30 People Try Playing Fortnite Without Killing Each Other




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- Someone get it in the goal. Oh! (upbeat music) - We have a private Fortnite server today, and we are to just be having a fun day in Fortnite where there's no killing. We have soccer game and a dance battle, and we see who's the last person standing in the storm. (upbeat music) - Aw, look at all the beautiful people floating down. - [Chantel] Jared are you still the dinosaur? - Yes. - [Zach] Yeah, Jared's definitely a captain because he's a dinosaur. Anybody who's picking up weapons and doing the wrong thing. - I'm really sorry, I just, I'm only aiming. I'm not shooting. - [Zach] Who kicked the soccer ball? - [Man] Stop touching the ball. - [Zach] Oh okay. Everyone bring the ball to the center. If everybody could stop playing until it gets to the middle that would help everyone a lot. - The ball is so laggy on my screen. - [Zach] Oh it's very laggy. Okay here it is. Get it on the field. Okay everyone stop kicking the ball. (overlapping voices) - Everyone stop kicking the ball. There it is. - If you touch the ball I'm gonna shoot you. - [Zach] Alright, everyone pick one side of the field. - Chantel, is that you swinging at me? - [Chantel] Yeah. (laughing) (laughing) - I panicked, I panicked! - [Man] You killed Chantel? - Okay everyone, get the ball. It's like lemmings. - [Man] Get it, get it. (laughing) - [Zach] That's smart. You can build, building's allowed. Alright, someone get it in the goal. Here we go. (cheering) - [Zach] Good job, whoever that was. - [Man] Who's shooting? - I'm not shooting anyone unless they hit me. Don't you (bleep) swing at me. Chantel already learned that the hard way. - And we'll have our next fun event at Tilted Towers. - To be fair, when I was shooting other people with this gun it wasn't killing them in one hit. - [Woman] You killed me in one shot! (laughing) - So I must have hit you right in the face. - [Zach] Brandon suggested that we destroy this whole building. - [Jared] Oh my God the sound of all them, beating the staircase. - [Zach] Everyone destroy. We're just doing our job. - I'm taking this guy just so no one else gets it. Not because I'm gonna shoot people. I'm not gonna shoot anyone. - [Jared] Oh, wait, are we destroying different, oh no! - [Zach] Alright everybody, let's go to Salty Springs because the storm's closing again. And, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. (laughing) - [Zach] Everyone come to Salty Springs so that you don't die in the storm. I can't stress enough how we can't kill each other right now. We are all going to die together in the storm, despite already somehow losing about 10 people. - [Man] Hey, hey. Stop cheating. - I'm not aiming at anyone, I'm firing into the air. (laughing in slow motion) - Building a giant fort is the next thing that's going to be happening. - I feel so bad Chantel is dead. I'll never forgive myself for that. - Oh, someone killed me there. Oh, and they have their real name. - It was David. - It was David. - [David] I'm so sorry! - You're not sorry. - That's why you never use your real name. Now we all know who to blame. - David's fired. - [Zach] What? Where'd our house go? - What? Is the fort gone? Oh my God, we're all gonna fall to our death. Oh my God, we're all gonna fall to our death. Oh my God, oh my God, we're all gonna die. (laughing) - [Zach] Wait, we wanna see what happens when the storm closes on him. There are six people left; this isn't working. I guess whatever happens, happens. - I just went rogue, guys. I'm just gonna kill people. - This is what started it all. - I am so, I apologize, so much. - David killed me, and he destroyed. - I did not mean to. I got loose and wild with it. I'm not used to playing this game on a PC, I am so sorry. - You know what, it's okay. (dramatic music) - [Jared] Fortnite is just designed for you to kill people, so when you try to force people to not kill people in Fortnite, they're just gonna turn eventually. - You can only have passivity for so long. - I don't know if I can trust my coworkers anymore. (perky music) (whooshing) (hinge creaking)