Regular People Try To Catch Fly Balls With A Dodger


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(rock music) - Sup guys I'm Joc Pederson from the LA Dodgers just tryin' to come out here, help you guys with some fly balls. A few pointers to not get hit in the face is, just get your body on the side of it, and catch it on the right side of your head, or the left side so you have two eyes on the ball. After about a few reps, you guys are gonna be pros and catching 'em like us out here so, let's get it going. - I was a seven-year t-ball champion. Called me Papi Pequeno. Definitely gonna catch the ball. That was when I was about six through 14. - Ready! In! You're good, to the right. Oh! (Joc laughs) Hey that's a touchdown dance. Heads up! Here it comes! Get under it, get under it! (ball thumps) Oh my God. You alright? Oh man, he just got hit in the face, uh-oh. - My face caught the ball, didn't hurt at all. Lined it up perfectly and caught it. All-in-all I'd give myself a B-minus. - I've had no baseball experience, and I came 'cause it sounded like fun. Yeah, sure. The ones, the high one. - You got this, don't be scared! You gotta believe in yourself! Really high. Go back a little bit, back! That's the wrong way! (Joc laughs) Hey we need a better effort! - Okay! - You know and it won't hurt if you catch it. In, in, in to the left, left! You got it! Get it oh! - You should wear helmets, that's insane. I'm fine just being on the sidelines when it comes to baseball, I'm totally fine with that. - I think I can catch a couple pop flys. Forgot my glasses but that' alright, I might borrow someone's, but I mean how hard could it be, really? - There it is, oh that's a good one! It's perfect, don't overrun it, oh! You gotta represent for the lefties! Back! You got it, you got it! Oh! (Joc laughs) Good effort, I like the dive. - I feel kinda stupid for thinking I could catch a couple, when I couldn't even catch one. - I played little league, I think like after my bat mitzvah I stopped playing. Catching a fly ball on its own is unnerving, especially when you haven't done it in a long, long time. (keyboard music) - It's really high! (ball thuds) Oh, hey you were close though. You were so close. There it is, you got it! Nice! Hey that was good, I need to see you robbing the homer next time though. - I grew up 20 minutes from Dodger Stadium so I grew up a big Dodgers fan. I'm super excited and nervous. I just want to catch one ball, that's it. - There you go! Back up, back, back! Oh, it's alright, nice try! I would be scared too though. I've got hit in the face before with the ball, it does not feel good. There you are, get under it! Nice, nice! Hey! (cheers and applause) Sweet, nice job! We're professional athletes and because we make the game look easy, but that's part of why we get paid to play a game. You all gave your A effort. They were diving for balls. I think you guys did great and, you're gonna be ready for the pros soon so, I'm glad you guys had me out here, This was a blast. (upbeat music)