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hey everyone Donna here and today I'm in a video with Cathy Farlow domino hockey so the topic that we're talking about in this video brings both of us a little bit out of our comfort zone to talk about you know in a video it is a bit out of my comfort zone but I think it is important to talk about it so we both kind of yes I'm opinion exactly it really annoys us that talking about this is a job making weight so we want to talk about it to like try to break the taboo yes yeah so exactly because it makes us uncomfortable we're gonna talk about yes so the first thing I'd like to ask is did you learn about getting your period in school how did that go for you like when did you learn about it was it a part of sex education or how was that so I did learn about it in school and it was part of sex education we had sex education twice during our school once in like fourth grade I think third or fourth and then again in like seventh or eighth grade and then we found all about yeah sex education but also how the female body works and when you learned about it was it just the girls learning about menstruation and periods or where the boys and the girls together in the classroom we were all together boys and girls were both in the same room and I remember that in seventh grade the teacher said well it's important for all of you you should know how the female body works for me growing up in the u.s. I can remember learning about that also in like maybe fourth grade fifth grade but for us girls were taken into one room and we learned about our periods and administration and like how our breasts would develop and they also gave us deodorant that was a part of that but yeah they started talking about how yeah oh you're gonna sweat more and that's when we got our first deodorant that was part of that so since you're gonna have your ministrations you're gonna sweat yeah a bit like as you would identity you'll start to cement more so here's a deodorant like that was when I was behind or 10 they gave us a little baggie like a plastic bag and inside of it was some information some papers and a kind of small travel-size deodorants and I'm not sure what the boys learned they were taken aside and had their own course that the girls weren't a part of but they also got a baggie that had deodorant as well we did get it back - I just remember that they're like tampons and pads yeah we did get that okay but no deodorant no do not it was it was like a little brochure like came with it you like just purse summing up yeah we're in school but later on when we had sex education they didn't mention it again so yeah that was for me basically it I had that when I was maybe nine ten oh and never again no that was it that is so interesting music I mean that's too early these most girls have it when they're like 12 13 14 yeah the first time you would have to have a refresh right no there was no refresh no I would say I forgot about a lot of the information by the time I got my period cuz yeah it was a few years later yeah so it kind of leads into then getting your period for the first time do you remember that I I do yeah I think I had my period for the first time when I was 13 yeah I think I think that was the same for me too I think 13 yeah I was one of them more later like for my class I was not the first one to have it so most of them had it and I was a bit later yeah everyone else so that was kind of weird for me because everyone was talking about it and we I remember we went to we went on a trip and then everyone for some reason basically every girl had it except me and I had never had it so I couldn't talk about it so that was kind of a kind of felt left out yeah I had the very similar experience in the u.s. there is pretty common for some people to go to a sleepaway summer camp I don't know how common those are here in Germany but I went to a sleepaway summer camp for several weeks during the summer for a few years in there and I when there and we had like 10 of their girls together in the same cabin and most of them had their period and I did not and I was one of the only ones and it at summer camp I got my period for the first time and you might think like oh that seems like a perfectly wonderful environment and I was prepared like when when we packed for me to go to summer camp my parents gave me pads your parents are your mom my mom okay my mom yeah was my mom yeah my mom my mom made sure that I had some to take with me just in case and then it happened I remember I went to the bathroom and there was blood there and even though I had learned about my period I was still shocked like I didn't know the because it was a few years earlier that I had learned about it I was still like oh my god what is that what's happening to me is it you know I didn't okay think right away it's my period you know I just oh it didn't come to MOCA it just I was at first shock and I can remember coming back out of the bathroom and going up to my bed and sitting there and I don't know if you can imagine this kotti but I was like one of the louder girls at camp you know always excited and loud the fact that I was sitting on my bed very quiet was a giveaway that something was up so within a few minutes the other girls started to ask me like Donna are you okay uh-huh uh-huh yeah I'm not wrong because like I was really and then one of them came and started talking to me and I told her I think