Xiaomi Mi 10 Mi 10 Pro SD865 108MP 30W Wireless Everything to Know




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today show me to the raps of the new flagship phones the me 10 and the me 10 Pro well that in itself is quite exciting news it is all the more exciting given that here in India we've been promised more premium xiaomi phones this year and it doesn't get more premium than these flagship 5g smartphones from Xiaomi right so I was pretty excited for these and if you are too then this is all you need to know about the meat and the meat and pro what these moons are all about and what Chum is offering here hey guys - here from c4e tech and if you do end up finding this video informative subscribe and please consider turning on notifications by hitting that Bell icon let's now get this video started okay let's kick things off with the me 10 design-wise xiaomi seems to have retained a similar language design language to the Meno 10 the quad camera set up the karadian pattern to the back the curved sides at least that's how it appears from the renders from whatever we've seen to the front they've gone with a 6.6 seven-inch that seems to be their favorite size of choice now a full HD Plus AMOLED panel that's curved to the sides and in the punch hole for the 20 megapixel selfie shooter and the meat and as well as the meat and pro might very well being mistaken for last year's flagship Galaxy S 10 from the render than the photos that we've seen thus far it also seems like xiaomi have really cut down on the bezels even the bottom shin looks like it's terribly prescient so thin bezels a large AMOLED panel support for HDR 10 plus and stereo speakers one on the top of the phone and another on the bottom so the media experience now that is something xiaomi seems to have paid extra attention to here now xiaomi claims that although the display on the meat and the meat and pro have the same hardware they've calibrated the one on the note I mean the weekend Pro to have better more accurate colors I don't really get this part if they have the same hardware I wonder why would they make one better than the other that is something we're gonna have to figure out once we get our hands on these phones which we will as always I'm gonna be importing them and then maybe it give at least one of these away which one should I give away leave a comment down below okay cool this place dilip nice right so what about the refresh rates for gamers out there Xiaomi has not disappointed these phones they come with 90 Hertz refresh and 120 Hertz touch sampling basically what that means is that the screen can show a new image 90 times a second and it looks for a new input 180 times a second so it should be a super smooth gaming experience with near-instantaneous touch response even Apple with their current gen iPhones offers a 120 Hertz touch sampling rate now to keep all these running smoothly both phones have the top-of-the-line latest now dragon 865 chip and with that we get eight or twelve gigs of ram paired with 128 or 256 gigs of really fast u FS 3.0 storage the me 10 Pro goes a step higher by offering 512 gigs of storage also the 12 gigs of ram it is sure it is a bit of a bit of overkill sure but then I guess this is show me wanting to have bragging rights by being the first brand to launch a phone with 12 gigs of MU of the new ddr5 ram from Samsung now the new SAS Snapdragon processor does also bring with it a host of connectivity improvements all thanks to that X 55 modem inside first we have dual 5g support with theoretical top speeds of up to three T VPS next up we also have the upgraded Wi-Fi 6 capabilities now what is Wi-Fi 6 that's an entire video by itself but simply put it should mean faster Wi-Fi and once who are going to notice it most are gamers thanks to lower latency timings another feature that might benefit gamers is the robust liquid cooling solution that Xiaomi is adopted so this should technically keep thermals under control ok so till now barring having a higher storage option the me 10 pro hasn't really differed much from the regular meeting so what's so pro about the meet and Pro well charging speeds and cameras that is very the difference is like now we are lean the meet end the regular meetin has a slightly higher capacity battery for 780 mah compared to 4500 but the charging speeds it's much faster with the v10 pro it's 30 watt fast charging on the median which is not bad not bad at all it's still quite fast but the meet and pro here Xiaomi is gone for a whopping 50 watts of fast charging so this puts it on par with say Samsung 45 watts or opos superbook or rather real meas if everyone's super hook so maybe once we get our hands on these phones we do one another charging test is that something you guys would like to see once more leave a comment down below now another thing that is really insane is these phones have support for wireless charging and not just anywhere in this charging but 30 what wireless charging 30 freakin watts I mean it is through a proprietary charging pad yes but the meeting here charges as passed wirelessly as it does wired so you know how we all love one places-- warp charge that study watts and this does tell you what wireless charging and and also on top of all of that has 10 watt reverse wireless charging so here we're charging shown is just gone nuts we still have phones in the budget segment that's coming out with what he said then was charging and here we have 10 watt Brewers wireless charging so guys coming back to the differences between these two it's the cameras now both phones have four cameras to the back the primary is the same hundred and eight megapixel sensor from Samsung this is the Samsung isocell bright hmx sensor that we've seen before on the me note 10 its coupled with similar F 1.69 lenses I say similar and not same because there is a difference yeah the me 10 it gets a 7 P lens while the meet and pro gets an 8 P lens it's basically the same difference that we saw between the me CC 9 pro or the me 10 and the special edition Missy Cena and bro now according to DX remark the combination of this hardware in the newer processing from the snapdragons 865 that's resulted in better images especially under low-light and there's also been created dynamic range and as a result the combined cameras core of the v10 pro is 124 making it the highest rated camera phone in the market and it's not just about that hundred and eight megapixel sensor either we have three other sensors and for the v10 it's a fairly regular affair a 13 megapixel ultra wide with an F 2.4 lens and then there are a couple of run-of-the-mill 2 megapixel sensors one for macro another for debt reduction with a meet and Pro though it's got a very similar set up to the Mino 10 the only thing missing here is a dedicated macro we have a 20 megapixel ultra wide a 12 megapixel telephoto 4 2 X zoom which is probably what they're going to be using for those portrait shots and in there is finally 8 megapixel super telephoto that's 4 5x optical zoom that comes with oh is the combination of these cameras should let us go up to 10x with hybrid zoom in 50x but digital zoom both phones are also capable of capturing 8k video thanks to that 865 chip so that is all we know about these two phones this seemed very interesting the total Hardware package here it's very exciting right the software we all know what it's gonna be me y11 built on top of Android 10 so we should see the regular stuff Universal dark mode that should take advantage of these AMOLED panels and all that we've seen them all before so pricing the meeting starts at $39.99 yuan so that's around 40,000 rupees or 570 US dollars the meet and pro you know the one with those telephoto camera is the crazy zoom that faster 50 were charging well that starts at $49.99 you won or about 51,000 Indian rupees again that's somewhere around 715 US dollars if you were to do the map now the most by far these are the most expensive me flagships that show me is May it's 1,000 yuan or almost 10,000 rupees pricier than the previous generation me flagships so if Xiaomi does come to India with a meeting and meeting Pro would you be willing to shell out 40 or even 50 thousand rupees to buy these luxury pawns I mean that's most definitely one plus and even with the light series of phones Samsung territory and that's probably due to the fact that these hah I mean these phones come with 5g and Shaun is throwing a lot of new features here like that super fast charging superb as well as charging and so on would you mind paying a premium for these especially premium for 5g in a market like India where 5g is not gonna be available for quite a while do you think that even makes sense leave a comment down below and with that you get at the end of this video and it is time I bid you adieu thumbs up thumbs down based on what you felt about this video share it with friends and family if you can subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that Bell icon if you haven't yet and thanks a lot for watching til next time my name's ash you've been watching c4 attack and I'm signing off for now you guys have a great day bye bye