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Shona Official Please Subscribe CJ ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS A BIG STONE PICTURES PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JEONG TAE-SUNG A KIM HAN-MIN FILM 1597, Second Japanese Invasion Accused by a Japanese double agent, Admiral Yi Sun-shin is relieved of command and tortured. In July, Joseon's navy is decimated in Chilcheollyang. Japan's army advances mercilessly, capturing two crucial regions in August, and setting its sights on the capital. King Seonjo quickly pardons and reinstates Yi, who immediately rallies his remaining warships and troops. He obtains 12 ships that escaped the battle of Chilcheollyang, and encamps on the Southern Sea. Just 20km away in Haenam, Japan's navy sets up base, preparing to attack with over 300 ships. So, Admiral, when will you join them? What do you mean? As per royal order, of course. Your orders are to join forces with ground troops under General Gwon Yul. Is that what it says? What? With all due respect, the enemy has over 200 ships! Our men are deserting their posts! The number of deserters has reached... 50... I must ease my mind. 200 enemy ships could invade at any moment! What strategy... have you in mind to repel them? Let's hear from the young officers! Do we stand a chance? Do we? Don't save your breath! Admiral. Please help us erase all doubt. Aside from a damaged turtle ship, what plan is in place? You're addressing our commander! How dare you! I'm your ranking officer! Shut your mouth and listen! You have no right! You're merely a deserter who fled from Chilcheollyang! Boy, we possess those 12 ships, because I got out from that doomed battle. Know when to open your mouth. Admiral, you know as well as anyone that this battle is futile. I saw firsthand the brutality and strength of our foes! 10,000 men were lost! Will you knowingly send the rest of our men to their graves? This briefing is adjourned. Dismissed. Admiral! He gave an order! Everyone out. Our priority is to repair the ships and train our men! Now! We must capture King Seonjo and end this war. He mustn't slip through our fingers like before. We must coordinate, like a perfect storm! Prepare at once! Yes, commander. We can't allow Konishi to dethrone Joseon first. But Chancellor Hideyoshi wants us to wait for his man. So we have no choice. Aren't those Wakizaka's ships? Yes, back from reconnaissance. How many trips? Three, including last night's. But sir, who is the chancellor sending us? Someone essential to this battle, I'm told. One who can overpower Yi Sun-shin. General It is futile to battle such a formidable foe. I command you to disband the navy and join Gwon Yul's army. Father! Father! Captain Bae tried, but they're gonna kill him! He had to! We'll die anyway! Father! Father! I will... have your head! Forgive me for interfering. I couldn't simply pass by. Are you the one sent by the chancellor? It's the navy from Ehime Prefecture. They're not navy. Pirates, more like. Let's move. Deployment imminent It's swarming with activity. Over 200 warships are docked, supply ships are being loaded, and they're stealing provisions from villagers. They cut off the nose of any who resist, and use children for target practice. It seems as if... they're on the verge of deployment. Is it true that 25,000 Japanese reinforcement soldiers are en route? Yes, it appears so. They act like our navy does not exist, and talk of swarming the capital, like it was nothing at all. We must do something, or the capital will run with blood. Deliver this to Junsa and return with his report. At once, sir. The figurehead is complete! The figurehead is complete! Turtle ship's figurehead! Sweetheart. Another talisman? This isn't my first mission. But I'll treasure it. I'm off. Take care of yourself! Is Yi disobeying the royal order again? He pursues what he feels is a logical path. If he disobeys the royal order, I cannot guarantee his safety. The southern provinces have fallen. Japan's ground forces are northbound. If their navy should also reach the capital via the southern sea, what would happen? But what can he do with a measly 12 ships?! How can 12 measly ships reinforce the army? Don't mince words! I know he's not even in good health! And who's responsible for that? You son of a... Do you even know the situation