no one controls it I think you can turn it off for your population as we've seen some countries do but for the most part the whole purpose of it is that no one controls it