Episode 2 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2019 English sub

Only one day of listening to you is worth more than 10 years of reading books. Thank you for the lesson. It's nothing, you overestimate me. I still have an important matter to attend. I won't bother you anymore. I hope to see you again. My surname is Yin. If fate brings us together again, i hope you'll teach me some more poetry. Your surname is Yin?! Miss Yin. Do you know my 3rd brother Yu Daiyan? Please don't blame me. I feel doubtful right now so I wanted to ask you some questions to clear things up. You must ask questions? Did you commission the Dragon Gate Escort agency to carry my 3rd brother back to Wudang? I will definitely... repay your kindness. Kindness or injustice... it's hard to say. My 3rd brother was attacked by an unknown assailant at the base of mount Wudang. Do you know about it? I'm really heartbroken and full of regrets. Do you know who killed the people in the Dragon Gate? Why don't we go inside to shelter from the rain first? Du Dajin wasn't the only one who made a mistake. I also made a mistake. I should've thought of it sooner. Wudang's seven heroes are respected throughout the jianghu. Why would they use poison? Do you recognize these hidden weapons? These are Shaolin's Plum Flower darts. Exactly. Except these are coated with poison. Shaolin is a very reputable upright sect. They would never use poison. Who caused you this injury? I was afraid the Dragon Gate Escort agency would encounter problems on the road so I secretly followed them as backup. At the base of mount Wudang, six people suddenly appeared disguising as Wudang's six heroes. Du Dajin handed them 3rd hero Yu and proceeded to travel back home. I felt there was something wrong so I quickly followed them. Who are you guys? I am Wudang's Yuanqiao. And these are my brothers. You're lying. You guys are not Wudang's seven heroes. Wudang's heroes love each other like brothers. 3rd hero Yu is in critical condition and none of you are concerned for him at all. You're more interested in the Dragon Saber. Speak. Why did you guys disguise as Wudang's seven heroes? May I ask Miss, how are you related to Yu Daiyan? I... If there's no relation then please don't interfere in other people's business. But I want to interfere. Thank you for risking your life trying to save my 3rd brother. Unfortunately I wasn't able to rescue him. Who were those people? I don't know. I just know these Plum Flower darts are a specialty of Shaolin. That's really weird. 3rd brother Yu's joints were also broken by "Shaolin's Golden Steel Fingers" of Shaolin sect. When I returned to Lin An, I figured out Du Dajin was a student of Shaolin, So I went to Dragon Gate to ask for the antidote. But unexpectedly when I arrived, I encountered Du Dajin and also people from Shaolin. They wanted to kill me. So you killed everyone in the agency? It's their fault. First they caused harm to 3rd hero Yu and then they wanted to kill me. Still, you can't just kill innocent people. Do you suppose I should've done nothing and wait for death? You could've explained it to them. Do you think I could've explained it? Even you were wrongly accused at the agency. Could you have explained it? So the hidden person was you? Yes. Why did you harm the Shaolin people? And made me look like a killer? Would I still be able to explain it? They were the ones who used hidden weapons on me! I was only trying to help you. How can you blame me? Miss Yin. There's something I still don't understand. Why did they say I was the killer as soon as they saw me? It's a long story. When I was traveling from Wudang back to Lin an, coincidentally there was a flood. The citizens there were very pitiful. I also saw you fighting Du Dajin. Agency leader Du. I can't stand the way you're just sitting here eating and drinking. If you don't use the 2000 gold pieces to help the citizens of this region, then I will go to Dragon Gate and kill every single one of you. Did you say that? Yes, I said it. But I was just trying to scare them. I was never going to harm anyone. I had never met anyone kind like you. I admire you very much. So from that point on I followed you in secret. I also thought the clothes you wore were really pretty. So I bought a similar outfit to wear. That's why you dressed like me and barged into Dragon Gate in the middle of the night. They didn't see your appearance clearly, they only saw your clothes. So they thought I was the killer. I...I didn't intend to frame you. You didn't do it on purpose but you still harmed me. You and Dragon Gate aren't mortal enemies, yet you killed all of them. What you did was very cruel. I... Are you trying to lecture me? Never in my life have I been lectured. Yes, I know 5th hero Zhang is very kind and righteous and I am evil and heartless. How can we ever be friends? 