The Railroad Man Italian Il Ferroviere is a 1956 Italian drama film directed by Pietro Germi

I'm working! - Hi, Sandrino! - Hi, Papa! What a great surprise! Does Mama know you're here? - Merry Christmas, Sandrino! - Merry Christmas, Mr. Liverani! - Will you go to the cooperative? - I'll take care of it. I passed right under the guard's nose. I did what you do, I said, "I'm working!" Good! But the next time you have to say. I'm Marcocci's son, the R-48 engineer. Sandrino, Santa Claus is here! The bag's light this year! Yes, but the wine's vintage. White wine? No, red. - Dry? - No, sweet. You can have it! Stop it with those four little hairs. Am I wrong or has your hair grown? You're wrong! - Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas! She's the new tenant in apartment 11. From Viareggio. You always know everything! It's a question of technique. Sooner or later someone will put. A rope around your neck. Impossible! I forgot, Mama said you're. Invited to our house tomorrow. No, I couldn't, Christmas is a family holiday. You don't have one so you'll be with us! I'm stupid to listen to him, he's so polite at first... and then he always grabs the chicken drumstick. Here. Tell Mama I'll be right there. - But Giulia's waiting for you! - One glass and I'll be there. Say hi to Mama, bye! - Merry Christmas, Sandrino! - Merry Christmas! Why are you alone? Papa's on his way... he stopped by Ugo's, but he's coming. Did you tell him that Giulia and Renato are coming? I told him! He'll be here any minute. He stopped at the bar. You know him, he starts talking to friends... - And a few bottles of wine! - Be quiet! Are you in a hurry? No, but the doctor said the longer I wait the better. How are you feeling? I'm fine. Have you thought about that Spanish sardine deal? About what? I know how we can slip the loads. Through customs cheap. We could... But who will do it? Marcello, forget about it. I made it all in blue. It's going to be a boy. It's getting late... Sandrino, go down and tell your father to hurry. He deserves some wine now and then. With the work he does. It's not for me, it's for Giulia. You know, in her condition. Do it fast, understand? Giulia, are you ill? It's nothing, Mama... I just felt dizzy. It's never the right time for you, right? Are you going to kick us out on Christmas night? It's late, Baby Jesus is about to be born. - One last glass? - No, I'm too tired. Ugo, you're open tomorrow, right? - Are you tired? - Not that much. I'm really tired... but once your father starts... To the grape! Come on, Papa! Merry Christmas! Are you deaf? Where are you? Nice welcome! I come home... and there's nobody here! Nice welcome! Do you see this? They left! A man believes... that because it's Christmas... And then he finds nothing! The hell with holidays. And damn the time they come! Damn the time they come! Papa! Mama says they're all at Giulia's house. Yes, go to sleep. Papa, wake up! Giulia's not well. Hello? What's the boy doing here? Send him away! - Sandrino, why are you here? - Is Mama here? Yes, come in here. Be good, stay here. What's wrong with Giulia? Be good, stay right here. Why is Giulia screaming? Is the baby being born? Mama wants him to be named Andrea. What will Papa say if the baby's a girl? He could get angry about it. Even before, when Giulia wasn't married... She and Papa always fought. You knew, I've been telling you for a week. I said no and that's the end of it! I don't care! I know he does it on purpose! It's all on purpose because he can't stand me! Giulia, what are you saying? Yes, he hates me! He hates me! That's not true! - Sara! - I'm coming! Then Giulia went out with Renato... Secretly! But I knew they weren't getting along. What is it? - Giulia said... - I'm busy now. Giulia wants an answer. - Let's go, Renato! - I'm coming... Tell your sister not to send you here anymore. I'll call her. Take this and get out of here. What's wrong with her? She's been wasting away for a while. Why won't she eat? I'm asking you, what's wrong? Answer! Why won't you eat? Hey, I only asked you why you're not eating. Go ask the doorman when the water will be on. Go! She's pregnant! Who was it? Who was it? - Answer me, I want to know right now. - Andrea! Come here! Come here! Answer me. Who was it? I want to know who it was! Why do you need to know, it won't do any good! Tell me right now who it was! Leave her alone! I'll tell you. Renato Borghi, the one from the store. Andrea! Please... Andrea! You won't get anything by bullying. Get out of my way! Mama... What's happening? Now we'll see if Renato will be a bully to Papa! Hold still! That's right. That's right. Now smile! Hold still! Now a toast to Giulia! Here's hoping you have a beautiful boy, just like me! They'll be in Chiusi by now. That was an