ENG LOONA Welcome To Yves Birthday Party Special Guest

Hi! Hi!! Orbits, come on in! Come in! Why isn't it showing up for me? Orbits, hurry in! It's showing up. Amazing. Everyone, hello! It's Yves. For today, I'm a butterfly princess. For real, The reason I turned on VLIVE today is, in two days, on May 24th, it's my birthday! I've come to you on VLIVE in advance because I wanted to see you earlier. Everyone, have you been doing well? Should I look? "Wow it's Ha Sooyoung!" "Nuna, I love you" Oh, Jiwan, thank you. 'God Ha Sooyoung'-nim says Sooyoung, heart~ I love you too What have you all been up to lately? It seems like you'd spend all your time at home lately, but at home, watching my VLIVE, I hope you can have a happier time. As soon as I finished talking The "A" has fallen off. It's the "A" as in "a"pple, so we'll call it a special occurrence. Today, I will... I wanted to do a solo VLIVE, but I thought about bringing some younger members I care a lot about, so I brought two. They're very nervous in front of me. Let's call over our younger members! 1, 2, 3! Come in! The younger members that she cares about are here! - Hi! - Hi! - Oh, heavens. It's been so long. - Please sit. It's been so long, I was getting nervous out there. We were like "why are we so nervous?" Before we sit, should we greet them first? Sure. I am Choerry, a younger member that Yves cares a lot about. Hi! Yes, Yves thinks of me-- - Okay! - More than Choerry- - More than Choerry? I'm Go Won, and Yves cares about me more than Choerry! - Please sit. - Okay Go Won, for today I'm a butterfly princess. - Right. I've sponsored her for today. - Yeah. Because we couldn't find party cone hats, so in a rush, I found Santa hats in the practice room. Oh yeah. I wondered whether or not to use them, Go Won with her great sense brought these, and became a younger person I care a bit more about. Then... Then I have something prepared as well! - You have something? - Yes! What is it? Wait 3 seconds. 3, 2, 1! Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you! To Yves-unnie whom we love, Happy birthday to you! Wish time. Can I say it out loud? Do it however you'd like. I wish that we reach all our goals with our next comeback, I want each of us to be happy I hope that all the Orbits who love us become happier, I hope for everyone to be healthy, in Korea and the whole world. I'll go now. 1, 2, 3 Oh how nice! How did you know that I liked fresh cream? - Pretty, right? - Yeah. But we're not done here. In addition, we have... - The cutting ceremony! - Ah daebak - We also prepared a cutting ceremony - What do we do about the candles? You really did prepare everything, this being an "absolute mess of a" VLive. - Like this, just our hands together - I'll hold it up like this 1, 2, 3! Now we take a picture. - No!! - That's dangerous! She cut the candle... Not this~ - If you need tissues.. - Thank you - We have cut the cake like this. - Pretty! - You cut it well! - Oh we need to celebrate this. Ah! Cover your ears. Oh how do I use this? I'm not supposed to point it at others. 1, 2, 3! At other people... Light! The light! 1, 2, 3! A birthday party of horror... Alright! - Maybe I wished too much for myself.. - Oh, no. - Then should we add on a few wishes? - Should we? The candlelights are off, But fans can see them, right? Only the kind-hearted can still see the lights. - Now... - So do we make our own wishes? Yes, please do. Oh... I would like to meet Orbits again soon, And our next album has to come out, right? So I hope it does well too, and that we get another 1st place, And! More than anything else! To have even greater dreams, #1 on Billboard. - Let's go. - I hope for that. Since it's a wish. Right. Yes. Go Won now. I hope things work out for everyone, and me, Park Go Won, I hope things are great for me! I blew them out. But I hope the best for all, and happy birthday to Ha Sooyoung-unnie. Thank you. I'm getting a year older. - We're not done yet. - Yeah. - For unnie who just got a year older-- - What did you say? A talent show from the younger members. - Now please stay spud-- - Spud? "Stay put" and enjoy. Oh it would be perfect if we had the candles on and the lights off. Oh, should we light them again? For the sentiment, like we're by a bonfire. Oh a campfire, a campfire! This is very important you know, unnie. Campfire? - Although you've made the candles.. - like this... Should we turn this into a campfire? I'll interact with chat while waiting. - Okay. - "Happy birthday" "Where did the 'A' go?" It fell off. - Oh the A! - It's under her chair. - Oh, the A is here. - Will it stay up? Oh, the opposite side! But won't it soon fall off again? Our Orbits. Oh, I wanted to tell you this, To hairstylist Miss Haerim who made our hair look great today, I would like to say thank you. Oh right, right. Wow... She asked for us to mention her. - She said she'd make sure to watch. - Oh right. She said she'd watch the celebratory party. Yeah. - Oh, the cake again. - Bonfire! Whoa, it's really.. - This is impressive. - Do we turn off the lights? Yes. - I'll turn off the lights... - I'm looking forward to this okay? - Oh here it is. - Looking forward to it. So the thing we prepared... Does this look too scary? How does it look? Oh it's pretty! - Only I'm looking scary. - We've got lots prepared. Should we show everyone now? - Should we start? - Yes. What is it? - We've got something prepared. - Ukelele? A pot? We've prepared this for unnie. It's from our dorm. The manager's pot, and Hyunjin's ukelele. - We've borrowed them. - What is it? Looking forward to it, right? She'll tune it first. - This isn't it... - Is it? Oh that's it This is that one thing!! Okay I've got the feeling now. Wow, no way~! What? We start when we clear our throats! 