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There is nothing to see. I trust Kamran. Episode 15 "Between two people" Or you don't have the guts to face it. Maybe she does not care to share her fiancé with Neriman. That's why. That's a possibility. I didn't know you were so open-minded. From now on, it would be better for you if you watched your mouth! Mute. Feride? You stop there! It won't last long. You'll get sick because of your jealousy. If your beloved Lovebird doesn't get sick because of her arrogance! I've done well! She was walking with her noise in the air. I hate her arrogance, her having an air of confidence. She'll see she's not that special. Jealous! Run! Catch up with her! Stop the poor girl. You're doing no good for her. Let Feride see the truth about her romantic lover. You. Come over here! Stop, don't! Feride! Will you go? Should I go? I wouldn't stop if I were you. Listen. I'm sure Valez is lying. I'm sure of Kamran Bey's love for you, too, but I don't know. You don't smell a rat? Don't you want to go and be sure? I'd be ashamed even to think about this possibility, Michelle. I'm about to marry Kamran. How can I doubt him at this point? You're right, sister, but I would go if I were you. Instead of eating my heart out, I would go and be sure. No. I won't be manipulated by that beanpole. I won't go to Neriman's door at this hour. I won't disrespect Kamran nor myself, Michelle. I won't. -Where is Kamran? -He's out. -He was in his room. -We checked his room. -We don't know when he left. -At dinner time? -He probably went to school. -At this time of the evening? Yes. After all, he is a teacher there. Come on, sit down. Enjoy your dinner. Enjoy your meal. Seyfettin Bey. I hope they don't wrangle. Why would they? Feride gives a wide berth to Kamran. And Kamran is down in the dumps. Patience has its limits. Besime Hanım, she's not trying anybody's patience. It's obvious she's acting out of shyness. I don't think like you that she doesn't want Kamran. I hope you're right, Seyfettin Bey. I've wanted to call my Feride "my daughter-in-law" all these years. I hope God will allow me this happiness. Of course, of course. That's my only wish. Can I eat some bread when the doctor is not home? Just a little. Yes, a little. It's very tasteless without it. Take a little. This will do. It's enough. -It's too much. -Thank God! It's too much. Enough, enough! Thank God. I can finally feel full. Lovebird's minion! Idiot! Still talking! I guess you didn't have enough! I'll come and tear your mouth out! Come, let her come. Come, come on. Of course, it's easy to backbite people, right? Let me go! Thank God. Feride, say something. Stop them. Pour some cologne on, please? And give me some cotton! Wait, sister. Hold on. Does it hurt? It hurts, Michelle. I can't, Necmiye. The man you want me to leave to die is my father. He's not even your real father. Come on, Selim. What if I accepted him as my father? When my mother was trying to get rid of me, he bought me from her. To make you beg, to make you steal. To use you for his dirty works. Think about your childhood, Selim. Think about other kids. Think about all the bad things he'll do if we let him out. Do you love Feride? If that man hurts my brother or my father, it is Feride who will grieve most. She is the one who will be hurt most. If you don't think of my brother, yourself, me, or our hope to start all over again, then think about Feride. And then decide! I hope nothing is wrong. Kamran, who is it? Good morning, aunt. Welcome, sweetie! Welcome, my dear daughter. Welcome, my sweet girl. My precious aunt. Welcome, too. Congratulations, Kamran. You are getting engaged with Feride. Thank you. Come in, my child. Come in. Come on, wake up! Good morning. Come on, girls, to breakfast! Good morning! Come on, sister. Wake up. You have two exams before noon. Come on. Come on. What exam? My dearest! Look, I'll throw water on you! Michelle, please. Let this eye of mine sleep a bit more, please. What can we do? Shall we tickle? Don't! Michelle! Stop! Don't! Get out of my bed, I'm cross with you. I won't! And I won't go anywhere until you make peace with me! Shall I tickle her feet? Don't do that! My dear sister. So you performed a duty in Beirut. Yes. I guess your future daughter-in-law was born there. Yes, she was. My dear aunt, please let me pour the tea. Okay. I still haven't seen Necmiye. She's married and she's at her own house now. Feride was talking about a doctor. He was your friend, I think. I guess she married him. Selim Bey. Congratulations, uncle. You, too, my aunt. I hope Necmiye will live happily ever after. Congratulations. Thank you. We didn't organize a wedding. Otherwise, we would've invited you. When Seyfettin Bey's relative passed away... Really? Who? My uncle's first wife in Madrid. I didn't know you have a brother in Madrid, uncle. I don't. He's not my real brother. He's my cousin and my children call him "uncle". -My condolences to you. -Thank you. That's life. On