Meet President Trumps 10th Grandchild


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The Trump family is welcoming their newest addition, little Carolina Dorothy Trump. Her dad, Eric Trump, who is President Donald Trump's third child, tweeted this picture of the family, including wife, Laura, and big brother, Luke, who is almost two, with the caption, "Laura Lea Trump and I are excited to welcome "Carolina Dorothy Trump into the the world. "We love you already." Baby Carolina is the president's 10th grandchild. Meanwhile, Uncle Barron Trump, perhaps the world's most famous 13-year-old uncle, is sending shock waves with a summer growth spurt. This video was taken while the teen was returning to the White House with his parents after a two-week vacation in New Jersey. The last time we saw him publicly was in the spring, when the president reacted to his son's height. To put this all in perspective, the president is 6'3", his mom Melania stand at 5'11", and if he keeps on growing like a weed, he could likely become the family's tallest member. For now, that title goes to Eric, who is 6'4". For, I'm Stephanie Officer. (upbeat music)