I just got my period but don't tell anyone and she was like don't worry well oh and then but the thing was all the girls celebrated it with me they all went hey okay yeah they all got started grabbing tampons out of their bags and like celebrating women like throwing them in the air that sounds so cliche like in a movie yeah I tried to use the tampons but it was not successful like I didn't yeah it's hard for the first few times you have it and you kind of adjusting to the whole process process itself then you have to like change every so hours and then yeah I know and like trying something new is kind of weird yeah yeah and that I was at camp you know there was a lake and we would all go swimming and now here I was like well what am I supposed to do and the whole tampon thing didn't really work right away and I can remember then wearing a pad and be like what I want to go swimming and so I was swimming anyway with the pants so uncomfortable but I didn't want to be left out it was it wasn't but I didn't want to be left out I didn't know I guess the only one sitting there like I can't go in you know it was very much we'd also love to hear about your experience if you would like to share please let us know down in the comments like was it a scary experience did you know exactly what to do you were expecting it were you a late bloomer or someone who got their period earlier and yeah how was that for you just let us know down in the comments I had some terrible traumatic things happen to me in high school where my period was just so heavy that I leaked through my pants and went on the chair and I felt so much shame about this I felt just so wrong and bad and dirty and just also the fact that we can't women can't talk openly about their periods I think is also very wrong I remember having this one of the worst experience of my life with the period I was in India and a member had got my periods and I was with a man I asked him could you please go quickly get me the bad he said how can you ask me to do that I'm not gonna go it's such a shame for me to go Aster's no I'm not gonna go he made a huge scene I will never be able to forget that even today there in the villages it is still taboo a big taboo I see a lot of girls give up education once after they get their periods the idea of pad is still not there but it is getting better but a lot of girls have lost education because of their periods I used to cry whenever I still get it bread no school nothing and then my mom I remember she fought for me she said no she's gonna go school she's gonna dance and that was my mom's first ever bad eye I saw like tons of videos on YouTube for example how to hide a tampon in your bag so no one else would see it in school I think that is kind of ridiculous now I don't feel like it's a taboo I'm not like ashamed to talk about my period but I feel like a lot of younger girls are sort of pushed into a position where it should be embarrassing to be on your period for me growing up in the US I really got the feeling that periods were something that a lot of men and boys were grossed out by like and I got this message from the my peers around me from TV movies just society in general I have even as an adult experienced it with you know like grown men talking to them about the subject and them really reacting to me like oh no no don't don't talk about period and I'm like are you kidding me or like I made a few videos on my channel about period products in Germany in the US and then there were comments like ah this you know girl topic the thing is just in general just for any topic I really hate when people say well it doesn't affect me so I don't want to know anything about it that's ridiculous the knowledge is so important I grave even though you don't experience it just knowing about it and like kind of feeling into the others situation is so crucial yeah that made me feel bad right it made me feel like something about me was so disgusting that I couldn't talk about it that I needed to hide my tampons in my sleeve when I walked around like oh no I don't want to let any of the boys know that I have a period and I felt bad talking about it with any boys that I was chatting with so I think with me I I don't remember a boy specifically saying oh this is disgusting I'm like um like like class trips I think they were kind of like interested I think it was kind of a topic for both boys and girls being interested in it but since you've said well I'm kind of hiding everything I kind of still do it and that just made me feel like oh right like um for example I know in in my college or something like if I have to go to the bathroom I would kind of like I'm just grabbing a pencil from my bag yeah and then just I don't know hiding it or like secretly stuffing it putting in your pocket right huh yeah what is that yeah I just realized like I still do it it's kind of something secret like oh like I don't want them to see like that and is it that you don't want it girls Oviatt all the boys are everyone like I would care less if it was a girl yeah but kind of everyone it is but I don't know why I still do it yeah yeah because it's in our society that it's like something that we should for some reason be ashamed of which we shouldn't because it's just a natural part of life that's just about a natural part of the world and it shouldn't be something that I agree we feel is taboo or anything like that and also I was just thinking about