one side there is a wedding, on the other there is a funeral. I hope your daughter's marriage has relieved your pain a little. Enjoy your meal. You're right. If Levent gets out, things will be worse than they are. I won't take that money there. But I don't want to use any of it. Would you help me? For what? Let's use that money for the children that Levent made beg in the streets or left without family. It's a good idea. Of course I will help. Necmiye. Thank you. I thank you. Come on, sister. That's enough. Get inside. Okay. Take these, too. Wish me luck, girls. You don't need luck, my dear. You mean well. You started out with love, of course you will succeed. Wish me good luck anyway. May the angels of fortune be with you. Have a clear mind and a strong fist. God bless you, sister. Pass these exams and we will dance at your wedding this summer, sister. All right, girls. Are you ready for the exam? -We are. -Yes, my sister. We are ready. Don't get excited, okay? Don't get excited. Don't get stressed. You know everything, okay? It's all in your head. Good luck. -Come on. -Okay. Let's go. You see, Feride brushed you aside. Not everyone is a gibberish queen. Jealousy, malice and so on. She'll pass her exams in order not to participate in summer school, graduate and marry Kamran Bey as soon as possible. This is love, sister. What happened to her face? I don't know. What happened? While you are dreaming of marriage, Kamran Bey sleeps in Neriman's bed, honey. If you don't believe me, you go and see for yourself! If Valez says the truth, please send me a sign. Please, wake me up from this dream before it's too late. Are you writing the answers, Feride? Yes, madam. I entrust Müjgan to you. Goodbye. You can stay here. We have room. Thank you, Seyfettin Bey. My room is ready in the guesthouse. Also my friends from the academy are waiting. If you stay in town, you are invited to our engagement. I will certainly come. Go safely. Son? -You have a problem with this cavalryman? -No. You came like a lifesaver. There are ten days before the engagement and there is nothing done. Don't worry, aunt. We'll arrange everything. I'm the only one worrying. Feride is unaware of what's going on. She said, "Arrange the engagement without me." She said that she would have me as a proxy. My son, too. He never comes early and helps me. He comes home in the morning. You came in the morning, son? I had a job to do, Father. What kind of job? Have I ever reported to you the places I've been? I said I had work to do. I won't drink anything, thank you. Would you allow me to rest in my room? Müjgan, you won't mind, right? Of course not. As you wish. You won't go to school? The jeweler is waiting for you. Didn't we talk yesterday? I totally forgot, Mum. Can we go tomorrow? Oh, my! We talked at breakfast, my son. Müjgan said that she wanted to see Feride. And you said that you would drop her off before you went to the jeweler. Müjgan. Is it all right if Cumali Effendi takes you there? Okay. How can it be? She came all the way here to help us for the engagement. How can you do that? -Mum. Can't I have a rest? -Don't have a rest today. Please, aunt. It's not a big deal. I am not a stranger. That's why I'm talking next to you. Should we check on you like a child, huh? Like I am the one who will wear those rings. Everybody should know their responsibilities, please. Okay, Mum. Okay. We'll know our responsibilities like you taught us. Müjgan, drink your coffee so I can take you. Müjgan, you measure Feride's finger. Then you'll go to the jeweler. Kamran? Have him make the ring we chose yesterday according to her size. Don't let him cause us more costs. He's already asked for a lot of money. Okay, Mum. What else? Do you have anything else to say? -No. That's all. -Okay. -Good day, Cumali. -Thank you, sir. Do you know where Kamran was last night? I barely saw. I was fastening the horses. He left in a hurry with Münevver Hanım. Which Münevver? Neriman's Münevver? They were in a hurry. I think she came with some news. God knows what they are up to. Do you have a problem? You are in distress. You also don't want to go to her school. Are you running away from Feride? She's running away from me. But we talked about it, Kamran. She's shy. And Feride is acting like that because she doesn't know what to do. Müjgan. We talked about something at the shore in Tekirdağ, remember? You said, "Feride loves you, "but I don't know if she wants you." I didn't realize then. But now I do. Feride doesn't want me. What did she do? She said something? She didn't do anything. She didn't say anything. And that's the problem! She didn't even tell me that she loves me. You're used to compliments and now you sweat over our girl. Not really. But I want to hear nice things. If you want to hear them, ask Feride. So she'll throw mud to your ears and not to your heart this time. She'll do that, right? Feride is not like other women, Kamran. You know it better than anyone. Yes, I know. But whatever I