Peppa Pig The Camping Holiday


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(music) I'm Peppa Pig This is my little brother George This is Mummy Pig And this is Daddy Pig Peppa Pig Camping Holiday Peppa's family are on holiday in their campervan Good morning my little piggies! Good morning Daddy Pig I love camping! Since we're in the countryside, I thought we could spend the day looking at nature. Good idea mummy pig! Let's watch a nature programme. One of the wonders of nature, birds. How lovely. Ssh, ssh little birdy! We can't hear our TV Oh Daddy Pig, there's no point in being on a camping holiday and just watching TV We can do that at home Err... Good thinking Mummy Pig. There are lots of fun places we can visit. There's tree world What's tree world? Tree world is a big forrest full of trees It sounds a bit boring Or there's potato city What's potato city? There's a tour of the potato fields ending with a potato tasting Sounds interesting Or there's duck land What's duck land? It's a wide river full of ducks. Duck land! Let's go to duck land! Peppa and George love ducks How do we get to duck land? The camper van can guide us Hello? Where are we going today? Duck land please Follow the road ahead in a straight line We're going to duck land in our camper van Welcome to duck land How many tickets please? Two adults and two children Enjoy the ducks! Where are the ducks? Maybe they're on holiday Let's have our picnic lunch The ducks always turn up when we have picnics Peppa and George love picnics Look! It's the ducks Stop Daddy! We need bread for the ducks Alright Hello Mrs. Duck. Here come more ducks All her brothers and sisters are here And here come more ducks It's the granny and grandpa ducks And here are all the aunties and uncles Ho, ho that's the last of our picnic gone Ducks, say thank you to Daddy Pig! Ho, ho you're more welcome I love ducks land! It is time to go home I wonder what's the shortest way home Drive straight ahead into the river Oh, are you sure? Yes, drive into the river But we can't drive in the river Yes, it's talking nonsense Please press the blue button The campervan is driving into the river Our campervan has turned into a boat I wasn't quite expecting that Welcome to the car of the future Look! It's Granddad Dog and Danny Dog! A-hoy there Daddy Pig! Err, a-hoy there Sailing on the river in the campervan Drive up the next hill You have reached your destination We're home! Thank you for a lovely holiday Mrs. Campervan Ho, ho. You're most welcome. It's nice going on holiday but it's nicer to be back in our own little house. Goodnight my little piggies Goodnight!