The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2Episode 07【The official version】


畫江湖官方版 Drawing Jianghu


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so cold That is nature Here is the ice-ying 形成 formed by Wannian Xuanbing Can protect the body for thousands of years is not bad In the past, Li’s body was still the secret of Longquan’s treasure. Set in Longquan sword also reacted This time I found the right one. what happened It’s fake Do not Jianfeng Emperor Blood really Still need Li Xingyun to come in person so Our family nebula and Longquan sword have to return to the rivers and lakes. His Royal Highness There are many dead bodies in this city. If not processed I am afraid of epidemic Order Burning corpses outside the city The government has set aside 100,000 yuan Ganzhou tax-free one year People in Yuji City Rebuilding old homes The Lord is wise Under the humility Fuzhou people Sharing tranquility Old nine old ten Bringing people to clean up Liang Jun’s party Don't slack off Yes We still have to find the whereabouts of Zhang Zifan as soon as possible. Return to the library as soon as possible Kailuo two masters Have found a small master in Zhangzhou City People? Xiao Yan gave the nine uncles and ten uncles Uncle My injury is just right, you are quick to let go. Yin Xian hasn't heard from you for so long. Where are you going? Xiao Yu’s dullness in the trap of Zhu Youzhen Thanks to Lu Linxuan and Li Xingyun Give up your life This is out of danger You mean that you are saving Li Xingyun and Lu Girl. And these two uglies Ugly ugly Oh, my memory I couldn’t remember the names of the two girls for a while. My name is country. Little girl Why don’t you see Li Xingyun? Xiao Yan is coming for this matter. I wanted to go back to the library to move troops. But I learned that Jiu Shu Shi Shu has already attacked Zhangzhou. Come here this time Just ask two uncles Help me rescue Li Xingyun rescue What's up with him Teacher brother to save us all and the people of Zhangzhou Was taken away by Liang Jun Zhu Youzhen has now returned to Zhangzhou What do you mean by asking us to save people in Ganzhou? It is Going to Ganzhou to save people Equal to declaring war on the girders Zhu Youzhen attacked Zhangzhou It is he who first challenged us. Matter I have to report to the Lord and ask him to decide Li Xingyun is in the hands of Zhu Youzhen When he gets the Longquan treasure, it is dangerous. but Nine uncle Li Xingyun Which side of his ass is sitting Scorpio will tilt to which side If Zhu Youxi uses Li Xingyun’s banner Gathered other towns How long will it take? I am going to be on the stove in Sanjin. Sister, this big man said 啥 Goose, goose, goose, song, song Yinxian Just because we want to go to Ganzhou to save people I’m afraid I’m going to have no life. Still have to think about a perfect strategy Nine uncle That's too late Jiushu’s task is heavily responsible for the relationship Can not Don't you mean it? Zhang Lang’s mouth has said that it’s soaked. You can't squeeze it, right? What are you doing? Nine uncle Who is Li Xingyun and what is clear in your heart? Don't say Zhu Youzhen and Li Maozhen Now all the world, but a little bit of strength in the town Who doesn't want to put him in his sleeve So I don’t want to take risks If you can bring Li Xingyun back to the library Is this your little credit in front of my righteous father? You are really hard enough I can’t have a fart for a long time. Jiu Shu is really embarrassed Xiao Yan is not reluctant Had to find other uncles to help Inside the cross door of the library I don't believe no one wants to make this great effort. Little rumors Nine uncles Lin Xuan, let's go Really go You and many more What is Jiu Shu’s command? you This battle is really dangerous But the nine uncles are in danger. Ask Nine Uncle to save my brother it is good Just bet this Xie Jiushu, Shi Shu But let's talk in our heads. Rescuing Li Xingyun, he has to go back to Taiyuan with us. But listen to Nine Uncle Arrangement it is good Then let's prepare separately Depart at midnight Third brother Hello big dragon Second brother Guard Retreat I haven’t seen you with my second brother for many years. Today’s rehearsal is very happy What are you panicking? Second brother It’s not you who died in the hall of Nagirlan. these days Where are you? It doesn't matter where I am. Important is I am back Come back soon Come back soon You are not afraid of me afraid Second brother is laughing. brothers Since the arrival of the throne Pingding Town Build a million Now I have to return to my second brother. I am too happy to be there. You really want me to come back If the second brother does not give up This Liangjiang Mountain The younger brother is willing to give up rest assured I don't want your country. What do you want? You two Still not seeing the emperor emperor I heard that Li Xingyun In the hands of the emperor It turns out that the second brother is for this matter. Oops I will flash it when I click it. It’s a pheasant Maybe it is Did not see clearly Are you a pheasant? Ji Ruxue long time no see Black and white impermanence You are not Dead There is only impermanence in this world. How can there be an impermanence to be fatal? Don't panic We won't hurt you Ji Ruxue Just by your strength Can't save Li Xingyun's What do you want to do? Look at your fierce look We want to help you help me If you don't want to help you Just outside, I just need to shout for the assassin. Then this time You may not be in which soldier's account. Give them fun. Just say it. You want to save Li Xingyun We can do it internally Why are you? but You have to promise my brother and sister a condition first. What conditions Second brother Our brothers I don’t have much to say. You and me work together Find Longquan Treasure When Every need I am the next person You are the first in the day Come Younger brother First respect you Who are you? Emperor's atonement The slave is named Shi Yao. Shi Yao I I want you to be a good-looking maid. You are willing Honored by the emperor Slave Be careful