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(part-time)(boss) I play games w/ our customers when in a good mood You, boss? I stand in the middle in front of the guests (suddenly?) You have to do the motions (subscribe)(follow)A game we like~ A game you like~ (The day before filming) Aigoo workman is doing very well workman is a hit rn That's why a PPL (product placement) came in ReallY? Yes. Real-time, part-time matching service, Gubgoo Fits well w/ our program Gubgoo Ya it's for ages 3+ (4+ in Korean age) (child labor..?) Temp job Snack bar Ya the daily wage is 760,000 won (clinical trial) This is it! What are they testing? New drug? It's prolly been inspected already~ Are humans being used instead of mice? BBQ restaurant, Kimildo Kimildo must be the owner's name 3~8 PM (Hourly wage OK) (Shift OK) Should I apply to this one? Confirm. 660,000 restaurants across the nation (as of 2017) The most popular among them BBQ 📍Gongdeok Station He's hereX3 Uh! (cast) It's here You didn't take the subway? I'm a celebrity I took a taxi (mic) I put this on myself But when will someone put it on for me? If you get 1M views How many views does our most-watched video have? 40,000 Ah sh-- 2 : 45 PM On the way to work [ Kimildo ] (passerby) Excuse me, do you know where this is? (passerby) Kimildo I dunno Then what's your most memorable part-time job? CIT (cash-in-transit) Part-time in cash transport?!?? (cash)(transport) First time hearing of it (cash transport?) You don't need any certification? (cash)(transport) TIP. Part-time in cash transport / Certification X / Daily wage - 60,000 won (daily wage)(60,000 won) What's the pro of the job? (daily wage)(60,000 won) You transport 2~4 billion won at once (hold my beer) 2~4 billion won? Did you steal some on the down low? (AirPods)(200,000 won)(das expensive) (Pullin up to your first day of work like) Uh we made itX3 (not PPL) Hello. (part-time)(boss) Nice to meet you. My name is Jang Sung Kyu I applied yesterday I was shook [ Oh Joo Mok ] Who? Jang Sung Kyu? Work Reaction Best 3 - Wow, Gosh, Thank you. What should I learn first Change first. Pull the curtain. Ah is this the dressing room? Yes. We made it last-minute yesterday See-through (last-minute) 4 hrs 55 mins left Preparation for business [ Stage 1 : Charcoal maintenance ] (charcoal container) Burn off the oil, and put in charcoal (HOT)(Caution) Yes. Oh whoa. Ah I nvr knew about this If you just leave charcoal outside right away This smoke reaches the guests (stop)(drop)(roll) TIP. Removing meat grease from the charcoal container (charcoal tongs) (flinch) Once you get the hang of it You can throw it (MA! This is a master!) Have you ever heard of charcoal dust? Charcoal dust is more ratchet (charcoal dust) TIP. Perfect ratio = Charcoal dust 5 : New charcoal 5 (new charcoal) (this much) But what I was rly looking forward to this time was If you cut the meat well, and act friendly They give you a tip Yes, there's a tip Gotta treat each other with that tip the day after Ah of course, that's manners I'm not coming tomorrow, right? (no manners) 4 hrs 30 mins left Preparation for business [ Stage 2 : Handling the meat ] How much does it weigh? How much does this sell for? (This much?) 14,000 won for 160g per serving (person) Then how much does it cost to buy the meat? 160 for 10 Um ok I'm curious. Can you slice it to exactly 160g? Of course. Leggo This much is 160g (confident) Are you sure about that? (Hoxy?)(Perhaps?) 150g By law, it should be (±)5~10g Um ok 3 hrs left [ Breaktime ] (Gasp) Do you usually have such a big meal? [ Jo Mi Jung senior ] The boss whips up something different each day It's 4 pm, so is this dinner? It's lunch TIP. Lunchtime : After 3 PM / So this is lunch (flower bun)(Stir-fried Korean Chili Pepper and Pork) (stir-fried pork) (Stir-fried Korean Chili Pepper and Pork)(a.k.a. gochu japchae) (How is it?) (It's good, right?) Ah but you're rly a good cook (dehet) You must be waiting for this time while you work Senior, this may be an intrusive question If it's intrusive, wouldn't it be better not to ask? (heck-savage) This employee was grilling w/ her bf (when she got recruited) Ah rly? You didn't apply for the job? You came as a customer, and was coaxed? Yes, I was scouted Bc the boss is so nice I play