engjp?생리를 빨리 끝내준다고 질 샤워기를 사용해봤다?My Feminine Shower Experience

Ready and shoot! My hands are very busy. When does this even end? Why can't I use this?! You should never do this way. It was very scary... My hands were shaking. Hi guys! It's Daisy here! Because it was my birthday last week, I took a week off from filming and now I'm back! Guys! I'm finally 30! Summer is coming and I expect that a lot of you already have plans to go to water parks and swimming pools. One of the biggest worries women have during this time is 'Is there any way to end my period soon?' For a person like me whose period lasts for about a week, it's so uncomfortable. So I prepared a review on a product that ends your period earlier. It's disposable feminine wash! The reason why your period gets longer is because there is excess blood left on your vaginal wall. If you clean your excess blood with this feminine wash, it is known to end your period early. My average period is about 7 days and my cycle is about 31-31 days. This review includes personal opinion and I do not represent any brands. Now, let's get started! The disposable feminine wash can help you in these situations: 1. when there is a lot of secretion 2. when it smells a lot 3. when there is a lot of excess blood left and you want to end your period fast 4. when you want to effectively clean your vagina after going to the beach or water park Because I wanted to spend a steamy night with my husband as fast as possible, I tested this product right away. I'll talk about this more in detail later, but I felt that the products have different characteristics and the effect may vary depending on one's body structure. So I'm going to introduce and compare 2 products. The first product is Cepee which is famous in Japan. You can now purchase it at Olive Young. It's quite expensive as it is sold at 5,000 won ($5). However, Cepee is bigger in volume as it is 120ml and the nozzle is longer. Both products are composed of low acidity sterilized purified water for PH of the vagina. This is the shape of Cepee. It's quite confusing to use if you do not read the instructions, so I recommend reading it. When you unpackage the product, it looks like a water bottle. The showerhead comes up when you dislocate the blue cap and lift the head part. Then, put the showerhead into the white cap you dislocated and if you put it back on the body, you're ready to use it. Finally, insert the product into your vagina at the place and posture of your convenience. My convenient posture is kind of like horseback riding posture as it's neither standing nor sitting. Convenient posture differs by person and the posture you are in when you insert period cup or tampon may be it. It's always kind of scary to insert new products into my body so my hands were shaking. Cepee has 9 water holes on the showerhead. When you press the product, you can see water coming out of the holes. You just have to get ready and shoot. Because the body is flexible, you can either use one or two hands to press the body. It cleanses your vagina and the inserted water comes out with secretion and excess blood. Because water is sprayed from the bottom, water may pour down while cleansing. So I recommend using it inside the shower booth or while taking a shower than on the toilet for clean and safe usage. As Cepee is a disposable product, you must never reuse it and dispose it in the blue plastic bag that comes with it. The next product is made and sold in Korea. It's Soochaehwa. It's sold at 3,600 won ($3.6) but it has smaller volume than Cepee as it is 110ml and has shorter showerhead. These are the two products before assembling them. Soochaehwa doesn't require additional assembling and you can use it right away if you take away the packaging. Unlike Cepee, you can use it just by taking off the cap. So if you have a hard time following and understanding instructions, this is the product for you! Soochaehwa has couple of similarities in design with Cepee. It also has 9 water holes. However, the plastic is much thicker and the body is less flexible. So when you try to press the body, it's quite hard to press it with one hand. I recommending pressing the body with both hands. Because pressing the body requires a lot of strength, it's not easy to press the body from the bottom. The length of the body is also short. If you do not press the body as if you're folding it, you may only use half of the water inside. So I didn't feel like my vagina was cleansing for the first several times I used this. Why can't I cleanse when the water is inside?! Soochaehwa is also a disposable product so dispose it right away after using it. Now I'm going to answer several questions regarding feminine wash in general. 1. Cautions: do not reinsert the product and cleansed water should not reenter the product and be reinserted into your body. If you press and let go of the product, already inserted water or vaginal secretion may go inside the product as pressure gets lower. So you must never press and let go of the product as if you're eating tube popsicles and you should press the product to the end at once. I recommend pressing the product as if you're squeezing toothpaste from bottom up. If you press the product from the middle, water may be left. 2. Did your period actually end faster than usual? Disposable feminine wash is recommended to be used after 3 days since the start of your period. I used it on Day 4 and also on Day 5 when needed. My period ended about a day early after using this disposable feminine wash. The effect may be lesser than your expectation. I also anticipated that my period would end about 2-3 days earlier but the product did not have that much of a dramatic effect. Because I lack patience, my patience hits rock bottom from Day 5 of my period. When does this even end?! However, after using this product, the amount of excess blood significantly decreased and and it also got rid of smell. 3. Which of the two products should I use? For me, Cepee was better. I think the criteria for choosing is similar to choosing tampon/period cup. If you use small size period cup, I recommend Soochaehwa as it has shorter showerhead. However, if you use regular/long tampons or medium/large period cups, I recommend Cepee. But a big drawback of Soochaehwa is its body as it lacks flexibility. Because it has smaller volume, shorter body, and stiff plastic, you can't effectively use up the water inside. An inconvenience of Cepee is it requiring assembling. Of course I think it has hygienic design as the showerhead is located within the body before assemblance. But I think such hygiene may decrease as the showerhead may be polluted since your hands may pollute the product while assembling. Assembling also requires both hands so your hands are so busy. It's important for you to slowly and meticulously assemble the product. 4. Are you planning to continue using the product? I think I'll keep on using it on Day 4 and 5 of my period. I felt that the product god rid of smell and cleaned excess blood. When only regarding how fast it ended my period, it didn't meet my expectations. But it definitely got rid of smell and lumpy excess blood did not come out at all. Since Cepee costs 5,000 won I'm investing about 10,000 won ($10) each month. They say it is not good for woman's health to expose one's vagina to external environment. So I have no plans to use the disposable feminine wash on a normal basis. Our vagina has appropriate acidity and helpful bacteria. A lot of you guys will gently cleanse your vulva with water. I also normally cleanse in this way. But water from the shower is tap water and it cannot cleanse deep into your vagina. By using the disposable feminine wash, you can cleanse your vagina more effectively. I also experience it every month but period brings so many inconveniences to women. I hope these products help you lead comfortable lives even during your period. Did you guys enjoy today's video? I'll see you guys next time with more fun and helpful videos! Until then, bye guys :)