PILOTO PRIVADO 5 tópicos que você precisa saber




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Hey guys! All right? Today’s video we’ll cover 5 basic things you need to know before starting your PP course, the private pilot. The private pilot course is the introductory course for aviation seekers as a career or as a hobby, be it airplane or helicopter, I don't know what your intention is to proceed, but everyone who is entering the PP course, that we calls, are you already thinking about the ATP, the multi-engine or your entry into a airline. I tell you that the private pilot course is the most important course of your life, this is where you will form your bases as an aviator, you will developing your proper behavior will meet people, develop maturity and all that you will need in the future. Don't belittle the 35, 40 hours of the private pilot course. It is the most important course, that you will have throughout your career, more difficult course because you have to learn a lot of new things that you’ve never seen before. The commercial pilot course and the next courses will be adapting new knowledge to your new reality as a pilot. The most important course of your life is the private pilot, never forget that. During the airclub or in the aviation school you will meet many good people and also many not good people, not to use that term bad. Be inspired by the good, look at the good instructors, dream of being one day, learn a lot from them, watch your behavior. However, those people who are not good learn also from them, learn to change your behavior, otherwise, not to mirror yourself in that professional attitude. Get inspired by the good guys and learn from the bad guys. Third personal topic, never fly to meet only pilot´s license, initial check-ride. Fly not only for hours of flight. Do not be an accumulator of hours, but an accumulator of experience. Do not stay trying to fight for hours and to do them as quickly as possible seek knowledge, seek what adds value and taking the topic of item 4, do not limit your learning to flights only, that is, do not seek only flight hours and also do not limit your learning learning to instruction practice. When you are silly in the airclub, go to the maintenance shop, go see how people are doing, ask the mechanic what is a inspection sheet, how does he change the aircraft oil, does a nacelle flight, flight mental. I was a flight instructor for a long time and when I was a student I didn't I valued that, the mental flight, the nacelle flight. I tell you today that makes all the difference and makes all the difference for your pocket, also because the private pilot course as well as others has a cognitive process there for behind learning and more that you are good, you have to sometimes get adapt learning to this new. Flight hours are expensive guys, you will have to pay and sometimes you can learn there on the nacelle flight, in the mental flight, the aircraft landing attitude, you can learn a lot, the visualization of the instruments, in the memorization of the checklist, and you don't have to pay anything. So take the time to dedicate not only to flight, practical instruction, but also enjoy the time you is in the airclub, it’s raining and it won’t fly, take advantage of this time to learn. Mental flight, nacelle, go to the hangar to see her how to get the aircraft out of the hangar, learn to fuel the plane if possible, learn to wash the plane, it’s not just washing the plane like a car, there’s a special procedure for that. Learn, seek knowledge. Do not limit your knowledge to only flight, but it can limit you and your flight safety. Last item, item 5, do a good networking, approaching people who think great. Network is not just about going to the barbecue, it's not just about being pleasant with people, that's a point too, you expand your network contacts, but try to expand and get closer to those who dream big, those are good because probably in the future your friends may be in a position better, they can be flying and can be a very good contact that raises their career at another level, so get closer to the good guys and those who think big, you can be experiencing difficulties and that person will be the person who will help and vice versa. If you liked this video then subscribe to the channel appearing down here, like the video, make a comment, share it with your friends, active on the notifications bell. You are welcome here on the channel. Thank you for your patience and your attention.