here? The infamous Kiyomasa is knocking at our gate. Ergo! We need every able body still standing! Grab him! Grab him! Let go! Let go! Please general, grant us men and weapons. The navy is facing a Goliath! So obey the royal order. Will you ignore the admiral's earnest request? How dare you! You are out of line! What are you all waiting for? Take him away and lock him up this instant! General! General! Please! The admiral wishes to convey these words! "To forfeit the sea is to forfeit Joseon!" General! General! I've waited half a day. Is this how you treat your guest? We were too focused on the war briefing to give attention to our guest. I beg your forgiveness. By the way, how do pirates usually kill a king? Please enlighten us. I've surveyed the region. If we ride the morning tide in the strait, we can resupply the troops by night, and sail into the capital. We'll be there in a day and a half. Easier said than done. Yi Sun-shin is not a feeble adversary. Sailing the open sea, and approaching the capital to annihilate Yi with the army is the best strategy. Why do you think Hideyoshi sent me, Wakizaka? How dare you utter his name! I will crush Yi with this hand. Will you allow Konishi to walk into the capital first? I've committed a grave mistake. Please forgive my men. Sit with me, Kurushima. One swing of this sword, blood will spread Mother... Father, it's Hoe. It's nice to be with you. Yes, sir. Father. Speak freely. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Why not blame ailing health and return home? We haven't held a proper funeral for grandmother. Only a temporary shrine. Allow our men to join the army, and say you can no longer fulfill your duties. I feel your resentment towards our king. The king tried to take your life. How could you not feel resentment? Father. Our fleet is but 12 ships. It is shameful to call ourselves a navy. Even if... you somehow lead these men to victory, the king will surely abandon you. What are you fighting for? For loyalty. To that... ...impudent king? It is said, a commander's loyalty must lie with the king, and the king must follow his subjects. Not himself? The people build a nation. Only then can a king exist. Even if... those people care about nothing more than their own lives? Eat your meal, it's precious food. Make way! Admiral. Stay away to avoid beheading Look... look at this... That's Captain Bae Hong-suk! He led the flagship! Do not enter Get them out of here! Get them out! Get out from there! Now! June 7th Kurushima Michifusa 25 years Did you behead the prisoners and send them back? After cutting off their noses and ears. Have you a death wish? Why provoke the enemy with this senseless act? Why not? It'll be an interesting fight. But... will they fight? Yi Sun-shin is not a foe to take lightly! 1 hear some of your men revere Yi's prowess. Perhaps the defeat in Hansan has shriveled your balls? How dare you? Let me be clear. Why do you think the chancellor sent me? It's because of men like you who tremble at Yi's name. Don't draw your sword so recklessly. Your head may be the first to fall. My brother Michiyuki became minion to the chancellor, and died on his quest to conquer Joseon. With me facing the chancellor's wrath, he joined this war to save me, and died by 'H's hand. The chancellor is ill, he has a year at most. That's why he's rushing this campaign. Joseon, which he so desires, will fall to me. That is why Yi must perish. Do you understand, Haru? Perhaps this will also be proper revenge for my brother. Why did he do it? Isn't that Oh Sang-go? He got caught trying to flee! It is! It's Sang-go! He was captured near Blood Isle while fleeing. My comrades of 6 years all died in Chilcheollyang. Today I buried them with my own hands... I couldn't help myself. Now, my turn will come. Must all of us... die in vain? Are you finished? Discipline stands! In any situation! Is that clear? There's no way out now. He'll kill even his own. There is... always a way. As the bottleneck of the strait, the current is very strong here. They say it is so treacherous, nothing can escape. Is it here, sir? Sir, we can assume that they'll only enter this strait if they see it as an advantage. Look at those waves. They'll ride those waves and ram into our ships. We don't stand a chance. That's why we need the turtle ship. Use it to break the front