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Aiming to compete worldwide I'm going to form a girl group 8 cities of Japan 2 cities of America We visited and auditioned them directly. Many participants visited the regional auditions Her dance is fantastic 26 girls were selected from the regional auditions Start of training camp for 5 days and 4 nights in Tokyo Dance ・ Vocal Level Test Star Nature Test If you get all 4 cubes. You go to Korea. The finalists will prepare to debut. Last chance to win the cube! SHOWCASE This is the stage where everything is decided The appearance of standing on stage as a girl group. is a stage to check... The 3 evaluation criteria (vocal, dance, and star quality). I think you can see it comprehensively. The other is how much you grew during the training camp you can honestly see it. the SHOWCASE stage must be complete within 48 hours 2 days to stand on stage the lesson time is short. I think there are only two days already. I want to do my best. The time was of course short on the last SHOWCASE stage I sincerely hope that they show a special light. Who will be the participants to go to Korea? SHOWCASE Day Staff in preparation for the stage Participants preparing before going on stage Nina: I'm really nervous I hope I can do it well I'm still a little worried in my heart. Rima: Since the practice period is short and there is not much time until the actual stage... I wonder if I can do it well, I'm worried. Participants practicing until just before going on stage Special judges who came to support the participants surprised Which surprise guest surprised everyone? TWICE Sana & Momo - Hi! - Hello! Mako: It was TWICE that influenced me. I also want to be in a girl group like TWICE. TWICE became a trigger for the participant's idol dreams The longing TWICE is in front of you! Momo: We are TWICE. ✨Participants who are lost for words✨ Momo: Today is your stage we came to see it directly. fluter - flutter Sana: I heard the practice time was quite short you worked hard, right. gentle... they cannot respond... Momo: Everyone fight... fighting? Do you want us to say fighting together? Okay, All together, 1, 2… Fighting! Please do your best! Sana & Momo who not forget to support them until the end. Ice broke Funa: They are very cute and lovely! They are beautiful and lovely right! Hina: I'll do my best because we fight together!! Participant's tension increase after Sana & Momo's surprise visit SHOWCASE Studio is ready Sana & Momo are also in the studio JYP: Come in, have a seat, please. Thank you! Thank you! Sana: What should I do. Momo: I'm nervous Do you get nervous when you see these kind of things? Of course, even before... We went to the waiting room earlier but we were really nervous. Remember the old days? Sometimes I remember the old days I understand the feeling of being nervous. Two people who felt the tension of the participants directly Participants finally heading to the studio I'm nervous... I am happy to see you again. Today's evaluation is the last one. After today's evaluation we will select the participants who will go to Korea. Even if you haven't received a Nizi cube until today four cubes today you can get everything. SHOWCASE where you can get all 3 cubes Please do your best! Yes! Let's start! Please. Moeno: Make good results with this SHOWCASE I want to do my best to go to Korea together. Momoka: So that each one can shine I want to do my best. Miihi: When everyone can enjoy and have no regrets I'm happy. SHOWCASE Starts! Momo: Really... I'm nervous... I'm nervous too. The first team to finally appear Suzu: 3 cubes Rio: 2 cubes | Momoka: 2 cubes Hina: 0 cubes | Mei: 1 cube Hello~ We are... NIZI GIRLS! Thank you! (kawaii^^) How cute! cute - cute - cute JYP: The costume... is very beautiful. Thank you~ Looking at the dresses... shouldn't Sana be on stage? MOMO: It's true! All dressed in white This song is actually it's a pretty old song I think it was a disadvantage What song will the first team perform?! 5 people will sing the song together Listening to "Be My Baby" together High voice. Suzu: The song "Be My Baby" when I heard it for the first time I didn't know. Mei: I heard that song but the song was not very familiar. Vocal training started in earnest Lower the pitch. (Increase the pitch) Just like that. concentration Vocal Trainer: The atmosphere of this song... ♫ Original rhythmical song I'm too focused on watching the lyrics (not out) So I don't remember all the lyrics Can't make the most of the unfamiliar song atmosphere... Hina: There weren't many people who knew the song... both song and dance... Next is dance training Dance trainer: Your body should not be together like this Momoka's hand is falling too low. Momoka who keeps getting notices from the dance trainer Momoka: After all, I couldn't remember the dance but it was hard for me to watch that I wasn't dancing well so I was a little... depressed. Suzu: Form a group with a team to complete a dance or a song it's my first time doing it. Unfamiliar songs and little stage experience Can they overcome this crisis? Rio: It's a choreography that I don't know. I will make a mistake... Let's not think about those things and improve together. Members who choreograph around Rio Unexpectedly everyone's movement gradually becoming stable Momoka: The one who pulls us the most Rio Mei: Rio is good at dancing She pulls everyone together. Rio: I want everyone to be able to dance with a smile without any mistake I want us to be on stage. 