1, 2 Yves-bobet-tau~ Yves-bobet-tau~ bi-bobet-tau! (Based off of Animal Crossing song, KK Slider - KK House) Yves-bobet-tau~ Yves-bobet-tau... Ee-bobet-tau! Eeve-bobet-tau du-bobet-tau - There's one more! - What is it? Our second performance. - The worst birthday party... - Ready, get set, start. Happy birthday~ Happy birthday~ A very happy birthday to you~ You have to do this at the end. (stiffly) "Happy birthday to Yves from LOONA" Happy birthday! Thank you! - Wow, when did you start preparing for this? - No joke, right? She surprised me when she picked the chord. At the start, this is really important. - That's it. - Unnie studied that. - Ah, the campfire. - Please blow it out again. Okay. 1, 2, 3! Wasn't that a romantic campfire? - Yeah, this kind of atmosphere. - Right? It was the first time we did that. - Tasty. Something else I thought of, - Pretty! Orbits are spending all their time indoors, right? So what if they made campfires like this too? - Not bad. And singing Nabi-bobet-tau like us? - Right? - Nabi-bobet-tau? - Nabi-bobet-tau~ Ah! So nice! I was really touched. - Then it was a success! - Yes. I didn't think you would use the pot like that. - Kkwaenggwari~ [T/N: traditional gong] - If you don't have a kkwaenggwari, use a pot, everyone. Orbits, what did you think of that? Please leave some reviews! - "Wow!" - "Wow." You only read things like this. Just one syllable... Wow! It's so fun! User "Jinsoul Wife" changed the topic. "Unnies, have you had dinner?" - Are you reporting that user? - No! From user "Heedinidi," "Have you gotten any gifts from the members yet?" - Since it's not yet... - It's not my birthday yet. But yesterday, I was in bed, then Yeojin said, "Unnie, unnie!" And threw 3 delivery boxes onto my bed. Is it that she doesn't know your birthday?! Is that it?! I typically like cute and Kitschy styled things, and she gave me hairpins and hairbands. So I told her "oh, thanks! Our baby!" If you're watching, really, thanks. I really liked it. From user "AngelChoerry," "My nickname is AngelChoerry but I like all of Sooyoung Go Won and Yerim." Thank you! For including us too. from "Diane", "Sooyoung unnie, thank you for becoming a LOONA member" - This is something we always like to hear, right? - Yeah. And from "#1 Singers' Fan Berry", "Yerim, I enjoyed seeing your vlog!" - Ah! Right! My vlog came out today! - Yes. - I was so surprised! - When did you edit that? - That? It's been quite a while, right? - Has it? It used to be two separate videos. But they were too short, so recently we combined the two. And we saw the completed work. Yeah, the members all watched it together on the TV, and it was so Choi Yerim. I didn't say it at first. I was just watching, then asked "Did Choi Yerim make this", and the members all laughed and said yes. I want to make the subtitles fun. - So, was it okay? - One that left an impression, was "Sae-al Sae-al" - Ah, "Jjong-al Jjong-al Sae-al Sae-al" - I didn't know what she meant. Jinsoul and I said, "What is that?" - What just happened? - Choerry's language. - It fell! - The horror! - 'P'. 'P' fell down~ - But actually, - A chaotic birthday party... What were we talking about? Because it hit my head. So... that happened Each member's uniqueness shows through when you see the editing. - Where is yours, Gowon? - Me? Wait a little bit. - Please appear soon~ My laziness got bad... I'd appreciate it if you wait for a little while. For me.. - I am making one, - Oh, I'm looking forward to yours. I did film a lot of it today. I predict these friends would appear a lot But since I'm the editor, I could edit them out. So please look forward to it! - No wonder, Yves unnie's vlog is the best. - Yes~ I'm anticipating So two-faced~ Also, should I share a little about recent updates? - Which one? - We also, appeared on Immortal Songs - Right - Love Battery~ - We charged up our batteries - We prepared for that stage in such a hurry. - Really, in a hurry. - How many days? 2 days? - We finished the choreography in 1 day, and filmed the next day. - And played with the ensemble. Really this... - Synchronization is a piece of cake now - Yes~ - It's a piece of gum~ (KR expression) - Oh~ Choerry arrogant~ But really the song was so great this time Right~ It was our first time trying a tango version Also Doing a dreamy and alluring song together - It was exciting - Choerry, can we speak with our hands still? - Shall we? - Choerry is always like this~ Uhhh~ She is putting her hands together like this! You didn't know, right? For me, when we were recording Members were having difficulty with this part Like this, "Fill me with love~" They wanted it like this, but we were too into it "Fill me with love~ Love battery has drained~" - Right right, it got soulful. - It got way too soulful, - and even during actual broadcast, I had to keep that in mind so it was hard. - Yes~ Because we had to perform it with our unique charms, We were excited, and it was hard to contain it So.. what did Orbits think? Let us know~ Oh~ I'm really curious - This is a new genre we are covering, right. - Yes - What did Orbits think? - You know this is a competition show - Yes~ But watching the sunbae-nims' stages I forgot about the competition, it was just so fun. - This girl also can't keep her hands still. - Right~ "It was so fun~" - On both sides of me. - "It was so fun~" - Okay. Earlier, "Jjinsimie"-nim said she saw Gowon's slicked-back hair and her heart stopped. Yes~ It suited so well - Her forehead is very beautiful. We should show them today too. - Forehead is daebak... - I'm so jealous, the round forehead She and I remove make-ups together, we use the same bathroom. And I can't see after taking off my glasses, but light keeps shining from somewhere I was like "It's so bright~ What is it~?" I look closely, and the light from her forehead! - I'm so jealous. - I'm not over-exaggerating, you know right? - Yes - Your head shape is also very round - They're all round~ My hair was like when Yves unnie performed Full Moon That was my ideal. - Not just anybody can pull that off. - So I pulled it off. You attempted, it wasn't too bad. Not bad, not bad Also, - Haseorim-nim says "Sooyoung, your short hair looks so good, if I did it I would look like Aebong" - No~ Aebong is cute~ - Who is Aebong? - Isn't she a character? - Yes, webtoon... - I'm sure you're even prettier. - She's pretending to know again. - This girl... Earlier at the salon too, the stylist unnie said "Yves, how many GANGs do you do daily?" So I replied, "I used to do 3 GANGs" "But today I did 1 GANG". And Choerry next to me goes, [T/N: Rain's 2017 song, viral lately in Korea] "What is GANG?" [T/N: n GANGs = listening to GANG n times a day] So I said, "Choerry doesn't know again. Unnie, Choerry doesn't know these things." She said, "GANG? What is GANG?" And as unnie was explaining she goes "Ah~" Then she goes to the dorm and looks it up alone. - I do look it up, of course. Like an "ahssa" acting like an "inssa". - Ah... so you are admitting it - No?! - What do we call people who use these words? - "They're Ahssas~~" - What are you talking about! - It's an unchanging rule~ - What are you talking about~ - I heard from outside, when I was doing my hair Sigh... Choerry's at it again. - My blood pressure rising... - Really... - What do you mean~ I'll look it up. - Look it up, copy the dance and show it to us - Okay~ - I'll do it on your birthday - Next year's birthday? I won't look forward to it Oh~ "Rice Bunggeopang" said "Sooyoung unnie get in the car" (Lyrics from Rain - "Baby") "You too, get in the car~" You don't know this either, do you, Choerry? - Act like you know! Act like you know~ - I do know! - What is it? Sing the next part. - "Get in the car~" - What the?? - I sent the wrong invitations today~ - I am going to look this up. Oh~ - I keep almost pressing "Report" - Why~ "Kun"-nim says Gowon and Yerim played instruments well - Thank you~ - We are invited singers~ - What are our invited singer group name? - Ah we chose one - Taking after KK, we're CC. - CC? - We're CC, invited singers - Choerry, Chaewon Daebak "Park Go Won did you make up for last year's leopard print clothes?" - Unnie never wore it. - Right, I never saw it. - Not even once... despite the younger one's sincerity. How could you. - Where is it? - Let me refute, it is hung well on the hangers If she was really thoughtful about her unnie She shouldn't have given clothes that would be disliked, But she should have given clothes that I would have liked, is my thought. But you always say yourself, "I'm the soft jaguar, Yves~" "Soft jaguar," so you should've gifted cuter clothes I would NEVER have imagined you would gift a top and bottom with leopard prints! - That's really... - So for this birthday, - I'll get you something really cute. - How nice. Thank you. Now she'll give me something excessively cute. Like jelly... Like a gummy bear. You have no idea how shocked I was. How fun. - You're pretending to know again, aren't you. - Right... - No, I seriously know this. - Really? - Yes, the clothes that Go Won gave you for your last birthday! That's right. So you know that. - That's true, what a relief. - Such a relief. "Sooyoung unnie's like Cider from Animal Crossing" What's Cider? Cider? [T/N: "Cider" is the Korean name for the character "Lolly"] I only know the cider you can drink. "Please make a finger heart". Oh, that's easy. One, two, three... - What the... Unnie...! - Finger heart is this one. That one is a hand heart. A hand heart that uses fingers. A hand heart that uses fingers! - Like this as well... - Right. I really hate this one though. - Doesn't it feel somewhat sly? - But then - Who made this move in love4eva? Was it not yourself? - Oh yeah! It was a stepping stone to put myself out there. Now I'm all about this one. Ah, like this. Right, so in that case, - we have something prepared for today, don't we? - What is it? - What is it? - What is it? It is, well, since we're having a birthday party today, - so I thought, "how about we write cards?" - Who are these for...? Isn't it a bit like she's forcing us to write her cards? - Who are the cards for? - More than that, I thought about having time for us to get closer. So I was excited about that and hurriedly prepared some things. I think we need to think about this first. - Right. - Then what will you be doing? I'll either write a card to myself or one to my parents. We should write cards then. - Then should we start? - As expected... - Then let's start. Tallulah, this is Tallulah. [T/N: Meme about backtracking on an accidental insult on one's parents] Oh, you really prepared a lot! - Wow, they're so pretty! - Really prepared a lot. - They're really pretty? - To be honest, it was our fan managers who prepared all this for us. Thank you so much! Thank you! - First, pick the paper for the background. - It's so pretty! - I know, it's your style. - My style. Wow. - I'm gonna use all these~ - Go ahead~ - So many stickers! There's so many stickers. In that case, you lovely younger friends can go ahead and write letters to your beloved unnie. - As for me, I'm still wondering who to write to... - The stickers... Because... Because if I were to write to my mom, it could get... Couldn't it get a bit sad? I'm thinking that. Because everyone gets a bit sad writing to their parents. - That's right. - Very sentimental. How about I write it to Loona then? So that doesn't make you sad? - Oh yeah! - If you take it like that, I don't know what to say! Well, since it's your birthday, you should do whatever you want. - Right? Then I'm going to write to the Loona members. - Alright! - Then the two of us... - Giving your unnie these SHARP scissors?! I like soft things like these, but got these scissors. - They just happened to be in front of unnie, huh? - You really startled me! - Soft, soft. - Thank you. You've changed them all. - Using pretty things... oh my! - Oh my! That wasn't on purpose. Now, we need to pick card colors, but I have no space in front of me. - This is... on the outside... - The outside layer. - The outside layer. - The cover. - Is that it? They didn't trust us and did a bit of it already. - It has so many stickers. - As for me, - Inner layer. - Is that the inner layer? - It's a bit thin in here. For me... I'm going to go with the yellow one. - Alright. - Do that then. This one... Let's have Go Won go first. - Well, since this isn't a card for me... - Right. - Oh I called dibs on that one! - But then there's just... - Take the brightly colored one. - Of the other two.. Always the brightly colored... Please pick mine for me. Since you'll be receiving it. Okay. Then, take the white one. Now I'll show off a bit. Now one for the inside? Pink for me! Pick mine for me too. - Since you'll be the one getting it. - Purple for you! - Oh good. I'm even wearing purple. - She can't reject it. - For you... Green! - Ah, you