These People Fought Back Against WouldBe Alleged Thieves

Not today. Each of these people fought back to protect themselves and their property against alleged criminals. My choice was to say goodbye or jump on the back end. Watch as this 80-year-old tries to hoist himself onto the back of this pickup truck after a perp allegedly took his bike that was parked in front of a Seattle bank. While attempting the dangerous feat, he fell off and hit the pavement. A Good Samaritan called 911. A few others from the bank ended up chipping in to buy him a new bike. (upbeat music) This woman didn't think twice before hopping onto the hood of her own car as some crooks allegedly tried to make off with it while she filled up at a Milwaukee gas station. (upbeat music) He tried to get her off, but she was locked in. Realizing she wasn't going anywhere, he hopped out and back into the same getaway car he pulled up in. The woman's acrobatics didn't end there. She had to hurry up and get herself into the still rolling car before it steered into traffic. Speaking of danger, this alleged thief thought it was a good idea to run down on a former WWE star. Shad Gaspard was at a Florida gas station when a man pointed a gun at him. Nope. Put him in a rear choke, then I took him down to the floor as fast as I could. Wasn't hard, considering the alleged criminal stood at just 5'8, while Shad is 6'5. He even held the suspect down until cops came. (light music) What better way to throw an alleged pesky package thief than with a fake one full of it. We've had three packages stolen. The homeowner says he had been hit three times, so it was time to poo-poo the crook's plan and fight back. The family pooch had just celebrated a birthday. The dog and its friends put together the perfect surprise. The box, filled with dog (bleeped) was set out as a booby trap for the would-be crook. Police say this guy wanted no part of that sticky gift. He dropped it as soon as he found out. Before I call the cops-- And this Missouri woman turned into a private eye, tracking down the woman who allegedly stole her car at a Kansas City gas station with her wallet inside. The clerks at the gas station told us that they overheard her saying she was going to Applebee's. We stalked her all day yesterday. I turned my card back on today to see if she'd use it. She used it, we stopped her, we found her. The woman and her friends held stakeouts at local Applebee's and the suspected car thief surely enough was at the same one the owner went to. She used her spare key to drive off in her own car, and pulled up as cops busted the alleged thief. Her, there she is, and I have a picture of her with that same shirt on, and those are mine. What are you talking about? Give me my shoes. She has my wallet in her hand and my keys in her hand. The suspect said a friend gave her the car. She said she didn't know it was stolen. Clay County officials charged the suspect with two felonies. Her bond is set at $15,000. All of these people foiled by quick thinking. For, I'm Stephanie Officer.