line, and our warships can fire cannons from a distance. It takes half a day for the tide to change, will the turtle ship hold? When the tide changes, the sea calms considerably. But that sound... has changed from what is was before. It is like the sound of a man's howling. The real problem is the whirlpool. You rarely hear the sound during high tide. But if somehow you should hear it then, a giant whirlpool appears. High tide comes in 2 days, and so it could only mean... Do you hear it? I hear that sound... as the howling of men lost in Chilcheollyang. Is the turtle ship your only tactic? Tactics are not the problem. It's the fear that is spreading among my men like a virus. Is there a way to overcome it? What are we to do if we cannot? Is beheading our own men, like this morning, the only means of discipline? Can we achieve victory that way? But you... We can use it. You mean... the fear? Admiral... It is unjust... Admiral... Avenge us... Avenge us... So good to see you. Welcome, Hong-suk. Captain Choi, Captain Lee... Avenge us... Come... accept my drink. Please take this drink. Men... Where are you going? Captain Lee... Hong-suk... Please! Why must you rush off? Father! The turtle ship's on fire! Admiral! It's General Bae Seol's first mate. Put out the fire! Hurry! Put it out! Bring water! Over there! Hear me! Don't you want to live?! A dying man... is leading us to the gates of Hell! But, I... ...have found a way out! Do not senselessly throw away your lives! So join me! No... Can't be... Admiral, it's too dangerous! Please no! No! It can't be! No! - Admiral! - Let me go! No! Our turtle ship! Father, it's all over! There's nothing we can do! Only one day from completion! I will face them with this turtle ship! No! Commander Todo! Commander Todo! Yi's turtle ship has burned. What? A scout was sent after spotting fire and smoke from Yi's base, and the ship is now ashes! It was his last turtle ship, was it not? Yes. Yi does not have any turtle ships left. Taito mumun... "Do not look back when the only course is forward." I feel your great resolve in the calligraphy. This is the spirit we need at this junction. Prepare for battle! Prepare for battle! Junsa... where are you... What happened here? Help! Grab him! Get him! Please! Help me! Help me! Hurry up! Find the other one! Find him! Hurry up! March! I'm from a fishing village, and I can row very well! Really good rower! One of the best! What's he jabbering? What the hell? Su-bong! You little rat! Wait! I'm sorry! Please don't kill me! Calm down! Whirlpool... Turtle ship... Father! Father! A message from Junsa! We'll reach Myeongnyang tomorrow morning. We deploy with the tide, and the fleet is over 330 ships. Captain of the vanguard is, unfortunately, someone new. His name is Kurushima, known as the Pirate King, and versed in similar conditions. Fortunately, backing him up is General Wakizaka, whom you defeated in Hansan. I hope you find some comfort in this. I will join you once I fulfill my duty. Let's go to Usuyeong. - Sir? - We cannot fight with the strait behind us. We must move our men now! To war! Run as fast as the wind, stand still as the trees A message from General Konishi. He's pressing me. We will reach the king before him. We're ready for deployment. Joseon looks particularly savory today. I like this land. Captain. Status. All prepared, sir. There are only POWs below deck, and we've stockpiled the gunpowder. Yi Sun-shin... will not survive this. To war! Not even a turtle ship! Does a single line formation even qualify as a tactic?! Has the admiral gone mad? He's right! Just listen to that! We can't all die in vain. We must come up with a new plan! A new plan! And what could that be? Could you be implying that we assassinate the admiral? No! That's not what I'm saying! Time is of the essence, and we can't even send a message up the ranks. Let's go to him. To who? I'll convince the admiral, if not... I'll offer up my life instead. Your majesty, if you disband the navy now, I'm afraid the enemy will reach you unimpeded. I still have 12 ships at my command. If we fight to our last breath, it is not impossible. As long as I still breathe... the enemy shall never feel safe on our soil. Admiral. At the risk of my own life, I'd like to speak my mind. Sir! This battle is futile! It's futile! Even if we lure the enemy into the