do, I can't reach her. I can't do what's right for Feride. Yesterday, I said that she doesn't have to go to boarding school anymore. I got permission from the superior. I thought she would be happy. She called me every name in the book. She got mad. "It's my life, how can you interfere?" So that's why you look like the captain of a sinking ship? Kamran, those are not things that can drive you to despair. Is there something else? You can tell me. There is nothing to tell. That's it. You called me here. So tell me what you want to say, Seyfettin Bey. Do you want me to worry myself to death? Let's not delay the children's engagement. We're not anyway. I mean, let's not wait until the end of month, Besime Hanım. Let's do it on Feride's day off. No way. This cannot just be done and over with. The boy and the girl are mine. People will see an engagement. That's it. Besime Hanım, do as I say. Do not interfere. Do not insist anymore! Seyfettin Bey. Feride's day off is tomorrow! Understand? It's tomorrow! That's the best thing you've said today. So it's tomorrow. Perfect. Oh, my! You are either weary, you mean to give me a heart attack, or you are quite a joker today, Seyfettin Bey. I'm very serious. You'll have your fairy-tale engagement ceremony. I promise you. But you have to listen to me. Let's not wait. It will go sour. Why is that? It's as I said, isn't it? Feride doesn't want Kamran. The problem is Kamran. He doesn't want to? I can't believe it! He went to Neriman last night. Is she still after my son, that whore? -I'll go and talk to her now. -What are you doing? Wait! I'll take care of it. Don't make a fuss. Keep calm. I'll change in a minute and come back. How fancy. What's that got to do with it? I'm wearing the same clothes since yesterday. You mean you are preparing for Feride. I'll go while you put on your shoes. Son! We haven't had time to talk since morning. I'm going to Kahramanmaraş on Sunday. It will be a long stay. Let's arrange your engagement before I go. He'll help your aunt-in-law Mahmure to move to Bursa. We got the news last evening, my child. Yes, you weren't at home. Okay. We'll go together, Dad. On the way back, we'll arrange the engagement. No, my dear. Let's do it before I go. On Feride's day off. -That soon? -Yes, that soon. -It's tomorrow, Dad. -I know, my son. -How was it, sister? -I don't know. It's over. Are you vexed at what that Valez witch told you, sister? -Valez? What did she say? -Well... I imagine she babbled that I forgot everything. You'll see. Well... I'm so tired, girls. I'll get permission and sleep a little. Okay. Feride! You have visitors waiting for you. -Who? -Follow me. Müjgan, I can't tell Feride that the engagement will be tomorrow. Of course you'll tell her. Is it for me to say? She'll say again, "It's my life, why do you meddle? "Why don't you tell me? Me! Me! Me! I have lessons." -"I have to study for my exams." -I have to study for my exams. What's the rush? You put me on the spot like I don't want to, like I'll run away! Besides, we can't do it! It's impossible! Be reasonable! What does my aunt say? She won't accept. She sped up the preparations. She only wants to do it tomorrow. What do you say? I've sped up preparations, too. I want to be ready tomorrow. Who decided this? -It doesn't matter what I think? -I decide, Feride. I decide, as your husband. You don't have to say a word anymore. How dare you! How is that even possible? In that case, go and get engaged with that so-called husband of mine! "You decided," huh? Did you ask me? Did you consult with me? Did you ask my opinion? Don't mind him. He just wants to annoy you, Feride. -Kamran, please don't! -Feride! There is nothing to ask you or consult with you. If you set off with me, you'll keep up with me! -I don't. I won't. -Do you want me or not? -I don't! -You do! -I don't! -Enough! -Let go of my hand, Kamran! -We are going, Feride! Kamran! I said, let go of my hand! You have to talk at length with Feride. You have to solve whatever your problem is. That's my intention. I will abduct Feride. I see your intention! I advise talking, and you speak of an abduction. If I don't abduct her, she'll run away from me, Müjgan. She has until tomorrow to decide. She must be sure that she wants me. -Until tomorrow? -Yes. We either come hand in hand to our engagement, or we don't come. Kamran, you can't risk all the preparations and everything like that. This is not what I meant when I advised you to talk. Müjgan. I will gamble, and you'll help me. -Do I have a choice? -No. Look. Here is the guest list from the school. My engagement suit is in the wardrobe. Black, with a satin collar. I gave the tailor Feride's mother's dress, but it will be a surprise. She doesn't know about it. Please pick it up. You've thought of everything. That's not all. Look. Kamran. Can you please let me go? Feride, we are in the school. Don't talk so loudly! Müjgan, as I told you, we have to solve our problems with Feride first. Shame on you, sister Müjgan! Are