express train. Papa, why was Giulia crying? All women cry when they get married. Did Mama cry too? Be quiet now. Go to sleep! Did you cry at our wedding? I don't remember now. There were all those people. My wedding ring didn't fit! I wonder what my daughter thinks of me. Hello? Oh, it's you, Aunt. Yes, the doctor has gone. Badly Aunt, badly... No, she's, actually she's... What can we do? That's the way things happened. Thanks. I'll tell her. Goodnight, Aunt. To think we got married because of this baby and now... Giulia's baby was dead. If he hadn't died, I'd be an uncle now. There's nobody in my class who's an uncle already. Who knows if it's true that we all have to die someday? It can't be that even Mama and Papa have to die. A farmer buys a field that's 327 meters long. And 81 wide. How many square meters is the field? Papa changed shifts after Christmas. So every morning I went to school alone. Stop him! It's no good! It's no good! Religion: B. Gymnastics: B. Behavior: C. History and Geography: D. - Come here! - No! Everything at our house went along as usual. It's strange, Marcello hardly ever spoke at the house. Show off! Do you have 100,000 lire? I'll show you how to use money. How about 30,000, even 20,000. Do you have it? Look at the trees. Winter is over, Andrea. When the spring comes, I... She passes by and I say: 'Miss, what pretty eyes!' She looks at me and says: 'My eyes?' So I say: 'Come on, it's just something to say!' Stop making that face, stop it! Giulia and Renato hardly ever came to see us anymore. The last time was for Papa's birthday. But the mood wasn't good... - Come on, it's matured wine! - Give it to me. No, he has to drink it! I'm fifty years old, so that makes SO glasses! To the grape! If I'd gone right home that night. If we'd only had one glass of wine... Giulia would have a baby right now. How can a guy like you believe such stupid things? Nature is nature, you can see it was meant to happen. It shouldn't have happened. Everything's gone bad since then. I don't know. Little signs, but... those silences, certain looks... and that other one, Marcello! You're just having a bad day. We need a drop of wine. You're tired, do you want to switch? What am I doing here? It's like you work on a meter! Wait, me too. This is the time you feel dull. This damned light! - What time is it? - It's 6:48. - The train's late. - Come on, by half a minute. What's that fool doing? What happened? I saw him too late. He was on the bend. The poor fool calculated it just right. Make room, move over! Stay calm! Nothing happened. Go back to your seat. What are they screaming about? Nothing happened! Andrea, don't take it so hard, it wasn't your fault. - I looked right at him. - You did what you could. He was 30 years old at most. Who was he? We're leaving in ten minutes. Can you do it? How is your partner? I don't need anybody. The signal is red! - How are you? - Fine, thanks. So, Giulia, how much is it? Renato, what's the bill? 3 and a half. Any news, Giulia? Life is always the same. Your hair looks nice that way but you look older. I am older. Why is it that we're surprised when children grow UP. Time passes for everyone. Not for you... You're always the same. How is Sandro? He drives me crazy. Goodbye, Renato. Goodbye. I'll be right back. Mama! Do you mind if I call you that? Not at all! - Do you want to talk to me? - Yes, it's about Giulia. Mama, Giulia and I aren't getting along. To tell the truth, Giulia doesn't get along with me. She doesn't want to get along, I understand that now. Why do you say that? Because it's true. She was even right at first, but then... I know what kind of life I lead! We don't fight. I wish we would fight! I can't wait to open the store in the. Morning. It's like a liberation. At least I work and don't have to think. It's not possible... - No, I'm not exaggerating. It's really like that. I can't stay. I'm ready to do anything. The only thing left is to go to a lawyer. Are you crazy? There's nothing else to do. Weren't you supposed to come back tomorrow? Andrea, what's happened? There was an accident. Oh God! What happened? A man threw himself under the train. - I killed him. - It wasn't your fault, was it? No, but later, in Bologna, I didn't see a signal. A red signal... Nothing happened. And now what? I've been suspended. There will be an inquest. Where are you going? To sleep. Don't you want some wine? I don't feel like it. I'm here. Sleep, Andrea. Giulia, I have to go now. Believe me, he loves you. Why should he have lied to me? I wanted to come today, but Papa came home early. No, not tomorrow either. I'll tell you later. No, Giulia, it's not true. Things change... Time changes everything. I did too... When he came home and he'd been drinking. There were times he hit me too. If