narrow strait, we cannot face them without a single turtle ship! Save this battle for another day! Please! Please! Is that how you really feel? Please take my life, if you believe otherwise. I'd rather die by your sword! If that is how you feel, very well. Gather all the men in front of the camp. Yes, sir! Yes, sir! General Captains Kim and Hwang, have you brought it? Yes, admiral! Pour it! What are you waiting for? - Pour it! - Yes, sir! Light it! Sir! Admiral Yi! Stand back! It's shameful that you still only consider your own lives! Death... is unavoidable! Is avoiding combat the path to survival? Will we be safe on land? Behold! I am burning this land so that I can die at sea. This is where we stand and fight! Do not hold onto life! If you crave life, you will surely die! If you fight to the death, you will live! One man at the strategic point can fend off a thousand men! Those words were spoken to describe our situation now! Father. How will you utilize this cancerous fear? Is this Captain Bae Hong-suk's son? Yes, sir. He brought Junsa's message instead of our scout. Junsa encountered him by chance and helped him escape. This was your father's. Will you accept it? What is your name? Bae Su-bong, sir. With your father by my side, we fought for 6 years. I will not forget your father and your names. I... I have a request, sir. Go on. Please allow me to board your ship and fight for you! Only if you'll take an oar rather than a sword. Thank you. Thank you! Mother. I must be off now. My only wish is that our death will not be in vain. Admiral. Good work. We offer you our assistance. It is greatly appreciated. Admiral! Junsa, thank you. Full deployment. Full deployment! Let's go to war! Deploy! Deploy! Battle formation. The current's pushing us back! Row harder! Drum louder! Load the cannons! We must hold our position! Row harder! Get rid of it. - Look! - What is that? What's that black mass? Our fleet! Close the lid! Su-bong, I think we boarded the wrong ship. Didn't know it was the flagship? But why must the flagship be at the front?! I'll order our fleet to remain in formation! Let them be. Sir? But admiral... Lower the anchor and prepare for battle. Lower the anchor! Why isn't Yi raising his command ?ag? Just look at them. Even if he did, would his men follow him? Vanguard 1, advance. Vanguard 1! Advance! Rotate starboard and prepare the cannons. Prepare the cannons! Starboard oars, stop! Port oars, row faster! Lieutenant Nah! Captain Song! Aim all cannons and explosive arrows at their vanguard ships! Yes, sir! Aim the cannons at the vanguard! Archers, battle station! Aim! Prepare to fire! Ready! Fire! The current is picking up, steer carefully! Ready to fire! - Fire! - Fire! Now! Increase speed and rotate to port! Fire! Watch out! Fire! Yi is concentrating attack on the front line. Vanguard ships are colliding into one another. Yi's holding his position. Could he be waiting for something? Shouldn't we join the assault and reinforce the front? No... Wait a little longer. Fear does not discriminate, it can equally affect our enemy. Six years of defeat have planted fear in their men, too. Fear does not discriminate... Is that all? Is that how we use fear? If only we can turn fear into courage. Send in vanguard 2, and press harder. Vanguard 2! Advance! Kurushima keeps sending in ships. He's very skilled in handling strong tides. Let's wait and see. Just watch. The current is on our side. We will demolish them. Admiral! Due to the current, our accuracy has gone down! Cut the anchor lose. Ride the current towards Blood Isle. Right away! They're trapped. Fire! Get the poles! Port oars, row harder! We mustn't hit the rocks! Sir! We must alert our fleet! We won't last long at our current position! Switch to shrapnel shells. And prepare for close combat. Get ready! For close combat! Now! Fire! Board! Kurushima is about to win the battle! Yi held his ground long enough. We're all going to die! Admiral! Admiral! Gather all cannons to the port oar of the ship. Can you do it? But we could all die! Just get it done! Yes, sir! It will be done! Hold your ground! Place cannons on port oar opening! What are you waiting for?! Get the shells! - It's too dangerous, don't do it! - Hurry up! Gather the shells and gunpowder! On the double! One swing of this sword, blood will spread Admiral! We're ready! Brace