you part of this? I'm sorry. You're hurting my hand, Kamran! If you weren't so obstinate, I wouldn't. They are all looking at us! -No one will look if you stop. -Kamran wait! Wait, wait, wait! You should have brought someone to hold my feet, too, sister Müjgan! I need your finger. Okay. You can go now. You have to be at the mansion tomorrow before noon. You'll barely make it. Hopefully, Müjgan. Hopefully. Kamran. Let me go! -What if Sister Alexis saw them? -How romantic! I said let me go! I'm in love with a Casanova Sing along, sister. I can't, sister. I have a very bad voice. You sing. How nice he is I love his joy And I'm drunk I love his joy And I'm drunk Kamran, let me go! Why did you bring me here? Be quiet, Feride! Don't repeat everything like a parrot. You'll see when we get there. You're the parrot! I don't want to come! You'll drive me nuts, Feride! Don't answer for once. Don't insist for once! So let me go! Feride! Did you stumble on a rock? I wish! I would strike your head if I found that rock. Can you stand up? Leave me, you keep going! Come over here. Why did you bring me here? I found another one. I found a plum, Kamran. -What did you do, Feride? -I'm collecting plums. -Did you collect them all? -Why? How will we return now to our picnic site? I left them so we wouldn't get lost. I know which way to go. That way. This way? Kamran. Which way was it? That way. Not that way. Our uncle will find us. Let's wait here. Do you know what kind of tree it is, Feride? -A lovers' tree. -I don't care! The ones who sit in its shadow fall in love with each other. We don't care. But you are sitting, too. Why do you care? But you're sitting with me. Who cares? What? You're done. You will fall in love with me. No way! Muddle-headed! Isn't there any rock here? You'll declare your love for me under this tree, Feride. You'll love me a lot. You'll beg to marry me. So, you want me to beg you? Is that why you brought me here? I brought you to hear that you love me and you want me. Kamran. Why is it so important for you to hear something you already know? Why is it so hard for you to say? I can't be sure if you want me or not. At least say something. It will be my solace. It will encourage me. Where were you last night? What am I saying and what are you saying, Feride? Kamran. Where were you? Say it! Were you at home all night long? I don't want to lie to you, Feride. I wasn't at home last night. Don't ask me where I was. Seyfettin Bey? Is your lady available? Is it Kamran? Where are you going, Feride? None of your business. You're being ridiculous, Feride! Sit here and we'll talk. -Okay. I'll tell you where I went. -It's not necessary. I already know where you went. Neriman's house! It's not what you think, Feride. I didn't do anything to harm us. Don't mind my tears. I cry because my knee hurts so much. Because you're stepping on it. Let's sit here. Hold onto me. Sit. I don't like to talk about these things, but get off my son's back, Neriman Hanım! Kamran doesn't get off my back, Seyfettin Bey. He's the one who doesn't give up. Not me. Keep your lies to yourself. I'm old enough to see through somebody. I always try to be restrained and kind towards women. I appreciate you for being so. But... I can't be kind to a woman like you. I'm sorry about this. I hope you won't try my patience. Leave them! Feride! I swear I didn't go voluntarily. Münevver came to our door and said Neriman had killed herself. What should I have done? Nonsense! She didn't go to the hospital but came to you? Kamran, you are naïve. No one can believe what you say. I'm sorry for not being as sly as you are, Feride. I couldn't see Münevver was lying. I can imagine how worried you were. It's my job to worry about human life. I hope you worried enough about Neriman, too. Not at all. Feride, listen to me. I'll say it again. I didn't even go near her when I realized she was lying. I'm sure it must be very hard for you. You are not listening to me. You only hear what you say. What do you mean? Just because we argued twice, should I go to bed with Neriman? Then why did you go? My only intention should be that, if I go there? Kamran, I'm sorry, but there is no other intention in that house. Feride, what do you want to tell me? You shouldn't have gone, Kamran! You shouldn't have gone there! My Feride. Joy of my life. I'm trying to explain to you. When I saw Münevver crying on our door... Münevver was your excuse last night. What about the other nights? What was your excuse? Which nights? What are you talking about? You know better! Okay, Feride. That's enough! I'm not going to tell you myself because you're not even listening! You are not even trying to trust me! I don't have magic words to make you trust me. I don't know if I'd use them if I did. Look what you have done to me. Nonsense ideas! Let's go. I'll take you to school. Well... It's not that I don't trust you. It's not that you do trust me, either! Anyway, enough. Let's go. It's gotten dark. They haven't come