ENG SUB CC The Boyz Oto Seyo 190402 더보이즈 어떠세요

JY: Hello, we're TBZ back on a Tuesday as boys! (TN: this is just such a weird sentence in English LMAO) YH: Should we see what we have to recommend today? All: (in Japanese) Let's see! HN: So pretty~\ JY: I really want to go JY: It's somewhere you can Korea's beauty all in one place, so its my 1st place recommendation YH: Of course you can see Korea's beauty, but an important point is that you can take amazing photos YH: You can take amazing photos HN: If we're talking about amazing photos, wouldn't we be talking about TBZ? YH: Yes, but there's one member who is the best at taking photos HN: What's the key point? H: I think the key point is the facial expression YH: I agree with that JY: As expected of the master of selfies H: Thank you YH: Since he's the master of selfies shouldn't we learn this facial expression? H: Imagine there's a puppy or something in front of you, and then look at the camera cutely like you're looking at it H: Try it YH: I'll take the challenge JY: It looks so good YH: Have our members ever been there? JY: No YH: You've never been there? H: I've been there H: I went there a lot with my grandma when I was younger JY: DId you eat a lot? H: There's a lot of good food but there's also a lot of different foods H: don't touch the food HN: Seeing the video of the mung bean pancake means you're giving us some right? JY: I knew you'd say that, so I've prepared to make some Gwangjang Market mung bean pancakes JY: JY Chef has to go to work JY: You're excited right? YH: I don't know if i trust you JY: You know I'm the best cook in TBZ JY: I've never made the traditional kind but I've made the regular kind HN: Is it similar? YH: Let's...believe in him YH: Look how he's pouring it JY: Should I put it in? YH: Sound x2 JY: Of course HN: Show us H: It's not gonna fly away is it? YH: Be careful! HN: FAIIIIIIL JY: It's ruined YH: No it's okay you saved it HN: I think it's done, let's eat YH: Put it on the plate prettily, done JY: Finally the mung bean pancake is finished! YH: I think you did better than I thought YH: It's good H: If you ate this on a rainy day it would be amazing JY: Ah a rainy day! YH: If you happen to have the ingredients at home, I think making one for dinner would be really tasty JY: Wow. who made this? YH: The guy at the market JY: No~ JY: I made it! H: Can we try the mayak kimbap next? YH: Usually dipping it in sauce makes it more addictive JY: Ah the sauce? JY: It's my first time dipping kimbap in sauce YH: It looks so good H: Why do they call mayak kimbap, mayak kimbap? HN: You still don't know? HN: You don't know just by eating it? HN: You don't know just by LOOKING at it??? HN: Once you eat it you want to keep eating it HN: That's why it's called mayak kimbap (TN: mayak 마약 means drug) HN: A cheap and plentiful food street, H: We recommend Gwangjang Market that continues the tradition of taste! SY: Hello, I'm 100SC, MC Sangyeon! K: and I'm Kevin! SY: The 100SC that's getting hotter and hotter, both teams please introduce yourselves SW: Yes our team name is, Do you want to play? J: OK Q: Come out(TN: They made a pun bc the city Okinawa sounds like ok, come out in Korean dfhkldfgh) SY: Next team E: Do you want to play? HJ: How N: about it? (TN: They made a pun with the show's name LOL) SW: They JUST made it up N: No~ I thought about it before E: We thought about it yesterday SY: Good job Q: Congrats SY: Today's game is a game that TBZ said they wanted to play K: The people who told the writers they wanted to play this game are New and Q! SW: Ah~ Good job~ SY: Let's take a look K: Random box K: The panel has one more thing to let us know...teams....do you know what it is? Q: I don't know K: Should we reveal it at the same time? Q: I wrote "Something scary" When did i write that?? N: Something very very harsh Q: When did I write something like that? SY: You'll know once we start right? Q: Yes Q: I know very well SY: So let's start the game E: We'll turn around SY: 100 seconds on the clock Q: I'll check out the items SY: Open this and... N: WHY x4 E: Don't do that! HJ: Don't act, I know it's nothing SW: New are you ready? SY: Ready... N: Ah I have to start? SY: He has to prepare his heart N: Are you nervous? SY: Ready... K: You can do it N: Start N: I forgot the name N: Ah what is it?? N: Slime! x3 SY: Correct! E: Octopus! x2 Squid! K: Correct! HJ: WHY DID YOU SAY IT SO SLOW SY: We were waiting for the sign from the direcctor SY: Next x3 HJ: Hair! K: What kind? HJ: A scarf K: Correct (TN: Q PATTING THE CHICKEN F;DSFSDFKLGN) Q: You can do it! x2 E: There's 10 seconds left N: Raw chicken x3 N: AHH What is that?? HJ: I don't even know what it is by looking at it E: Right??? SY: Ready Q: Start! SW: Just say whatever Q: What is this?? K: This is hard SW: Say whatever! E: Jacob doesn't know by looking at it Q: Pigs feet! K: correct! Q: Oh something smells good SW: WHAT IS IT Q: Quick! x3 SW: Soft tofu! SW: It's not tofu?? SW: Acorn jelly! SW: Acorn jelly, fish cake! SW: Ah the the the K: What kind of tofu? SW: Soft tofu(bean curd) K: Correct Q: Are you dumb??? (TN: CHANGMIN FNBDFKDK) SY: 30 seconds left, next! J: What is this? J: Fish! K: Actually I don't even know what it is Q: I don't know either HJ: Me either J: AH WHAT IS IT SW: Just say anything! J: What is this... SW: Just say anything HJ: Yayyy we win! K: Do you want to see it? K: It'll be very surprising Q: What is this?? E: Ah a sea squirt! K: That's what sea squirts look like?? E: Woof woof! (TN: sea squirts are called meong-gae in korean and meong is the korean sound for a dog woofing) SY: The winner of today's 100SC is.... SY: The Oto Seyo team! SY: Please choose a punishment recommended by the members Q: What did I write?? J: Try to remember! Q: Let's do this one, I don't think it'll be too bad N: But HJ also wrote.... Q: but me and him wrote the same thing so (Writing your name with your butt) N: Who writes their name with their butt?? You have to write it with a pen! E: Please make him do the punishment too SY: They've gotten the punishment "writing your name with your butt" so I think it'll be good if we give each person a different version to do HJ: SW sexy version E: Jacob cute version N: Q popping version SY: Everyone ready to write your name with your butt? All: Yes SY: Ready, start! N: It's scary because he's popping N: Jacob when are you gonna stop?? K: No no! HJ: He likes it! SY: Oto seyo which is getting hotter by the day! K: How about tuning into Oto Seyo on Tuesdays? K: See you next week!