Adini Sen Koy Episode 19 English Subtitles

Zehra! Zehra, do you hear me? Zehra! Zehra, open your eyes, Zehra! Zehra! Zehra, come on open your eyes. Zehra! Omer Bey. Omer Bey, I did not know there was someone inside. I do not understand how she, It's not your fault. How does the file look? You have done a great job. Thank you. Where's Omer? I want to get his opinion. How did I do that? How? You wait. Where's Omar? Why do not you open? Alev lady ... ... Omer Bey is not in here. I know he is not here. Where he? He went out very urgently, but he did not say where he was going. So it is. You let me know first when he comes in. Yes Mrs Alev. You can go. How's the situation? Do not worry, the situation is good. But our patient has been through a great risk. It will take some time for her to wake up. How much will it take? Probably recovered in a few hours. Get well soon. Thanks. Where's Omer? I do not know. I am calling but do not open it. Gee. And where does he go on such an important day? For sure it is much more important job. Tell me if you know anything, Nihat. This job is no joke. Alev, how would I know? Am I not Omar's body guard. It would not be bad idea. At least you would be useful for something. All the best for her health. Is she your wife? This sick person is she your wife? Yes. -I'll give her a shot. What happened Koray? Is this new? I bought it for you. Did you like it? Why did you bought it? It was not necessary? Here is ... ...For this. Is it OK? Come. Come on. How is it? Did you like it? Let's get on it.. Ayy, where will I find this girl? I ask God to do something to you Zehra? You wanted to catch a mouse and you lost it too ... Do not you take your nose down, Zehra? Will you find better than Yener? Omer. Parvin. Are you sick? All the best. No, I'm not. Ha, good. I was at your company yesterday. Oh, by the way, I hear you're married, so congratulations. Where is your wife? I'd like to meet her, too. Pervin, I am sorry but I have to go. Sure, see you. If Ayeshe learns about the accident ... Nobody should know about this. Nobody. Did you wake up? Will you get up? We need to go. Here it is. Lady Müzeyyen, did you want something? Where's Nazan-? She was here. I will get her. I wanted her to get the tea ready ... ... and a snack for Asia. She did not eat anything at breakfast. I will prepare for Asia what she likes.. I will find Nazan. Ah Nazan ah. Where have you gone again? You're disappear again. No. Why is not here and where it could be? And what's next? Okay I'm coming. Uff! What am I going to tell Mrs. Alev now? Anyway, I'il come back again. Now think about it the mother. It was good when I picked up the money. But when she wants to give the girl she is not around. Do not do that , if she isn't then she needs to find her, right? After all the girl is her daughter. But I tell you, if she does not find Zehra, she will be punished for it. She will be punished. That is it. Yes Omer? Hello. Demir, is the doctor in the company today? Yes. He finishes at 12. Why did you ask? How things are at the bottom level? Is it Still in renovations? Yes. You're going to evacuating it now Demir, nobody's should be there. Okay, what happened, Omer? Demir, you just do as what I told you. No one should be staying downstairs. I understand. OK. Send out everyone from the bottom floor. Immediately. What could have happened? Why Omar leaves the meeting and go? It's about her. Zehra. What else could it be? Since this girl entered our life everything has been out of ordinary. Asia! Asia, come on and see what Hadye has prepared for you. Nazan sister, would you bring it here? I'm having a picnic. Of course I will bring it. What am I going to do now? Nazan sister, would you bring milk for Pamuk? Okay, I will bring it for him too. Ayy, come on, Nazan, come on! Come on! Come in. Mrs. Alev, your guests have arrived, they are coming up. Okay I'm coming. Hello Omar, I have emptied the whole bottom floor. I also sent workers away. I am waiting. Where are you? You don't wait Demir. The meeting is going to be in short time. I'm on my way, I'm coming. Why has not she woken up yet? Where are our guests? Have they come? Yes, they have. They came half an hour earlier. Did not you see them, No, I'm coming from bottom floor. From the bottom floor? yes. Why? Huh, they're here. Professor, welcome. Thank you. -You are welcome, Mr Kursat. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. This way please my Professor. Here you are. Where the hell is this girl? She will come soon. It will kill me the way you are so calm and easy.. She learned everything from her sister. My girls do not do anything wrong. Is that so? So, where is your precious daughter Zehra, huh? Where? Where is this? Let's. I saved it here. Hello. Yes it is me. I want you to come to the company right away. As for the explanation. I'm waiting in the ward, okay. Yeah, poisoning. The first intervention was done, but it did not work out. Unconscious. The pulse? I am looking now. Hurry, please. Very slow. You were in a hurry for these? Did you have another job, Nazan? Is it getting stick to your hands? Let's finished it. Where to Nazan? You can speak here. Nazan! Look she left her work half way and gone. Hadye do not interfere, let her to go and talk. Look, Ökkeş, this girl is going to leave and don't tell me that I didn't told you. When ever you see her she is on the phone and talking. She is making a life, I hope so. Come on. God willing. I done well. This is very nice. -Bon Appetit. -Thanks. Where are you Nazan? I've been calling you all morning. Mrs. Alev, I was going to call you. Okay okay, do not drag it. Did you found it. I found the box, but no brooch. To me... Well, okay, I'll call you back. Why did you leave our guests alone, Demir? I have work, Alev. You take care, please. Demir! Yes Alev? There is no Omar. You have a job. They are inside... I can't talk now Alev. So be it. Every crisis is an opportunity. Hello, Omer, where are you? Did you come? Why did you call, Demir? The Professor came a little early too. We will enter the meeting. We are waiting for you. Okay, I'll be there at the exact meeting time. Omer, tell me if there is anything. Please. Look, are you down there? Demir... ... you distribute the files, let them to study them. When I get there we can start, will you? Demir. OK. Sorry? You were talking to Omer? He was where? Why is not he here? -Don't worry, he is going to be here on time. Darling. We are in the garden with Asia. Is it Zehra? No, she hasn't come yet. For sure she is with my brother. My teacher, if you wish, you can browse the draft file before the meeting. It's good, Alev. We gain time. Excuse me, sir. Okay, see you. Did you talk to Omer? No, I called my wife. Was Zehra with her? I do not think so and still she is out. Omar is out too and they might be together. I mean, it's kind of romantic. Ayeshe. yes Ayeshe? My brother, I was going to ask something. Are you available? I am calling Zehra and I can not reach either. Are you together? Zehra ... Yeah. We are together but not available now. Ayy, isn't she available? Okay, brother, I'm closing. We can talk later. Was that your brother? Yes. He was with Zehra. It seems I call them at a romantic moment. Mom... ... I couldn't think that my brother would be so happy. Look, you're right there. I did not expect this much either. I've never been here before. Is not she beautiful? Very much. Look at that BOGAZ, Who knows what sort of life they have. We are just watching from afar. Would you like it? What? I do not know. I mean life like that. Who would not want that? Hello, sir. Good Morning. How long this has been like this? It's been two hours or something. Why did not you take it to the hospital? She is not going to the hospital. The hospital will come here if necessary. Okay okay. Calm down. I will do my best. She can stay here until she wakes up. But then she must go to the hospital. If she does not recover by an hour, she has to go to the emergency room. What do you mean? What happens if she doesn't wake up? The cause of her unconscious is the obstruction in the lungs. If it takes more than few hours ... ... or cause irreversible damage to the lungs. It looks good for both sides. Thank you teacher. Not only mine, but everyone's contribution. Especially Demir Bey. You have done well, Demir. We thank you. Thank you, Kürşat. So, where's Omer Bey? He'il be here at the meeting. He is always on time. It was before he got married, dear. Now he has a wife and it more important than his work. Would you like some more coffee? Well, that will be fine. Let me go! Leave me! I say leave! Open it! Quickly open that door. Why did you want to come down here? I could drop you at home. No. My family, I don't want my parents to see you. This is yours. I can not go home with that. OK. Then stays here. Go on. I will come back tomorrow. What are you doing, my dear? How fast does time flows away, mother? Asia was wearing these just like yesterday . Are you going to send them to a charity? Yes. But first I have another plan. Plan again, Ayeshe? I'm so sorry that I will not have another child again, Mom. But not for me, but for my daughter. I wanted her to enjoy having a brother like me. Do not open this subjects anymore please, Ayeshe. I have a super plan for this. I will show them to Zehra. By doing this I can ask her when they are planing to have a baby. Oh Ayeshe. what a great idea , mom? My daughter has no sister but ... I want her to have a cousin who can grow up like a brother together. Actually, it would be nice to do it right away, right? You have made the plans