can't see the writing then! Then obviously you have to pick that one..! Should I use this one? It looks a bit stiff... - Sure, use that. - It looks it's torn off from a sketchbook. But we have this too. Origami paper. - Oh, we do! - Try decorating with this. - Oh, I can do that then. - Okay. - Since we have lots of pretty ones. - Wow, that preview. Ah preview like.. Wow look at this! Then I can make this big. This is kinda unnie's style. - Right? - Oh, yeah. - I want this thin one. I'll try to make one that you'll like. - I've already started. - Oh you're quick. During art period at school, When the teacher turned off the lights and left, I stayed behind to work. "Gasp." - So passionate. - Yeah. You did it on your own? No one told you to? There was an allotted time but it wasn't enough, so the teacher said we could stay and turn in our finished work after. So I stayed afterwards. - I would leave without finishing it. - Yeah. No, I'd finish in the allotted time. I have to go home. I'm too busy. Yeah, gotta go home and play Animal Crossing... - and watch TV... - watch TV... - and sleep... - Am I doing this right? You know this part right? What happens when you put glue on first. - Why? - It gets a little wet and it wrinkles. - Or not? Is that only with the liquid glue? - But you need to stick it on first. - It looks really misaligned... - I can glue it on first, right? First, fold it, then... This pop-up! Can we show this? The one I want to make is actually this style. - It's like 3-D. - It sticks out. Okay. Got it, got it. How did they make that? There's lots of pretty colors. - I think I can make it. - Wow, these are so pretty! I, I.. Oh the floral designs are pretty. Why can I not cut anymore? Simple is the best. So pretty. What do I do? Ah, things like this... - Art-wise... - Oh the light-green is pretty. I'll use this one. - I'll make it really pretty for you. - Sure. - Really, get ready to be touched. I'll make this SO pretty. - Sure. - Choerry is good, at talking. - I'll make it pretty for you. Simple is the best. User "Roseapple": "Sooyoung unnie, Cider from Animal Crossing is a cute cat." - Ohh - As expected Mine's... What was it? - Please finish your sentences..! - Seriously. She just showed me how to make this. When I play Animal Crossing, the cute one called "Apple" is it a chipmunk? - A chipmunk?? - Mouse? Hamster? It's like that. Ack, hamsters are the worst. There's bound to be Orbits raising hamsters, don't you think you went too far? I love you hamsters...! I'm scared of not being able to see the whites in hamsters' eyes. And they're small so you never know where they'll dart to next. - And like... how it feels like they'll explode if you touch them? Yeah, I think I'll... - Hurt it. - Since it's so small. I think I know what you mean. Or I could step on it. Since they're so small. I really want to make this look good. I've never made a card like this before. Even though I'm bad at multitasking, I can still interact while doing this. So please ask questions. Yeah. - "Wow, this member combo--" - I want to find that comment again. - That one caught my eye. - Combo? "Thinking about this combo: LOONA's teasing queens and the Choerry the victim" Exactly! Yeah... Everyone, don't you know about teasing-Choerry?? Of us three, Choerry's does that the most! No, I'm the victim, everyone! "Mira" said, "Yves, will you marry me?" "Will you marry me~?" "Oriwonders" said, "Go Won, are you eating?" Oh, food? On food, yes I have. Before we came here, the three of us - Ate real quick. - Finished it. "Tweeter" asked about songs we've been listening to lately. - Songs we listen to lately? - Yes. Oh I messed up. Wait. Clearly I can't multitask. - Aigooo, seriously!! - You can't make it like that... I got it off, okay?! Isn't that the only pink we have? Now, hurry and tell them. Songs we listen to a lot? Choerry, what do you listen to? - Me? - Yeah. I... What do I listen to? Lately, - I go to exercise often. - Oh yeah. So, like... - Exciting? - I think I listen to more exciting songs. For example, LOONA's Ding Ding Dong. Songs like Ding Ding Dong. Just as an example. I really like Se So Neon sunbaenim very much. Recently she released a song called Nan Chun. - Nan Chun? - Yes. And the song was so good, I'm listening to it all the time nowadays. What about Go Won? Me? I'm... I'm not sure. - I know Go Won's. - What is it? [Oh My Girl - Nonstop] Well, Orbits already know about that. Isn't it already so cute? Ah, but that's not all, right? - It's so cute. - Should I end here? That's a bit... What was that? - H. - H~ Dala, happy birthday! It's Dala's birthday today. Oh happy birthday! We wish you a~ happy birthday~ To Dala, a happy birthday. How fun. Oh why do people keep calling me Sooyoungie heng-nim? Heng-nim? (Big bro?) - Heng-nim? - Little bro, why are you calling me? - Heng-nim? That's for Bbi heng-nim though..? - Bbi heng-nim! When asked if I could do a cover for a concert, Bbi... Vivi unnie's nickname is Bbi heng-nim. - Yeah. - Bbi heng-nim covering "GANG". Yeah. Or...? Should we bring Vivi unnie over here? Yeah. She's really liking that. What's this, is that the dance? Unnie under the "dazzling stage lights..." - Under the dazzling stage lights? - While dancing. How cool would that be? My heart's racing. - Go Won liked that the most. - Yeah. I imagined it. From "Kim Joo-chan", their birthday is on the 25th. Happy birthday! To you, we wish you, a happy birthday~ We wish Joochan-nim a happy birthday. "Sooyoung unnie, I'm 26 but can I call you unnie anyways? Of course! I think lots of people already call me unnie. I think this is a bit... Oh, you can do it like that! I cut it, and it looks worse than I imagined. This is hard... Yeah, this is hard. "My birthday's the day after Go Won's?" Ah, but whose birthday is this VLIVE for? It's for Yves' birthday. - So make a request next time. - We wish you~ A happy birthday~ Since I'm so good at drawing, I'm starting with the cover. Wow, this is gonna turn out sooo~ well. - Aw, but this is so hard. - Now take out that protruding part, and... Sign-pens~ Do you have any wet wipes by chance? Could I get one? They're asking us to put the lids back on the glue! "Save the glue!" - "Save