Drag Queens Trixie Mattel Katya React to Big Mouth I Like to Watch Netflix

- Oh my god, this one time we were on tour, and this girl had like a kid, and my assistant was like, "You know, she talks about some pretty rough stuff." And this girl goes, "Oh, she'll be fine, she's seen 'Drag Race'." Meanwhile, I'm up here talking about (bleep)ing (bleep)ing dead people. (Katya and Trixie laughing) Hi, it's me, Trixie Mattel. - And I'm Katya. - And we are two queens who like to watch. - And today, we're watching the Netflix original animated series, "Big Mouth" season four. (dramatic music) - I think America is so afraid of sex, and this show is sort of like, yeah, we're not doing that. - Well, honey, puberty is disgusting. - Right, your body, your sexuality, your body changing, it's some of the only things that unify all of us. - It is the bridge. It's bringing people together. - And spoiler alert, as usual. - Yeah, they go through puberty. - Yeah, baby, sleep away camp. No parents. (Trixie laughs) - Did you go to sleep away camps? - No (bleep)ing way. - I'm from so deep in the country that when we went to the boy scout camp it was closer to the big city. (Katya laughs) I was like, you call this camping? At my house, we have an outhouse, bitch. - The boy's shower rules. It's so interactive. - Have you ever showered in a communal shower like that? I have never, not once, ever. - Well, this is the tea. I was one of the only people in like 10th grade and beyond who was not in some sort of athleticism. If you were an athlete you used the varsity showers. It was me, every kid with glasses, and like the carjacker. Which was actually a gayer experience 'cause then it was like me and one guy alone in the shower. - Weird. - The only thing that's worse than weird is small. - What? - Let me see your little rat nose. They're gonna rip you apart. - Were you afraid if people saw your dick that they were gonna say you had a small dick? - No, I got pantsed once, but that was the only time I was ever naked with guys. - Yeah, I wasn't afraid of people seeing my dick. - Oh, he's got a giant wiener. - But I also was like soft. What can you really tell about anybody's wiener when it's soft? I mean, come on. - Not much. - Not much. - Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made. - Oh my god. Straight people are fucking wild. - I mean, gay people are too, but they don't really do this stuff. There was this straight guy who used to show us his (bleep)hole. Nobody asked for that. - I'm so tired. I mean, I am judging them and I have been peed on, so I guess I need to like-- - Yeah, but that's different. (Trixie laughs) - Now I have reached my limit with the boy's shower. - I'm very gay in that I don't like gross stuff. Except for all the gross things I saw all the time. - Yeah, all the time, literally. - It's only fine if it comes from my mouth. Or goes in it. (Katya laughs) (whistle blows) - Caution ahead, watch out for pepperoni sized nipples and LGBTQ stuff. - My pepperoni nipples are so cooked. - Oh my god. - This is like giving me flashbacks like "Ren & Stimpy", like the grotesqueness. - I love it here. You should see if Aiden needs any sunscreen on his (bleep) and (bleep). - I don't wanna be gross, but that voice is hot. - She's (bleep)ing monsters now. - It's hot, whatever. - You're like an amazing digger. - You stupid turd. - What the hell? - How many times do I have to tell you, I'm a girl. We're not supposed to be strong and good at work. - Me. - Me pulling my own suitcase through the airport. - Yeah, seriously. - Oh, I get it, you guys are digging us a giant toilet, thanks. Hope we don't accidentally piss on you. - Jay, reverse chicken 69. - Here we go. - Nobody pisses on Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy. - Did she hit their dicks with the shovel? - That was fantastic. - Work queen. - You think that was hot? You should taste my mouth. (Trixie laughs) - Wow, is it possible this party could actually be good? - Oh, it's not good, it's perfect. - (laughs) Gay people. - This is officially better than the time I saw Eric Stonestreet fall down a flight of stairs. - I have to say, I hated for a while when gay people we're like coming on the scene in films and TV, that gay people were always being portrayed as sympathetic. - Yep. I prefer when the gay people are monsters and things, 'cause Mama, that's the tea. The (bleep)y gay friend no one can get rid of. - That's the truth. - All right, we're at summer camp here and we have a little coming out moment. - This is Natalie, she'll be in our bunk this summer. She is trans, so everybody just (bleep)ing be cool. - Hey, everyone. - Wait, Gabe? - It's Natalie, actually. - That is so cool. - Yes, queen, go off girl boss, pussy out, slay. (Trixie and Katya laughing) - This show really jumped out the window. It went from being a comedy to a documentary. Slay, that's the boots realness tea the house down, yes, God. It's the worst. - The worst. - I don't even have to explain what it is, because if you don't know what that is, it's you. - If you know, you know. - I mean, this is gonna sound weird, but when I started growing through puberty, it was like this monster showed up. - All right, buddy, we're gonna give you broad hairy shoulders and a high (bleep)ing ass. And you're gonna get more pussy than a no-kill animal shelter. - No, get away from me, you horny psycho. I think maybe I'm gay. - Yeah, I did kind of think you were gay. - So did I. But then I sang this duet with the ghost of Freddie Mercury. - Sure, as one does. ♪ Be gay ♪ ♪ Totally gay ♪ - By the way, I think I had the opposite experience, before I knew what gay was I thought, oh, if I like boys, maybe I'm supposed to be a girl. - Really? - But then I did this, so who knows? - What's your (bleep)ing problem, kid? - I don't know, I just know I hate you and what you're doing to my body. - Nobody likes puberty, that's why they made the (bleep)ing show. (Katya laughs) - [Natalie] We decided I should go on hormone blockers. - [Trixie] New kids on the hormone blockers. - Oh my god. (Trixie laughs) I don't think when I was this age I even knew what a trans person was. - That's the thing, programs like this don't make people anything, but they give them the vocabulary to know what it is in the real world and not feel disarmed by it, do you know what I mean? - Yes, I do. - What about if we get a tampon up in there? - No, no way. I am not ready to stick something up there. What if it gets lost and never comes out? - Oh, like Daniel Dave-Lewis in an acting roll. (Trixie laughs) - Daniel Dave. Oh my god, look at her swimming. Oh, Lord. - Maybe the children will be nice. - Maybe the children will be nice. - Who would wear a pad in the water? - Who even has a period that big, am I right? - Yeah, mines just like a skittle that falls out and I just throw it away. (Trixie laughs) - Mines just a skittle that falls out. - Everyone out, it's creating a vortex. - Hey, how's camp going for you? - Absolutely terrible, you? - It's a nightmare. - Perfect. ♪ Hey, mister man ♪ - Literally my singing voice. - Literally, yeah. ♪ What about me ♪ ♪ Am I bowl of soup or a human being ♪ (kids booing) - [Boy] Get off the stage, soup. - Run into the words. - Have you been heckled? Like really though? - Well, there always asking me to take my top off. No. I've had people too drunk to be there. - Oh, that's different. - But not anti-Trixie, hate your jokes, et cetera. And I've had plenty of people walk out 'cause they were offended. Which I take as a job well done. But I've never been heckled like, get off the stage, I don't like it. - You're not doing too good up there and I'm bored. - Have you been heckled during any of your programs? - No. - DeVon broke up with her because she wouldn't give him a hand job. It's very upsetting. - Who's doing hand jobs? You doing hand jobs? - Do I? - I've never given a hand job in my entire life. - I love it. - What about us? - Get to the point, Ellie, I'm a busy lady. - She means it can feel really (bleep)ing good to get (bleep)ed. - Hell yeah. - What? - I mean, I don't think all kids talk like this. - No, but this is the absolute gist of the activities that are taking place. - What is it about the last night of camp that gets everyone so horned up? - All right, so it's the last day at camp and the kids are really like, last bitch effort, flirt, go for the pick up lines, try to get a grope. What about people who would like, it's the last day of camp and people would cry? I'll do you one better. What about that fucking girl who would scream when the teacher turned the lights out? I hope every girl who ever screamed when the teacher turned the lights out is dead. (Katya laughs) - This would be my first time kissing a boy and it just feels scary. - Were you scared the first time you kissed a boy? - I mean, looking back it was not... Like most gay people, I don't think my first kiss was like optimal safety, optimal like, if my body goes missing, will people know where I am? - Were you turning tricks in a truck stop bathroom? You (bleep)ing whore. - No. - Oh, my first kiss was delightful, fantastic. - Who did you kiss? - I also blew him too. - In gay world, what is the bases? First base, anal. - Second base, fisting. - Second base, poppers. Yeah, poppers and fisting. Third base, PnP, ceiling suspension, hooks through the skin. And then home base is necrophilia. - I'm gonna finger Milk. As God as my witness, I'm gonna wear him like a Ring Pop. - My dad's friend, Bob Rietti, has a statue of a finger in his nightstand. - [Jessi And Natalie] Shut the (bleep) up, Milk. (Trixie laughs) - Yes. That character is so fierce. - My first kiss was with a troll named Myron. He had a flat ass and buck teeth. He could eat me out through a tennis racket. (Trixie and Katya laughing) - Wouldn't that be the dream job? To get one of the monster parts? You just get to show up and say some crazy (bleep)? - In 1969, sex year, whoop whoop, all the queers got to go to Stonewall and Marsha P. Johnson, she threw out the first pitch. - Work, queen. - Play ball. And then the laws started to change and now we have Pride parades, "Drag Race", same sex-- - Oh my god, wait, go back. Do you think that's supposed to be Ru Paul? - Yes, of course it is. - Look at the forehead. - [Katya] I know that's what I'm saying, it's amazing. - Enter left is Dora the Explorer and on the other side, who is that? - That's you. You. - Oh, I guess that's me, yeah, sure. Except those men in the front row, no. Those men were not at the