5th hero Zhang, please leave. Miss Yin. I want to help you cure your poison. I don't need it. I'm an evil person. I don't deserve your help. You've been poisoned for a long time now. It will be harder to cure if we wait any longer. I'm afraid you will lose your arm. So what? It's all your fault anyway. What does this have to do with me? You've clearly been injured by Shaolin's darts. If I hadn't traveled thousands of miles to deliver your 3rd brother to mount wudang then I wouldn't have encountered those 6 evil people. If I did nothing when they took your 3rd brother, would I injured right now? If you had arrived sooner to lend a hand, would I be in this situation right now? You're right. I'll help you right now to repay your kindness. Admit you were wrong? Admit what? Wrong about what? You said that I was cruel and merciless. Of course you were wrong. Those Shaolin monks and Du Dajin derserved to die. Miss Yin. Although you've been poisoned, your life is not in any danger. My 3rd brother is injured but he probably won't die. Even if we can't cure him, we should at least find the main cuplrit. You've killed too many innocent people. That's wrong. Killed the wrong people?! Isn't it true that the people who used the Plum Flower darts part of Shaolin? And isn't it true that the people of Dragon Gate are disciples of Shaolin? The world is filled with Shaolin disciples. Someone used 3 darts to injure your arm and you want to kill every Shaolin disciple? You... What are you doing? It doesn't concern you. I want to die. How is that your business? Go away. I don't need your help. I've never seen such a stubborn girl in my life. Well you've seen one today. I just wanted to test your limits. You are really stubborn. You hit me? I'm not afraid. Come. Let me apply the medicine. Please roll up your sleeves. If we don't cure this injury right now, your life will be in danger. What does my life have to do with you? I must repay you for sending my 3rd brother back. You mean you're saving me because you're just trying to repay a debt? If I hadn't saved your 3rd brother, you would'ved just watched me die? Not necessarily. Give me your hand. Don't joke around with your life. If you don't admit that you're wrong, then I won't let you help me. Fine. I was wrong. What's with that tone? It sounds like you're not sincere. Fine. With the Heaven above and river below as my witness. Today, Zhang Cuishan, wholeheartedly apologize to Yin... Yin... Yin Susu Yin Susu. And seek her forgiveness. How do you feel? Now there's a pain in my chest. It's because you didn't apologize sooner. If I die... it will be all your fault. 5th brother Zhang. I was very rude to you just now, and even hit you. Please don't be offended. The poison has been forced out. If you continue to use a bit more of my antidote then I won't be offended. Thank you. You're welcome. Take care of yourself. Farewell. Your injury looks much better now. Take care. Until we meet again. Welcome people of the jianghu to the Dragon Saber unveiling ceremony of the Heavenly Eagle cult. Please welcome our sect leader, Miss Yin Susu. We've recently acquired a precious saber. The jianghu calls it the Dragon Saber. Dragon Saber?! We planned this meeting so that heroes everywhere can see our Dragon Saber. Miss Yin, please unveil the saber. "Honored by the wulin the precious saber slays the dragon. It commands the world. Who dares to disobey? Besides the unveiling of the saber today, I have one more matter to announce. Everyone listen carefully. From here on out, Sea Sand clan is no more. Divine Fist clan. Huge Whale clan. Jiangnan will now only have the Heavenly Eagle cult. Sect leader Yin, what do you mean by that? I mean, from now on you guys must obey the Heavenly Eagle cult. You must follow all of our orders. You guys are always bullying us. Now you're forcing us into a corner. Don't you think that's too much? Well spoken! We... would rather die than follow your orders. Looks like I don't have any other choice. Branch leader Bai. Agree with us and live, disagree with us and die. Anyone else still don't want to submit? Anyone who doesn't want to join Heavenly Eagle cult, stand on one side. Wait. 5th hero Zhang. What a coincidence. Why are you here? This Dragon Saber is related to my 3rd brother's situation. Of course I have to investigate it. Where did you find this saber? This saber... I stole this saber from a random soldier. Stole it? Then let me ask you... It's bad! It's bad! What's the problem? The boats... The boats are ruined. Who did it? Excellent saber. So it's elder Xie. Our cult has no relation with you. Why have you killed our people? That saber... belongs to us. Did you guys make this saber? You stole this saber from someone. Now it's in my hands so it belongs to me. It's fair. I'm going to say it one more time. That saber belongs to our cult. I want to leave with this saber. Does anyone object? Elder