yourselves! Brace yourselves! Hit the deck! Is that how we use fear? If only we can turn fear into courage... It will inspire even more courage. But father... How can we possibly inspire such courage in our men? I must be sacrificed. Could this be... the end? Look! The flagship survived! It's still standing! The flagship survived! Destroy the enemy! Sons of bitches! I'll kill them all! I want to kill, too! Full speed ahead! Full speed ahead! Whirlpool... It's the whirlpool... Yi Sun-shin... So there was a reason why you were holding out there. The current has changed, a large whirlpool is forming! Thanks to that, the water near the isle is calm, which greatly increases their accuracy. If he holes up there, no one can pass the strait. And the battle will be over. Maximum speed to the flagship, before he gets in formation! Sir, that's their main fleet. Raise the flag. Yes, sir. You're mine. Admiral! Captain Ahn! You must be disciplined under strict martial law, but as we're at war, I command you to fight to the death! Defend Blood Isle with your life! Understood?! Yes, admiral! We must reach the center of the strait quickly. Yes, admiral! To the center of the strait! Impeccable timing, sir. The explosion will be massive. We won't fall for Yi's decoy. Our main fleet will continue towards the isle. Sir! A straw-covered ship is approaching! Archers in formation! Yes, sir! Fire! We're sitting ducks! Haul out the water! Hurry! We're out of shells on the deck! It severed my chain! Grab his sword! Lim Jun-young? Junsa! It's carrying gunpowder? Admiral, that vessel is carrying gunpowder. Our scout Lim is on board. No response from Ahn's ship?! Load the cannons immediately! Admiral, there's no answer! Wave something and make them fire at me! This ship... mustn't reach the admiral! You must! Good... That's it... Let's all signal! Everyone, hurry! Captain! Over there! A straw ship heading for the flagship! Get ready to fire! Yes, sir! Ready! Fire! Good work. So happy to see you, one last time... Admiral! Their vanguard flagship is heading for us! The enemy's coming! Grab your oars! Finish him off! Close combat! Board their ship! Kuroda! Hurry! Should we reinforce? We're shorthanded! Let's reinforce our men on the deck! Su-bong! Su-bong! Yi Sun-shin! You're mine! Admiral! Our ships have come to our aid! Kimura! Catch up to them! We've lost control... Load! Fire! You must request reinforcements! There is none. We're on our own. Shouldn't we reinforce them? Yi Sun-shin. Are you... a spy or a traitor?! Yi Sun-shin! Sir. I'm afraid our ship is failing... Admiral! We'll pull you out! Admiral! Our fleet is coming! We must destroy them before they get into formation! Why aren't we going faster?! But the tide has turned... I know that! Whip the rowers to row faster! Speed! I need speed! That's our only chance! Full speed! Don't let go of the oars! Hang in there! When will this end, damn it?! We're free! Admiral! Here is my order! General It can't be... Brace for impact! They're coming in hard! No! Please, hold on a bit longer. They broke the front line. Risen from the dead! Rebirth of the turtle ship! It has returned! Was that... a part of his plan all along? They're fleeing! Look at them! Fire! Do not look back when the only course is forward Yi Sun-shin... Retreat! Turn the ship around. The tide has again turned in our favor. Battle report! 31 ships destroyed! No ally ships lost! Invade all they want, they can't do nothing on our watch! - Have some. - I'm already full! I looked one in the eye and he pissed his pants! I'm the best! Will history remember how hard we fought? Every damn minute. You speak the truth! We're still breathing, it's time to go back home. You said it! Here, have a drink! Isn't this taro? It feels good to eat. Admiral! Admiral! How can we ease... their suffering... Father. How did you think of using the whirlpool? Father? What did you ask me? The whirlpool appeared at our most desperate moment. If it weren't for that... It was the grace of God. The grace of God? You mean we could've been defeated? Yes, indeed. If the peasants didn't save me then... Peasants were the grace of God? Not the whirlpool? Which do you think it is? There... What is that? CHOI MIN-SIK RYU SEUNG-RYONG CHO JIN-WOONG KIM MYEONG-GON JIN GOO LEE JEONG-HYUN WRITTEN BY JEON CHUL-HONG KIM HAN-MIN DIRECTED BY KIM HAN-MIN