event. Those are 13 year old girls, sorry about it. - We have to hand job and if I don't want to, I'm a prude. - Okay, my friends are full of (bleep). Brodrick hasn't even kissed a boy. - Oh. - And besides, hand jobs are only fun if both of us are into it. - So it's okay to wait? - Of course. - Let's just take the pressure off, circle a date on the calendar six months from now and if you're not ready by then, I'll kill myself. (Trixie and Katya laughing) - I'm gonna stop you right there. I would say one in every 10 gay sexual encounters is fun. And the other ones are only life affirming. People have a lot of anxiety about first time anything. This isn't just a teenager thing, this is an every age, every age of your life thing. Because when we talk about sexual freedom, we often talk about, do whatever you want, but that also includes, don't do whatever you want. - Not doing! Yeah. - I was literally taught abstinence in school. I had to sign a contract saying I won't have sex. And I did keep the contract. - She's a man of her word. - She's a man of her word. - Can't wait to (bleep) you off on my time table. - Completely me. - Can't wait to engage in sex when it's convenient for me. (phone chimes) - Oh my. - There was a scandal in my dad's seventh grade class that the kids were (bleep)ing on SnapChat. - I'm so happy I never sent nudes with my face in it my whole life. - Never. Never, never one time, ever. - Well, this is a tasty cake pop. (Trixie laughs) - Look at that hair. Oh my god. More representation for us. - I know, seriously, I feel very seen and heard. - Mom, so you're just gonna leave without saying goodbye. - Well, we've got a conservative mother who thinks that being gay is a choice. - But I just don't think two boys should be baking together. - Mom. - I mean, if I had a kid who was gay, I know how much harder it's gonna be, so I might read them for filth about it, like so, you're gay, huh, well that was a choice. Like, you really just made your situation worse. - I love it when people insist on the choice to be gay. As if anyone would do that. I knew when I was two, dead ass. - Pour the cement on it, she's sure. - Pour the cement on it. - And I just can't stand the idea of you making these sinful choices and baking in hell for all eternity, because Jesus is watching. - (Bleep) off. - That's the killer with gay people who are obsessed with their moms. - How's your relationship with your mom? - Fine. She couldn't be less impressed with me in any form of it. Drag isn't impressive to her, being gay is not even interesting to her. - Call me when you start riding dirt bikes, pansy. - Yeah, she's just, she's not impressed. I'll just call her to say hi, she's like, "I'm kind of watching something". (Trixie and Katya laughing) She's like, still alive, great, see you at Thanksgiving. She doesn't need more than that. - I love that. - Seventh graders. - That's right. - Guess we're on the prowl now. - All right, so there's like a little bit of a make out party, and it's the seventh graders being welcomed to school by the eighth graders. - How's a man even to choose? - The same way we choose everything. - Oh, Netflix. - [Maury] Let's see what girls are suggested for us. - We know everyone can see us. - And that's part of the thrill. - What's new and popular? - She's my best friend. - And I'm a little shorter than her. - And together. - [Both] we're making sustained eye contact with you guys. - Yeah, we are. - Hell yeah. ♪ Cafeteria girls ♪ ♪ Life is their tray ♪ - That is so stupid. - Nick and Andrew and their seventh grade snacks? Yum, yum. - Jay! - Relax, babe. - This haircut, by the way, short little bangs, weird side spit curl, and the back of the hair is just a nut suck, I love it. - I'd totally be down to french kiss and Spanish fly, dutch oven, and fart in your mouth. - Spanish fly, dutch oven, fart in your mouth. - I mean, this show's shocking me, and I'm pretty disgusting. I'm like the worst person I know. (Katya laughs) - Hi. - Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I love it. - Can I ask, what are you? - Giovanni Versace. It was a couple's costume. Aiden was gonna be Cunanan and we had this cinnamon stick with cooked spaghetti. - For Donatella, of course, it looks just like her. (Trixie laughs) - Oh my god, not Donatella. A cinnamon stick with cooked spaghetti. - A cinnamon stick with cooked spaghetti, work, bitch. - This show is rotten. - It's rotted. It's rotted in the best way. - Matthew's hell. Okay, is this supposed to scare me? - No, but this is. - Harvey Fierstein? - Harvey. - Mom, Aiden! - You gotta choose, Matthew, or they both die. - His homophobic mom or his (bleep)ing boyfriend? Bye. - Oh, not that mom. - Hurry up and get the funeral ready I'm putting you in the NutriBullet and pouring you down the bathroom sink. - Not the NutriBullet. - No one's gonna die, no matter who I choose. Not in this deeply flawed play or in real life. Thank you, Beelzebubby. - For a stirring performance? - No, for giving me perspective. - It's so good. - This show has everything. Periods, talking vaginas, hand jobs, monsters, summer camp, gay shit. - Jesus shit. - Homophobes. - So that's it, that's the end of the show. - Check out season four of "Big Mouth" on Netflix. - On Netflix.