This program was shot under the guidelines of public health laws and related personnels wore masks. [The set is filled with 'BLACKPINK'] WOAH guys, hurry up. Guys look at that. [BLACKPINK appears having no idea what lies ahead] [They first take a seat...] [The situation is making the members nervous] (Curious) [Smirk] [Staff] Ok, shall we begin? Yes! Guys, what's going on? The reason why we gathered here today is because of our comeback!! [CONGRATS! BLACKPINK's comeback is confiremd] [COMEBACK Celebration] We're going to do a reality program showing our daily lives like a VLOG. This show is for our BLINKS, so that we can share every moment with them. [Today's MC] We will first give everyone updates on our members and talk about various things. [Suspicious] Do you even know our updates though? Of course I know everything!! I have all the info here. [Good one!] I will dig into what everyone's been up to with this info book I have here. (Looking forward to it MC CHOO) First, let's say hello to all our BLINKS. You go first JISOO! Hello, where should I look? Hello, I'm JISOO from BLACKPINK. [CHEESY] [Reaction shows the cringe] (Feeling pressured) (You're next) Was that all? I'm feeling pressured... Hello everyone, I'm ROSÉ. (Proud) I'm still blond, but i'll soon be changing it. [Jennie still worried about her turn] But I'm still not sure how to change it. Next. [MC CHOO has no mercy] Oh, this is scary. Hi everyone, I'm JENNIE. Can you show us aegyo? All of a sudden?! AEGYO! AEGYO! AEGYO! Like this, we missed you BLINKS! (As if she'll do it LOL) Oh what? she's doing it [You guys are currently watching JENNIE's aegyo] (I missed you BLINKS) So cute! [REALITY CHECK] [Last but not least, LISA] [Last but not least, LISA] I'm going to see how cute you are. Show us what you have LISA. [Chinese audition program] I took on the role of a strict mentor that's why I can't do cute stuff because of the image. You've never had that image here so it's fine. Who are you trying to fool? I'm trying to change my image. Ok, well give us a strict greeting. Hi BLINKS. [Shocked] [Charisma] Let's try our best today. [We give you credit] She's become a tiger LOL. [ROAR] I've noticed she's even scarier when she talks in Thai. I saw it too. "There's no need to be sorry to me, you should be sorry to your members." [Quote noted] Guys keep a note of this! Let's move on please. See, she now even knows how to MC. LISA, I give you a promotion. JENNIE, you recently hurt your leg. We haven't done much activities because of social distancing right. As summer was approaching I wanted to look fit, so I was working really hard on my hips. But on the very first day... Your first day? That shows how unfit you were. Yeah, I couldn't blame anyone but myself because I tripped over my own legs. (Oh, that's what happened) Luckily, it wasn't a fracture but they think I pulled a muscle. So I had to wear a soft cast. It's been more than a month now and I'm in the process of healing. Guys be careful too, too much is never a good idea. [Too much is as bad as too little] Let's look at ROSÉ. You did an online mini concert? Oh yeah I did. [Communicated with fans through a mini concert] [JISOO and LISA took part as a viewer] [The mini concert was a special gift for fans] I was happy the fans seemed to enjoy it. Of course, they would've loved hearing your voice. How many songs did you sing? (The only one who couldn't see) Around 4 songs. What did you sing? Were they cover songs? [We're running out of time] Do a replay! You, I give a promotion. (I like your MC style) Yay, I got a promotion. So this is what power feels like. It feels good. What about you JISOO? I just... Are you still playing games? We hear rumors your computer is on 24/7! Shouldn't all computers run 24/7? I heard you're really busy. You're on your PC game, then on to your mobile game. Yeah it's not an easy task. In my case, I got so bored... (I've got something to say about this) When I'm alone, I would feel something from behind... and when I look back, she would be there. When we make eye-contact, she would come out. [She would then say...] JISOO, I'm bored. But that's all! She doesn't say anything else. [She keeps saying she's bored] [New song spoiler] Is there are a part of the new song we can give out? The most outstanding part? I have one!! To give you guys the overall vibe of the song... (curious curious) (Album spoiler 111) It's this kind of vibe. [ROSÉ's hint] [What vibe is that?] Oh, it's like a cat. Oh, cat! [JENNIE's spoiler] I think it's more close to King Kong. Roar~! (Or maybe it's a mixed version of the two) It reminds me of the part where King Kong goes up the building and screams. (I see) Should we say that in our M/V meeting today? (King Kong 111) (King Kong 222) There's one thing I do want to give out. [JENNIE expresses the new song with her face] (It's this BLINKS!!) It's like this! [Try guessing with us guys!] [What spoiler will JISOO give?] If our previous songs gave off the vibe of being strong and powerful, I think this song is more hip, that shows us our swag. [What comes to your mind when you think of this song?] (Oh I get what you mean) (You know right?) Oh really? -Do you not know? -Of course I do We recorded it together! (Oh yeah we did right) Our BLINKS would get it after they listen to our song. Guys, you'll know what we mean. That's all I can give you guys as a spoiler. We can't give it all out! Guys, please look forward to our new song... (New song hint) (Listen and you'll know) Guys, surprisingly we just got started. We will begin our official talk. [There's still a long way ahead] It can't be... [BLACKPINK Talk begins] We decided to make this reality show so that we can spend every moment together with our BLINKS. Was there