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Har Har... ...Mahadev! Har Har... ...Mahadev! Har Har... ...Mahadev! Maratha... ...Warriors of Hindostan for whom... their duty and religion is bravery! The Peshwa regime applauds the war efforts of... ...the Peshwa's cousin- Shreemant Sadashiv Rao Bhau! Let me pass! I've heard when Peshwas travel all alone, they often return with another queen! It is only you with whom I want to spend the rest of my life! Why did you present the Peshwa Sword to Sadashiv during the Weapons' Ceremony? Sadashiv only acts in the best interest of the Maratha Empire! From this day, we are the rulers of all of Hindostan! No one on this land will dare go against the Marathas. There is one, Your Majesty... ...Ahmad Shah Abdali! Abdali's invasion means an assault on all of Hindostan. This time he's invading with an army of 100,000 In his last invasion, the Yamuna river flowed red for seven days. This Peacock Throne And the Koh-i-noor are gained with great hardships. It does not come easy! Draw your swords. This time we have to stop him. Once we defeat them, not only Delhi.. but all of Hindostan will be yours! If he's bringing an army of 100,000... If someone attacks your home, what will you do first? Count their numbers or put all your strength in stopping them? - We will wipe out the Marathas. - Then our guns are yours. This time teach Abdali such a lesson... that he will not even dare look in the direction of Hindostan. I too will come with you on the expedition - beside you in happiness or pain! Let Abdali know there are still brave warriors in this land. Now there is no river that separates us. Now there is only the battlefield of Panipat between us. You're throwing your life away for a small piece of land. I am ready to die for even a single grain of dust of my motherland!