yet. Kamran told me not to wait for dinner. Bravo to my son. I hope they will come to their own engagement tomorrow! I hope so, my aunt. I was just joking. Gülmisal. Shall we roll out the baklava dough? Ten of us are preparing candies here. There's a lot of work to do. I'll get that. -Welcome, Uncle. -Good evening. Is Kamran at home? -No, he and Feride are out. -What for? Kamran has made a to-do list. He's done most of it. I'll do the rest. I mean, we'll be ready for the engagement. So? I couldn't get an answer to my question. Where are Kamran and Feride? They have some personal things to do. They'll be here tomorrow before noon. They do things their own way. What are they up to? Where can they go at this time? I don't know. But I think they want to surprise us all. After all, it's an important day for them. We let them do whatever they want. Right, Uncle? God give me patience! -Welcome. -Good evening. Have a seat. Let's go. What did you do? Did you talk to that snake? But she told me, "Your son is after me. It's not me." My, my! Look at the whore. I hope you told her off. I did, I did, but... I don't know. If Kamran gives in to temptation... Kamran opens his heart to you. You are the witness to his love for Feride. You tell me. Would he do it? It's not a matter of doing or not doing, Besime Hanım. It's something else. I know the one that I gave birth to. My son would never betray Feride for that widow! It's not possible when he's madly in love! There is nothing to say about his love. I'm talking about desire. If he couldn't control his desire, I will never forgive my son. Ever. I became father-in-law to that orphan girl. I accepted her for my son. If he did anything to hurt her, it would be my sin, too. I guess we are lost, Kamran. I guess so. -There is a house there! -Yes. Follow me. Let's go from there. What are you doing, Kamran? Will you go in? You said there was a house and we came, Feride. That's right. Come on. Kamran. Let's not bother people. Let's not spoil their romance. There is no one else, Feride. Just you and me. Come on. Close the door. They must be here, Kamran. They'll come for sure. Feride. They have already come. What do you mean? -It's for us? -Yes, for us. Have a seat. It was Müjgan's idea. "I'll sit opposite you like a stranger, "I'll pretend I don't talk about you, "I'll pretend I don't talk about me, "I'll even "pretend I don't talk about a love. "I'll tell you about the storm and the peace." I hope you won't give me an oral exam at the end. Of course I will. But first we eat these, so your mind can get stronger. Come on. -Who cooked all this? -I did. -I don't believe you. -I cooked it. Thank you, my daughter Müjgan. They look delicious. Enjoy your meal. If Feride and Kamran knew what they were missing. They are eating, too, Aunt. Don't worry. I mean, they are probably having dinner. Don't worry. They may not be hungry. They are certainly having a dinner. As soon as you arrived, those two rascals made you like them? I don't know. Which part of me looks like them? How about that! People yearn for the insane, we long for the wise. What have I done now? -You know where they are! -No, I don't. How they can do this? They will be engaged tomorrow, my child. They are not here! I think exactly like you. But I'm not able to do anything. Tell it to the marines! Okay, don't stress her. Oh, you! "Don't do this, don't do that." What will happen? It will be fine. As long as there are no big mistakes, the rest will be okay. Nothing. I'm just watching you. Say it, please. You are afraid of marrying me, right? Me, too. Really? Really. But it doesn't mean you don't love me, right? No, it doesn't mean that. You are my life. My lover. You are the one giving me life after God. I don't know how to say fancy words like you. I mean, I do, actually. But it's hard when talking. If I had a diary, I would write it down. Kamran. I love you so much. But I am so afraid. What if something goes wrong? What if we can't do it, or what if I can't be a good wife for you? Then you'll stop loving me. Then we can be neither lovers, nor a family like we used to be. Never! Never! I will never stop loving you. It's easy to say now. Kamran. After my parents left me, how can I say... I grew towards the soil. Like a flower blooming backwards. You've been the sun to me. You've been sunlight to me. You've been life to me. I've really felt this, Kamran. Necmiye wanted to wear pink. And Feride wanted snow white. I hope we will see her wedding dress, too. No way! I won't wear a wedding dress! -I'll wear one, Mum. -Bravo. How do you find my dress clothes, Dad? They're more beautiful than Feride's. Come here. Kiss my hand. It's beautiful. Yours are the best. Go and check if there are suitable shoes under your pillow. -Really? -Go on, run. Come here, my beautiful girl, come. Have many happy holidays. It suits you very well. May God protect you. With a single glance. We grew up together for years. I was chasing you with a stone in my hand. It all happened