how to block ads on youtube for android for rooted phone

Hey guys this is stundr ,now you can turn off ads forever on YouTube after watching this tutorial The basic requirement is that your phone should be rooted and use any root enabled browser like I'm using es file explorer ,select device option which is present on right side of the screen now go to system folder then click on app folder and find out the YouTube name folder just delete it Now Reboot your phone After rebooting uninstall the stock YouTube application from your phone now again go to file manager and you have to download an application link is in the description below copy the downloaded application and go to device option then system folder and click on app folder make a new folder called YouTube paste the file which you copied now long press on YouTube folder then click on properties change the permission like I'm doing it right now then reboot your phone again after that rebooting , now you can watch youtube videos without seeing any ads want demonstration just open the YouTube application and watch any video like I'm watching right now shape of you lets play this one no ad appear,play another one and play one more You can see that no ads appear on YouTube thanks for watching guys if you find this tutorial helpful then click on like button and don't forget to subscribe stundr for more android tutorials