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Q) What are some things to avoid during a blind date? Overdressing? Oh like? Pointy shoes... (the worsT) Pointy shoes (pointy)(sharper than my future) PD : He's herex2 (Car?) Oh~ (proud)Hello Since when? (celebrity car) This old thing? (celebrity car) Today will be the first (celebrity car) Jang Sung Kyu rents a car (congrats) I was told to dress up for an interview Have you heard of the company name? 'Next Match' A match is fighting Am I the round girl? On the way to the interview [ Next Match ] (mic)(self) Hello Isn't your interview at 9? The interview is at 9, but I arrived 10 seconds ago Rookie mindset (act of disqualification 1) Didn't you come to do an interview at Next Match today? (staff) I just heard of Next Match today Is it a good company? (staff) Uh yes, it's a successful company (staff) From the looks of it, they must be doing very well (staff) Is it multi-level? Look at this view (Dogok)(Yeoksam) Ya this is nice Since this is a rly expensive building This must be a conglomerate Uh! Henry (director) Are you here to interview me? I'm director Oh Yong Ho Im Won... Im Won Hee? You look younger than me But you're the director? Yes. Where did you move to? (pun for 'isa' which means director or move) 9 : 05 AM Interview TIP Use English names within the company Chucky I dressed in formal wear bc it's an interview You slept here today, right? TIP Casual dress code There's no dress code Ah rly? Yes. Even shorts? Yes. Can I wear flip flops? Yes. Can I go commando? Never tried before It's an open company I'll work here Who are you to decide? Thank you for taking interest in our company, and applying Amanda is a blind date service You should know a lot about dating Ah a blind date service? Ah did you come w/o knowing? I came w/o knowing (act of disqualification 2) (dumb)(founded) How should we introduce the company? The director doesn't seem sure of himself Are you sure he's the director? I'm about to throw up kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Feel free (going to throw up now) Amanda. Charm evaluation - If you get 3/5 by users, you can use the service Amanda. Top dating app Startup Please introduce yourself Me? I was born in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul (act of disqualification 3) I can be the mood of the company There's no next for Next Match Just the present! Ah so you're saying we have no future (Uh?) You're quick on your feet Are you good at acrostic poems? Of course What word? Amanda? Sure A Anywhere that's hard to M Meet a D Diamond (pft) Sure fella What do you mean, sure fella Wasn't this the right poem for the company? I..was touched (so touched) It wasn't...? I got hired Congratulations Have you ever used this app? (staff) After joining this company, I once did it out of curiosity How many points did you get? A lot Oh! How many? (high score) (9 points) 9 point something? 9 point something? Yes, you can get it Isn't 5 the highest? 9 : 40 AM On the way to work Hello, senior Nice to meet you Senior, the office looks empty (empty)(empty) We have flexible shifts You just have to work 9 hours once coming into the office TIP Flexible arrival time (9-hr shift) Morning task #1 [ user maintenance ] Can I sit here What we have to do together User maintenance Block false users Block stolen photos Process user reports Ah right How did you score, senior? 3.11 points After 14 attempts (cracks up) Chuck, are you laughing at him? You've never got rejected before? Yes, I'm one-kill One kill, one shot One kill... Isn't it one shot, one kill? One shot, one kekekeke Oh senior, you have a lot of phones tho (phone1)(phone2)(phone3)(phone4)(phone5) There's other work that we do Hoxy, are these all cloned phones Click on prescreening User maintenance Block false users Block stolen photos Process reports Sounds simple enough? (easy money) Tbh That's enough Heh Only 5 out of 51 passed - 10% It's hard to pass Let's try (intern PD) To join As soon as our maknae appears, I get his back turned on me What's the director doing, not working (absent) Did he go to throw up? Director Where have you been, not working? ahaha sorry Sorry kekekekekekekeke kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Ya there's def a diff between photos and irl (diss) 23 years old '97 Hanyang University Oh~ She's an elite Must be nice (Profile/Pic check completed) Girls get screened faster (forced laughter) Why so? Are you dat quick? (pft) Our maknae is getting a hot response? (Hoxy?)