you knew how many times I thought I hated him! Then you learn many things, you learn to understand. And there are beautiful things. Which make you forget the bad. Answer me. Listen to me, my daughter. Talk to him, try! Do you promise me? Giulia, do you promise me? Yes, Mama. Thank you. Goodnight. Goodnight, my baby. I'll answer it. Hello, is that you? Hello? Answer! Answer me, Giulia! Friends, at this point what else can we do? The commission, made up of three unions... will go to the Minister and if that's useless... we'll have to consider the possibility of a strike. Why don't we talk about the clerks too? Is it possible that night pay is still 120 lire? Just a minute! Just a minute! I want to say something. He's right, the question of hours and shifts. Has many consequences... I, for example... My name is Andrea Marcocci, engineer. You all know about what happened to me in Bologna. Yes, we know, but your case comes up... No! It may have happened to me because I was tired. Apart from the fact that first I hit a suicide... Are things that happen and always have an effect. Maybe my head wasn't right but the fact is... that I had been at the engine for 7 hours. And a devil of a machine at that! - Yes, but you know, Marchetti... - Marcocci! Sorry, Marcocci, that isn't the issue. Hurry, it's late. When did I buy this tie? Who knows? Hurry! A hat too? These things have their importance too. I get grumpy when I put on a hat! Your son approves of all this. While it lasts! Give me some money... I'll go... - And you? - I was late or school. Go take off your smock. Here... - That's too much! - You're going with cash. If you have to buy someone coffee... Why should I buy? For a Minister already! Are you ready? Yes. Come on Sandrino, hurry! Be careful - Don't worry. Call me right away... so if you stop somewhere with friends... Right! Good morning! Good morning! You can't breathe in here. Mama, for goodness sake! Do you know what time it is? What are these ashtrays for... Is this where you're looking for work? Come here! Leave me! Leave me! Imposter! Good morning. Wait... I've been here half an hour. What can I do? - Mr. Liverani! - Hi Sandrino! - Hi Andrea! - So? I don't understand. They did the same check-up as the first time... Eyes, ears... Everything! Go, I'll take care of him. Is Papa sick? Sick? He's bursting with health. No Sandrino, it's that here... The people who are here all day with all these papers. And breath dust, they get a little touchy. And as they have to pretend they're working... it bothers them... Present! Be good. You drink, don't you? A glass now and then, among friends. Want some advice? Quit. Quit altogether? I'd like to confide my theory to you. After 50 years... I'm done. He's all yours. My father is in there. Yes, but you go back to your chair or I'll make you leave. This visit is a positive thing for me, right? In what sense? Your colleague says I drink too much. I drink, but a normal amount. And if they're saying here that I made a mistake. Because I drank, it's not true. I was completely myself. Or actually not completely... but not because of two sips of wine. It was mostly because of the other thing. A man right there in front of the wheels. He wasn't even 30. How's it going? Hi Marcocci! Let's go, they're waiting for us. My father must have been in a lot of trouble. The truth is... that you have to be a creep to be successful. Butt kissers! A guy working hard for the State for 30 years... 30 years aren't a joke! Without any problems! Then one fine day they say you made a mistake... and it's over! It's over! Be reasonable, Andrea. I don't want to be reasonable. Being reasonable is a mistake. It's forbidden to reason on the job. On the job, you need your eyes for. The signals red, green, open track. A guy jumps under the train. Brake quickly. Not quickly enough? No big deal! Everybody in, the train's going. Nothing happened. It's trouble if you still think. About the poor guy you killed. It can happen that you miss seeing a signal and then. They write: 'Suspected state of drunkenness'! They even find people who saw you hit the bottle. Me, drunk? I'd taken four sips to get over the fear. What do they know? You made a mistake and you have to pay and no excuses! Is killing a man an excuse? That's the kind of thing that happens in our work. What do you want? Andrea, come home, it's late. Leave me alone! I'm not leaving until you come with me. Get out, now! Leave him alone, come with me. Good for the unions! They're only good for filling your head with words! And taking your money... With their newspapers full of pretty words. "Justice!", "Worker's rights!" 