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Same thing every day. Ouch! Tea spoon. How much is one tea spoon? I’m gonna take a guess. One Tea spoon. Is it cooked yet? One more time. Go Win. Go. Go. Go. Is it cooked? Fourteen. Fifteen. You can do it, Win. You can overcome this meal. You can do it! Do you really have do all this? Of course! Chicken breast on Monday, and also Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And today is Friday, it’s supposed to be a happy day. I still have to eat the chicken breast. I can’t take it anymore. It doesn’t even taste good. So, why do you have to eat the chicken breast every day? There are so many things in the fridge. To gain muscle. You want to have big muscles? I though you wanted to exercise to have more power to sing. Try this. Tops, I’m on a diet. How can I eat it? I’ve been working out to build muscle. I know. That’s why I made this for you. Give it a try. No. You eat it. Try it. It will help with the muscle gain. Trust your Tops Chef. Try it. Okay okay. Well, it actually looks good. Only one day, I guess it’s ok. Yes. Wow. Hey, calm down. Drink soy milk too, so the food won’t get stuck in your throat. Oho! you seem starving. It’s so good, Tops. I don’t know if it’s because I have been eating the chicken breast for too long. Did you know that this menu is another choice for people who want to gain muscle? Salmon and eggs are rich in protein. And the good fat is from avocado. Avocados have good fat and are low in protein. So, this menu doesn’t make you fat and helps you gain muscle. You know everything, my Tops Chef. What’s for dinner tonight? You want chicken breast? Can you make something else? Just kidding! I’ll make you something else. But honestly, I like you just the way you are. I like it too. What do you like? Avocado. Okay. What were you thinking? [ Next episode ] Okay Tops. Ready? Yes. Okay. Start! Hello, my name is Tops. Well…… I’ll make the menu that is called….. Hold on. It’s not good, Tops! You are still stammering! I understand it’s not hard for you. But for me it is! It’s a lot easier for me to only cook.