it!" - They're drying up! - Oh should we show that to the fans? - What? That... That impression. The one I couldn't do earlier. Mr. Kang Hyung-wook? [A famous dog trainer] - Please do it. - It's really... I wanted to do it at Knowing Bros, but I couldn't, because I wasn't sure if the cast knew the scene. - Should I try it? - Yes. We strongly recommended it... Okay. - How does it start again? Ah. - Please do it. "Repeated expressions--" ah, You're looking so intently... Can you look at the floor for a moment? I'll try now. "Forceful and repeated expressions will upset the dog!" "What, huh?" "Forceful and repeated expressions will upset the dog!" "Ah, really?" "Yes!!!" "It's not good to talk like this!!!" "Ahhh, really?" "Yes!!!" "You're being like this!" "Oh that's it, Mickey!" "Oh that's it, Mickey! Oh that's it, Mickey Mickey!" "Mickey Mickey!" Thank you. Wow! I think this is so funny. I'm sweating. You can look up now. I guess it's true the Knowing Bros might not know this. It's like we just saw a whole episode of "No Bad Dog". - I know, right. - I know. But then the owner... the owner, Oh what the?! My background picture! Should I show you my background? Heejin drew it for me. - Yeah. She drew each member. - It's pretty. I bragged a little. But how do you make this into a heart? My hand's touching this a lot? I mean, this is taking a lot of work. - Heart? - Yeah. "Hands keep going, hands keep going, shrimp chips~" So that... Oh then I'll have to start writing the letter. - No, we're just.. - Seriously!! - We've only gotten this far... - Oh I've done that! - No, see, I punched three hinges. - Choerry, I punched two. - Choerry... With just one... - By that, I'm in 1st place - Really? Okay. - Choerry... Then what should I do~ I've always been like, back in art class, I'd spend 30 minutes just thinking of what to do, and then, class would be over. "Good thing you didn't do that," who was that? "Good thing you didn't do that impersonation" - I'll remember this, dear [user] Omega. That's going too far. Pink, which unnie likes. Ah, but really... what should I do? I'll draw Yves. - Could you please not look at what I'm doing? - Should I use the oil pastels? "Lo..." - Choerry, so bratty. - Since unnie... likes bread, shall I put in some bread? - I really like bread. - Do you like chocolate milk or strawberry milk more? You don't even know that? Chocolate milk. Which do you like more, coffee or chocolate milk? Chaewon... - Chocolate milk. - Wow... - It's coffee... - It's coffee? - Yes! Then... Oh I know this. Do you like pink or white cups more? - That would be pink! - That would be pink! - So, just like that... - I'll draw Miss Ha Sooyoung.. I wanted to use light green but they don't have that. Hmm... Pink. So cute. Even though I'm making it... "I wish you~" "a really happy birthday~" Everyone, if you're curious about something, just comment. That's right, we need to connect with everybody as well. Someone thought Choerry had a laptop. Everyone... please ask questions in chat. "Please date me for just five seconds." User "Tapioca Pearl" Okay. And start! - One, two, three... - Say something! Oh. Let's break up. Bye! It's because you didn't talk. "Is Bbomi okay?" asks "Gowantyou." He's okay. Bbomi had some grooming done a few months ago, - Oh my! - So he's pretty. You're not good at multitasking, are you? You just cut off so abruptly, so... 'Kim Mandoo' said "This is a mockery date". Mockery... That's fun. That's fun, that is fun! That's fun, that's fun! From "Jjinsimi" "Please scold me so I can gather the strength to study hard for my exam." Ah, studying for exams... - You were a student recently, tell them something. - Yeah. - About studying for exams? - Yeah. They want to get scolded so they can study harder. First of all, I don't know if you should actually be watching this V LIVE... Wow!!! Did you just... - But it's my birthday party? - Still, since we invited them, they should watch. - Also... - See how she changes her words. After the V LIVE is done... once that's done, you should just study really hard. - Right? - Yeah. You gotta study when you're studying, and don't when you're not. Yes. Study hard when you study, and rest during your rest time. The worst is when you're thinking about studying while playing. - That's really bad. - You are like that. That's right. Those were words to myself. Please, work when you work and play when you play, unnie. For me, I play when I work, and also play when I play... Same. - It's fun. - Play every day. I think mine's going to turn out pretty. "Five-year-old Chaewon or five Chaewons?" Fresh question. I'll choose the five Chaewons. - Really? - So they can just play with each other. I think they'd do that well. I think they'd all be separate from one another. - Yeah... - All of them, separate. This rainbow is pretty. I should also put a game... a game controller for you here. Someone asked "Do you have any fun dorm stories?" Fun dorm stories? - What is there? - For real. Yesterday, Chaewon and I had that thing for dinner. - What was that? - Bone hangover soup. Right, bone hangover soup. I got the spicy one and she got the plain one. I'm team plain. You always eat stuff that's spicy, deadly level. Special request: "please make it spicier" For real. I really can't take that. How about you, Choerry? I noticed you're not doing crafts with Yeojin anymore. That's right. I am taking a bit of a break. But recently, you and Yeojin were making soap together. That's right, we made soap. Yeojin did... what was that? She got the stuff we needed for soap making, and then Haribo... I mean gummy bears... You can say it. Or no? Gummy bears... We made gummy-bear-shaped soap. So many... we're pretty good now. That's right. Right. When I have time, I'll make a vlog too. Yeah. Yeah. Like the homebody at home. Yeah. We have plenty of fun at home. "Yves unnie, marry me", says "Jyulah" - Everyone's talking about marriage... - Alright. But if anyone else also proposes to me, - It's goodbye. - You're out. Wow, I did this really well. Someone asks "Yerim, is there anything else you'd like to make?" Me? At some point, I'd like to make bags. What kind of bags? The ones that are a bit fancy, you know. Leather