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Coming to the 4th place on this week billboard is... "Đình Phong's "Chắc Ai Đó Sẽ Về". Only in top 4. I honestly wish to spend money making him a liveshow. However, it's still too further away. I'm sorry, you guys. C'mon, man. Who's still listening to radio, anyway? It's way past this century. Agree? Yup! People watch everything on the internet and television now. That's where you should evaluate! Hà! You mean that I'm outdated, too? Of course. How can I possibly compare to a MC appearing from top to bottom like you? Băng has misjudged Hà. I don't mean it. Please. How about I give you a foot massage? Whenever I stay close to Băng... I feel extremely... secured. A man like you going with a woman... "I feel extremely secured." Oh, Geez. Say something to secure your stand first. Are you planning on hitting her with... "Sissy, I'm in love with you fabulously." I'm in an utter misery. Keep teasing me and I might jump off a bridge. Don't stress out! I will never abandon you. Let's see. We must take advantage of Băng's current irritation... to turn defeat into triumph. You must do something... tenderly. Romantic. Unexpectingly! Unexpecting, isn't it? That's it. That's unexpecting. Something like that. I must admit that it is a big love you keep for Băng. Your clip is totally cute and it touches many people. Thanks to you, Phong's song has reached the top place after 2 days. Please! Don't get jealous for the rest of your life. But, Sky, watch what you've just said. I'm way too talented, awesome and elegant... not to mention being gifted, for an old hag no one wants to pursue like that? And her voice is merely the only thing apparent. I simply used up 1% of my power. I dare to say I would have been worldwide famouse if I gave it all. The reason I made this clip is to create a scandal for Phong. I don't-- Băng? You missed! Hey, Băng! Băng? Băng! Băng! Băng, Băng, Băng! Băng! I'd like to give you a sincere apology. I didn't mean it that way. I-I-I like you very much. You're always inside my mind. Do you know why? Because I idolize you as... my mama. From now on! Sister! Brother! Are you clear?! S-I-S Băng... He's so deserved it! Tomorrow you gain 2 Kgs more, 'kay? You're too skinny. Băng! "Sis Băng!" Do you think that... Băng and Hà can make a great couple? At first, I don't think so. But back then, I saw them deeply care for each other. Care? But Băng was very fierce. That makes a woman for me. However old they may be, they're still a woman. You seem to know a lot about women. How mustn't I? If I'm not sharp, how can I make you love me? Honey. I want to make a baby with you. Now?! Here? This is totally unacceptable. How can you conceive such an idea? No way! Don't be too naughty. - What? - My meaning is that... I'd love you to be my father's son. No, not like that. My meaning is... you're the father of my child. The father of your child? But there's no way. - Why not? - No way in hell. - Why? - I told you it can not be! - Why? Why? - Hey, hey! Drop that idea. How come you-- Look at that! Can you see it? It's the alien. They can watch whatever we're doing... - And I've always thought... - Help me! Sky... would be the woman I see every morning waking up. She would be... the mother of my children. Đình Phong's "Chắc Ai Đó Sẽ Về" has made an amazing breakthrough... from the 4th place to top of the billboard only in the weekend. - COME TO MY PLACE QUICK. - Coming up next is music by request. Those kids. Taking a liveshow so lightly. You have my condolescene, boss. Getting older 1 more year. C'est la vie. My hair is ruined. I always love you because you're always older than me. Happy birthday! You should change your hair color, man. Been keeping that color for 10 years. It becomes an antique! Happy birthday, man! Lâm! Today, each of us is going to give you an ultimately special present! - Ultimately special. - Totally exclusive. Totally exclusive. Sounds really nice. Should I be suspicious? Take that idea back. Phong gives you the most advanced laptop! Thank you, Phong. - And for Băng! - "Sis." For S-I-S Băng, she gives you the latest smartphone model! Thank you, Băng. But this is nothing. These two people only give you one present each. Me. Alone. Giving you 2 presents! - Oh, damn. - Cool, ain't it? Too cool to be true. Damn! A laptop's