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We keep our dreams, we believe it, no matter how big your dream is make small tiny steps ahead. When I graduated from University and before, you know, for 3 years I tried fully into the universities. So applied jobs, 30 times, got rejected. I went for police, they said no you are not good. I applied for Harvard, for 10 times, rejected. Today young people, lot of young people lose hope, lose vision and start to complain. We also have the same problem It is not a good feeling to be rejected by so many people. We also feel depressed. But at least later we find the world has a lot opportunities. How you see the world? How you catch the opportunity? we don't have a rich father, powerful uncle, we don't get 1 dollar from bank, Where is the income coming in? Just work as a team. Because most of the people, they have fancy ideas in a day, when they wake up in the morning, they go back to the same job. We have to do something different. So from there, I started my business borrowing 2000 US dollars from my relatives and friends. So 1999 I started Alibaba in my apartment. People say ah! Alibaba models are terrible, does not make money, have this and that all the big bad things, because Amazon is better, Ebay is better, Google is better. There is no such model like Alibaba in the USA, so I told myself and people We are better than people thought And those people who are experts of riding horses, they all fell down and I am still surviving. So many people I talked to at that time for Alipay they say, this is the stupidest idea you have ever got. Now we have 800 million people using this Alipay. My advice to the young people, any mistake is a wonderful revenue for you. So I taught to myself and I taught to my young people. Before 20 years old be a good student, way to entrepreneur just learn some experience. Before 30 years old follow somebody, go to a small company. Normally in a big company it is good to learn processing, you are a part of a big machine. But when you go to small company, you will learn the passion, you will learn the dreams, you will learn how to do a lot of things at one time. So, before 30 years old it is not which company you go, it is which boss you follow. It is very important. A good boss teaches you differently. From 30-40 years old you have to think very clear, If you are working for yourself, if you really want to be an entrepreneur. When you are 40-50 years old, you have to do all the things that you are good at, don't try to look or jump into the new area. It is too late. You maybe successful but the rate of dying is too big. So 40-50 think about how you can focus on things that you are good at. But when you are 50-60 years old work for the young people because young people can do better than you. So rely on them, invest on them making sure they are good.