that day. And it wasn't a special moment. I loved you just like that. Suddenly! If I tell you that I never knew, will you be angry with me? I won't be angry with you. I'll be angry with my aunt. For not having breastfed you well back in the day. I even gave you a plum. Where did I find that courage? It's surprising you didn't understand after all that! What could I do, Feride? Whenever you came to me, there was something fishy going on. You were laying an ambush or... Or I made you do my homework. You're right. In your life, there were Mualla, Ayşen, Behice. I was just standing there. One day, I cried a lot. What's up, dandy boy? You're dressing up again. Only your eye makeup is missing. I'll date a real lady today. Excuse me. What do you mean by "real lady"? Something you can never be. Oh, my God! What's happening to me? Stop it! Why are you crying, stupid? Where on earth did these teardrops come from now? It was foolish. But that day, when you said to me, "Something you can never be," I understood you would never be in love with me. That's why I cried. Feride. I'll never make you cry again. I won't sadden you. I promise. I want to cry with you and laugh with you. I want happiness and unhappiness with you. You don't have to make a promise for this. Look at that, I'm pouring out my heart today. Please, go on. You are doing great. I want to listen to it all. I was angry at myself for a long time. I wished there was a button somewhere, so I could turn off the desire to love a muddle-headed. I'm sure you invented one, if there was no button. I did. There were a lot of reasons for you not to love me. I found them and invented that button, Kamran. Because you liked beautiful, charming, attractive ladies. I'm like a tomboy. You like your advice to be followed, and I am disobedient. But you know what hurt me the most? You are a young, handsome, well-educated man. I don't know. I don't know how to say this. You know people who want to marry the orphans off to somebody. You know they look forward to helping them start a family. I always thought they'd marry someone like me. There was a candidate once, remember? Şahika Hanım's orphan nephew. Yes. Even he changed his mind at the last minute! Because people talk, Kamran. They talk. Like they solve everything and then put them aside, they use them when it's necessary. According to them, if a girl grows up without her mother, it means she's ignorant, she doesn't have good manners and she's dowdy. She can't even protect herself. According to them, if a girl grows up without her father, she's immoral, disrespectful and probably on the wrong track. I'm sorry to have made you think that way, Feride. You don't have to be sorry. I was telling them on purpose. Because when you were calling me "dandy boy," I thought that you didn't like me as a man. And I... I wanted to hurt you, in your way. What do you mean by "real lady"? Something you can never be. "Dandy boy"! Big-head, stupid, tomboy! Welcome. Welcome. Kamran. You know Şahika Hanım. -How are you? -Thank you, my dear Kamran. Umay Bey. Umay. While the ladies are having a chat, shall we take a walk in the garden, Umay? Of course, you're the host. -Can you please take this? -Keep it! Keep it with you! -Come with me. -Come in. Come with me. -Umay, right? -Yes. Good. -You're a doctor, right? -I'm a doctor, yes. Look at me. Move over. I know why you came here. We will ask for your cousin Feride's hand. I just want to warn you before you get into trouble. You look like a good boy. Our Lovebird, Feride, is not your type. -No way, she is my type. -How do you know? First of all, she's very beautiful. Look at you. Monkey! She looks like a nice, genuine girl. That's why I wanted to warn you. Our Feride would beat her husband up. How many potential fiancés has she beaten up, do you know? That's why I became a doctor. Bravo. You have a sense of humor. Look at me, buddy! You will forget about Feride! Or I will cause an accident. She loves me. Okay, excuse me. I wish you happiness. What should I say? -Say, "Congratulations." -Congratulations. -So I'll call my aunt and we'll leave. -Call your aunt, Umay. Your aunt. Auntie! What do you mean? Umay changed his mind because of you? I see you can't forget him. Of course not. What about the others? Is it because of you that no one could approach me? I don't know, really. Well, there have been a few incidents, but I can't comment for overall. Nuts! I don't know... If you are not my lover, you can't be anybody's lover. This is a nasty habit of mine. But you always acted like you didn't want me. That's what you get for hitting my head since I was seven. I was afraid. May God protect you. My dear girl, come and kiss your aunt. My sweetie. Honey. Turn around and let me see you. You entered my life like a relic. You were like a very precious vase that my parents were coddling, very afraid that it would be broken, Feride. I'll never forget that day. When I caught your eye, I was so in love with you, you know? I was very