case! Nice, yes? And a smartphone's case. My presents are very durable, you see? Put my thoughts into it a whole night. Thank you. I'm afraid these might last forever. But there is one huge present that we all gave you before this birthday. Forget about it, don't you? The present that we have bet, remember? I'm talking about that song of Phong. It is now... TOP 1!!! I knew it. You took advantage of my birthday. But hear me out. It costs a great deal to make a liveshow. Especially during this tough time. But it's fine now. I've made my promise. Đình Phong Liveshow!!! - Not your usual apalooza! - Not usual! Not usual! Yes, doctor? Okay. I understand. Please go ask for an autograph. - No. You do it. - No, I can't! Please do it for me. - No, you do it! - No. You! - Do it! - What're you guys doing? - Ask him for an autograph now. - Oh, my God! He's so cute! - You go first. - God, he's so handsome. A rare case. With the probability of 1 person out of a million. The maximum remaining lifetime ever recorded is... 5 years. What? Still don't believe me? Why the hell is this happening? Every time I annouce a bad news, no patient believes me. I'm very sorry. I'm sorry because the last operation wasn't as successful as I've expected. However, I'll find a way to prolong his lifetime. Okay? There are 2 options. 2 options. The first option is to perform a traditional operation. Straight in here. The estimated time of treatment and recovery is 3 months long. But it is very effective. There is another option. We shoot the Gamma Knife beam into the tumor. Suppressing it! Yes! With this, you simply need a patient to have his head beamed. It only takes one day. Doesn't have to stay. Such method is extremely effective against pituitary gland tumor. Yet, for our current case... not as sufficient... as the last one. Đình Phong, may I have your autograph? Me, too. Would you take a photo with me? - Thank you. - Okay. Thank you very much. Strange, isn't it? Dusk. And dawn. I think both of them are pretty. But why... do people prefer to watch dawn... and name their children after it? The doctor said the tumor might... affect your vision first. So now we must find a solution to keep your eyes. Keeping the eyes only? What you need to do right now is-- I'm only joking. Don't be too stressful. Bình Dương's show on June 17th? SHOW SCHEDULE O.K. We go with new wage. We don't take the old one. Is it true that Gamma Ray... only takes 1 day to perfom? Hey, Lâm. Lâm? Why does Phong need to be hospitalized? It's nothing. I will never forget the experience of... my head being weighed down by that metal frame. and my skin being screwed by each of the nuts. It was horribly painful. But... I can't let mom and my loved ones see that. They would hurt more than me. Then, I started not being able to control my face... due to being shot with sedatives straight to the head. But he said it was nothing. THE WACKY COCONUT HEAD! Why do they laser through his head? We haven't got our down payment for the Bình Dương's show. Try to transfer us tomorrow or the next day. Thank you. Lâm. Why are you rushing on taking shows? I heard he needs months for recovery. Why don't you-- I won't drop any of his shows. You get that? - Huh, where are you guys going? - Hello, ma'am. Why? - Yes, ma'am? - Planning on traveling with Phong? No, ma'am. We're asking you to let us stay here for a couple of days. Are you kids serious? Very serious, ma'am! We're here to watch over Phong, in case he gets... labor abused of any sorts. Our income this month is not so bad. I will give you last month's money shortly. You know I don't care much about money. You keep it. To commemorate the first night we stay together... Let's play cards! - But I don't know how to play. - That's a bummer. If Sky doesn't know how to play, she should sit with Phong. - We gonna play Chinese Poker! - Yes! Chinese Poker? You two together are 1 hand, 2 hands, 3 hands. Including me are 4 hands. - That's enough. - Agreed. Please take your seat next to me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 7, 9, 14... Hey! I have a better idea. Why don't we play 17 Chinese Poker? How can you play Chinese Poker with 17 cards, huh? It's like... Cards Taker, Picker Hoarder, Looter! You know once you give it a try. Why are you winking, huh? Just play! Ah, I almost forget. There are only 52 cards. - If we divide