Xie. You're famous throughout the world. Of course the saber should belong to you. Everyone here agrees. You are Yuan Changbao, leader of the Sea Sand clan, right? Yes. Who is my teacher? What sect do I belong to? What kind of deeds have I done? Well... You don't even know these things. And you dare to say I am famous throughout the world? What a bunch of gibberish. I absolutely despise people like you. Last year you killed Zhang Dengyun and his family in the town of Yu Tao. And just last month, you killed Sea Gate sect's OuYang Qin. Am I correct? And you are Guo Sanquan, the leader of the Divine Fist sect, right? I am indeed Guo Sanquan. How are you, elder Xie. Who is Cui Fei Yan to you? She's my sister-in-law. Your sister-in-law? You failed to rape her and then killed her. Am I telling the truth?! There's also leader Mai of the Huge Whale clan. Last May, you plundered a ship. You threw hundreds of innocent passengers overboard and left them to drown. You even raped the seven women aboard the ship. Don't you think that is way too cruel?! I'm a reasonable man. You three fight me all at once. If you guys win you can leave. But if you lose, this day next year will be your death anniversary. Rest assured. I won't use the Dragon Saber. That way you will have a chance against me. You guys followed these men blindly. You all deserve to die. Elder Xie. You and these people have no prior grudges. Why do you want to kill them? All of these people have done something bad. They've all killed someone. So they must all die. Are you saying death is the only punishment for what these people have done? Correct. Then you killing them makes you no different than them. Not the same. My kung fu level is high, theirs is low. The strong prevails over the weak. That's the difference. Elder Xie. I know your kung fu level is high but I still want to tell you Humans and animals are different. We can tell the difference between right and wrong. If the strong always oppress the weak, then how are we different from animals? We are all practitioners of kung fu. We are supposed to fight evil and help the weak. Your kung fu is unparalleled. I really respect you. If you use your kung fu to help the weak then that's the fortune of the people. Help the weak? Why should I help the weak? If you do good deeds, then you're on the side of justice. Good deeds lead to good fortune. Bad deeds lead to bad fortune. Bullshit! Do you really believe there's such a thing in the wulin? It's hard to understand the workings of Heaven. We can only try our best to be righteous. The resulting good or bad fortune is out of our control. What's your name? My name is Zhang Cuishan of Wudang. I can't believe Wudang is also here to steal the Dragon Saber. We're not interested in stealing the Dragon Saber. But this saber is related to my 3rd brother's injuries. I see Zhang Sanfeng's disciples are just mediocre. I guess there's no reason to pay him a visit after all. Your kung fu is extremely powerful but still nowhere near my master's level. Stop talking. A man can't be afraid of death. He can talk trash about me but he can't disrespect my sect. Zhang Sanfeng created the sect. There must be something extraordinary about him. 5th hero Zhang. What's your special attack? I'm quite interested to see it. Elder Xie. You already got your Dragon Saber. You don't have to fight anymore. You two lovers are a perfect pair. And I really don't want to. But it has already come to this, I have to kill everyone here including you two. What do you mean by that? If I let anyone here live, then within a few days the whole world will know I have the Dragon Saber. Many people will come to take the saber away from me. So you had planned on killing everyone here from the start? Correct. You're younger than me so I'll give you a break. Weapons. [ ] qinggong, hidden weapons, inner power You can use whatever you want. I'll agree to anything. You have to commit suicide if you lose. Then if you lose you have to commit suicide, right? How can I lose? Get ready to fight me. Elder Xie. Since you're forcing me to compete then I can only comply If I lose, my life is yours to decide. But if I'm lucky enough to win I hope you'll grant me one request. Say it. Are you crazy? How can you hand your life over to him like that? What are you competing with him? Are you sure you'll win? No. I can only try my best. If you think you'll lose later we should find a way to run away. Don't worry about me anymore. You run away first. As far away from here as possible. No. I won't leave you here alone. Elder Xie. If I win, everyone... I won't lose! What do you want to compete? Compete in... Writing. [Poem] "Honored by the wulin the precious saber slays the dragon. It commands the world. Who dares to disobey? If the Heavenly Sword doesn't appear, who can challenge it?" Inspirational. Incredible. I can't write like that. I accept defeat. Elder Xie, you've lost. Don't go back on your promise. 