afraid, Feride, that I would hurt you. I was afraid that you'd refuse me. That's why I wanted to be sure that you wanted me. You know how many times you've closed your doors in my face. That's why I'm longing for one nice word from you. -If I overwhelmed you... -Kamran. I've always loved you. I always wanted you in my life. My darling. My darling. What happened? Is your foot hurting? No. I'm content. Me, too. Are you available? What is it? I have a request. Feride. What happened? Did you get a punishment? Parents' meeting? Did you fail math? What happened, Feride? Well, you're not giving me a chance to say. And? It must be hard for you with such thick books. What happened, Feride? Would you be my dance partner? What? You heard me. There is a ball at school. And I am in the performance group. But I don't even know how to dance. Besides, if you are not my dance partner, Marie's pimpled-face brother will be. Thomas? He may be pimpled, but he is quite a nice individual. Come. Come. Come here. Do you know which song you will dance to? Yes. Oh, really! You should have seen that girl's arrogant swagger. And then she tore her dress right down the middle! That's great! Stop. Stop. Zahara kissed Miço. You should have seen her. She was like on top of the clouds. It's supposed to be a wonderful feeling, sisters. My feet are still on the ground. Mine, too. Lips and palm can't be the same. Of course these two are different! It must be done by a man. But both are flesh. I think they're exaggerating this kissing thing. So what? Kissing is just kissing. Is it supposed to be different when you kiss a girl or a man? That's silly! Of course it's different, sister. Don't be foolish! When I kiss you, does your body get warm? Of course it doesn't. Why should it? Of course it won't get warm. It does because it overheats, my dear. What do you mean? People are kissing each other to overheat? Feride. My mum was not shaking that yogurt drink every day for nothing! You are funny. I am laughing at you. Go ahead. Have your fun. Go ahead and kiss brother Kamran and I'll see you overheat then. Nonsense! Let muddle-headed ones kiss that dandy! Please, Marie, don't say such things about Kamran. All right. Why are you getting mad? You said there is no difference, right? Sister, just the thought of it caused overheating, I guess. Shameless! What does that have to do with anything? Besides, he gets on my nerves. I hate him. As if I were so crazy about you. Potato! Are you that angry? All right. Let's make an agreement, then. We'll all kiss a man within a week. I won't! Very good. You, Feride? Feride, don't! No, no, no. Kamran? What are you doing, son? Mum, they're making noise and I can't get any studying done. Get them under control. For God's sake! So, you were listening in? I can't say I'm proud of it. But it was a crucial matter. I mean, there's no privacy in medicine. You're so bad, Kamran. So that's why you were giving me such weird advice. And you were buying it. You are my foolish one. How you must have made fun of me. How you laughed behind my back. If you only knew how I made fun of you. You were walking around all bright-eyed. Everyone thought that you were so crafty and sharp. I realized just how naïve you were on that day. Feride. Good morning. Good morning. Can we have a chat? You and I are going to chat? Shame on you! All right, then. Let's do it. Come. Come. I have things to tell you. Feride. Look now, you've grown up and became a beautiful young lady. Me? Beautiful? Kamran, I think you have a fever. You joker. Look now, Feride. Now, girls your age are especially curious about love affairs. The malady we call "men" is the main reason for the downfall of women. They make us read this in med school. It's written exactly like that in books. In the prime of their lives, young women get tuberculosis because of evil men. May God protect us! May God protect us. A person's life is too precious to waste because of one man, right? The curiosity of women for love is ignorance. Complete ignorance! I can't say anything else. But of course, your situation is different. Your future is bright. You think so? If Allah wills it. Of course it is. If you don't make the mistakes girls make and protect yourself, it is bright. But... No, I have no doubt about you. First of all, you are not ignorant. Thank goodness, I'm not. Then we're agreed. You stay away from men. For health, of course. You have to see it. Everything is caused by men. Nastiness, bad luck, lies, deceits... Tuberculosis! Other diseases which I can't tell you about. There is a disease, it can be transmitted by touching. It's so weird. Today they brought a girl to Lazar Bey at the hospital. God forbid! She has sores all over her face. She kissed some guy. I'm telling you about this because there's no privacy in medicine. That's why. The girl had sores on her lip the size of my head! She'll have to live like that for the rest of her life, the poor thing. Of course, if she survives. Kamran! How can there