10 EASY Ways to Free up Space on Android Phones 2020


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In today’s video I’ll be showing you ten easy ways you can free up space on your Android phone. You might need to do this if your device is close to being full or if you need some extra storage space for new apps, photos or videos. You shouldn’t need to perform all the methods I have in order to free up enough space, so feel free to skip some as you go through if you don’t think they are worth it. Throughout today’s video, the method to change some of the settings might be slightly different depending on the device manufacturer, as some will run slightly different versions of Android. I’ll be using a Samsung device but whatever your device is you should still be able to follow along. Remember to leave a like and feel free to subscribe if the video helps, let’s move on to the methods to free up some space on your Android phone or tablet. The first method to free up space on your Android device is to run the optimise or clean up tool which should be built into Android. This might only feature on newer devices so don’t worry if you don’t have this option. In your settings, there should be an option called storage or similar. However, in my case, this option is called device care. In this section I have the option to optimise and this will help free up space taken up by unnecessary things, and you won’t notice a difference. It will also help with viruses, battery and more on my phone. Let’s move on to the second method. The second method is to get a third-party cleaner app. If you go into the play store and search cleaner, there’ll be plenty of these apps to choose from. You could go by the reviews at the time you are looking to choose the best one. I’ll use CCleaner as an example and once you install it and set it up correctly after giving it the necessary permissions, you should be able to run it and it will help clean your phone’s storage of files you don’t need. Let’s move onto method three. The third method is to delete items that are in your downloads folder. Your downloads folder could include files and photos that you’ve downloaded and if you’ve never cleared it, it could help free up some space. To clear your downloads folder, you need to go to your files. Search either files or documents on the app screen and there should be an app called my files, my documents or similar. In there, look for where it says downloads and tap on that. Now simply delete anything that you don’t need in here. The fourth method is to delete photos and videos from your device. If you go into your Google photos app, look for any photos and videos that you don’t want to keep and delete them. These will take up a lot of space and should help to dramatically increase the storage available. Alternatively, if you have a Google account set up correctly with the photos app, select an image or video then tap on the three dots icon in the top right and then choose delete from device. If set up correctly to sync images and videos to your Google account, then these images and videos will still be kept but not stored on your device. Research this a bit more if you are unsure about how it works. Let’s move onto method five. The fifth method is to remove any unused apps from your device. To remove apps that you don’t use, go to settings and then find the apps or applications option. You should see the list of apps on this page and all you need to do is go down the list and look for apps that you don’t use. To remove an app from your device, select it in here and then choose uninstall. Of course, you can uninstall apps the traditional way from your apps screen or home page, but within the app settings, it will tell you more about the app such as the amount of storage space it takes up and that should help you make the decision on whether it’s worth removing or not. Method six to free up space is to clear app cache. Again, the app cache on your existing applications can take up some storage space. Apps like Facebook will probably have a lot that you can delete. Clearing the app cache shouldn’t cause any issues but you might need to sign back into these apps. It should be worth it and to clear the app cache you need to go to the application settings. This is the same settings page that we were in for the last method. Find and tap on some of your most used apps and on the next page there should be an option called storage or similar. Tap on that and on the next screen there should be an option called clear cache. There will also be one called clear data, but we don’t necessarily need to do that. We just need to tap on clear cache and that’s it. Let’s move onto method seven. The seventh method is to get a micro SD card and use that as external storage. This will allow you to store your photos, apps and more on the external storage. You can move your apps and photos to there to help free up space. Method eight is to transfer some of your photos and files to your PC or to an external hard drive as back up. This is similar to the last method but if you don’t have or don’t want to get a micro SD card then doing this could help. Just use your USB charging cable to transfer these files to your PC and then you can remove them from your device. The ninth method is to get alternate versions of some of Google’s apps. These apps such as Maps, will use Chrome to allow you to access Google maps and they therefore take up much less space on your phone. You can get them from the play store and to check that they are official, they will be made by Google LLC. Let’s move on to the final method. The final method is clear the cache within the Chrome app. Doing this won’t make too much difference, but some sites may take a little longer to load, but it should help free up space if you are desperate for it. To do this, tap on the three dots icon within Chrome and then go to history. Then tap on clear browsing data and then just check the box for cached images and files and set the time range to all time. Now just tap on clear data! And so that’s ten easy ways to free up space on your Android phone or tablet. If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments below and if you did find today’s video helpful remember to leave a like and feel free to subscribe for more tips in the future. Be sure to stick around to see some of my other videos that you might be interested in. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you in another video!