crafting. - Oh like leather pouches? - Yeah. I'd like to do something like that. Alright. Is there anything you guys would like to make? For me, I draw sometimes, and those drawings... maybe having them on T-shirts? - Or on tote bags. Something like that. - I think you'd do really well with that. And also, I have photos I've taken, including your faces. I want to put those pictures on masking tape. Whoa, cool. - Cool, right? - That sounds great. Right? So I'm looking into it. - That's cool. - I'd also like to do that thing. The... the one the unnies do... what was it? There's photos that you guys have been taking so well. Having an exhibition with those. You know what I mean? Something like that. Having an exhibition full of feelings. - I think that would be nice. - Right? You also take photos using film cameras. - Like that? - Yeah. That's right. With pictures taken on film camera, while going on a trip down memory lane, we could do something like that. Since you like pink, I should use some pink too. Ah, now I'm realizing I also need to write a letter. There's so much... Right, the time we have left now is about 15 minutes. Really? - So I'm giving up on quality. - I'll write my letter then, okay? Oh, this smells nice. Try it. Doesn't it smell like grape? This one's strawberry. "Suna" asks, "Any special Loona tips for making up after a fight or after making each other upset?" I used to be the kind of person who couldn't really speak up when something bothered me. But then if it piles up or if I ignore it, it shows up in my expression, and I don't like seeing myself like that. When I'm not being like myself, that kind of stuff. And also if it doesn't get fully resolved at the time, it's bound to cause an argument again, even if it's small. Even something small like "Go Won, I like spicy stuff but why do you keep ordering the plain flavor?" If I tell you like that, you can go "I didn't know!" And then we understand. I would say I resolve things by talking about it. What about you two? I also think that I'm the type to resolve things right away. We haven't even fought that badly, really, but... - Yeah, we haven't had any big disagreements. - I don't think we have. So let's say there's a misunderstanding, I would go and say "Hey, this kind of upset me", and then the girls would be like "Oh, really? I'm sorry!" So since everyone's been responding well to that, So I don't think we've had any big disagreements yet. And you, Park Go Won? Same for me. Well, I need to get into a fight to say anything about it... But I'm actually the type not to really say anything. I would just keep it to myself. Let's say if Yves did something I didn't like. I wouldn't necessarily ell her. That's... you're a bit scary. - Was that her true feelings just now? - Yeah, I get you. - I have a lot bottled up about you, I just don't say it~ - Then why are you even at this birthday party? - Because you invited me. - Why did you sing then?! - You're unbelievable! - Really... Ah, that reminds me. I recently did the MBTI test again - Right. - And I changed from an F to a T. Wow, as expected, someone with zero empathy. That's not true! - You're F, aren't you? - I'm F! - Of course you're F! - Of course. Unlike a certain someone. - How funny. - But yeah, I also retook it recently. And it came out just the same. ENFP. - Then that's what you are for sure. - Didn't change. Yeah. - I wonder why? - I've also always been INFJ. Then I guess I'm half and half. Actually, while it did give me INFJ sometimes, sometimes it showed up as ENFJ. So sometimes it just goes back and forth. The last letters don't change. That's interesting. Yeah, MBTI can change sometimes. I think I can't really multitask. I don't know how to write the letter. Which side of your lips goes up again? I don't have anything like that. So it's that side. Nabi bobet tau~ Apparently it can change based on how you're feeling that day. It does feel like that, to be fair. When I'm having those late night feelings, it gives me I. 'Sooyoungie I love you so much' said "Yves, marry me". So I'm going to be marrying this person now. You're just hopping on and off like that? "Sooyoung unnie do you know that you have 2 birthday ads?" Ah, the birthday ads that fans did, I'm so thankful for, It's my first time getting one. - Really? - Yeah. Before, the YouTube ad was so fascinating too, I tried to get it to show up all day. This time they did an ad, But since I'm in the practice room all day, I couldn't go see it. But my friends on their way to work would... - They would send it to you. - Yeah, sometimes. Saying stuff like "I was waiting for the bus and saw you." I was so thankful. That's true. We saw it today as well. - That's right. - So we were on our way to the hair salon, and Yves' birthday ad came up at the bus station. I was like "Unnie, it's you!" and then she was like "Ah!! Me!!" We saw it. - It was really fascinating to see for me as well. - True. - They picked a very pretty picture. - I was so thankful. Really I'm so grateful, I'm thankful even for your thoughts, but... Please wait just a bit for the opportunity for me to repay you. A ghost is passing by. "Go Won, marry me." from 'BrightLight'. - Sorry... - Oh my gosh. - 'RoseApple' says "Assa!" - Assa! 'Peuka' asks, "Five-year-old Kim Lip or five Kim Lips?" - Wow. I'd say five-year-old Kim Lip. - Yeah, five-year-old Kim Lip. - Why? - I could say "Quiet! Why do you keep cleaning? Stay still!" I think Lip unnie would have been quiet even at five. You know? Not necessarily quiet, but a bit like... I feel like she wouldn't act like a five-year-old. She'd be five and be like, "life's passing by..." Right, right! That kind of feel. I think five-year-old Kim Lip would be a bit like Jura Poyota. - A bit like... - "This is Jungeun's!" Then that could be a problem. But then as she grows up, she would become more mature. Everyone, if it weren't for me, your questions wouldn't be seen. That's my tablet, you know... "Tell us about Fact in Star!" - Ah, that's right. - So Fact in Star, I really... It's been my dream, becoming an MC. And thankfully enough, I ended up becoming a special MC for Fact in Star. It's really nice. And also, my MC colleague, Jaehwan has also been so