anything you guys wanted to do or show to our fans? Or anything you think our fans would like to see from us? [Thinking LISA] I think showing how we have fun together in the recording studio would be fun. Oh yeah, the recording studio. We're really fun when we're in the recording studio. That side of us could be totally unexpected to BLINKS. I think our fans would really like it. (What I want to do is...) A VLOG into our real daily life. What BLACKPINK's daily life is like once we start working. (That must be fun) If I can say one thing that's in my heart... This is like a sudden confession. Do you guys remember during our tour, I was so into filming VLOGs. So I bought a camera. LOL But because I had to carry it around, I even bought a pretty bag for it. I even bought a key ring for it too. I think I only filmed like 2 minutes. LOL But this time we're doing it all together as a group. Yeah, I really want to show what I like to do and the things I like. I'm really looking forward to it. I think I'll make sure to watch every episode. [IDEA BANK] I've thought of two more things I want to do. One is to create a dance video on TickTok. After learning LISA's TikTok dance from her, each of us would film one. And Lisa would score us based on our dance. (I like that) I want ROSÉ to play her guitar and we sing along to it, just like we did during our trainee days. We used to sing until late at night. [We reveal a new side to BLACKPINK] [Cheers(?)] [From BLACKPINK's new hobby...] [Piece of their daily life that couldn't be seen on TV] [Don't miss the mischievous side of the girls too!] This is exciting! [Charms explode] [And...] During our trainee years, we would go to work at noon and get off at 2:00am the next day. We would take Japanese lessons, English lessons, Crump lessons, Dance lessons, and Vocal lessons. We would have to get classes for almost everything. We had so much homework to do... I think of those times a lot. [Teared up by the thought of those tough days] [Teared up by the thought of those tough days] It's ok...you did a good job. [Teared up by the thought of those tough days] It's ok we understand. It was a tough time for all of us. [And the heart warming friendship between the members] [The never told story of BLACKPINK begins now] I'm really sorry to cut you off but... (Is there a problem?) The first topic of today's discussion was "Choose the program name"... But we haven't even touched on our first topic. (Startled JISOO) [MC CHOO tries calming the members] That's what I was about to say. Now that we know what we want to do, we have to decide on the program title. Any ideas guys? It has to be something that can make sense in both Korean and English. Just like BLACKPINK. I want it to make sense in both languages. Hmm...what shall be good. We might come up with something if everyone share their ideas. How about we pick a couple and get our BLINKS to vote for the best title? Since we're seated like this, let's spilt into two groups. How about we use our lyrics? They might hear us!! "How about we use our lyrics?" Should we do it with our lyrics too? LOL HEY! Excuse me!! I'm in charge here! (LISA ain't happy, will get back to you!!) [BLACKPINK tries coming up with the program title] (Thinking deeply) (What would be a good one?) What about this? I think it sounds really cute! (Inspiration hit JENNIE) What about this!! (Bursts out laughing) (What do you think!?) (I like the vibe) We'll give you 10 more seconds. [MC CHOO team concentrates until the very last] [Jennie tries to distract them with time counting] Calm down Jennie~~ (Jennie calming down) [Done with program title ideals!] [What would be on the list of ideas?] [JISOO & ROSÉ] [JENNIE & LISA] What's BLACK and PINK? That's the name of our reality show. [JENNIE's sense of humor...] LOL [What did MC CHOO's team decide on?] We came up with 'BEHIND THE SCENES' but changed it to 'BEHIND THE PINKS'. (No reaction) BLINKS sometimes call us PINKS. That's why I chose BEHIND THE PINKS. (Competition mood) Because we'll be filming our daily lives like a VLOG, I thought of BLACKPINK LOG. We kind of thought of something similar too. [Their thoughts matched up] BLACKPINK DOC, BLACKPINK REALITY [What did LISA come up with?] '24/365 with BLACKPINK'. It's part of our lyrics so thought I'd incorporate it. I think that's a good idea too. And we have that melody too. [The lyrics are really catchy as well] [Proud] How about we put up 4 of them for voting? Good idea! We'll start getting your votes on these four titles. [BLINKS START VOTING!] Guys, we have breaking news. Voting for our program title just finished!! Our BLINKS voted for us. I'm sure we won. No, it's probably from our side. The title that got the most number of votes by far... [I'm sure it's me!!] [Our fans would get my sense of humor] [Would I be first this time?] [Who will be the winner?] [LISA's idea got voted the most] [JENNIE & LISA TEAM WINS!!] (LISA, look at you go!) I give credit to JENNIE for this win, we did it together. Thank you, thank you. I thought I was gonna win... LOL Hold up, who got the least votes? (Why am I anxious) There is no such thing as last or least for us! I just want to know!! (Admit that you lost lol) The title of our reality progam is... [LISA's idea] 24/365 with BLACKPINK! [CONGRATS! BLACKPINK's reality program title confirmed] Now that we have our comeback and our own reality show, I don't know what will wait for you guys in the next expisode just yet, [Look forward to our next episode too!] HELLO HELLO! Long time no see! You guys missed us right? [We finally reveal...] [BLACKPINK's daily life!] [From their new hobby...] You guys know how I like these ripped style clothes. [To their practice videos!] [Please look forward to it]