12 hours ago. Last check before SHOWCASE Nizi girls team singing and dancing together Lyric mistakes continue serious They still forget part of the lyrics What should I do... Really serious Rio: I can't remember the lyrics. Suzu: from the beginning to the end I was worried that I couldn't complete one song. Just a few hours till SHOWCASE Rio: The stage is only once... I'm really impatient it's dangerous. The practice continued until late at night What is the fate of the Nizi Girls Team...? Rio: I have to do my best I want to do it. Kyoka: The tension has been transmitted. Rio forgot the lyrics! It was good~! Nizi Girls' performance is over... Wait a moment, please. Rio: I'm sorry. Hina: It's okay, really. Rio sheds tears Rio: I want to go for training. With feelings of frustration, the tears can't stop In the meantime, the participants' evaluations are being made Momo: This one came in first. Sana: I agree. Sexy feeling They need to be able to put out at the waist and shoulder. Only one person could put it out and was the best among the five. Please call them in. Evaluation time What kind of evaluation will the Nizi Girls team get? The evaluation is what it would look like to be on stage as a singer and look at the criteria when I look at the three evaluations I have done so far... In a nutshell, who goes first based on such criteria, I tried to judge. Sana, Momo and I chose the same person. Surprised Who was the participant selected by TWICE? Suzu-san! Suzu: Thank You. At the beginning when I saw the pose the other four members felt like they were posing properly at first I was a little confident but looking at the stage more than anyone in my opinion I thought it was the most shining. Suzu: Thank you. Rio-san... From the moment it started I thought this would be Rio's stage the moment it started. Rio starts performance with confidence When you first said "Nizi Girls" with the line and atmosphere I thought Rio would be the star today as the song progressed I lost confidence in that. Rio has gone somewhere! When it's another person's part, you dance well but it hardens when it's your part It should be the opposite! You have to be noticeable in your part! With a strict evaluation of Rio, tension increases... Honestly, I've only noticed one person Momoka-san! Thank You. To seize the heart of the man in front of you move such emotions the only one that showed that was Momoka Momoka that expresses the choreography and emotions that fit the song A confident look! When performing all moves and expressions little details make a difference The dance is completely different due to the small angle! Despite being a third-year junior high schooler it was impressive to see such expressive power. After watching this stage if you look at the evaluation sheet Momoka's star rating you didn't get a cube. Today you were completely a star. Please come here. Momoka who got the first additional cube on SHOWCASE! Congrats JYP: Congratulations! Thank you for your work! Thank you! Evaluation of Nizi Girls Team is over... Leaving the stage feeling regretful Having a hard time coming out with words... I was not confident in myself... I feel regret. Will Rio be selected as a member? Please call them in. The second team going on stage full of tension Mako: 3 cubes Ayaka: 2 cubes | Akari: 3 cubes Kyoka: 1 cube | Moeno: 2 cubes Team: Hello, we are... Ayaka: One! *Oops* Ayaka: One. Sorry! (*^_^*) (Cute ❤) Once again! Once again! Hello! We are... It's 5 PM Thanks in advance! What was hard (in practice)? Mako: All of us we danced to 2PM's "Again & Again" Have you ever heard of this song? No one has put their hand up... surprised How was the training process of the 5PM Team? 48 hours before SHOWCASE 5PM Team gathered to decide their parts Let's sing one by one even if you don't know They've decided to sing for the time being... Mako who can sing as it is Other members who can't sing at all Ayaka: I never heard this song. Moeno: I've never sung a whole song in Korean... A situation where vocal training cannot be performed 5PM Team that must sing in Korean 46 hours before to SHOWCASE 5PM Team who starts practicing dance But Akari is not able to follow the lesson Akari: I was dancing until now It was a pretty dance for women this time is a bit difficult because it's a powerful dance. Ayaka: It's hard to dance, move and sing. Again & Again with many powerful movements Moeno: Even if the angle is different the (dance) looks different I think that was the hardest part Korean lyrics and difficult choreography makes it worse compared to other groups 5PM Team working harder than usual 24 hours remaining time until SHOWCASE Akari: I'm worried about the lyrics Ayaka: I can understand the Japanese translation I'm just saying... it is the most difficult to sing with the meaning and feeling. 5PM Team is worried about the situation they're experiencing Vocal Trainer: Let's try singing. Akari who made a mistake while practicing singing and dancing at the same time Forgot the lyrics again... Isn't it difficult to dance? It's amazing that you can do everything in two days. It's natural to make mistakes... Calm everything will be fine. Akari in tears... Akari: I told the teacher that I would be relaxed Akari: but I couldn't keep myself relaxed. Members comforting Akari Moeno: In such a short time... Mako: We just started learning it yesterday! Yesterday! Yesterday! Everything is fine, don't worry... Do your best to the extent you can! The 5PM team started practicing again Mako: This is where the (mouth) opens vertically. Akari: Mako is helping me I'm not good at Korean so she's teaching me how to open my mouth to pronounce difficult or fast words. Moeno: After all, Mako is the leader of the team so you can count on her. Mako: The time was really short but I hope that even in a short time we are able to achieve our intense results The 5PM Team who has practiced together in difficult situations Akari: I think I'm feeling a little nervous but expressions should be firm until the end I want to do my best until the end Mako: Make the most of what we have practiced so far I want to make fun on stage with 5 people. 