be a class like "drawing"? Kids and birds are finished, now you're friends with veggies? Kamran, will you help me? I don't think I speak the language of veggies. It's pretty obvious you and a pear speak the same language. Savage! Kamran. All right. I was just joking. A joke. Come on, please. Please. It was just a joke. I'll help. But on one condition. Whatever you want. Call the tailor Mücella over for me tomorrow. All right. We have a deal. But at 3:00. Because my lesson ends at 2:00. Of course, you'll need that one hour to fix your hair and do your makeup. All right. As you wish. Kamran. All right. I was just joking. Come on. Please. Come closer, instead of just staring like a cow. Maybe you'll learn something. Come closer. Come closer. Bring your hand and hold onto mine. Come on. Now, you do it like this. We draw the circle like this. The center of our circle... But don't go below. Slowly. Feride. Actually, I shouldn't tell you, but I have a surprise for you tomorrow. But you can't wait and you'll tell me. I can't wait to see the sparkle in your eyes. Your engagement dress is ready. Of course. You must have arranged something with Müjgan. You'll wear your mother's old dress. But how? Last time, Necmiye had... Anyway. It was completely patched up. It's being repaired. It's been at the tailor's for a week. You can't be serious! Which tailor is it being fixed at? What are you going to do? Müjgan is taking care of it. Tell me. I'm curious. At Mücella's. Your old lover, then? Feride! That was in the past. She has kids now. Don't do this. For God's sake! Actually, you shouldn't have. In all of Istanbul, are there no other tailors? Why Mücella? Feride! Truthfully, I don't know what to say to you right now. I never thought that way. I mean, if I had given it to my mother's tailor, the surprise would be ruined. Your dad is a draper. If you had asked, he could have referred you to thousands. Feride, I couldn't think that through. Actually, do you know what the problem is, Kamran? The fact that you have a history with all of the girls around us. That's called living one's life fully. So, you're actually defending it? Feride, I used to be a single man. So, it was normal for me to have love affairs. But they were in the past. Now you, me, we are important. From now on. Do you miss them? Well, some of them did have pleasant qualities. Of course I remember them from time to time. Filthy Muddle-headed! Come here. Come, my jealous lover, come. What were they? What? Those qualities? Feride, I was just joking. Oh, my! I've never seen such irresponsibility, such cold-heartedness. Good morning, Aunt. Good morning, my girl. They still haven't come. I'm sure they'll come soon, Aunt. Don't worry. Good God! Those two have turned you into what they are. Those two have an engagement ceremony today. Today! When are they going to get here? When is this matter going to be settled? I guess they want everyone else to do the preparations. What kind of irresponsibility is that? What lack of concern? "Let's let Besime worry about the food, the baklava, the cake since yesterday." My back aches. I'm aching all over. My thighs are in pain. Does anybody care? No one! Come on. Please! Good morning. Good morning. Do you hear the birds? How wonderfully they chirp. They're calling you, I guess. Come on, then. Come on. Come on, Kamran. Feride. Feride. Slow down. Where are you going? You're going to fall! You'll catch me if I fall. But if I catch you, I might not let go. What? Are you threatening me? Well, that depends on your definition of a threat. If you take your breath back, I'll tell you. All right, then. I'm pulling back. You're doing this on purpose, aren't you? What's that? This. -My friends are waiting for me. -Feride! Feride. Slow down. You'll fall. How many times have I warned you that you're going to fall? Look at yourself! What happened? If you'd told me, I wasn't going to fall? What if something had happened? The young lady can't prevent herself from climbing a tree when she sees one. What should I have done? Shouldn't I try to save an injured chick that has fallen out of its nest? Let go. Let go, I'll do it. Let go! Come closer. All right. I'll do it. Come here. We have to be quick or we're going to be late for our own engagement, Feride. All right. How are we going to get this out? Feride! You're going to get it! Please help yourselves. Let me introduce you. Abdülrezzak Bey, a merchant from the market. Münir Bey, literature instructor. And this is Ruhi Bey. Lazar Bey is the manager of the hospital and my son's instructor. -It's freezing, freezing! -I'm freezing. Aren't you cold? Take that off! I'm really freezing. I won't die, right? Dying? No such easy escape. You can't go anywhere. You still have to be the mother of my children. Where are you going? Kamran? Kiss me, please. Feride. Look, when I found out she was lying, I didn't even go near her. I left immediately and went home. Feride? What happened? Feride. Don't even come close to me! Feride!