The Adventures Of Adrian Wayne Reavill Episode 5

Sarah Barrow, how dare you spray paint my school! You are not going in the swimming pool. Kayleigh Dawson, go take Abbi Wall swimming. Tom Daley Elementary School is good. At least (ROBOCOP PIZZA) does not come here He saw an 18-rated movie in the cinemas when he was NOT supposed to see it Abbi Wall, watch out! Adrian Reavill is trying to get near the SWIMMING POOL. Kayleigh Dawson, check the swimming pool. I think he is scheming something Adrian Reavill is in the canteen selling oranges in my name (REBECCA GALLANTREE TO SARAH BARROW) And he is selling soup in my name I'm going to watch Vengaboys - Merry Christmas Everyone Sarah Barrow, that TV show only comes on in December. It comes on in December because Santa Claus is in it. Rebecca Gallantree what? Stop selling SOUP in MY NAME! I don't want to go to (ROBOCOP PIZZA) I hate that TV show because it is not made by Paper Moon Day Nursery That is a crap show! (SARAH BARROW) I am going to spray paint the school! ha (x5) wow! it's so much better! Sarah Barrow, how dare you spray paint my school! That's it. I'm calling your parents. Sarah Barrow, how dare you spray paint the school. You know it's illegal. That's it! You're grounded for 1,000,000 months (SARAH BARROW CRIES) What is Kayleigh Dawson doing here? I am waiting for Abbi Wall to come No stupid pranks on her I am going to turn this school into Jungle Run. I am going to do it now. Nobody's looking. The school is now called Jungle Run! Something's NOT right Sarah Barrow! Rebecca Gallantree, what is the problem? Something's wrong Kayleigh Dawson! Abbi Wall, what is the problem! Adrian likes to splash my swimsuit at the pool WHAT WAS THAT! Sid and Elvis? Why is there a Jungle Run logo on the whiteboard? Who did that! What is all the racket out there! I better go and check! We are here for Jungle Run. Dominic Wood and Stefan Pejic, this is not Jungle Run! This is Tom Daley Elementary School But the sign outside says Jungle Run (KAYLEIGH DAWSON TO ABBI WALL) The school is called Jungle Run? Rebecca Gallantree flavoured soup. Disgusting! I saw Dominic Wood and Stefan Pejic in here a minute ago! I don't know them! JUNGLE RUN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? How? That swimsuit splasher Adrian Reavill again Someone put a Jungle Run logo over our school! Who did that! OH NO! SCHOOL IS JUNGLE RUN! I'll be right back WHO CHANGED THE SCHOOL'S NAME? I am the headmaster of Jungle Run Elementary School. I need Abbi Wall and Kayleigh Dawson over here! This is Tiger Point. The headmaster sent us here why are there monkeys in the Chasm Someone turned our school into Jungle Run I don't know WHO did this? Why are there bananas in here. Why is this the Abandoned Camp. We need to get to the Temple of the Jungle King I can't find out who turned our school into Jungle Run I saw Abbi Wall and Kayleigh Dawson in the camp Tree soup! Rebecca Gallantree soup! REBECCA GALLANTREE WHAT? I am NOT tree soup Who did this. Who put the Jungle Run logo over our school. Probably Dominic Wood and Stefan Pejic. I didn't do it! I DON'T KNOW WHO DOMINIC WOOD IS! I DON'T KNOW WHO STEFAN PEJIC IS! Sarah Barrow oranges. Splash up her swimsuit! WHAT HAS KAYLEIGH DAWSON TOLD YOU! Tom Daley speaking. Someone has changed the school's name to Jungle Run Sarah Barrow may have found the culprit. You don't put a Jungle Run logo over our school That's it! (ABBI WALL TAKES DOWN SIGN) The school is back to normal Did you turn the school into Jungle Run? I did it because I like school the prank How dare you school the prank? REBECCA GALLANTREE WHAT? Stop selling soup in my name! This is not Chelmsford Diving Club. This is Monsell Hotel! You can't call your business that name! There is already a street in Nottingham called Monsell Drive. THE NAME IS ALREADY TAKEN! I'm going to take Kayleigh Dawson swimming But you are NOT coming in! Why not Abbi Wall? Because every time I go in the pool, you try and splash my swimming costume. We have to go quickly just in case Adrian Reavill is scheming things DON'T MESS WITH KAYLEIGH DAWSON Rebecca Gallantree soup! Rebecca Gallantree soup! We'll all have a bowl of Rebecca Gallantree soup. Alicia Blagg don't give a shambles The swimming pool is on the GF. Got to get there before Abbi Wall and Kayleigh Dawson get there Here is the news. A champion swimmer turned his school into Jungle Run. Some of the show's contestant turned at the Tom Daley Elementary School in Clifton Estate, Nottingham, thinking it was Jungle Run. In the studio, we have Kayleigh Dawson. Tell us what happened. (KAYLEIGH DAWSON) I was in the common room with Abbi Wall, Rebecca Gallantree and Sarah Barrow, discussing lesson plans, when all of a sudden, Daniel Burridge, Stefan Pejic, and some other contestants from Jungle Run turned up at our school to film their shows. (HOST) We go over to Tom Daley Elementary School. (IMITATES DOMINIC WOOD) Jungle Run was great. We got the Golden Monkey. (IMITATES STEFAN PEJIC) Yes, but we almost got locked in the temple. You have 2 minutes to get as many bananas as possible. Watch out for Sid and Elvis. (HOST) More news when we get it. (REBECCA GALLANTREE) I have to go to Chelmsford Diving Club now (P) Adrian Wayne Reavill Animations 2021