20 years of pretty words! At first they told us the words secretly. They heated us in winter with pretty words. We didn't have money for heat and we spoke of justice! Meanwhile the shrewd guys... got a union card and made a career! Maybe even the same guys who judged me yesterday. While I was shovelling coal and driving old coffee. Boilers and we were starving to death! And what can we do? Then the war came... The order comes for sabotage? Ready'. So down to Cassino, under the bombardments. I helped the Partisans turn over a train! Do you remember, Ugo? Yes, I remember. Give him a glass. Let's go home. Let's go, it's late. Did your mother send you? I'll finish this and we'll go. Ugo, what's the bill? It's on the house. To the grape! Papa didn't drive a train anymore. They grounded him with an old coffee boiler. Like a long time ago. They say there will be a strike. What do you think? Why are you asking me? It involves everybody, doesn't it? Talking does no good. I mind my own business. - Goodbye. - Goodbye Giulia. Goodbye. Do you know what I dreamed last night? We were in Florence. Me, you and Mr. Ugo... Who? The barkeep where your father goes. How stupid! Florence would be nice. I've never been there. Have you? Me neither - And you're a railroad man's daughter! We'll go there Sunday. It takes four hours. Just the two of us! - We have a visitor. - Hi Giulia, I was around... - What's wrong? - Nothing I was around... Buy him an ice cream! Gosh, my shoe! You! What do you want? Why don't you answer your telephone? What have I done to you? Mama buys my shoes big... because she says I'm growing. Why? What have I done to you? It has nothing to do with you. It's over now. I can't. Don't ask me, I can't! Let's go! I'll call you. Listen, don't tell anyone about him. Promise? Who is he? Someone I knew. So, do you promise? I'm not a spy. There has to be a mistake. That's the salary. You're not travelling now. It's slave wages! Here, check it. Insurance, lodging... health, withholding tax... supplementary tax, license fee... You guys are never wrong! STRIKE - Andrea, how's it going? - Coming along. And you? Are you still driving a goods train? Mules that carry eggs, chickens and baby chicks. I come and go in a day! I'd rather do our trips. They gave me a young partner, all theory. He's from the north. I don't understand him. If only they'd give us our old train back! Do you remember the drunks we had on stops? My partner doesn't drink, he only drinks milk. If it weren't for that little extra money. When you don't have that little bit of extra money... you don't make it till the end of the month. Do you mind if I give you that 5,000 lire next month? No! When I have enough to eat, everybody does! I didn't let myself get tricked by women. I was looking for you. You're two months behind on your payments. - I have no change. - I'll change it for you. I can't change it - If you don't pay now, where can I find you? I can't come looking for you every time! What's the hurry? And then... I don't feel like paying now. And that's not the issue. That's not the issue! School ended in June. My report card was a disaster. If you want to find work, don't sleep until 11! You get up at 7. Understand? - Sara, water! - I'll be right there. Disappear, today is not the day. Here... - Is that all? - I'll bring another now. You know the gas is low. Can't we give it to him tomorrow? He's angry today. No, we'll give it to him today. May I help set the table? Someone who really wants work is already out at 7! Seeing as the rail road entrance exam makes you sick... starting tomorrow morning you're out at 7! Look for work! Sara, water! It's not that I don't study on purpose, I'd like to... Ready... - You go, Sandro! - Yes. Wait, I'll go. Nobody has ever taken me for a fool! Those who tried found it wasn't worth it. Stay calm, I'll pass by the bar at 8. It's a friend, Mama. She's my mother. Good morning. - Why don't you let him in? - No thanks, I'm in a rush. Well, Marcello? Stay calm, I'll see you later. - Who was it? - A guy I know. If you'd have come to talk to the teacher. Like the other Mamas, with flowers... then I would have passed like the others. - Do you think she'll tell him? - What? Nothing... - Do you need anything? - No. These towels are soaked. I'll get you one of the good ones. What are you doing? Can't you see what I'm doing? Don't yell like that! - Let him hear me! - Quiet! I don't care about him! Wait here. Here... Thank you. Why are you making that face? Me? I'll get a rag, there's a swamp. I'll do it. Sandrino, help your mother, set the table! I don't know where to turn. Did you see that guy before? Mama, turn around, please. I'm in trouble. If you knew... An awful mess. I swear if I'm able to... I'm going out. He's out today, a friend of his came before. My first son, a champion! It went well... Really well! Attack! Here they are! Here they are! Aim... Fire! Wait! Don't