friendly. I had only just met him, but he taught me a lot and took good care of me. He kept telling me "Wow, so many of your fans are out here, I'm really thankful." "So many of them came to see you" and stuff like that. It's quite touching somehow. And also he would really get out of the way for me. - Huh? - So the fans could take photos of me. To me, that was so... He was being so considerate that I felt bad. Next time-- We were thankful that fans showed us to cheer for us, but Next time, I think it would be really nice if they also - wave a lot to Jaehwan as well. - That's right, that's right. But he really took great care of us. Yeah, he's so nice. - I keep thinking about it. - I think it'd be really cool. I often saw him on some TV shows. Yeah. Becoming a co-host with him... I know, right. So right now it seems that 52 minutes have passed. - No way. - In five minutes... - No, no. it will be time to present your letters. No... These pinking shears! I really love this kind of scissors. From now on, when we make things like this, doing it within an hour... - It's hard. - Oh, for me, Since I'm an INFJ, I'm quite a perfectionist, you know. So if it's not perfect, I won't want to show it. Really? How about you? Miss IN...TP? For me? I'm not too fussed. - I don't care much. - Is it just like "water is water and river is river"? "Yves is pretty." Thank you! "Tapioca Pearls" says, "Go Won, please date me for five seconds." Five seconds... - And, go! One, two, three, four, five. - Three, four, five. Let's break up. "If you blink, we're dating." Okay. Does anyone have sunglasses? Is it okay if I let one tear fall? Ugh, seriously, the overreacting-king. - Going overboard... - I'm getting dizzy! Amazing. Oh I used way too much glue. Ah, I'm dizzy. This is perfect. You know this too, right? Unnie's vibes. My vibes? A bit vintage. - Are you putting no effort into tearing that? - It's not like that at all. "Yves, please blow me a hand-kiss." - Fan-manager's expression darkened. - Jealous! "Sooyoung, what birthday presents would you like this year? I'll get them for you." Your heart? That was perfect~ That was perfect~ Tear it, tear it... I thought you were saying she tore it up. We don't have much time left, Let's show the fans the things we wanted to show. What is there? Oh I just thought of this, After Go Won washes her face, She doesn't use a towel. She flicks off the water. Oh yeah! She's becoming worse every day. I saw her earlier like, Choreo, choreo. So I gave her the nickname of Krumping Go Won. - Krumping Go Won. - No, really, If you don't flick hard enough, the water doesn't fly off easily. - So now... - But what's really fascinating to me Why does she flick it off, rather than using a towel... It's so fascinating. Even that time is precious to her. She needs to dance. - Ah, she wants to practice more. - Exactly. My body reacts by dancing... Can't control yourself, huh. Then since other members are also usually removing their makeup at the same time, Since it could bother them, so if unnie's here, I'll flick it this way. But the way it looks... there are many lights by the mirror, right. - Yeah. - It's really dazzling. It's so... So much like krumping. I'll have to show some krumping later. Krumping Go Won. Don't you have too many nicknames? All of mine are like, dancing. These days, how our Choerry acts towards unnies... - Towards unnies? - Ignores us? Heavens! When was I ever like that? For example, I'd be talking on and on. I'd be talking to Choerry. Then, "Ah, really? Ah really~" "Ah, really. Ah, REALLY." "Ah, really? Really really." No, no, that's... I really thought it was really like that. It's just me really responding like that. So one time we were playing a game. We said that the word "really" was banned. Yeah. We banned "really" and "no" - She got stuck on "no" - No... And "really" for her. What's yours? - There should be one for you too. - No, but... Ah... I just used "no" again. "No but..." But this unnie also uses "no" a ton. She says "Please" a ton. - "Please"? - Yes. Holding her head, like "please"! It's like this. Please! "I'm getting stressed!" "Ah I'm seriously gonna get stressed!" If she can't finish this, "Ah! I haven't even finished--" So cute~ Tada~ What is that? I drew them so well, right? - Choerry, Go Won. - So it's me. That's me? It's so cute though? What's with Go Won?! From Shin Chan, it's like that mean kid~ Or.. I drew you in a pretty way... You know "Go Go Itsutsugo Land"? It's like the orange girl. The tangerine princess. Oh, you said I resembled something. What was it? You said you had to mention it sometime. From "Hello Jadoo"... what was the name? - Her, Eunhee. - Eunhee! Look up "Hello Jadoo Eunhee." Exactly like Park Chaewon. She always says that I resemble short-tempered characters. I've always said you were like Vanilla. - Vanilla is... - The way she talks... - This one's so cute. A little bear. - Vanilla is... - she's a good one. - Yeah. "Right", she doesn't listen. She just.. No I'm really really for real! How many times did I just say "really"... - How many flicks to the forehead? - Really really really really for real! I'm for real... Since I'm the baby apple soft jaguar, I'll draw a baby apple and a jaguar~ Baby shark, dududududu Cute, dududududu - In the sea, dududududu - What the? Mine's got that vibe, right? Look. Hey, that looks like it'd go straight to the waste collection. Oh I remembered. It's certain, it's absolutely certain that Jung Jinsoul is watching this broadcast on the sofa. Of course. She's seriously... Her whole life, 24 hours a day, she dedicates just to wait for me to say the word "participate". "Participate". So whenever I say "participate" she starts rolling on the floor, laughing at me. Hey, Jiwoo unnie said she'd watch but where are the comments? It's just proof that she's not actually watching. - But really, the members who really make sure to watch. - "Really"...!! "Really" again! - I do think there are members who are great at making sure to watch broadcasts. - Really. - Jinsoul. - Jinsoul always watches them. Jinsoul these days... My lover. Congratulations. For unnie, something with a little bling-bling. "Kim Minju" says "A very happy birthday to you