The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2Episode 06【The official version】


畫江湖官方版 Drawing Jianghu


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sister Li Gongzi, they are here. Li Gongzi Zhangzhou should not stay for a long time Zhang Zifan has taken other people to the north gate. Let's go meet them. Let's get out of here. but Don't hesitate any more Waiting for Liang Jun to attack the city I can't walk if I want to go. Li Xingyun is in the city of Zhangzhou Announce the whole city Harboring offenders Kill innocent General Wang has an order No one is allowed to release the city Where are you going I can't see Liang Jun killing the people but I am indifferent. it is good I will go crazy with you. Li Xingyun He is Li Xingyun Coming Go and call Wang General brothers With me, I’m trying to catch it. Let's make a big contribution. Big fart what Teacher 趁 pursuer has not arrived Let's go out of town. go Newspaper Did Li Xingyun find it? Kaifeng Emperor The soldiers have informed the city Harboring for a crime of death I asked you if you found it. Uh No drop yet a group of waste Grab a Li Xingyun Do you still have to go into Zhangzhou personally? Emperor I am going to your Announce the whole city I I want to make a bet with Li Xingyun. It seems that Zhu Youzhen’s goal this time is to Presumably, the trick to rescue Zhang Gongzi has been seen. Just did not expect Their means are so embarrassing Blame How did Zhu Youzhen identify that we are hiding in the city of Zhangzhou? How is it going? What is happening in the city now? When can we go home? Oh, don’t mention it. It’s really a life of nine deaths. This time, Zhangzhou is a big disaster. how This Liang Jun, he did not know where to intercept a pigeon. What to say before the orphans Who is coming? Li Xingyun Correct Said Li Xingyun in Zhangzhou City Li Xingyun Yes Said to be with what baby Zhu Youxi wants I took a knife in Ganzhou. They caught a thousand people in the south of the city. Pointed the root Wait until dawn Li Xingyun still does not appear Just kill one without leaving This is called me. What about this thousand people? Be the confession Why Do you want to Who knows Li Xingyun, he is not in Zhangzhou City? The fistula is absent I don't believe he can run out and throw it into the net. Who? You are right. Li Xingyun is not in Zhangzhou at all. Rest here? I just saved their lives. I can't even stay with a name. Oh My God You are Li Xingyun. That is, you have harmed us. 冤 Have a debt Why do you let us suffer for you? If you are still a man Just hurry to find Liang Jun to surrender What did you waste with him? Quickly tied him to the city There are a thousand people in the city. dare This ungrateful thing I see who dares to come up. Sister copy guy Who is that pigeon? Mom, that is a pigeon. I didn’t know it at the time. what did you say I knew that the pigeon was a scourge. I should bake it. This matter is of great importance What do you both know? Hey this God has a good life My sisters also gave her some face. Well, that’s it. Look at her own tricks. The pigeon is what I put it Sorry I have been telling the female emperor about your current situation. The pigeons they intercepted I put it why nebula roll nebula roll I Go away Sorry Teacher Ji Ruxue may have a hard time we do not talk Zifan Didn't you sleep all night? You still have injuries This can't be eaten by the body. correct Why don’t you see my brother? He went to see Zhu Youyu. what He can't help but go For the people of Zhangzhou He can only vote for himself Teacher but We are not without opportunities Zhu Youzhen’s purpose is Longquan Treasure As long as Li Yufeng’s tomb has not been found We have time Lin Xuan You follow me back to the library for help We also go with you Then our sisters will now go back to the Magic Square. Ask the female emperor to send troops to save it is good Not to be late set off emperor The hour is coming. Xiaokui I wonder if Li Xingyun is coming. Then you can do it. Ok Li Xingyun You can I didn't expect you to dare to come. Forget it Hey, I said Li Xingyun. You are here to surrender I will be ready to go I hope you have a letter Put these people 朕爱民如子 How can you kill your own people? Coming here You give it to you first Underarm I will call you Xiaokui Zhu Youzhen Release Underarm Detective horse Li Cunxin and his army returned to Zhangzhou. Oh Desire I won’t fight with him. Li Xingyun has fallen into the hands of the shackles This battle is won. Go home emperor Those ordinary people Leaveless Kill it Zhu Youyu, you a person who is not a person without words I just said clearly I won’t kill my own people. then you Can Li Cunzhen come back? I have to escape. Look at this walk Those people are not all the people of Jin State. Not the people of the blasphemy stupid Zhu Youzhen These people are innocent stop stop stop