go. Wait! Sandro! Hey, so ahead! Hey, Giulia! Hi Papa. - Is Mama upstairs? - Yes. How elegant you are! Bye, I'll see you later - Bye. Mama - Giulia! - I must speak to you. - What happened to you? I'm so unhappy. Marcocci! Andrea Marcocci? Mr. Andrea Marcocci. Follow me to headquarters. Why? I have dealt with every sort of criminal in my career. Thieves, blackmailers, assassins... and sooner or later all of them talked. But a hard guy like this... Well, why did you do it? You see? I didn't exaggerate. I'd worry about him. If I were you... Do you understand? Can I take him home now? You can... This time! - Thank you, Officer. - Yes, yes... - Come here! - No! - Come here! - No! Come on, walk! Come on, I won't hit you, let's talk this out. Man to man? Alright. I know you're not stupid, you're a smart kid. If you threw that stone, you had to have your reasons. Right? You did wrong, but you must have had your reasons. What is it, Sandro? Why don't you tell me the truth? He's a bad man! He was with Giulia in the car... I had to throw a rock at him! He's a creep! I don't care anymore that I swore to Giulia. That I wouldn't tell, it doesn't count anymore! - Andrea, stop it! - Leave me alone! Andrea, stop it! Everyone has to know what my daughter is! It's your fault, you never took care of me! You made me wear cotton socks until I was 18. And your winter coat? Just shorten it, it's still good. You never understood me, you made me die of shame! - What are you talking about? Are you crazy? - You're crazy! You made me marry a man I didn't want. And who didn't want me! Stop it! That's enough! I've had enough of all of you! I want to be in peace! I'm going away! Away... Away"- It's not what you think, I'm not interested in anyone. I just want to be in peace! I'll be a maid, but I don't want to see anyone anymore! - No-one! No-one! - Come here! What do you want? Never touch my mother! Don't touch her ever again. Get out! You and that other one. Giulia, Marcello... Wait, don't go away! RAILROAD STRIKE "The rail road strike will begin at midnight." I just came from the rail yard. It's really true. "The express train for Florence-Bologna-Milan. Is leaving from platform 7" Andrea, what are you doing? I won't let you go, even if I have to smash your face! Get out of my way, Gigi... Mind your own business! I was awake the next night when Papa came home. Mama couldn't sleep either. - How about some coffee? - It's ready, the sugar's in it. They're talking about the low success of the strike... Only 70% - It says 100% here. Right, believe what they say! It's a triumph, let's see what. They'll do with the demands now. It was a good demonstration! I want two shots of whiskey in my coffee this morning. I want 2 cappuccinos and 3 rolls. To the worker's health! And in the face of anyone who wishes us evil! MARCOCCI IS A SCAB Mr. Liverani - Hi Sandrino! What does "scab" mean? What? Scab. Who puts those ideas in your head? Are you going to tell me? Stop that! More importantly, have you seen my new motorcycle? One of these days... would you like to come for a spin with me? Maybe even in front where you can hold the handlebar. Yes, thank you... I was on my way home. Ok go... Good boy. Good bye - Bye. Don't forget... I'll be waiting for you. Look out, Marcocci's coming! Here's his father. What are you doing here? Go home. Do you hear me, are you deaf? Go home right now! Papa never worked again after that day. He wasn't home much. We didn't speak very much either. There were no more jokes. This is mine... This one too. Since you took a wife... And you... You should go to school! - Should we have a round? - Half a liter, Ugo! You play. Sandrino... - Did you want to talk to me? - No. I was looking for Papa, but I never found him. We'll go look for him together. Come with me. There are other bars around here. Where you can get a good drink. Your father has refined tastes! Have you seen that big friend. Of mine who smokes a cigar? He drinks dry wine. Don't you drink? What kind of Marcocci are you? - Well, if you see him... - I'll tell you if I see him. Let's try here. Let's see... He's not here either. Maybe he's gone home by now. Maybe we were right behind your father all along. I didn't let Mr. Liverani know... but I'd seen my father with that woman. Why did he stay there and not come home? Sandrino... Renato! - Hi Sandrino! - It's beautiful! Is it new? Not exactly new. - Can it do 100? - Yes, it's written right there. - Will you give me a ride? - Sure, let's go. I was looking for you. Will you do me a favour? I packed some things to take to your sister. - Giulia? - Yes. Would you like to take them to her? I'd go, but I don't know if Giulia is very happy. Why? Because you and I were family before. What do you mean, before? Are you my uncle? Your