today, Sooyoung!" "To mark your birthday, please tell us your ideal type" - Wow. - Ideal type? - My ideal type... - Ideal type. For me, Why no words? - Guess you don't have one. - This makes me think deeply. I would say someone with a beautiful heart. Someone with a beautiful heart... is it me? Wouldn't that be me, not you? - Is it me? - I think someone with a beautiful heart would refer to me. My heart is really beautiful though. I think I need to put the glue caps back on. I developed a condition that makes me want to apply glue! What to do? I applied glue and papered over that, but then I applied glue again. That's cute, the apple. You can't say it! I didn't know. But I think mine's REALLY pretty. REALLY. - "Chaewon unnie let's get married" - Please. Shall we? - Does no one want to marry me? - Oh, 'Minami' says "Congratulations, Yves!" Arigatou gozaimasu! "Sooyoung, is Haneul doing alright?" Yes, Haneul's alright. My mum has been sending me pictures - and he's really cute. - Really. - There I go again. - Really. Stop saying that! Oh this is all so loose... I screwed up. - "Happy birthday, Yves! I miss you!" - Me too. "When does the album come out?" It will come out soon, so look forward~ - Look forward to it~ - Can we show these now? Because I'm done. Actually. - Should I show mine? - Alright. Should I show it up front? On the cover, first of all, I drew Ha Sooyoung unnie in a very embellished way with decorations. - Right. - I also drew an apple and a soft jaguar. And inside, The 3-D-ness of a pop-up card, with the fuzzballs, and I also wrote the letter inside by putting my heart into it. - Please read the letter alone. - Okay. - The Orbits saw all of it. - Oh it's all visible! - Now, my turn. - Is it your turn? I didn't make it a pop-up card. Wait! Unnie, go last. - Wha-- Choerry! She wrote a lot.. - It's me! I did so well. - For Yves, I really... - Hold on! They're saying you're uninterested in the presentation... Who? While I was presenting, you! - Me? - Yeah. Hey, it's wearing a hat! I was wondering why this thing doesn't fit... Now, Choerry's card. - This doesn't fit either... - Is Choerry-card done? - Stop, it's my birthday! - Right... - We're making these because it's your birthday though! - Yeah! Geez! Now, my card~ Now, reveal the highlight! For the front cover, I just scribbled for a loose vintage feel, in cursive. And on the inside, I spent 30 minutes just drawing your faces. I did see it in advance, but... Thank you. So we've made these cards today. I'm going to read it. "To Loona, as I mark my birthday," "My beloved girls, it's Yves. I know you're all watching." "I'm all used to you now, but you're still very precious to me, and I'm thankful for you as ever." "I'm so lucky to have met you all. From Yves." Wow, that really touched me. The part about being really lucky really got to me. - Really. - "Meeting you..." - "I'm so lucky to have met you all." - So it would be great if you guys were good to me. Ahhhh, okay. Okay. Let me keep these ones to myself. It's meant to be just for me, you know. - No, I'll read it. - No! - You're curious, right? I'll hurry and read it, since we're over time, then we'll wrap it up. - Okay. - Go Won's letter. "To Yves. Happy birthday, Miss Ha Sooyoung." "This is your cute younger friend. I know we fight all the time, but my heart..." "(smiling) just figure it out for yourself." This is almost as bad as "You told me to talk informally!" "You figure it out." I'll cook whatever you want for your birthday. I can't promise anything about the taste. Love you, Yves. You put yourself on these. The instrument. Now, Choerry's. "To Sooyoung." Oh, she wrote a lot. Of course. I worked hard writing it. "Today is the day of your birthday party." "Thank you so much for inviting me to your birthday party!" "Thanks for playing along with us as well." Playing along... "More than anything, since you take care of each of us so well, - I think I've realized your greatness." - Yeah! That's right. Wow, no way! - Isn't this a bit...? - The vlog has to come out. "And please, when it's time to rest, please rest!" "Passionate Yves. Health is the most important, so please take care of yourself." "Also, I think my skills really improved thanks to the help you gave me in practice" What are you talking about? You're the one who's good. "I wish you a very happy birthday and I love you. Choerry" Oh I'm so touched! Look forward to the birthday present. Thank you so much, and for taking some of your busy time to come to this birthday party... - In such a miserable place, I... - to Orbits, I thank you! We're busy people, but for unnie... Thanks to you two as well, and really lately I think we're all frustrated, and stressed, so even if it's for a short time, it'd be nice if this was a time to revert, or refresh. - Yeah. - Happy birthday to all the May birthdays, and should we have a word from the other two? First, I was so glad to be invited to Yves' birthday party, and it was so nice to be able to make Yves happy like this, and we... what else? - Orbits, we really miss you, so-- - Yes. So just wait a little bit, and we'll come back, looking cooler and prettier. - Cool. - Looking forward this. The last one? For me, I'm looking forward to my birthday, What will Yves unnie prepare for me? On my birthday. I'm already looking forward to that. Aigoo... Anyhow, I'm thankful that she invited me. - Applause! - Thank you. Today, our combination. What is it? - Our combination? - Choe... Go... Yv. - Choe-go-yv? - Choego... Choeve? - Choego... - Rywon. - Wonry... Ywonry? Sounds like someone's name. Choe-go...ves. Choe-ves-go, Choe-go-ves... - Go... - Go...-rryves? - Guys! For the last... Choe-go-yeong! Choe-go-yeong! (T/N ~the best) - It used my real name! - Choe-go-young! Then let's wrap up as really, really the best Choe-go-young. Let's go "No, really, Choe-go-young". - "No, really, Choe-go-young!" - And then at the end "Please!" Thank you so much for coming to Yves' birthday party. I love all of you. - Lastly... - No, really, Choe-go-young! Please! - Bye! - Bye! Choerry, I'm so sorry! Was it okay?! Ow Choerry! Bye! - Do the greeting, you need to do the greeting. - Sorry. Bye! Choerry, was it okay today? - Sorry! - Bye!