games w/ the customers when in a good mood You, boss? I stand in the middle (suddenly?) You have to do the motions (subscribe)(follow) The game we like~ The game you like~ Then they say Thirty~One! (subscription canceled.) (follow canceled.) This is a mood. We have a group chat Aren't you thinking too much of yourself? (embarrassed) 3 hrs left Preparation for business [ Stage 3 : Preparing side dishes ] What do I do now? We have to set the sauce Salted roe Half a spoon TIP. Make the salted roe into a triangle And place it on the dish This is hard. Into a triangle (;;) (What are you doing?) (;;) (;;) How do I go about this? (Watch out behind you!) 2 hrs 20 mins left Dinner is served [ Hall serving ] Uh coming! Can I get some maekju (beer) How many bottles? 2 bottles of Jeju Beer Jeju Beer (We)(Accept)(Sponsored)(PPL) Here you go~ It's my first time meeting you so let me pour you a glass (please don't) You two must eat together often Yes, he's my company dongseng (mentee)(mentor) She's your mentor. Please say something nice about your senior (Hmm) (Talk freely^^) First off..... I get the feeling something stressful happened at work today (dead) His face is usually like that lolol You have a poker face People like him are good at gambling (Huh?) ※You're not you when you're hungry※ Oh this isn't easy (service) This is for disrupting you two This is expensive tho How much is it Like 8,000 won Owner! This is 8000 won, right? Oops sorry, I'll change it to something else (sudden change in attitude) Hello What brings you three together? Are you colleagues? Ah all CEOs Ah you're a CEO? Yes CEO (28) Quirk : Startup / Oh neat. I'll make the somaek (soju+maekju) Are all three of you in the same industry? (shake shake) (Yes) IT (part)(time)(ace) Wow, you even have a nice voice (shake shake22) What would you like? One more bottle of Cass One bottle of Cass, please (Are you a customer?) Oh this is harder than I thought, boss This is very difficult You should raise the hourly wage to 10,000 won May I ask you to DTR (define the relationship)? We're married Ah rly? We work at the same place, so we leave together Ah CC (company couple) We work at the National Police Agency (sudden respect) Are you in the same dept? (audit)(investigation) Seeing how you're happily married, Is a third child in the works? (Tonight...?) (Another one...?) He got a vasectomy (unexpected development) Ya didn't leave any meat left over No meat to scrape (cleaning complete) This is no joke? Hello What do you need? Water (please) Water? Yes, I'll bring water I should bring two(?) So they won't ask again (Over here) What would you like? Chum Churum Alcohol? How many bottles? (so they won't ask again) 5 bottles? (2 bottles) 2 bottles, got it Is this a get-together? This is a foodie gathering Ah visiting eateries Then there must be couples formed from within? There was a couple... Keyword : WAS LOL Are there couples --ing? We're married (wifey)(hubby) But you're sitting farthest apart (long-distance relationship) (5 mins till shift's over) Go PD (Go PD) Let's end this program I hated everything for the first time Ah yah (peekaboo) (general) I thought it was the boss That guest left her sweater behind Uh I'll do it. Whose is it? Baby clothing (general's clothing) Father, mother, your daughter left this behind Thank you Get back safely Good job^^77 (clap)(clap) Fantastic until the very end Ah yes, the ending was great You taught me well today For the part-time staff at BBQ restaurants 'What's good about this job' Can you promote it? The thing is Working at a meat restaurant is not ideal Um ok How much did I earn (10,000 won)(20,000 won) It's full? (30,000 won) (40,000 won) (50,000 won in total?) (5,000 won) (1,000 won) 46,000 won? Then how much is it Hourly wage - 9,200 won Not bad? Something came in Letter of recommendation? Ah if I get recommended I build trust for my other part-time jobs Letter of recommendation Jang Sung Kyu He was cheerful with the customers Works hard, but not handsome in person (Not handsome) Your review of working at a BBQ restaurant It was very rewarding, but hard I'm a vegetarian starting today ⭐Cookie clip⭐ Boss, please go back inside (like) Oh My heart fluttered. #1 in sales, Del Monte Orange Juice (Suddenly?) (subscribe)(comment)