5th hero Zhang's kung fu pairs well with his writing. He figured out his own style. I've never seen anything like it. Admirable. Very admirable. I've lost. What's your demand? I wouldn't dare demand anything. But I do have a simple request. Please spare everyone on this island. You may have everyone here swear that they don't reveal your secret. I have never in my life believed in anyone's promise. What do you mean? Are you going back on your promise? So what? I can spare you two. But not the others here. Forgive me, I'm going to temporarily disable you two. Elder Xie. You ruined all the boats on the island. How are they going to leave? Let them kill themselves on the island. Isn't that good? You're really capable. You found a whole boat with deaf mute sailors. What's so hard about that? First, I looked for illiterate sailors and then I shattered their hearing. Then I fed them some drugs to make them mute. Wasn't that a good idea? When we return to the mainland, I will blind them. What happened? Where's Miss Yin? Dragon Saber And Xie Xun? What happened here? [Poem] The author was really open minded. Right. [Poem] Are you thinking of your master? How do you know? I can tell by looking at your face. [Chinese proverb] Besides Zhang Sanfeng, there's no one else who would fit your poem. You're really smart. Frankly speaking, your master is very virtuous and his kung fu is also excellent. I hope someday I'll get the chance to meet him. If you want to meet him, when we return to the mainland I can take you up to mount Wudang. Really? Wudang is a righteous sect. Aren't you afraid of an evil witch like me tarnishing the reputation of Wudang? We're going the wrong direction. The way back to the mainland is west. But we're going east. Elder Xie. Our boat is going the wrong direction. Central plains is in the west but our boat is going toward the east. Keep going east. It's correct. There is only water to the east. What are we going to do there? Hurry up and tell them to change direction. I've told you guys from the very beginning. After getting this saber, I want to find a quiet place to think. Why is it honored by the wulin? Why it can rule the world? The central plains is a treacherous place. If the jianghu people find out that I have the Dragon Saber they will keep coming after me to try and steal it. That would be very annoying. So that's why I want to find a quiet area without a lot of people. ELder Xie. You can find a secluded area but you must take us back first. If I take you guys back, my location would be divulged. Elder Xie, what do you have planned for us? I just want you two to live with me on the island. What if you can't figure out the secret after 8 or 10 years? Then you guys will have to live with me for 8 or 10 years. If I never figure it out, then you'll have to live with me forever. Forever? How is that possible? I noticed it on the island. When you guys were in danger the words you spoke revealed your intimate feelings toward each other. You two are a perfect match for each other. How about becoming husband and wife on the island and have kids? Wouldn't that be nice? Elder Xie. Stop joking. Take a look at Miss Yin's face. It shows I haven't mispoken a single word. Elder Xie. You should know about my reputation. I'm willing to swear to Heaven. I will not divulge anything I've seen or heard today with anyone. I don't trust anyone. I made a promise when I was 28. Look at my finger. That year the person I trusted the most the person I respected the most in my life raped my wife and killed my whole family. So I cut off my finger and made a promise. For as long as I live, I will never trust a single person again. Elder Xie. Then have you already avenged your family? The person who killed my family is better than me at kung fu. I can't beat him. If it weren't for that tragedy, I wouldn't have stolen the Dragon Saber. I wouldn't try so hard to find its secret. Because of my tragedy, I have complicated your lives. You guys are a perfect match. Just come with me to a secluded island and live a carefree life. That's not so bad, right? I... I didn't mean to. We need to figure out a way to subdue him then we can escape. You want to sneak attack... Sneak attack?... That's not something an upright man would do. It's just that our kung fu is inferior to his. In a moment, I will go wake him up. I will challenge him to a duel. You stand on the side and help me with your hidden weapons. But you must not use poison. We're already fighting two against one. Don't make it more unfair. If you guys sneak attack me, you may have a tiny chance of winning. Yet you just had to insist on maintaining your righteous image and want to fight me openly. You're just asking for trouble. All right. Come! Let's have a duel. Elder Xie, please don't harm him! Attack him!