Hulk Hogan’s Ride Across Airport Tarmac Criticized by Fans

(siren blaring) There is fury after Hulk Hogan is offered a ride in a police car with lights and sirens wailing. My Uber's got a siren. The wrestler was being driven by a uniformed officer across the tarmac at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Hogan and two companions had just landed, and they were all given the royal treatment. Oh, we love Chicago PD. Yessir, Chicago PD for life! For life. Whoa, watch that, watch that truck, brother! Protect and serve. Hogan and his buddies were apparently being given the ride so they could avoid the crowds at the baggage claim area. At one point, the wrestler joked about getting the VIP treatment. (siren blaring) Coming in hot, man. Oh, it's just not normal driving around without our siren on. (laughing) We need to get one of those. We'd get in so much trouble. Hogan's buddy seems to realize there could be a PR problem. Don't get in trouble doing this. I'm not in trouble, trust me. My sergeant, he's all for it. (siren blaring) Okay. Hogan's ride is now triggering major controversy. Police said in a statement to Inside Edition, "This escort was not authorized by the department. "The video is of significant concern." (serious music)