5PM Team starting with a powerful pose Oh~! Oh~! Wow ~ cool! Amazing! - Amazing! Moeno forgot part of the lyrics cute!!! So lovely!!! wow~ 5PM Team that has successfully completed the performance Amazing~! The dance is amazing! Wait a moment, please. The meeting for evaluation has started... Worked hard! Mako: I think it was really good, really. Sana and Momo pointing at the same person at the same time The moment they started I was surprised the dance was so good It's a song they didn't know but the expressions were so good! It's really amazing to dance and sing! I was really surprised at the beginning! The acclaim of Sana and Momo continues... End of the evaluation meeting 5PM returning to the stage for evaluation Could 5PM Team members win extra cubes? Tension You originally said you didn't know this song You were really good at it and I was surprised and the one who caught my eyes was Ayaka-chan! Ayaka was really cute and she looked so good... and Mako-chan! I was so surprised from the start. Mako from the start surprise with a powerful dance Momo: I thought it was too good... it was really cool. Thank you Sana: For a song, you didn't know at first your use of facial expressions how you used your body to dance and the way you sang the song all in a short time it really was made this a really impressive stage. I also looked at Ayaka-san I think that your use of your facial expressions was very attractive. it was so beautiful and I thought "She's good". Please do your best on the rest of the stages Thank you so much! Mako and Ayaka received positive feedback from Sana and Momo Can they get good feedback from JYP? Of all the songs for this SHOWCASE this is the most difficult! The lyrics are in Korean and it's a male group song You heard this song for the first time. I watched (the performance) while considering that... Tension I think the 5 of you did excellent teamwork!! The dance matched well the movements matched well with 5 people I think you goth these result because you've worked well with each other. Especially since Mako was the team's leader I think Mako has demonstrated good leadership Thank you so much! Mako praised for her leadership as a team leader But today for the first time Mako I have negative commentary! What kind of rigorous evaluation will he gives to Mako, the top dancer, and vocal? #1 vocal and #1 dance Then... What is the reason why you couldn't show the best of your skills today? Too much power in your moves! Unexpected feedback from JYP If you put too much power into your body your voice will be thin. The moment the performance began I was worried about you because... your movements looked like this (dance action) you put too much pressure on your body. This happens in dance if my body looks too strong my movements become very hard and tight. Team members who are nervous about Mako's strict evaluation When dancing and singing it is always about putting less pressure on your body (insert the sound he made) and only apply pressure when needed like. Mako received a tough evaluation first So the one who was good at singing and dancing in this performance stage was Akari-san! Thank You. I was able to reconfirm why I was so impressed during the regional audition "What I saw was not wrong..." The reason you were the best because you were relaxed! When you had to put in power you put it in (power) a relaxed state you properly put it in! dance and singing. Thank you so much. Today's Akari I could give you all these cubes but you already got all 3. Akari who has already collected all 3 cubes JYP: Good job today! Akari: Thank you so much! Akari praised for the first time since the training camp Thank you for your hard work. With strict evaluation and praise 5PM Team evaluation ended with no extra cubes Wow ~ they are good! Yes, I could see they worked hard. Akari sheds tears as soon as she gets off the stage it was good! Akari: I got praised for the dancing and singing I was really happy Are there any participants who be selected as final members in the 5PM Team? Who's the next team to go to the SHOWCASE stage? Yuna: 3 cubes Ririka: 1 cube | Nina: 2 cubes Mayuka: 0 cubes | Erina: 0 cubes Hello!! Nina: We are... Starting off with Team DALLA DALLA's cute greeting You had a short amount of time to train what was your training process like? We helped each other and worked well with each other so I believe we'll perform well as a team. The song you will be singing together is... It's a song 3 out of the 5 members already knew the choreography (for DALLA DALLA) so I'm very happy. Compared to the other groups, the team members are satisfied with the given song that everyone knows 48 hours before SHOWCASE Ririka begins singing with confidence - doing well - well done! very good! Honor Student Candidate! DALLA DALLA Team Off to a good start Ririka: The atmosphere is bright and nice. Mayuka: We practiced together and taught each other it was really fun. Successful vocal training 24 hours until SHOWCASE Song ad choreography joint training time Can they become an outstanding team even in joint training? Nina made a mistake Mistakes occur repeatedly when they sing and dance at the same time From one mistake the movement