(Perhaps?) Pass Over 4 points... How does it feel? Feels good^^ (dehet) Do you have a bf? Yes. Ah then you can leave (Introducing the team) Started yesterday You started yesterday? Yes. You look like a foreigner? (Yale University) Excuse me, but how many points did you score? No definite points ( means he failed) Oh they're busy? Hello What were you up to? We have a Korean and Taiwanese service Are you from Taiwan? Yes. Ah rly??? (Taiwanese) Can you introduce yourself in Mandarin? Uh... Next Match Taiwan.. She's better in Korean (Taiwanese) Morning Task #3 [ Organizing the office pantry ] Ooh snacks. Do snacks get delivered daily? 2 times a month TIP Snacks get delivered 2 times a month Are there any incentives? The annual income is higher than average Ah rly? If you don't mind my asking, how much.. Can't say it (iron wall) I'll keep it a secret It's okay (iron wall22) Only I will know It's okay (That's enough) The company is carefree This is the most laid-back company I've come across (subscribe) (soju) This.. won't come out, right? 11 : 30 AM Lunchtime TIP 10,000 won daily food allowance (kimchi)(greens)(omelet)(bean sprouts)(anchovies)(beef patty)(stir-fried pork) (stir-fried pork)(lettuce)(ssamjang)(rice)(greens)(kimchi) (keuahhhhhhhh) Seems like a well-rounded company But the food is lacking (side eye) There are no cons... Side dishes please (Lee Kang In level sense) You don't have any complaints? No complaints He tries not to be too bossy A healthy work culture Coffee... (subscribe)(like) Ice... Yes, we ordered already (not bossy) I'll explain the afternoon duties There's a meeting @2 We're trying to make a guide for our male members You'll succeed if you do this. Yes. Like a manual You'd need to do market research on this That's a good idea Afternoon duty #1 [ Market research ] The maknae would know the blind date trends (4.18 points) If you greet like this, you'll get a better response Uh... Hi-roo There's a lot of people here Can I have a second? Are you two a couple? Huh??? No, we're colleagues Have you been on many blind dates? I have. How many times? 2~3 times? How many times? 5 times...? (side eye) Then 10 times, right? (nods) Based on your experience What are some actions to avoid Don't be too prepared Ah don't prepare jokes (laughs) Is there anything else you could think of? Overdressing? Oh like? Pointy shoes... (the worsT) Pointy shoes (pointy)(sharper than my future) Hello Can I ask a few questions? Who's been on a blind date before? We're Chinese (Chinese1)(Chinese2) What are blind dates like in China? I've never been on one in China Ah only in Korea (giggles) Then when you went on blind dates with Koreans Ah this works well Ah I've nvr felt that way ha Hello, mother Have you ever been on a blind date? (passerby) I had an arranged marriage (arranged marriage) Then in your perspective (arranged marriage) Imagine a world like that If men say this, they'll be more attractive His family structure (subscribe) Ah family tree TIP Showcase your family background This is a deal-breaker (like) So many people w/ tattoos (comment) I can let these animals slide Roses Roses, okay Like a butterfly Even insects Get back safely, mother (done working outside of the office) Afternoon duty #2 [ brainstorming session ] This is nerve-racking I did some market research What you need to do to increase the chance of success I asked different age groups Being too prepared is burdensome (agreed) Dress clean No pointy shoes (glances) One mother said you have to look into their family background (omg) To find out if they're trash or not (Why are you staring at me?) It's okay to have tattoos of bugs Butterflies, plants and roses Do you have a tattoo? (sharp question) (curious) Just my eyebrows (semi-permanent) Kitty as well? Yes, twice (Twice?) Some may be too shy to bring it up So make a category Preferred tattoo style Tattoo Style Insects Plants Animals You're refining the process (can't even) That's why if you fill your profile You can express your interest with your interests^^ Choosing tags and categories of interest With my message To stand out Ah~ Going deeper Burning yourself (dark humor) Cutting yourself (dark humor22) Thank you for today, senior I'll give you a chance to promote your company Uh.. Uh our company Uh.. Is not a stressful work environment Hmm...Uh... Before... Ah what should I say? Good job^^77 Since it's an IT company The payment is transferred directly to your bank account Since they're IT? (done goofed) Oh! 50,239 won 50,239 won / 6 hrs Hourly wage = 8,373.1666...won They must've deducted something What's there to take off from this? Give your overall review The work environment is good I like that it's flexible work hours And that it's a level playing field There's no one to nag you The company is a mess