brother-in-law. - Brother-in-law? - Yes. - And what am I to you? - You're my brother-m-law. - Even if I'm a kid? - Of course. No, now I can't be even when I'm big... because Giulia isn't your wife anymore, right? We'll be there soon. Can you do it? It's there, where the sheets are hanging. Listen... Don't tell her that I sent you. He's my brother, it's been a while since I saw him. - You don't mind, do you? - No, go ahead. Come Sandrino, come... - Please, can you take a look? - Ok. Come Sandrino. How are you? You've grown. It stinks in here! It's the acids, but you get used to it. Tell me, how is Mama? I thought you were mad at me. Don't be so silly. I know it was all my fault. I was never angry with you. Maybe it was even a gift. I should thank you. Why? Because you were the one who changed the situation. I'm alone now... sometimes I'm a little sad. Do you understand what I mean? But, I feel peaceful now because I did the. Right thing. It was something I had to do. When you grow up you'll understand. - What did you bring me? - I'm late. I have to go. Why are you in such a hurry? Your stuff is inside. Clothes, I don't know. Did Mama send you? No, she doesn't know anything. Renato sent me... he's outside. But I wasn't supposed to tell you. Well, if you have to go... Don't tell Renato anything I said to you. Right? How is she? Fine. Didn't she say anything? Not about you. Bye - See you Sandro! You know where to find me if you want. One more thing... I know, I'm not supposed to tell anybody anything. - Ok. May I get in with you? What is it? I saw Giulia today. Renato took me there to give her some stuff. I wasn't supposed to tell you. What did Giulia say? That we'll go to the movies one Sunday. I can go, can't I? Listen, how did Giulia look to you? Did she look happy? Peaceful? That's just what she told me, she's peaceful now. Giulia says I'll understand when I'm grown up. But I want to understand now. Tell me the truth, Mama, who was right, Giulia or Papa? Both of them, just like always when people fight. You can't make peace that way. If they're both right, nobody will say: 'You were right' The fact is that people can be together for years. And never speak to each other enough. You're wearing a frown... who knows why. Sometimes it happens about something stupid. And you get hurt over a thing. You'd just have to talk it over. But instead you keep the anger inside and it. Poisons your life without your even noticing it. Until one day... Just what you saw happens. It becomes too hard to make peace. Because everyone believes they're right and they. Shut themselves away saying they're peaceful. So Giulia lied to me... she doesn't feel alright? No, she's not, like I'm not, like we're all not alright. Like your father and Marcello... and even you. There's no peace in our house right now. Mama, don't cry, I don't want you to cry! A farmer buys a field 327 meters long and 81 wide. How many square meters is the field? Pro muted. I made it. I could go and speak to Papa now. I had something to tell him. We could even make peace and go home together. I killed myself studying for this one. Sandrino! Come here. Sit down. Have you eaten? Do you want something? Then have some wine. Another glass. We haven't had a drink together for a long time. - How did you find me? - I saw you here before. Why didn't you come in? You weren't alone. Papa... To the grape. Come, sit closer. I've wanted to talk to you for a long time now. But to speak to you man to man. Listen Sandro... Do you remember that day on the stairs? Look me in the face. I'm not a scab. Someone wrote it, I know, but it's not true. I'm not a scab. It's so hard to explain. A man feels important and then... he notices that it's not true at all and then... everything turns upside down. Liverani doesn't think you're a scab. Did you see him? Yes, with Ugo and the others. They'll all be there now. You know... I've thought many times about going back to Ugo's. I thought, I'll go open the door and I'll say: "Smash my face if you want, but here's my hand!" Come here. Give me a kiss. Marcocci, just in time! I just got a barrel... Modesty aside! Is there good wine only for him? None for us? Is Andrea's money better than ours? There's enough for all! There's enough for all! If this isn't enough, I have more. This is on me. Taste this and then say you don't. Get special wine from me! Taste it! It's on the house! Hey, Ugo... For me? This stuff is gold! What do you care, there's a whole barrel for us! - To your health! - To your health! Dear Marcello, Papa is better but he. Still has to stay in bed. It's been three months now and it's almost Christmas. I'm coming. Here's the key, Mr. Renato, and Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas. - Thanks, Merry Christmas. Giulia, have a Merry