Violy Misbehaves At An Ellie Goulding Concert

Sarah Barrow, what is the next song? I think the next song is If You're Not The One What? But that's not possible. I wanted her to perform Starry Eyed. not that stupid Daniel Bedingfield song Violy, it is only a song so cut it out right now. You need to calm down Violy, no singing YNTCD by Taylor Swift I hate that song, and stop acting like a Pikachu You can co-operate when Ellie Goulding performs a Daniel Bedingfield song, or you can have nothing Get out of Clifton Leisure Centre right now or I will become the ED-209 Violy, this is the worst thing you have said in public We are leaving Clifton Leisure Centre That's it. I'm going to send Hickory Dickory Dock to arrest that singer because of that stupid Daniel Bedingfield song Violy, what are you doing? Are you THAT serious Are you crazy about a fire rampage in Southchurch Drive, Clifton Estate. I am Adrian Reavill and here is the news. A teenager called Violy started a fire rampage in Clifton Estate, Nottingham, after she started a fire at an Ellie Goulding concert over a rendition of the Daniel Bedingfield song If You're Not The One. (REBECCA GALLANTREE) Did you hear about what Violy All that over a Daniel Bedingfield song! How stupid of Violy to do that! Violy, you are grounded until All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey goes to number one in the UK singles chart. on 25 December 2021, which will probably never happen. no (x11) Sarah Barrow, you cannot do this to me! This is Ellie Goulding's fault for performing that Daniel Bedingfield song.