The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2Episode 05 【The official version】


畫江湖官方版 Drawing Jianghu


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Everyone is so arrogant for me. Really have a heart Ghost king here What is it? This seat is going to take back the mystery It depends on your ability. Black and white impermanence Your two traitors also have faces back. traitor I am afraid that your old man is more suitable for this title. Everyone listened well. Meng Po is the undercover of a bad person Emperor was killed She also has a share Ghost king returns now Recapture You are not rushing to pay loyalty. Against me Kill innocent Nonsense Coming Take these traitors to me. you're awake Do you feel uncomfortable? You are here Keeped me for one night what No I just sat down for a while. But take a nap Brother thank you Not all because of me Only let you suffer such a big crime No Sometimes I think about it. If I am not such a life experience or Say if there is no me in this world. There won't be so many battles There will be no one because of me And hurt Don't think about it. Today’s chaos originates from human desires and ambitions. We are in troubled times It’s also involuntarily I also feel that way So I will think again If the world is really gone, I am Li Xingyun. So many beautiful women at the end of the day How lonely is it? I should not comfort you. I Li Xingyun It’s a long way to go. Right brother How is the child? He Stayed with you all night I just dragged him back to the room to change the medicine. I went to see him. Not good nebula We found that Zhang Zifan’s chest still has a poisonous wound. He is getting weaker and weaker now. what how about it Where is the injury? Wounded in the chest Gas attack If you are late, you will not be saved. I can’t imagine He stayed up all night Pulling that useless stuff You said that this poison can not be solved Energy solution But as soon as possible You all go out I gave Zhang Lang the poison. I will help you to dress him. He is hurt like this Let's let him go. Said that it is poisonous gas attack How to wrap Then you said that Crying the top egg Don't worry Since Miao Chengtian said that this poison can solve Then she must have thought of a way. Why don't we listen to her? Detoxification person Just among us Who? Nature is Li Gongzi喽 he I That is nature I followed Master to study medicine at an early age. Fine herbal medicine Rational toxicity To say that some of us can detoxify Zhang Zifan that That is naturally me This this this What is poison in Zhang Zifan? Same as the former Lu girl It is the cold poison of Xuan Ming Cold poison Cold poison Strange How can she be poisoned by Xuan Ming? What does this matter have to do with the mystery? I will think about it later. The most important thing now is to treat Zhang Zifan. Do not worry Zhang Zifan is my good buddy. It’s your sister’s love. Save him in distress I am obliged This method of solving cold poison is my unique secret Come with your eyes closed My sister is the best proof. After I have a bath with Zhang Zifan, and many more Did I miss something? That is Two men you guys What do you want? Then say The two men are doing it. sister He just didn’t say it. Bath together Not This is not suitable Inappropriate This sacrifice is too big. Sacrifice Don’t waste water Teacher Sister save me I told them that I don’t understand. but You must understand my ha Our two big men are taking a bath together knew This is the secret of my narcotics unknown Maybe you have an idea? Your teacher, I am a thick skin, it doesn’t matter. I am afraid of you. Teacher I do not mind you nebula When you were poisoned by your sister, you will take the lead. Now I have to charge myself for my brother-in-law. I Not? You are down the stone well said Grasp the implementation Hurry to change clothes for Li Gongzi. Hey stop You guys are stinky do not Help me Shixia Yao See bad handsome. You're back Kai Shuai Ghost King Zhu Youwen is as expected by the coach Has regained the mystery Ok He has already played with him before his subordinates. Its skill is now above the big heaven Under the enemy Had to withdraw the Tibetan Pavilion You have worked hard these years. Since today You will restore your original appearance. Obey Lin Xuan I miss you so much. by This kid is not evil. Why are you so strong? You guys can help me. He is riding my leg by you how come you how come Zhang Zifan The scene is fragrant enough Lin Xuan is not what you imagined. Damn I saw it and I saw it. Aunt Saw I saw it all. Three of you Send them back first. I saw it all. Aunt Saw Uh This one You are badly hurt Still have to be careful to nurse and so This this That one Want To control Be restrained To control well I am going back to the house first. Li Xiong What is it? Thank you, Li Xiong. You made a defamation shot this time. and then and also I was wrong with you before. Yeah Worth deserved Hey you this virtue Said that it is unfavorable okay Sorry Keep talking with my sister. I was just engaged by you. I have to go back to the house to wash my face. Lin Xuan Yep Sorry why apologize in order to I am stupid because of jealousy Is stupid enough In fact, except 嫉妒 Inferiority I am afraid that I am better than nothing but your brother. Afraid of one day You will leave me You listen carefully to me. I Lu Linxuan Don't martial Also don’t want you to plunge into the world As long as you have Zhang Zifan It’s enough to stay with me all the time. Lin Xuan and many more My teacher said It’s a big injury To control But we haven't seen it for so long. My teacher said The trick is to take care of it. Be restrained But I miss you very much. My teacher said To control I hate your brother. but This level is ok Crystal hairpin Gifts Crystal hairpin A lifetime This little brother Let’s take a look at the crystal scorpion. It’s best to send girls. snow this is not bad Cher The world is big How can you know where you are hiding? I do not know Doesn't mean that others don't know. Cher Where are you It’s easy to catch a pigeon She gave it back. sister That is the pigeon Oh Delicious Oh oh Cher Cher Cher what happened to you It's nothing Think of the light walks when I was young And my mother is gone. a little sad and me I will always be with you. Look at you This fireworks is so big. Really this is