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Hello and welcome to Solutions Review Explores. I’m Jonathan Paula. In part one of our SIEM series we introduced enterprise SIEM. In part two, we explored the history and evolution of SIEM and what that could mean for the future. In this video, we explore SIEM’s key capabilities and what they can offer your enterprise’s cybersecurity. While each SIEM solution offers its own capabilities and emphases concerning business cybersecurity, the capabilities tend to fall into three basic categories: log management, threat detection and response, and compliance. No capability defines SIEM quite like log management. Each device, application, server, and users generates terabytes of data every month. However, as your network scales or as your embrace cloud adoption, collecting and compiling all of this data can become a serious challenge. Additionally, the data collected may be in different formats, making analysis difficult. Make no mistake, analyzing your logs is an essential part of enterprise cybersecurity. Security event information may lurk in disparate parts of your network, and without security event correlation, your enterprise may not recognize the signs of a breach until it is too late. This is where SIEM steps in. It centralizes log collection to ensure more complete visibility over your network and more accurate logs. It then normalizes the logs, allowing the solution and your security team to analyze the findings in a consistent format. It can also process and store the logs for future reference, an absolute necessity for many compliance mandates. Another SIEM key capability is threat detection and response. As part of this capability, next-generation SIEM solutions can provide your enterprise with multiple threat intelligence feeds for more accurate detection and response as digital threats evolve. With this intelligence, SIEM can run security event correlation across your logs and alert your IT security team if it detects a possible security incident. It can even block and contain the potentially activity and provide initial threat context to make threat investigation easier. Finally, SIEM can help your enterprise fulfill its compliance standards, not just through compiling and storing security logs, but by providing out-of-the-box report templates for easy completion. Solutions can even prefill the reports automatically, allowing your security team to edit them as needed with minimal time and effort. From log management to threat detection to compliance, SIEM can offer your enterprise the capabilities it needs to handle porous digital perimeters and scaling environments...and to keep threats from dwelling on your network. If you’d like additional information on this topic, click the link below to download our free comprehensive buyer’s guide – available exclusively at In the meantime, click or tap the icons on screen to watch related content, and subscribe for future videos. My name is Jonathan Paula, thanks for watching.