Gavin Leatherwood Reads Thirst Tweets

- My name's Gavin Leatherwood, I am here at BuzzFeed today to read some thirst tweets. (upbeat music) Is this like the... Oh no, Gavin Leatherwood is hot as (beep) and I wanna suck his peepee. That's a great start, is it not? Watching "Sabrina" and it must be said, Gavin Leatherwood can hex this hole. What does it even mean? How does one hex a hole? I don't wanna know. Okay, so Nicholas Scratch saying, "Call me Daddy" has made me moister than an oyster. Mr. Gavin Leatherwood, choke the life out of me then set me on fire. Mom, if you're watching this right now, just fast forward, this is not for you. Parents, put a censor on your kids YouTube. Gavin Leatherwood could punch me in the face and key my car and I would be grateful for the experience. Gotta reevaluate your priorities there, man. You shouldn't let anyone do that to you. Here's my daily Gavin Leatherwood thirst tweet. He can slice me with his jawline and I'd say thank you. What's up with everyone wanting the abuse? Everyone wants to be ran over or cut by something or punched in the face and keyed cars. It's a wild world we're living in. I wanna suck Gavin Leatherwood's toes. My feet are probably the ugliest part about me, so jokes on you, Serena. I would like to have it known that Gavin Leatherwood deserves to be gently tucked into bed every night with a kiss on the forehead. Now that is just the sweetest thing ever. That is like the most PG, cutest thing. That just made my heart warm in a sea of thirst tweets. Oh this is a big one. Me after CAOS Season one, I don't know who this manipulative little (beep) is, but I sure as (beep) don't trust him. That's about me. Me after CAOS season two, Nick Scratch is my (beep) boyfriend and I will protect him at all costs. All caps, good, I was trying to work my way into your heart and clearly mission success. Gavin Leatherwood spit in my unholy mouth. People write this. You guys just found these, you went like, hey, somebody, just like, people like. This is your daily reminder that I'm a hole for Gavin Leatherwood. You gotta be much more than just that. If you want in here, much more. We got another long one here. Gavin Leatherwood, please (laughs)... I don't know if I can read this one. But you gotta read this one. That is (beep) far out. I don't care if you're a man or woman or straight or gay or a bird or a (beep) table, we'd all (beep) Nicholas Scratch. I don't wanna know how a table and I would do that. Oh I get it, I get it. I'm just making a mess here by the way, sorry guys. Gay yearning, which I'm pretty sure is not your name. Gavin Leatherwood is the most stunning man on Earth. Sorry I don't make the rules. That's sweet, my mom thinks the same thing. It's just their biased opinion, hers and yours. Gavin Leatherwood, don't block me, but I wanna suck your dick. Thanks Rapheala. Sweet of you. Jameela Jamil's limp wrist, ah Jameela Jamil, I know her, her wrist is tweeting me. If you wanna beat up a bussy anytime soon I'm free most Thursday's. I liked the use of bussy instead of, you know, the real other word. Raph says Gavin Leatherwood's bulge though, he can choke me any time. It's just socks, that's not real. I'm just stuffing, I'm on TV, in underwear. I wanna be convincing. Choke me daddy, I will not do that, I'll probably go to jail. I knows, with an S, Gavin Leatherwood plays a 16 year old on "Sabrina" but he's 25 in real life and I would let him split me open. Like a doctor, like surgically? Like you want me to cut and open and peak inside of you? Elle says Gavin Leatherwood, let me swallow your babies. I know what that really means. Gavin Leatherwood can get it and by it I mean my bussy. Sandwich says Someone: how gay are you? Me: I'm drawing Gavin Leatherwood's abs at three a.m. But I get it, I do too. Not my abs, that would be weird. Gavin Leatherwood acting as Nick being possessed by the devil also knows this bussy. Another bussy, that's three bussy's we have so far. Especially with his tongue split down the middle, (beep) I am feeling things. That tongue was disgusting, but hey, to each their own. If that's your thing, that's your thing. I'm not knocking any of it. We made it, half of those shouldn't make the cut, some of them will, thanks guys for watching. I'm Gavin Leatherwood from "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" go stream it, part three's out. This was thirst tweets, this was weird. Glad I did it. (upbeat music)