Daredevil Swallows 10 Swords in Brave Stunt

(energetic music) (metal tinging) Are you kidding? That is 10 swords in this guy's mouth. Can you say crazy and incredible? Hi everybody. I'm Brad Byers. Brad Byers is quite the daredevil. He's an international sword swallower from Washington state. I thought it would be nice to show you the most difficult and dangerous way to swallow swords, one at a time, un-lubricated, and with a twist. One by one, the 28-inch weapons go into his mouth before he turns them all 180 degrees. Just one wrong move could be deadly. Let's hope nothing happens like in this scene from Aladdin. (lively swing music) (metal swishing) (choking) Thankfully he pulls it off. (metal clanking) (sighs) Thanks for watching. For insideedition.com., I'm Leigh Scheps.