of the dance was all disturbed Nina: I'm sorry... Dark atmosphere unlike vocal training You can sing it right but you mess up your moves and choreography? Nina keeps messing up the moves Ririka: When I focus on singing I mess up dancing. Nina: When I focus on dancing I forget the lyrics and when I focus on singing I forget the choreography... ITZY's DALLA DALLA choreography is really hard while dancing we also have to sing in a high key. Nina: For this song, I need to sing with a high key. I'm worried I won't be able to sing and dance well. With not much time left until the SHOWCASE stage They're doing personal training sessions. Makes mistakes with the lyrics You keep making the same mistakes with the lyrics! You're in charge of important parts in the song so there is no room for mistakes on those parts. Nina: The lyrics are not easy to memorize I'm worried about whether I can do it on stage. Anxiety getting bigger and bigger over time The practice continues with anxiety and tension... At the joint lesson only one person was really good at singing and that person was you Mayuka! In a difficult situation, the trainer's compliment instills energy into her team Ok? You go on with this feeling. Mayuka: After's trainer's compliment I feel more confident. This participant with a bright smile was... How many cubes do you have? Right now I have 0... Mayuka didn't receive any cube yet Mayuka: I worked hard on dancing and singing but I didn't get a good evaluation... Dance and Vocal evaluation ratings Calmly and enthusiastically continues practices with her endeavor Mayuka who has been practicing even with low rankings Mayuka: To perform without regrets in the SHOWCASE (with the team members) I want to practice and challenge SHOWCASE. Though it's hard, I will choose to have fun Even in hard times, they go for the same dream Mayuka: I don't have any cube right now tomorrow I will grow more to show... Mr. Park Jin-young how much I enjoy this! DALLA DALLA Team went on stage with one dream Let's start Yes! Intense dance + high singing, songs that are never easy. Will the DALLA DALLA Team perform successfully? charming~ DALLA DALLA Team's performance is over Thank you so much! The 3 judges started evaluating immediately Momo: Her expressions were the best. Sana: Right! Sana: ITZY (on stage) shows various expressions they are sexy, they smile and they go from here to there varying their expressions all the time. I think she was able to express facially well like ITZY. Time to decide the fate of the five! Will any be able to receive additional cubes? Overall despite not having the time it was really good with energy and the girl who caught my eyes was Yuna! First of all, the expressions were impressive it caught my attention because I thought there was a lot of expressive power. Thank You. Momo: Thank You I also think it was a good stage, and Yuna's expressions, from beginning to end were always changing and made me think "it's is fun" Thank You. Yuna showed riched expressions Only JYP's evaluation remains First, Nina... sings... really well! Thank You. Under the premise of singing while dancing among the participants of Nizi Project You sing the best Thank you so much! The biggest difference (from the other participants) is that you're able to sing in a high key using less pressure on your body beautiful singing without pressure As a producer the difference if there is a person like Nina or not... is very big. Nina: Thank you But yet again I felt that your dance was still lacking. If you were to be in a group... Nina's dance should at least not be noticeable but Nina's dance is now noticeable surprised Nina's dance evaluation is the complete opposite of her singing evaluation I want you to be addicted to dancing Tensions are further heightened by the unexpected harsh evaluation... Among the 5 today the one who caught my attention was Mayuka Thank you I didn't give you any cubes it's as if you're supposed to get all the cubes The cheerfulness, confidence, and joyfulness on stage it was very strange to me because there are no cubes, "I have no to do it well!" it's not like "I'll show you!" It really felt like you were enjoying yourself. You put no pressure on your body your movements while dancing were also growing/widening! In the DALLA DALLA choreography there is a part where one hits the other's shoulder like this this is more than just hitting it is useless if you do not hit while turning your shoulder Mayuka was the only one out of the 5 to turn her shoulders. Mayuka carefully did the delicate parts of the choreography She was enjoying herself while doing it even though she didn't have any cube. For the dance evaluation you were not bad but I contemplated on whether I should give it to you or not I didn't give it in the end. You were not bad at the vocal evaluation but I also hesitated. Please come here Participants at the waiting room applaud for her the best!! You were good at dancing. Dance cube acquisition Awesome! Awesome! and you were also good at singing Singing cube acquisition The star nature was also noticeable Participants who applaud in congratulations to Mayuka Star Nature cube acquisition Congratulations! Thank you so much! Inevitable made possible due to Mayuka's hard work and persistence It wasn't because she had the best ability but due to her attitude and mindset that's what made these results possible. Thank You! Congratulations, good job! Thank You so much! It was good Mayuka! She shed tears as soon as she left the stage Mayuka: The cube that was empty until recently is now filled with 3 cubes. I'm glad and extremely happy!