Project One

Hello everyone, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world and, as you know, your health and safety are, and we’ll remain, our absolute top priority. As you also know, because we have explained that many times in Virbac, the level of commitment, of engagement of our employees are our most important competitive advantage. The quality of the relationships, the quality of the cooperation, collaboration, this value of sharing, engaging, are key elements of our performance. And this is why, in the current context, we have decided to launch the project One. This is a vast digital transformation program that consists in rolling out human resources information system that will allow us to deploy optimized and simplified processes, to enhance and improve the employee experience. We know that the companies that are the most successful in coming out of a crisis are those companies which have the courage to keep investing during difficult times. And this is why we have decided to launch Workday. This is a market-leading solution, a single, integrated platform that will come and replace many small systems that will become obsolete and that are very costly to maintain. This will also improve the security level of the data in terms of data privacy and protection. The system will be deployed over the coming years but as early as late 2020, we should be able to complete the end of the year review and performance evaluation in the new system. Because Virbac is a human adventure that requires the contribution of all of us, each one of you, I would like to personally thank you for your implication in this project that will help us make Virbac a great place to work. Thank you very much.