Christmas! Will you come dancing? I'll be waiting for you. Merry Christmas. Why did you come here? I had to see you. I wanted to tell you... Merry Christmas, Giulia, with all my heart. Thank you, Renato. Over there! Over there! Mama, another ten lire. I have no more change. Close the window. You're crazy! How tall you are! You're so heavy! Why did you get up? It's Christmas for me too! I feel better tonight. I'm fine... It's being in bed that plays these jokes... it's gone already. I want to eat as we should tonight. What's cooking? - For you, I got some... - Not for me, or everyone. No more watery soup. I feel better! Sure, I feel weak. But that's why I have to eat! And a drop of wine... it strengthens the blood! You know, I don't remember how it tastes. - Good. - I got it at the cooperative. Why is the kitchen table set? It's gloomy! Come on Sandro, let's make the table longer. Help me clear these things. Come on Sandro, move! - Take it... - Ok. Now we'll start to reason! Couldn't you eat in there? Why, we were alone... That's not a good reason. I forgot the best part! Mama there, you here... We're far apart, aren't we? I'll go. Who can it be? Can I? Merry Christmas to the whole family. How are you, Andrea? Fine, fine... You'll be even better in a minute, you'll see. What's going on? Stay calm now, alright? Marcello says he's not leaving anymore. We need to uncork a bottle right now, right Andrea? Of course! Marcello, take that thing off. Sara, help him. You corkscrew! Take off your hat! Sara, get the good glasses out for once! You know, we have a service for twelve, good crystal. I've never had the satisfaction of. Drinking from those glasses. She keeps them locked up like relics! You know her... Take them all out, because soon... a thirsty troop will be here. Forgive me, but the friends... What about food? Wine? There must be a store open now! They not coming empty-handed. Merry Christmas everyone! Best wishes. - Best wishes, ma'am. - Merry Christmas. It's no matter, to happiness! What a wonderful surprise! See if you can find a place... No, everybody's welcome! Hey. Gigi... Who's the brunette dancing with Marcello? Benedetti's daughter... Benedetti... One of the bosses. I remember you, but you've changed in these few months. You're always the same. Are you going away again? No, I'm staying! You dance nicely, you're so light. It's not easy to find someone who dances like you. Take over for me. - How's it going, Andrea? - Fine. Who is it? It's Giulia. Giulia, my baby! Of course, of course. Thank you, Giulia. I thought so... I was thinking the other day... Of course, but... I wanted to tell you that Marcello is here. Mama already told you? He's dancing now. There's a lot of people. If you could see... Everybody, they're all here. The house looks... My God, how it looks! But Giulia, you're not... After Mass? With Renato? I'll count on it, with Renato. I'll wait for you, Giulia. Only you're missing, my baby. Come on, Marcocci! - Goodbye, Merry Christmas! - Goodbye and thank you everyone. - Good bye, Andrea! - Goodbye Giovanni! Goodbye Marcocci, thank you everyone. Thank you, it was a wonderful evening. Cover up, that raincoat isn't enough. Get your mother some chocolate candy at the bar. Do you have money? Papa, please. Come in, there's a draft. [Good bye] How long has it been... since we had a Christmas like that? - How many people were there? - Who knows? It's really true... that you have to feel bad to know what good is! Now go lay down! - Leave it. - I'll do it. You're tired already! Do you know you're getting white hair? At long last! But I still love you, I love you anyway! I still love you, I love you anyway, you know? Lay down. I'll make you coffee, for your heart. Sara, bring my guitar. Don't get too tired. I want to sing a serenade for you. Only for you. When Giulia comes, let's not talk of that business. As if nothing ever happened. When Marcello gets a job, I want a new stove. With an oven! When you're better we'll all go visit the grand parents. They were so good to Marcello. We'll all go on a Sunday when the weather's nice... Giulia too. The trip doesn't cost anything. We have passes and never take advantage of them. We waste them every year. Andrea, are you sleeping? I never saw Papa again. They told me he was peaceful. Mama and Giulia didn't notice right away. Because Papa really looked asleep and he was smiling. Along time has passed since Papa went. Mama always says the house seems bigger now. But as soon as I get up every morning. I always look at the big bed, his place there. And then I eat my breakfast very fast just like. When he used to finish shaving and he'd holler: 'Come on, the train won't wait for me!' Goodbye Marcello. Good morning ma'am. Come on, Marcocci! Subrip by [email protected]