it by 17, we only get 3 hands. - Right. Then... Lâm? Bro, I think you should go count your money. You guys continue. I'll hit the bed. How can you play with 17 cards, Hà? - No idea. I've arranged them into 5 layers already. - Too many cards to play. Wait, Lâm!!! Lâm! Let me go first! Lâm, Lâm! Please wait a little while. Please excuse me. I can't hold it anymore. Besides, you're senior here. Shouldn't you make allowance for kids? You greedy! Is it enough? Let put one more. Lâm. You can go in now. Can't even take a leak in peace. Shit. Hello? Stomachache! Stomachache! Is that so? Yes. Let me check the mail. Okay. Wait, Băng! Băng! I can't stand it anymore. Forget about Băng - Hà. Băng! Băng! Wait up! Băng!!! - Băng... - Ngô Kiến Hà!!! Phong? I will keep tonight's payment as usual, okay? Okay, man. This is a romance movie. Not a horror one. Why does it happen at such time? I'm coming! Give me a sec! Wait! Stop! You! You're indeed a singer on the set. How can you act with one eye convered by hair? When you perform on a stage, your lips can lipsync. But once you act, your eyes can not eyesync. A true artist is the one who can deliver emotions with his eyes. Make-up! Fix his hair! Director! If every actor requires 2 eyes to deliever... and I only need 1 eye to successfully touch the audience, then... can I call myself a true artist? If one day... I no longer be on this life, yet, my eyes... somewhere... will always lay on you. Laying on your very life. Cut! Well done. - Phong! - Yes, mom? Why is your hair like that? A requirement from the movie? No! Err... Yes! This is the latest trend. A fashion mode, momma. Mom! This crab hot pot of your signature is superior! - Clearly not usual! - Not usual! Not usual! - There you go. Eat up. - Thank you, ma'am. I swear if you'll open a crab hot pot restaurant, V-pop singers will come running in waves and waves. Then why did the super star tell me that he would lose his face? And you took it serious? C'mon, mom! Back then, I used to tease Sơn cross-eyed a half straight guy. And now my eyes are half awake half asleep. How appropriate! Amitabha! Jesus Christ! Sky? What? Do you love me? Sky. What's got into you? Of course, yes. Yes, yes. Yes! I. Love. You. So... do you hide anything from me? No, no, no. No, no, no! Get that? I really want to have a baby with you. Why is it so quiet? Let's turn on some music. - Băng? - Mmm? Let's do a selfie. What is it for, anyway? I will show it to the kids. What kids? Our future kids. Our future kids, huh? Hà! What?! Can you hand me a water bottle... from the fridge over there? Geez. Yes, sir! You must have some good companies in life. - Sis Băng? - Yes, dear? Can you pass me the Life of Pi novel... - on the self, please? - I'm occupied, baby. Pleas-s-se, my pretty sister! I'm painting my nails, you know? Here. Your water. Put it on the table for me, please. Thank you. Why can't I see it? There! It's on level 2 from the bottom. The second book from the right side. You have eagle eyes or what? It's clear that your eyes are getting shabby. Even I can see it from here. If you see it, why don't you get it yourself? All of your limbs were cut off or something? Now I've finally realized how much you think of me. Stop. Take it easy. I've just finished my manicure. Next time, if you see it, go grab it yourself. Stop acting spoiled. Yes, I know. I'm deeply appreciated your help. Băng, Băng. Let's do another selfie. Again? This time is for our grandkids. Are you asking me to beat you? Knuckle-head. - Hà? - What? Can you give me the bluetooth speaker... next to the TV? - What speaker? - The bluetooth one! It's right next to the TV. Are you blind? This one? Yes, it is. It's the red one. Precisely! C'mon, man. Stop wasting time. Phong, do you remember this clip? How can I possibly forget? This is the clip you and I made it on TV for the first time. That day, you got blew away from a crane by a gust of wind. Just like that, you fell into a river. And you keep drifting, drifting away. Yeah... Here's your speaker. C'mon, if you love me, gotta help me 'til the end. Play me "Nắng Ấm Xa Dần". Okay? Do you think I'm blind? Honey. Do I look good on this? My Sky is in the house? My Sky has a great body and a pretty face. She looks good on anything. Number 1! Number 1! Phong! Phong, are you okay? Phong? Let go of me! I can walk on my own.