The World of My 17 Episode 11 Eng Sub Full

[The World of My 17] [EP.11 How to end unrequited friendship] Please, please, please. Please, please, please. Oh wait. It's next time again. Why do you obsess over the star sticker? It can't make your wish come true. It's not Dragon Ball. My grandma said it does. I'll create an acronym with what I said. - Wu! - Stop. It's not fun without Yuna. It's been a month since Yuna disappeared. Wouldn't she show up at the festival? What about you and Wookyung? It's been a while since we last saw him. Actually... Wookyung and I used to spend a lot of time together. We called every night and went to a cafe when we have time. Why didn't you answer the call last night? I had an early night because I was tired. I'm not going to call you anymore. Our relationship was changing, and it made me cringe. So I kind of took a step back. But... Wookyung! We're going to buy some stuff for the festival. Will you come? Now? Yes, it's going to be heavy, and you're strong. Okay, I'm off today. Where should we go? Apparently, I have a rival now. Sure. We pulled an all-nighter again. But we're so close, Wookyung. They spend so much time together preparing for the festival. Is it work? Huh? Nope. Sina says she wants a haunted house theme. But she's scared of ghosts. She's too old to be scared of ghosts. She's just pretending. He doesn't call me as often anymore. So I called him first. Hm. Woa. Hm. Do, re, mi, fa, so. So. [Wookyung] Hm. Hey, Wookyung! Oh. Hi, Mirae. He popped out to buy something. What are you doing this late? We're preparing for the festival at my place. At your place? Yes, I'll tell him to call you back. He doesn't like me anymore. Do you want to try name fortune telling? Apparently, it's very accurate. Seo Mirae. Jung Wookyung. 1. 3, 13... My grandma said you shouldn't believe superstition. Let's check his ideal type online. His ideal type is a small sweet girl... Screw you. I'm going to give up. Or we can look for star stickers. Do you want more snacks? What about this? Come closer. Make-up is the way to go. You should go bling-bling at a festival. I'm going to use face jewels. Do you think this would look good? What about this? I think these bright colors would suit you. Bling-bling. Wow. I'm going to buy this, too. You look so cute. I'm going to buy this, too. You know I love peaches. What are you going to get? Ta-da! I'm going for a pure look. Anti-Sina! Shall we get matching items? Love it. Yeah! Spending money is fun. Why are you buying two? Because this is a friendship lip gloss. Nari. I'm touched. Let's take a picture of these! I'm going to post it. 1, 2, 3~ Thank you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Hey. What is this? You should button it up. Are you my mom? What are you wearing? This is me. A pure sweet Mirae. You don't have a fever. Wookyung~ Are you a bride, too? We're a ghost couple. I lost rock, paper, scissors. You should've won. You don't really make a cute couple. Don't you agree? Don't we? Wookyung. Huh? Do we now look like a couple? Well... Mirae, come to see us later. Bye. Yuna, you look so pretty. Nari is sitting on the front row. And... This! Ta-da. I've finally got this. I hope your wish will come true. Let's begin the princess karaoke. The first princess is the super star of the school. Im Yuna. Please welcome her on stage. She said Im Yuna. Sick. - Im Yuna. - Does she wear clothes like that? Why is she here? Im Yuna. Wow. Is she going to dance? I'm going to sing the favorite song of my beloved friend. Please drop the beat. "Far behind the tree" "the fifth season is coming". "I feel excited". "Your name makes my heart bounce". "You! Know! What!" "You know it's love". "You won't be confused". "And now I know" "Who! That! Is!" "Lalala lalala. You're blooming" "like heat shimmers". "Lalala lalala. You're coming to me". "A dream you dream with your eyes wide open". Is it some kind of punishment? I've never seen her like that. Uah! What? It's difficult for Sina. It's difficult for Sina~ Mirae. Stand back then. I'll do it. If you find it difficult, how are you going to survive in this harsh world? Make a grimace like this! Open your eyes like this! Belly breathing! Uah. Are you okay? What's wrong with you? Why do you make me jealous? Jealous? I'm leaving. Mirae. Why are you jealous? Ending unrequited friendship is simple. If you can't hide your feelings... You've crashed it. I'm moved. Would you like to say a word? I want to say a few things to my friend. I've written a letter. you can take the first step forward. I'll be straight with you. I want to hang out with you again, Nari. I want to come to school together, have lunch and chat. Sharing what we did yesterday and what we'll do tomorrow. Please be my friend, Nari. You're an idiot. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. You look so ugly. You, too. They say ugly people have fun just looking at each other. No one says that. My grandma said it. It's so cool I want to keep it to myself. Mirae, are you okay? Did you confess your feelings to Wookyung? Could you please leave? It's so embarrassing. No way. I'm taking her. I knew the star sticker was real. You didn't get much far. What? Don't you have work to do? I do. Later. Don't you see why I come to school everyday even though I'm so tired? Because of me? Of course... because of attendance. What are you thinking? You are hilarious. But I can't wait to come to school even though I'm tired. I think I like you. So I said it. Bye. So annoying... You don't have to try to be cool with someone you like. If you are honest with them... Yuna. Why? How long did you practice singing? For a full month. That's so you. They also show how they feel. [The World of My 17 4] [Mira: Im Yuna] [The World of My 17 3] [Im Yuna has left] [Seonji: Mirae kissed Wookyung on the hallway] [The World of My 17 2] [Seo Mirae has left]