already. Oo! who is safe from you . You did not specify your opinion about the contract Kürşat Bey. I can say the most trouble-free consortium contract I've ever seen. I am already convinced that Alev will do good work. Thank you teacher. Where is Omar? That's what he should have heard. Excuse me. It has been an hour. I have to take her to the hospital. I can not wait any longer. You wake up? Yes? What fire? Is it a fire? When, where? OK. You do what you need. I will see Omer. What is he hiding down here? Demir. What is happening? There is no Omar, and you seem to have a more important job ... ... you're always on the phone. Do you hear me? Stop. Wait, you need to lie down. Where am I? Help! No one? Help! Help! Fire… There was a fire. I… No, there is not. No! I even looked into the sugar jar. Ugh! I have to find the brooch. Mrs. Alev will eat me raw. No no. Ugh! No no no. Not in the box. That means she has it. Wait, wait. What are you doing? Stop. Stop. Was it written in the contract to take life too? I did not have that intention. I just… He is not answering his phone, something has happened. Otherwise, Omar will never do such thing in his life. Just wait. It's our meeting time. Where is Omer Bey? Ea ... Do not you ever worry. Ömer Kervancıoğlu will never be late. Demir also disappeared. Hmm. Who is this? Gentlemen, welcome. professor I am very happy to see you in our company. Please, please. Thank you. If you want, we can start right away. Of course. Zehra? If we agree with the draft contract we have prepared, we can start from here. I have the same opinion. We do not have to waste any time. There is a short time left for the Tender too. Let's sign this preliminary contract, and let's do work together in the quickest time . Then, Nihat. Here, my Professor. Do you want to say good luck? Good luck. Drink some water. It softens your throat. Wait, I help you. Are you better? I'm fine. What happened to you? Good luck. We are going to be very strong consortium. Both companies are involved in the ... ... they will have entered a nicer structure than on their own. I hope it will be good for both sides. Professor, with your permission. After this , we will see each other more often. Mrs. Alev will take care of you and congratulation again. Thank you again. Thank you so much. Excuse me, sir. Follow Omer Bey. Find out where he went. You are not going to tell me what happened? What were you doing in that depot, Zehra? You were at the depot during the fire, were not you? Is not that jasmine? Jasmine! I say jasmine. Look at me, I am calling you. What's going on? What is going on? Wow! It's a crime to say hello. What's up, huh? You are also calling me from the back without being embarrassed. Why would I be embarrassed? Being in love is it crime girl, huh? Is love something to be ashamed of? I tell you straight forward that I love your sister. I love your sister, girl, I loved it like a man. You're crazy. How many times did she say that I do not want you? She does not want it today, but she will ask for it tomorrow. Go, go. Soon you will call me brother in law. Siting upright in this way will be good for you. Stops your coughing. Thank you. Demir. Why are you here? What is Zehra doing here? What happened to her? Look at the fridge, there is noting in it. We look like the poor people and stay in the middle Sevim. Do I go to the grocery and get something? I won't touch that money, that is mine. Find another remedy, but what? Where are girl since the morning, huh? I went for a walk. Is that forbidden? She went for a walk! Our tummy is full and the only thing was missing to go for a walk like rich people. I make you some orange juice, is not it? It's good after sports. Why was Zehra depot? Did she tell you? No, they called you from the warehouse. They couldn't find you. It was not difficult to put the pieces together. I did not want to be like that. Just… According to the consortium requirements ... ... we will concentrate on the tender now, Alev. A hard working period is waiting for us. It is my honor to work with you. I'm already looking forward to it. Then what are we doing? I will see you again. - Good trip, my Professor. -Thank you for everything. I will see you soon. Thank you so much. See you. See you. Goodbye. Where are you going? Home. Esin, what happened? Did you follow him? He didn't go any where, Mrs. Alev.He is Here. Is he here? Hello. Yes, she wake. But not good. She is shivering. Could it be something serious? I wanted to go upstairs, but security was blocked. Cracked entries are forbidden. Well, was not it in the renovation? Yeah. It could be in half. I do not know. OK. I'm going up. Let's see what you're doing. I understand. Thanks. God damn it. There is really no one. What do I expect from an assistant? So there really is someone.