period cramps like I get really really bad period cramps every single month like it like I it's gotten to the point where I almost have to throw up like my back hurts it's like three or four days in a row like it's pretty bad I kind of pushed through it um even though I feel like absolute shit like it's very painful like I kind of don't want to tell people if I'm like even though I'm okay with girls but if I would have like a okay well like I could business meeting you wouldn't say that I guess but if you're in a situation but you would have to explain to someone I'm in I am in pain right now I wouldn't do you feel bad because you have a headache you would tell people like I'm sorry if I'm not myself today yeah I'm this and that right and I feel like I wouldn't say I'm on my period I feel like shit I want to go home I want to lay down and um I would it I would kind of push through and be pain if you go to the store to buy period product just like does that make you uncomfortable yes definitely and I hate it why does it do that like I'm 23 I've had my peers for like ten years now it's still I mean it's getting better it's not super awkward but I used to like actually hide it and like don't go to a guy at the cashier and yeah visit the same with you or um no I was it the same with you maybe when I was a teenager and I will say I also was nervous to ask my dad at first just because I had heard from the whole society it felt like that guys were gonna be disgusted by this or they didn't want to know about this and so at first when I started to need more period products I can remember being really nervous and in my family my dad is the one that does the shopping so I had to ask him cuz he's the one that buys the stuff and I've never heard but so I was nervous to do it let's say I know what I can't hear yet I mean what speak up I can't hear any past dad okay fine and he was chill he didn't care okay put it on the last pads I do you think it's getting better and better though I think lots of girls would actually ask their boyfriend or husband to go get some tampons if you yeah like wrap and stay at home and don't want to see anyone I think it's getting better yeah with like younger generations I just think it's 2019 it is time for it to stop being a stigma and if we talk about it more maybe we can also get better period products you know like if it becomes less of a taboo did you hear about the tax situation in Germany so in period products its attacks like normal taxes that is like 19% for everything and for food for example and like stuff you need in everyday life it's six percent or seven sorry correct me if I'm wrong I think well something around that and so we always had to pay like twenty percent of taxes on period products which we can't like I'm sorry I have it but it's just Google so that means that were like categorizing it as a as a non necessary I am yes and like luxury product that what they're actually called yeah luxury products there was a big petition going on and like lots of influencers and youtubers and people were sharing it and now they actually decided for it to be like the reduced tax which is great yeah I mean that's not a luxury item it isn't necessary I know yes sorry solutely necessary taken that's great I mean we're developing but this was also like for example with the the iPhones and stuff like that that they brought out that health app and they were like there's a health app and it can track so many things and for so many versions of it it didn't track the menstrual cycle I've never thought about that but you're right and it's like okay really you bring out this thing and it can track so many things yeah you know we're having our period every month that's like one of the main things that we would need to track and for many versions it didn't have it oh come on does it now or is it it has it now getting more ladies in leadership positions of health apps so being stoked that more land doesn't happen again leadership positions in all sectors yes another thing I want to ask you is as far as like any slang terms go for period what can you think of in German or in English because actually period is a slang as well for menstruation so we have period okay so I think the most common thing Germans say is I have my tag of yes days I used to say go to Otunga which is like Brett on yeah oh come here we have Aunt Flo let us know down in the comments if there are some more in English or German or any other language like what are some of the slang terms and I think these terms are cool and fun but on the other hand they do remind that we don't feel comfortable to say menstruation you know having these other words to hide it it reminds that it's a taboo topic like a way to find nicknames right exactly we don't have a million nicknames for headaches because we just say we have a headache no I think the words can also though form bonds between girls because you know is the secret language that you're talking so our question for you is of course we are just two people and these were our experiences with it but I can imagine that so many different people have lots of different experiences please let us know your experiences with it in as much as you're comfortable talking about it and help break the taboo please let us know in the comments below thanks so much for watching and a really big thank you kotti for joining me in this video 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