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JY: How about some delicious things? J: How about some fun things? N: How about some interesting things? Q: Then how about Oto Seyo? All: (in Japanese) Let's see! J: We introduced some Korean shopping items in a previous episode, but the reaction was so good that we've prepared the second installment! J: The items this time are really good too JY: The first thing I'm seeing here is the nickel-silver pot JY: Why does ramen taste so much better when you cook it in this? N: Nickel-silver pots are a lot thinner than regular pots so I think it speeds up the cooking time N: A special point of this pot is eating the ramen out of the lid Q: That's right! Q: and this is pump toothpaste which I use, and they say these days it comes like this more than in a tube N: You press it like this? Like lotion? Q: With the toothpaste in the tube, you have to kind of squeeze it from the middle and roll it from the end N: Right Q: and it's kind of messy if you leave it in the bathroom N: Yeah Q: But this is perfect J: What comes to mind when you think of the most popular Korean food overseas? N: Bibimbap! J: Oh, that's right, as expected~ N: Did I not come from the birthplace of bibimbap everyone?? (TN: his hometown, Jeonju, is very famous for bibimbap!) Q: That's right N: Bibimbap isn't that hard to make J: If you have this, you can eat Bibimbap no matter where you are in the world! N: I heard that you guys introduced mix coffee the last time N: I bet you're asking "Why mix coffee again?" N: This is much different than the one from the first time N: This is a mix coffee meant for the summer N: It's an ice coffee mix that melts well in cold water N: You can mix milk into the little bag and if you put it in the freezer and eat it the next day, on hot days like these ones you need coffee ice cream right? Q; Yeah you really need it Q: Seriously, this is amazing JY: You could eat one of these instead of drinking coffee J: We've introduced all the stuff for this 2nd installment, but there was so many other things we wanted to recommend J: I think there'll be a 3rd installment Q: A great gift that's cost-effective N: We recommend Korea's various shopping items~ JY: I didn't know you could have picnics like this JY: It's so....trendy J: Even if it's hot, if you go to the Han River and set up a tent, feeling the wind would be really refreshing Q: You have a good imagination N: It's actually a wish of ours to go camping with all the members N: Would we be able to go someday? Q: Why are you asking , we can just go right now! N: How can we go, we're in the middle of a show! Q: We can go! Right here right here! N: What the heck??? N: When did this get here?? N: I was so surprised J: Start Q: Oh it's so hot x2 Q: So hot JY: The weather is so nice N: It's nice right, noona? (TN: Noona is the term boys use to refer to a girl older than them jgndfkjg so JY is playing the girlfriend role) N: What do you think, I prepared this all for you? Q: It's dad's first time doing this Q: Go over there and ask them for some help, Cob J: Hello~ JY: What? JY: Ah why why why J: My dad can't make the tent... JY: Should oppa....NOONA help you? Q: Jacob!!! Q: Come here! J: Lunchbox... Q: What are you doing!! J: The lunchbox.. Q: Dad will buy you one N: Babe, you trust me right? JY: Of course~ N: I'll make it quick, don't worry babe JY: I know babe~ Q: Ah so nice N: Babe, I'll be right back! JY: You have to open it! N: How do you do this? JY: You have to open it Q: He's workin hard JY: Should noona do it for you? N: You know how to do it? JY: I'll do it JY: Give it to me N: Is this you being good at it? JY: I made it for noona J: Can I eat with ahjumma? (TN: word used to refer to a woman who is middle aged dfjsdhnfkjsla) JY: Ahjumma???? JY: What did you just say?? JY: Ahjumma??? N: Don't cry x2 Q: My Cobie N: We didn't mean to make him cry, we brought lunchboxes, let's eat them together JY: Let's eat together Q: I brought this table just in case, should we eat off of this? JY: I'll bring you a chair N: Babe are you hungry? Q: Eat up! N: Is it good babe? Q: Your girlfriend eats really well JY: It's so good Q: You eat like a boyfriend JY: You can enjoy it with your lover J: and you can enjoy it with your father, a trendy picnic! All: We recommend it! SW: Hello~! I'm Sunwoo, who finally became the main chef! HN: Hello, I'm Haknyeon, who's been the chef many times on Cooking Boyz SW: Today's dish I'm going to show you is a really special dish you can't find overseas SW: an item you must have when you go to the movies in Korea SW: It's butter squid! HN: What is the first step of the butter squid? HN: What is it? SW: Squid is all about the trimming SW: You cut the squid like this SW: so that the butter seasoning can permeate more and give it a richer flavor SW: Cutting is finished right? HN: Yes yes SW: Now there's something for the asst chef to do HN: and what is that? SW: Cut along the sides so it can be easily be ripped off for eating later SW: After you've heated up the pan on low heat, add 1 spoon of butter, 1 spoon of peanut butter, 1 spoon of sugar, and one pinch of salt SW: I'll add one spoon of this SW: About this much HN: You're adding all of it?? SW: The butter is already starting to melt SW: Melt the butter, and now I'll add one spoon of peanut butter SW: One spoon of sugar SW: One pinch of salt SW: We're already finished HN: It smells so gooood HN: You're not making Chinese food right? SW: No no, this is-- oh... where did all the butter go? SW: Did I add all the butter? HN: Yeah SW: Doesn't matter.... SW: Like this SW: I'll try the sauce HN: What's a movie you've seen recently? HN: A movie I've seen recently.... HN: I don't really watch movies these days... SW: Okay SW: Seems like you live a busy life HN: Yeah I'm kinda busy SW: So in your busy life... HN: Did--did you add something else? The smell is different SW: No.. HN: The smell is different though SW: Chef Ju, you have to trust me SW: We went out of our way to make this delicious but... HN: How can I save this..... HN: Saving this is gonna be hit or miss SW: We've finished the really really simple Butter Squid! HN: Let's go HN: Wow this is cut really well SW: Because we made it easy to rip HN: It's okay? HN: Just by looking you can tell that Chef SW added some sugar while I wasn't paying attention HN: It's really sweet and not sour HN: I added a lot of salt so I think that balanced it out SW: If I were to give a word of caution for when you make this SW: like when making ramen, if you add a little bit of water and it's too salty then you can just add more water SW: but if there's too much water to begin with you can't save it SW: just like that, I hope you make this adding a little bit at a time SW: If you stick to the 1:1:1 ratio, it'll be fine SW: If you take that into consideration, you can enjoy some delicious butter squid! HN: You know the week starts on Tuesday from now on right? SW: Should we start the week on Tuesday together with Oto Seyo? Both: See you next week!