¿Qué ha sido lo peor S2 E9 CLIP 3 SKAM España




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[MONDAY - 11:33 AM] Sorry, sorry. I'm really tired man. This week is the worst. I haven't slept anything at all. Yeah, we noticed. Poor thing. And with the exams and all... Yeah, that's the other thing! I said I was going to study during Ramadan but I haven't done anything. And you've seen my schedule. I mean, at night I have to eat, then I study and in the morning I fall asleep at school. Hey, girls! Did you get your phone back? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. They brought it to me yesterday. -Cool. Thank you! No problem. -Can we get something to eat? I'm starving! -Yes! Nah, I'm not hungry. Well then, my treat. How about some buns? Cris: I can get behind that. I said no! I mean, look, I'm not hungry. Also, I saw this documentary... Do you know how much saturated fat bread has? Okay, okay. No buns then. Just this one. *Note: In Spain "Bun" is also slang for lesbian* Very funny. -Ba dum tss. -Come on, Viri! Let's take a look at that, I'm so behind Yeah, me too. -Girl, you don't have the exam? -Last period. -And you? -In ten minutes. -So you must know something? -Kill me. When you finish send me the exam questions, please! Yeah, sure, I'll text you. I don't understand any of this. -Okay, girl, but I need to study right now. -Yes, I'm just taking a look. -I'm going with... -Yeah, go. -And this one? -I don't understand shit. It's that... when the teacher speaks, do you actually understand anything? No. How are you? Did you talk to the counselor? Yeah, he knows about my situation. He told me to study at home and to not get stressed. That I should try to pass the exams and that's it. All good. Cool. And you? How are you feeling? Damn, girl. I love your braids. You're super pretty today. Why do you always do this? You never answer me when I ask you something. Well, I am... Here, with you, doing fucking amazing. Any more questions, or? Hmm, yes. Are we going to spend the rest of our lives hiding or? The rest of our lives? The rest of our lives is a long time, I mean I'm cool with it but... Don't get too excited, alright? It's just an expression. But, I don't know... Are we never going to kiss in public? Look, I'm trying to be careful. But... So you've been with other girls before? Yes. My first relationship was with a girl. As in, a woman, female, a lady. Were you together for a long time? A couple of months, very intense, but... I still hadn't been diagnosed... I didn't take any meds or go to therapy... So it's normal that it ended super quickly. But now I'm okay, yeah? I'm not gonna lie, when I get a crisis, yes... I get anger outbursts or... I don't know, I get paranoid... Yeah. Yes, and then maybe you do something that you regret later. Yes, sometimes yes. And... What's the worst thing you've ever done during a crisis? I'm not going to tell you that because you'll run away. Nah, no way. I'm never going to run away.